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Found 3 results

  1. SnakeD_BR

    suggestion of a new weapon

    Hello, I would like to leave my idea here, I see that there is a caliber in the game not very used, actually used only in the SR-1MP Gyurza pistol, this caliber is 9mmx21 gyurza, I have been researching and found an SMG that uses the same caliber called SR-2 Veresk, it is a Russian weapon and the caliber is also Russian and is used for few weapons. if you read this far thanks for the attention
  2. So today i want to show / discuss what you guys think is the best ammo of each caliber. IT SEEMS LIKE THIS FORUM HAS A PROBLEM IMPORT MY TABLE HTML CODE SO IM TRYING TO SOLVE IT. NOTE: thats just my Opinion and it may differ of what others say. All informations were copy and pasted from https://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Ammunitionhttps://escapefromtarkov.gamepedia.com/Ammunition
  3. so snipers are currently a bit underweilming because of their dmg combined with their fire rate, i mean they are shooting 7.62x54 or .308 that are bullets designeted to kill someone with or without armor (especially soft armor ) up to very long ranges (especially from long barrels guns like sniper). what happens in game is that with all types of these bullets you cannt 1hk at the stomach and 1hk to the chest up to distances like 150-175m what makes not viable as a long range gun. this doesnt make sense in a realistic sense and in a balance sense , bc a shot with 7.6254 or .308 will kill you or take you out of combat even at very long ranges and a shot in the stomach area would cause serious dmg and bleeding and make you out off combat very easily. CHANGES AND IDEAS: all these changes can be done with a single hotfix or even server side patch 1.increase the dmg of the snipers and remove the multipliers: currently sniper only 1hk at CQB bc there is multipliers on the chest, imo they should increase the dmg of the sniper a lot and remove the multiplier so on the end the snipers would be able to 1hk to the chest even at very long rages and even trought lvl 2 armor. 2.add a feature to snipers stomach shots to make some of them 1hk: stomach shots should be 1hk if the dmg is high enought , so for example lets say the dmg of the buffed 7.62x54 7n1 IS 135 without multipliers, to kill someone on the chest it would require 80 so the dmg decrease over distance and trought armor/objects could reduce the dmg up to 54 so it would be still a chest 1hk in the case of the stomach lets say that the the single dmg shot required to 1hk would be 100, so this leaves us with a max of 34 dmg to be reduced to it be a hitkill and this is lower than a chest shot meaning that a chest shot would still be more lethal than a stomach one
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