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Found 4 results

  1. Matu_


    Customs bush camping has gone too far, I think it would be fair that you can't really go into the bushes, bushes hurt a lot in real life, they should also hurt in tarkov, make the character grunt in pain when trying to go into thick bushes and maybe do 1 dmg to arm or smth. pic taken from: https://www.vishopper.com/cut-out-trees-and-plants/plant7726/cut-out-small-thick-bush
  2. tullowitsch

    Proposal to reduce Exit-Camping

    Don’t bottleneck extraction-zones to very small areas, give us way more room to move out of a map. E.G.: Emercom-Exit on Interchange, why reduce extraction-zones to that road only? Allow the whole eastern border of the SE-Spwan area to become extraction zone. Maybe a portion of the Southern wall too. In this case people would not be able to oversee the entire extraction-zone like they do now. Especially on a map where there are just 2 main-exits. You did it right on woods, but only before 12.9. Outskirts was the largest extraction-zone of the entire game, there was no problem at all with extract-campers. There were so many spots to safely extract. But as BSG enjoys trolling their player-base to the maximum, they just decided to change it to the worse... Seriously, WHY did you have to reduce outskirts extraction zone to such small area? It now can be Exit-Camped quite easy why would you do that? Same you did with UN-Roadblock-Exit on Woods, you could extract there in the whole area of the corner, behind that big rock, but no, is too safe and too easy, BSG decides to reduce that extraction-zone to the road only… Like why would you do that? I get that there is much more work to do, and that exit-camping is not the biggest problem, but when it becomes a problem it is the most annoying thing of all of EFT. When you maybe had the most epic raid, maybe survived as only guy a big shootout, have found most epic gear and loot, slowly make it crawling to exit, maybe few limbs blacked out hardly any health left, already seeing the exit, only to get sprayed down by a bush… BSG please change that for the better of your game and player base! PS: can’t mention what I think of exit-campers here but you all know it anyway
  3. Hello so I’m new to the game and I finished the first quest for mechanic which is to turn in the shotgun. I have completed the quest and received the rewards so I went ahead and started the next quest which is Introduction. I went to the crashed plane and found his little tree house and there was no note under it. I got killed and checked on the progression on the quest and the first steps hasn’t been checked which is to find the camp site. Am I doing something wrong or am I doing something wrong?
  4. TinyHappy

    Make the Pilgrim spawn rarely.

    I was thinking about making pilgrims spawn.
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