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Found 7 results

  1. Had some spare time, so created a little mock-up to see what character and weapon customisation might look like in the future! If you wanna do something similar, feel free to post them here
  2. MisterWayno

    Weapon Paint - Camouflage

    Hello, I am here to suggest weapon camouflage in the form of paint. No stupid bright pinks or oranges, earth colours that make sense and help to conceal you. I had three ideas of how it could be implemented. The first is going to mechanic and he has a tab where you put your gun/attachments in and select the style of camouflage desired and purchase it, and depending on the weapon and attachments the price will go up or down. The second is you buy the spray cans from mechanic and there is an option when you right click on the gun or inspect it that is "Camouflage" and you get to select which which pattern you like, or once the hideout is finished you can take it to a work bench and select the paints with the provided spray cans for desired camouflages. The third idea is that you have both of these implemented BUT paying mechanic gives you more camouflage options, and even have different traders offer different camouflages. Thanks for reading my wall of text, if you could be bothered. I'll add some photos as some suggestions, to visualize my idea and make it look pretty. Cheers
  3. Cooky187

    Spraypaint / Camo

    What do people think about camo in EFT, I don't want it to turn into csgo with all the micro transactions etc but would love it if you could find spray cans and maybe stencil designs and paint up some weapons in the full release. Quick play on photoshop.
  4. I would just like to ask if anyone knows which is the combat shirt worn by the members of the usec in the game but specifically ,with this I mean 1-to the name of the camouflage 2-the model of the combat t-shirt 3-manufacturer of the combat shirt I will appreciate any response
  5. Peek-A-Boo

    Face Camo ?

    would be nice if the devs add this feature,making us abel to draw or put camo on our pmcs or scavs
  6. SGTStonebridge


    Hey devs can we please have more camo's options to buy from traders or Loot Please! This would be a great addition to the game!!!!!!! Trokov would looks great!!!!!! Examples
  7. Skemba


    Cheers! Not sure if this has been as discussed in the community as ghillie suits have among us sniper/recon nuts. In the interview with Nikita Buyanov I stumbled upon this little gem. "Camouflage cloaks are likely to be set into a chest rig or a hat slot." So apparently there will be some camo... Your thoughts? P.S. I know there will be no ghillies and I'm fine with that.
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