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Found 10 results

  1. How it works actually: When I trade with an NPC I need to select buy or sell option first, after then I can buy or sell stuffs only. How should it work: - Interact any NPC trader - If I want to sell i just simply right click one of my own items – The sell option should be selected automatically - If I want to buy, I just simply right click one of the trader items – The buy option should be selected automatically. - If I already in the „sell” mode and there is one or more items in the trading window and I want to buying instead of sel
  2. IgnisRaptorem

    Acquisto del gioco

    Salve a tutti, qualche mese fa un amico ha acquistato il gioco ed ho avuto modo di provarlo tramite la key di prova che viene fornita assieme al gioco, nulla da dire a riguardo perchè il gioco è bellissimo e lo adoro, più che altro avrei bisogno di consigli da chi segue il forum e le news per sapere se effettivamente conviene acquistare il gioco ADESSO. Vorrei sapere se conviene aspettare perchè ho sentito rumor vari sul fatto che il gioco potrebbe arrivare sulla piattaforma di Steam (nel caso arrivasse in un futuro prossimo, la key per steam ci verrebbe fornita direttamente da battlestate? Op
  3. NoisyCosmos

    Why not to buy an AK...

    That's a good reason not to buy an AK I'd say.
  4. kamcos


    Witam serdecznie Panowie potrzebuję pęku na klucze aby zebrać wszystkie kucze na shoreline czy któryś z was chciał by sprzedać o ile posiada nadmiar ?
  5. xDavidowski


    Ciao, stavo cercando altre 3 persone per acquistare scontata del 20% la versione Standard di Tarkov (se poi volete una versione avanzata vi basterà pagare la differenza) se qualcuno è interessato può tranquillamente scrivermi su uno dei social che trovate qua sotto, grazie. Instagram: _davidowski Telegram: xDavidowski Discord: Davidowski#5140 Twitter: Davidowski_YT
  6. It would be nice if you could right click an item in your inventory and have an option to "buy more", that will take you directly to the vendor selling it with the item selected. Maybe even if you right click on a mod slot on a weapon it should give you the option to "find at vendor" that will take you to the relevant mods compatible with the slot. Also at the suppliers a little search box would be handy that searches for tags or description and then short list only the search results. For example if I search "MP5" it would bring up the rifle, ammo, mods related to it etc.
  7. Hey guys, i would like too see some "quick buy buttons"!!! (Shortcuts for some stuff from traders) For example: For a raid i wanna buy 2 AI kits, 2 painkillers, 50rounds for my TT, a backpack, and a vest. Thats my basic equipment when i'm out of weapons. Is it possible to get some buttons on a trader, where i can simply click on it and get my 50 TT rounds? another one for new AI kits and so on? Just for the most important stuff i need each round. I Think these buttons could be on the trader, where i get the stuff from, or in the inventory. Cheers, keep it up Gl
  8. mr_shkololo

    wtb/swap docs

    wtb/ swap docs for smth I can swap them for cash/sv98/vss/as val
  9. CrazySubZero

    Highlight Weaponmods in Traders Tab

    Hi i think it would be a great addition for newer Players to have all Mods wich would fit for a certain Weapon highlighted if you click on the Weapon in your Stashtab while in the buying Weapons Tab at a Vendor.
  10. CrazySubZero

    Highlight Weaponmods in traders Tab

    Hi i think it would be a great addition for newer Players to have all Mods wich would fit for a certain Weapon highlighted if you click on the Weapon in your Stashtab while in the buying Weapons Tab at a Vendor.
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