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Found 16 results

  1. TinyHappy

    Max HP reduced after damage

    I had an idea ( Sorry if this has already been posted or thought of ) of a system that lowers the max amount of limb health after getting damaged Example: I have 60/60 Health in my Left Arm then get shot I now have 30/60 Because of the damage. But with this system it would be 30/54 as the max limb health has been reduced as well. If i heal that limb i will get to 54/54 limb health in my left arm.
  2. ErikStoner98


    Why In the world, just why do I need to hit a single PMC 12 times (Using Igolnik bullets). 333 damage / 12 bullets is just 27.75 damage per shot and thats it? This ain't the first time either. I really thought this game was meant to be realistic, but hell, people nowadays are just bulletsponges. And whilst you guessed it, it took them just 4 shoots just to end me. 27.75 is just 6.3% per bullet. So I need to hit someone 15.8 or 16 times? Even in Fortnite, you can kill someone fully geared with a pistol with less bullets Situation is as followed: My buddy was north and the guy (that took 12 shots from a single magazine) was focused on him. So what do I do? I was behind him and just emptied the entie mag inside him. He walks to the side, jumps off the car he was standing on and turns around just to shoot me dead. And yeah I know, videofootage or it ain't true. But this is just one of many and I can't film them all. Or record on my pc for that matter. I just want to know: Is it normal for other people to get hit this many times? And if possible, fix the bulletsponge nonsense, bullets should do way more damage. No hate, love the game but damn is it weird lately.
  3. RooZvonBooZ

    6 Hits, No Kill

    Ok, I usually dont rage at forums, but this has got to stop. People are insane bullet sponges. Just hit some dude 6 times with my SKS, did over 340 damage, but he didnt die. He might have had time to heal up after my first few rounds, but come on.... I even hit him while he sprinted for cover, but he just kept sprinting like it was a sunday afternoon, and nothing happend. LOL I think if I was hit with a 7.62 round, even wearing body armor, I would not be able to sprint after that... Is this ever going to change in EFT?
  4. I was wondering how to split bullets so i don't have to take so many.
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering whats the point of the 5.45 x 39mm US ammunition is (see attachment). Its described as low-speed, which it is (only 303 m/s). But what is the purpose of slowing down bullets? It takes really long to reach the target so moving targets are harder to hit and the bullet drop is pretty high as well (zeroing around 150 is needed for 50 meters). Is there an advantage of slow bullets? I heard something like it's not going through but stucks inside the target so it inflicts more damage. So it's not suitable for armored targets? Is that kind of realism implemented in EFT? Or is there another usage? Greetings, Ynnus
  6. H4ilToTheKing

    Bullet Pen Suggestion

    Since you currently do not have body to body bullet pen (proved it last night on KiiNGS stream) I have a suggestion to implement that can add a level of realism I think would be interesting. Make the bigger rounds able to pen multiple bodies. Such as 7.62 x 51 has 100% bullet damage behind the initial target 7.62 x 39 has 50% bullet damage behind the target 5.56 rounds have a % chance to pen and hit someone behind for 25% damage This in a way mimics real life as the 5.56 is a tumble round and very rarely hits someone behind the target. Also, this may be a way to bring in other .50 cal rounds. Give them the same damage as 7.62 (unrealistic) but allow them to do 100% damage to multiple targets. And for all the people who say the "collateral kill" videos prove their is bullet pen (there isn't as stated proved) you might as well say all the big foot videos are 100% proof of bigfoot. Just as there is an explanation for EVERY big-foot video, there are the same for all the "collateral kill" videos. Proof: Last night on KiiNGS stream (0.12.5) he lined up two targets with 10 HP (he had them leave a previous raid so they were at the lowest possible health) and shot the lead target with M80 point blank. The 2nd target took 0 damage. He then tried a 2nd time and again, same results, point blank range M80 and two targets and the first target absorbs 100% damage and the person standing DIRECTLY BEHIND the first target took ZERO DAMGE.
  7. NeroNSvK

    Bullet drop SFX

    Hello, I have been playing this game on and off since it pretty much was possible to play with EOD edition... My question is simple, back in the days of early alpha when I shot any gun and the empty bullet casing would interact/hit surfaces I would hear a realistic sound effect. It was very nice and immersive, I remember even shooting aside windows you could hear empty casings ricochee off the glass making a realistic sound. But playing the game recently I tested firing multiple guns and It looks like this feature has been removed. Can't hear any casing drops anymore... So what happened? Did it got removed because of performance issues and will it appear again in the game? I very enjoyed hearing empty casings dropping when rapid firing lol :)
  8. sneezecheese

    1 bullet dissapear after raid

    The bullet wich is in the chamber of the gun dissapears after you’ve done a raid succesfully. The mag always says like 19/20 but when I inspect the gun there is no bullet in the chamber. Where do these bullets magically go?
  9. PardTheTroll

    Bullet drop physics in Tarkov

    Greetings BSG Devs and fellow players! I recently got into a discussion with a mate of mine concerning accuracy and bullet drop mechanics in Tarkov compared to real life. While having very good understanding of physics, I am no pro, when it comes to ballistics. Anything wrong I say, you may correct without even a second thought. So, the discussion started with a short story of my mate of his time in military service, after we were tarkoved and got salty. He told me, that they had shooting practice with a rifle chambered with 5.56 x 45 mm. Only with an iron sight. 300 meters away from the target. At first, I didn't think much, besides that it must be quite hard to aim, as the target should appear quite small at this distance. But I have been proven otherwise. Not only was it not really hard nor time consuming to get an aim on the target, it was also "easy" to hit the target after a quick adjustment after the first shot. Sure, it does not compare to an actual combat situation where time and pressure work against you, but still. What amazed me even more, is that he didn't even had to adjust that much. Yes, considering the force behind the shot and the maximum velocity of this caliber of 1100 m/s, it should't be much of a surprise. But now let me come to my actual question: On what kind of physic are the ballistics in Tarkov based on? Everyone must have noticed, that the bullet drop is pretty strong in this game. If comparing the adjustment through/with an iron sight that is. Also, today I discovered a pretty interesting video covering the lethality of 9 mm bullets (cartridges?). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_wXFf34bB34 After this one, I want to expand my question to: Why it is the way it is? Is it because the maps are not big enough? Is it because it adds a higher skill requirement to land shots on targets located further away? In the end I do not mind, even while this game tries to be as realistic as possible, that we have "unrealistic" bullet drops. I don't specifically dislike zeroing, when trying to one tap an unaware pray. It kinda makes my inner voice tingle. While having done no test to compare the different ammunition types we have, I´d like to them to have consistent and proportional bullet drop. Be it realistic or not. Just consistent! I´d also like to know, what fellow Tarkoviens think about this. So don't hold back to share your opinion! Cheers!
  10. H4ilToTheKing

    Questions And/Or Suggestion

    Are you trying to make the game, A, have realist bullet physics or, B, only half, as in you just want realistic bullet pen, but not realistic bullet flight? As this picture shows, currently you have UNrealistic bullet flight. Before I ramble, if the answer is B, then disregard EVERYTHING after this point. This picture proves you have no clue about realistic bullet flight. Notice at the 200m zero the bullet passes the 50m mark. Now, this is just an M4, the AK round may have slightly different trajectory, but it will be clear if you continue reading. The Default AK sights is 50, 100, 150, 200. When the sight is set to 50m on the AK, you're ALREADY aiming UP, and the bullet comes down ALREADY around 220m, give or take 10m as I've never fired an AK IRL, just M4/M16/M249/M240B,MK19, you get the picture...US Army stuff, but in the game when you set the zero to 200m, you're RAISING THE BARREL three more clicks! That means you NOW have a 300+ meter zero. It makes NO logical sense if you're going for option A! So, hopefully this helps clear up what you need to do to fix your physics, assuming your goal is option A. [Edit fixing pic link]
  11. Today on factory we were in a 5 man team players name was [REMOVED] he basicly wiggle we all put full clips into him he just stood there then killed all 5 with a shotgun. Second time i can not explain if this is suspect or not but i did 520 damage to a player named [REMOVED] and my partner shot him also and he killed us both. I got the drop on him placed 14 or 15 bullets into him and nothing...... Can any one explain whats going on. I know the first guy was cheating for sure.
  12. Skully172

    New type of tracer round.

    It's a new type of tracer round that is only visible to the shooter. Just thought it would be a good addition to the game.
  13. I want to ask to the community how to understand better the bullet drop associate with Weapon range because Yesterday I was in raid with friend and from red building on left side of custom we tried to shoot at the scavs in the contruction site over the river. Now I perfectly now that the distance is 300 Meters between these 2 spot, so in theoretical line if I use AK74 with a range of 650M and HP ammo with a speed of 884M/s the bullet drop should be very low and this video demostrate that with Zenit Belomo you just need to adjust the scope like if it was a little hat for the scav: Well, my friend with M4 (Range 500Meters, Long Barrel and M995 with Leupold scope have to raise her scope more higher than mine! And that is the first strange thing. The second one we go on Woods and tried to shot at the scav on RUAF roadblock from South-V EX (pay to exit) with the same setup. My AK didnt reach at all that spot, while his M4 did and he got a scav kill though! So I dont understand how physics works in this game! There is air viscosity or there isn't? There is only bullet-drop? Or both of them? Thank you all!
  14. *Personal Opinion* So using wiki, noticing changes in-game, along with other thoughts, how about a shot in the dark? Let us start here. Terminal ballistics, also the study of the behavior and effects of a projectile when it hits its target and transfers its energy to the target. Now with that out of the way, here are 3 things we should look at first. There are 3 types of rounds Those designed for maximum accuracy at varying ranges. Those designed to maximize damage to a target by penetrating as deeply as possible. Those designed to avoid over-penetration of a target, by deforming to control the depth to which the bullet penetrates, which as a by-product, deals more damage inside the wound. *Hollow point rounds* Image below shows the "flower effect". With the last few patches many people have seen the changes but left me wondering with a few questions? What about over penetration? Rounds fired into the spine whether by over pen, or from behind? I am puzzled because as this game claims and should be a "Game that falls into no one genre" while taking a serious and IMO(I believe most hardcore survival* sim* players would agree) This game has it's identity but if we are moving into awesome simulation type of mechanics, loading mags manually, I mean persistent damage, overdosing, ect. These are mechanics hardcore fans have wanted, it eliminates the "E-Sports" or any one familiar with WoW will know, A "rotation of abilities" that is a strategy everyone follows. My question is this, if the devs are going sim to the max, then why are there wonky patch-by-patch changes to penetration. If I unload an ak into your leg and 4 rounds hit I guarantee 99.99^ percent of the time that WILL fracture the femur causing massive blood loss and trauma. You should have to use a splint no matter the case. It is a matter of balance, but I am just trying to understand the logic behind some of this. Fort Protects but a round does not need to penetrate to do internal damage, any veteran will back the logic up. I had a lot more planned but I want to wait until the 27th of this month when we get the new patch to test and see. However for now, I have a picture maybe the devs can take inspiration from? ***Credit to a friend for sending this to me***
  15. p4miki

    Mag Loading

    I think, for realism purposes, magazine repacking should be changed. Maybe add a timer when in a raid and repacking a mag, or add an animation that takes 20-25 sec, because now when your mags are empty you just drag and drop your bullets and it magically reappears in your mag. Even 20-25 sec is unrealistic (it takes generaly about a minute when trained to repack a 30 rounds mag). I think it would force players to bring more mags to a fight (2-3 at least) instead of only 2 or even one. This way you would have to think about food, water, your health and refill your mag after a fight. Also, adding some kind of GUI for magazine repack (or a list of compatible ammunition) would be amazing. Having some kind of saved preset for filling a mag (I usually put 3 tracers, 6 reg, 1 tracer, 9 reg, another tracer and 10 reg) would be so awesome. Just click one button to fill your mag. Thanks you for taking time to read my suggestion. I really enjoy your game, it's amazing.
  16. TheColdVein

    How Do Bullets Work In Video Games?

    Title is the title of the video. I thought this was interesting, and I wonder what systems are planned as to realism in shooting in this game.
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