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Found 12 results

  1. OGBustaGut

    Simple Fix to Exit Campers

    Seems easy to me. And you make it more complex but not sure you really need too. Why not have an equation that negatively awards late game kills within X feet of an exit area. I think this would help with the PMC/Scav joint exits too which I really don't understand anyhow. You can ramp it up but this would require more camping with and idle time for someone who has not moved in X amount of time from an given X by X area. Than for the punishment take increasing amounts of experience away. 1000, 10000, 100000 etc. It doesn't happen all that often but it is annoying based upon the looting concept of the game. MD
  2. OscarGold

    Camper Prevention

    Hi everybody, as I encountered plenty of Exit Camping PMCs or Player Scavs which is driving me really crazy, I like to suggest something. I remembered my time in the military and the feeling of boredom and tiredness, while sitting in a trench and waiting for enemies which will never attack. As the hours have passed it became worse. And by this my attention dropped and dropped until our instructors decided to launch a small attack on our position, because they knew we were close to sleep. And so came my thought of camper prevention for Tarkov. If a player stays at certain position, without any proper movement he starts to become dizzy and his vision becomes a bit blurry. Maybe his movement will be slower than normal. Same goes for people that lay around the whole time. It should simulate the beginning of falling asleep or perhaps falling asleep itself could be a thing too. It drives me nuts that people sit in a corner for the whole time in a raid and wait for people to pass. They should get sanctions for this behaviour. I understand that EFT is a very realistic game and to be anxious of loosing loot and gear is normal behaviour for the majority of players, but it's still a game and people shouldn't be anxious but have fun playing this game. Thanks for reading.
  3. SushiVII

    Solution To Alleviate Campers

    People who camp the extractions can get irritating and are ridiculous. Although that is a tactic, (and a poor one at that) it makes things feel cheap. So a way I've thought where it could make sense on each map is if anyone who is hiding out in one spot for, lets say, 30 seconds to a minute, they release a loud beep/ping once every (about) 5 seconds, which can be heard from a far distance in the same ways you can tell the direction and distance of bullets being fired, until they move from that small radius to stop the sound from emitting. The radius of the zone could be about moving 15-25 meters away from the area they were stationary at. More realistically, with the game being called Escape From Tarkov, the backstory to this could be that all of the players could have had something planted into them, and drones high up in the sky overhead could detect body heat signatures if a player is stationary for too long, then those drones would capture a confirmed heat reading, and activate the pinging sound on that player who is camping for too long, alerting most or all other players on the map to that camper's direction. This would have players think twice and come up with new strategies and tactics if they want to keep figuring out the best way for them to take advantage of other players on their way out, because currently camping out is way too easy.
  4. Hopeful for this one day, a select game mode where campers are punished for literally sitting completely still. I understand this game is "realistic", but a fun fast paced mode would be nice. Not even fast paced, just without camping POS.
  5. Why is not a system To counter the Disadvantage the poeple Looting Killing Filling up Bag Like Crazy .... To The Poeple Just Sitting and Wait ? Here a Solution ! Add Character FAT! The more The campers is FAT The Less Physical Ability he have ! Add a Calori system By KM Walked , By Time Of a Raid , Amount of Time spend Inside a raid , If the Guys Feel Like eating Food and drinking Pepsi In the back Corner Fine . Make is Stat Negative ! Make his character Grow a belly with big Fat Legs and Reduce his ability to Carry and run/walk Diabetes That make The Character Shaking For suffering from fat I think That could be a solution there to Prevent Camping ! Enjoy my Loot Campers ! There is No point to Disadvantage Poeple Actualy Rocking the game and Filling up a bags.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ODtUmR4KLEg EXIT CAMPERS! \ Escape From Tarkov \ Factory so many questions in this clip, one of which being how am I so bad lol.
  7. its_Star_Lord

    Exit Campers

    Hello, I am very new to the games. I've only played 5 raids, and so far there have been campers at extraction/exit 3 times (havent survived to exit-part the 2 other raids). Just now the recent raid, I had to search up one of the extraction points on YouTube and then I had to find it. But there was a team of THREE people watching it, so I decided to find the other extraction point. So again, I searched up the second extraction point on YouTube and then had to find it, only to be killed by a camper there too. This is not looking good for me who is new to the game. This is my experience so far, and it is not fun. I LOVE the concept of the game, but the campers makes this game more worse than it is good atm. I really, really, really, reeeeeeeally hope they add a anti-camping mechanic, because at this current time: This game is unplayable for me (which is not good for you game developers) and I would NOT suggest this game for anyone. I hope one day, that I can love, have fun and cheer for this game and tell everyone about it, but not now...
  8. The_Omegaman

    Spawn Campers

    New to the game and spawned as a Scav. As soon as I appeared, I was shot and killed by an enemy player. He was waiting at the spawn. How will you be addressing this?
  9. bencehartmann

    Everyone is a camper in EFT

    Grat for all the Cod and Battlefield players for ruining the game with their ridicoulos, nonsense camping, there are players who are capable of camping for more then 15-20 minutes, just because they have brought over 0 skill from Cod and BF and there is no other way for them to kill/loot.. Definetely not going to play with EFT until there is some kind of system pretending players from camping in one place for more than 15 minutes..
  10. bencehartmann

    Terrible spawns, campers

    Devs have to re-think the whole spawning idea, because i have to spend 10-15 minutes waiting in the beginning of a raid, because all the players are camping and waiting for you to kill while trying to leave the area. Ridicoulos, is this how the game meant to be played? Camping simulator, all the tryhards are waiting half an hour for a kill so they can get gear....
  11. The Setup Just got done with a factory run. Kiver, Paca, Scav BP and a decently modded M4. I notice no one spawned on my side of the map, so I guessed there was a group of friends that spawned on the other side of fact. Sure enough I hear quit a few silenced guns as they fight Scavs. I move through blinking light hallway, as it all goes quiet. Move through the whole map, nothing but Scavs. Decide to loot the Scavs and head off. When opening the back door for the normal extraction point, three dudes unloaded silenced pistols onto me all while sitting comfortably inches away from the extraction point. No way to counter play it, without having to unload two mags of ammo to hit every corner of the room before opening the door. No way to shoot back when opening the door with the animation lock. I'm really disappointed. I normally wouldn't care to much if I had died to someone out positioning me in a fire-fight. But I get reeeaaal annoyed when I die to a bunch of little assholes friends camping a door that guarantees a free kill because of the animation time. I can replace the m4 and armor super easily, but it just sucks. They don't deserve the loot. Ideas to fix this Allow opening a door from the side Allow players to open doors without standing directly in front of the door I.E. where you're going to get shot. This could lessen the chance of being insta-killed without the ability to take cover or fire back in reasonable time. Some walls will be shootable through, like the walls in the Gate of factory, but it will certainly lessen the chance of being blown away in an animation. Not sure if this slated for addition later down the line, but if not I'd like to see it! Make the entire second room of Gate 3 an extraction zone This would give campers less of an opportunity to get the jump on players, but wouldn't entirely fix the problem only make them camp the first room, which is still a problem. However usually when opening the second set of doors, players have already let their guard down, so restricting campers to the first set would be nice. Put in some form of penalty for players who are found sitting for long periods of time within a certain radius of an extraction point. Here is a rough idea of what I mean by this. If a player is found sitting in this same radius of the extraction point, it will maybe fine the player, maybe lose a small amount of relationship with a trader? When the karma system is implemented, it could take away positive karma for camping. The Wrap up Now I know the best ways to not die to this is to play much more carefully. It is also my fault for having not farmed for the factory key yet, but I think these kinds of people are just a nuisance regardless. I rarely get upset at Tarkov, but this got me really annoyed. Any input on this idea would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading!
  12. bencehartmann


    I'm really fed up with people literally camping 20-25 minutes in a bush/on a bridge/ at a crossing, just because they are unable to win any shootouts with other players, there MUST be something implemented to STOP this. I'm not grinding and playing my ass off for hours just to being killed by a no-skilled 10 yrs old player who doesn't know how to play a game. Thanks.
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