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Found 2 results

  1. Hiya Devs and all Just a question about sound changing from the outdoor environment straight to the indoor building: It seems that when I walk between in and out of the doorway of a building, there is a extreme change of sound that is just not quite right. here is a Video example: I've also done a drawing diagram too of the situation within this forum (sorry poor diagram, I am noob).. Tell me what you think everyone, or am I being too picky?
  2. It would be awesome to fortify a buildin with sandbags and machined guns,or any other gun,and maybe barbed wire;sure this would be for freeroam,but it would ad so much depth to the game,just imagine trying to assault or infiltrate in a building,having a forified window or hole in the builing.This would make possible things like operations,now I'm not sure if freeroam will still be escape,or in freeroam you will can't escape ftom Tarkov...if is the second,this would be a must have,would be great for big clans,or survivors that are not in a clan to control different zones,and it would be very realistical to. Also,another thing that i thought would be the capabiliti to place weapons with bipod making them stationary,e.g. having a machine gun with bipod placed on a sandbag,or wall,and anybody could acces it,or take I'm not so sure how this would be very useful,but it would be a nice feature in my opinion;also another thing is to place guns on low,player level walls,or objects,that would react a a temporary bipod,e.g. placing a gun(any gun,maybe not some SMGs,because they have to short barell and handguard,and aren;t anyway to precise,some of them) on a low level wall(neither crouch level,er player level),and would be like using a bipod-lowering the recoil and stabilizing the gun,and the go up again,or move away and the gun perform like normal,sure this would be most usefull for machine guns or sniper rifles(marksman rifles). I'm 100% sure that this would be very important for the game,and would add a LOT of depth to the game,in my opinion it is a must have.I know that they said that tyhere is no building to build,but placing barbed wire and sandbags will be a really important feature. Also by the way,how they shoud perform,snadbags are just sandbag,it gives some protection in front of projectiles,by the other way,barbed wire,sure won't instant kill you and would give you huge bleading effect,but it would slow you down,and make you jump over it or cut it(this also mean that there will be wire cutters,or the opton to cut it with the bayonet,as some scabbards heve the option to use the bayonet to cut wire),and sure all this process will slow you down,and in some cases could hurt you,but not to bad,also you should crawl under it,or lift it up a little bit and then crawl. And how I also said in another topic,in a game like this it shouldn't be a healt sistem with classic 100HP,I'm not sure how it should work but it should be realistic...but is let this for the devs. to decide.