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Found 1 result

  1. Phoenixsui

    Maps changed? 20.03.18

    Hi guys Anyone else had the Effect, that 95% of all Bushes on Shoreline and Woods disapeared from Sunday to Thuesday? On Weekend i died 1 time in over 30 Raids and on Thuesday i died 8 of 9 times with Fullgear? What happend to the Game during that Time? Was there a Update? Woods and Shorelines was very very open without the Bushes. Its not even funny. No cover to move anymore. No bushes, less Trees? I could see over half the Map and so could the Enemys. We got shot by Fullauto on Shorelines from Radar Station when we were at Harbor. He wrecked my Fort and we luckily survived. On Factory guys wouldnt die even after emptying a 60 Round Magazine into his back while he runs away, then turns around End of the Office Floor and kills me with PP19 in a split second while i was Fullgear, after surviving somehow. Massive Desync or Cheats or what ever. He killed all 4 of my Team with almost instant Hits after getting hit by every singel one of our Team. Another Team of 3 Enemys would be killed but the last of them just didnt die after 2 People unloading their Mags on his Head while he reloads and then he kills us in 2 Shots both. What is wrong? Statistically that has nothing to do with Skill or Luck, i mean 1 of 30 Raids dead and 2 Days later 8 of 9 Raids dead? Anyone else noticed the thing with the Maps/Bushes/Trees? Or did they change somethign with LOD or View Distance? On Woods i didnt even see the Guy who shot us all the time. But the Wood was really open. There was just nothing to shoot at but we got shoot at all the Time. So many deaths, without even seeing the enemy ofthen. Or on Customs 1 single guy in Fullgear and Pilgrim was hunting us all over the Map and just wont die. From time to time we see him but he doesnt take any damage. After fighting him over 15 Minutes he somehow manages to kill all 3 of us from 2 completely different angles around the Tanks/Exits/Lifters. But he was never seen there. What the Hell. Yesterday got me really frustrated/angry and it was 0 Fun to play anymore. I hope this is some kind uf stupid Error on Server side and will be fixed. No Bushes on Maps is stupid and unplayable for my playstyle. People seem to be invisible or desyncing or what ever and therefore being unbeatable? Lost 8 Fullgear including Sniper Rifles that i wanted to lvl up for the Quest. Each 240k Rubels. Best regards