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Found 9 results

  1. Доброго времени суток товарищи ! (данное предложение адресовано аниматорам EFT в целом, и аниматору Kiba в частности) Предлагаю вариант решения древней проблемы «приклеенного оружия к глазам». Суть проблемы: почти во всех играх с видом от первого лица – оружие буквально вклеено в камеру обзора, и в момент ввода движения с мыши, происходит поворот, как камеры, так и модели оружия одной группой. Тоесть камера обзора и модель оружия в данном случае является единой частью персонажа… Такой подход к механике обзора является проблемой по двум причинам: 1) При получении ка
  2. I've had a pretty good run regarding crashing; it's never happened and still hasn't. However, this has been making my game unplayable and only found one forum reference, from late 2017, that had no answer. I have to force the game out each time. Anything that seems to reference the "PlayerCameraController" doesn't work, which includes any scav runs, PMC (online and offline) runs and the hideout. Everything else works fine, like the traders, flea market, stash, etc. This also just started happening to me, at a seemingly random starting point, about 15 hours after the pat
  3. norboleon

    Hight adjustment POV Camera

    Hi BSG, Hi Community i hope i´m right here with my idea So my problem is, i allways think im 1,50 m in hight ingame , so in realife im 1,94 m in hight. Is it possible to programing a slider, that make the Camera POV hight adjustible in game settings, so we can use our own realife hight ? Thinking, that would be a good improvement in realistic and immersion ingame. Greetings
  4. JackKnife

    Camera Mode?

    I'd like to cut to the chase and say I'm a level designer and I'm looking to do a fan level of a Reserve Base apartment block, chocked full of debris, blown up poo, and the whole works. While that's great and all, I'm doing some pre-production research into how big things are in the game in relation to real-world scale. Basically, getting things on my side as 1:1 as possible. So what I've tried doing was to go ingame to take photos to do photogrammetry to capture the geometry somewhat. This is what I'm getting so far... While all cool and all, this is pretty shite compared to if I had
  5. -l-

    Camera and Tablet Viewer

    Camera's can be shot and destroyed. The owner can pick back up the destroyed camera and get it repaired. This item will be helpful for watching with a tiny cone of vision on a area without having the owner be in danger of the potential line of fire. Camera should only work for that specific tablet, they are a pairing item. If one gets seperate, it shouldn't work with other alternate devices. If a player has only one of these items, maybe after the raid, can modify a device by paying a trader to work with a brand new one. But while in raid, that camera only works with that tablet.
  6. Exxoduss

    Rolling onto back

    What do you think about the ability to roll over on your back from a prone position to defend yourself from attacks from behind and sides ?
  7. snaggers

    Increased Free-Look Radius

    I feel like the free-look in this game is a bit restricting. Only being able to turn your head about 45 degrees in any angle, regardless of health or armor, is just too small. I think it would be a good idea to increase the radius to something like 90 degrees in all directions without a helmet, armor, or vest. And increase it as your armor becomes more restricting. Just a thought. Anyone else think something similar?
  8. Hello, Are there any commands to be able to fly around the maps? I am wanting this feature to be able to create interesting content for videos on Tarkov. Squad has an admin cam that enable you to fly around (offline) and occasionally online. Does such a function exist? And will there be any kind of battle recorder in the future? this helps promote the game. Thanks Skull.
  9. So i just did my update about 1 hour ago and now within 2minutes of every game my selected weapon starts to tilt to one side or the other in till its completely off screen the game has now become 140$ ducking desktop icon and NOT a single forum post about it that i can find about this issue, Before you say well maybe you double tapped e...No thats not the issue the issue is my camera seems to pan to the left or right side of the screen and my gun stays where it is. Im getting VERY pissed about this glich and need a hotfix for why it's doing this. any help from the community/devs wil
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