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  1. TarkovCitizen3998045

    Interchange needs a third exit

    The exit camping in interchange is getting out of hand. You need too add a new exit so its harder to exit camp interchange or add additional forest cover on the emer extract. The map should not have only one viable exit with a back pack.
  2. tullowitsch

    Proposal to reduce Exit-Camping

    Don’t bottleneck extraction-zones to very small areas, give us way more room to move out of a map. E.G.: Emercom-Exit on Interchange, why reduce extraction-zones to that road only? Allow the whole eastern border of the SE-Spwan area to become extraction zone. Maybe a portion of the Southern wall too. In this case people would not be able to oversee the entire extraction-zone like they do now. Especially on a map where there are just 2 main-exits. You did it right on woods, but only before 12.9. Outskirts was the largest extraction-zone of the entire game, there was no problem at all with extract-campers. There were so many spots to safely extract. But as BSG enjoys trolling their player-base to the maximum, they just decided to change it to the worse... Seriously, WHY did you have to reduce outskirts extraction zone to such small area? It now can be Exit-Camped quite easy why would you do that? Same you did with UN-Roadblock-Exit on Woods, you could extract there in the whole area of the corner, behind that big rock, but no, is too safe and too easy, BSG decides to reduce that extraction-zone to the road only… Like why would you do that? I get that there is much more work to do, and that exit-camping is not the biggest problem, but when it becomes a problem it is the most annoying thing of all of EFT. When you maybe had the most epic raid, maybe survived as only guy a big shootout, have found most epic gear and loot, slowly make it crawling to exit, maybe few limbs blacked out hardly any health left, already seeing the exit, only to get sprayed down by a bush… BSG please change that for the better of your game and player base! PS: can’t mention what I think of exit-campers here but you all know it anyway
  3. CyanideSpooked

    Spawn camping is real

    Kind of stupid how almost every game iv went into now has been people sitting and camping spawns or having it where I would spawn in right next to a scav and instantly die because I don't have enough time to pull out a gun or even know where I get shot from. I think there should be something to help fix this because I'm tired of losing sets of gear to bots and spawn camping nerds.
  4. Did117

    Found in Raid is CANCER

    So let me get this straight... You guys added the new Found in Raid mechanics so this game turns into a "find something I need for this goddamned quest RUN STRAIGHT TO THE EXTRACT FORGET BUDDIES AND FIREFIGHTS AND WHAT NOT!" and "Hey, you know what, forget looting and hunting, let's camp the extract! LOL!" Am I missing something? Can you guys please start playing the game? Can you guys please learn a thing or two about game design? Can you guys please make this game more PvE, PvP and PvPvE oriented? Can you guys please drop the GRINDING WALKING LOOTING SIMULATOR oriented game design? Can you guys please stop making literally millions off of cheaters and start listening to the honest people who invested their time and money into this +5 year old beta access? Can you BSG? Can you really? 5 years for this? A half assed game whose black market cheater economy drive the actual game design and developer decisions? Can you stop lying? Or day dreaming in front of the keyboard? I thought the migration to unity 2018 would bring more patches, more content, less wait time, instead we got cheat galore heaven and the crummiest binaural sound mechanics from the early 1990's? 9 months since the migration and all we got was the chance to grind yet again, now with the bonus of COMPETING DIRECTLY AGAINST CHEATERS? No seriously, what am I missing here?
  5. Maybe not UI since it will make the game more unrealistic breaking games purpose. But something like a red head band or shoulder band only visible to a friend? it could prevent accidental kills. As well as something like when you die from a friend "accidental kill" all your insured items wont be able to be picked up or something in those lines? since sometimes it happens that people are killed by their teammates. Example: My and my friend are stuck in bathrooms in factory srrounded fighting off players & scavs. I crouch and try to heal while my friend confused over the shitstorm currently going on shoots me thinking i was an enemy. ( We were in a voice chat and talking to eachother but game & shots were very loud ) Good idea to punish people that camp near extraction zones. Maybe give them radiation timeouts when they're campting at extraction zones? happens very often at Gates. People camping in the gate. Its pissing people off and camping there requires no skill . . . Cheers
  6. OwO PLEASE NOTE OvO *This is my attempt at a camping guide but I'll also cover some "advanced" controls to help you get the most out of your camping experience. *This guide is intended for players who are new to the gunfights and PvP and might feel like they prefer to sit and wait. *I'm breaking this guide up into: Introduction, The Knitty Gritty, Getting Started, Advanced Controls and Finishing Route *Feel free to contribute with any tips or corrections and if you want, skip the intro right to the knitty gritty. _____ *** INTRODUCTION *** I'm a camper. I love to camp. Camp and take advantage of loud clumsy people. I love to sit with my headphones all the way up and just wait with the cheapest gear I can find and wait. It's worked a few times, I'd say it's worth it to me though I'm sure if you're any decent at PvP at /all/ you would wanna be much more aggressive and maybe just skim over this guide. In fact, I'm camping right now in game while writing this. It's okay, background noise is still active..... _____ *** THE KNITTY GRITTY *** MAP: Interchange Interchange has lots of obscure hiding places and bodies tend to pile up in random hallways towards the end of the match, plus not as populated as other maps TIME: any time during the night, not too long after midnight. Most players tend to ignore night matches in comparison to the day versions. Which leaves you with more scavs to fight and less scav players. WEAPON: Choose one and stick with it, don't take more than one weapon with you. A.)TOZ-106 shotgun B.) 9×18mm Makarov These weapons are cheap and powerful at short distance, take which you prefer but keep in mind that if you die with pistol, the other player will usually pick it up. Buying the MC 20-01 TOZ stock from Mechanic will lock your TOZ to be a four slot item instead of two with it being folded. This will increase your chances of the gun not being picked up by an over encumbered player. SUGGESTED GEAR: 2 Pineapple Juice <-required 1-2 extra mags<-not so much OPTIONAL GEAR: Scav vest Sling Healing Items 1 RGD-5 grenade _____ *** GETTING STARTED *** It doesn't matter where you start out on the map, the first thing you want to do is sprint to the most obscure and hidden place you can inside the mall or parking garage. Choose a place with only one entrance and make sure it's somewhere no one should ever go for any reason *Bonus Points if you find a place a grenades throw away from a lootable object* **BONUS BONUS points if you fill that lootable object with garbage to increase the time it takes for them to search it** ***ADVANCED CONTROLS*** Lurking and creeping are important but you need to know when to peek and how to do it properly. ~***ALL THESE SCREENSHOTS WERE TAKEN FROM THE SAME SITTING POSITION***~ In this screenshot I've found my place. It's nothing special, on purpose. Now we need as much vision as we can get without exposing ourselves. We're gonna be here for A LONG TIME so get comfy with your sightings. Hold Left Alt and then while holding either A or D I can manually adjust my characters lean by fractions, for a good view on the entrance. Now that I've gotten my lean game on, time to check my shimmy. Hold Alt again and press Q or E, this will make your character shuffle to one side for as long as you hold Q or E, letting you get an extended view for popshots or throwing grenades. Make sure you're happy with all three angles: natural sitting, precision leaning with ALT+A or ALT+D and shimmying with ALT+Q or ALT+E If there's anything directly in front of that you can't quite see when you're crouching, hold C and scroll with your mouse wheel up and down to adjust your standing height. *GREAT JOB* You now have your home for the next 45ish minutes, we'll be sitting here with nothing but our paranoid thoughts and our pineapple juice until about 9 minutes left until match end. Remember: if you go too EARLY you will run into other people leaving with loot (which is fine, they just spent all that time and effort farming for you, how nice of them) If you go too LATE you won't make it out in time : ^) ***FINISHING ROUTE*** Okay, you got 8 minutes left on the clock. You've probably heard gunshots and people run by but that's okay as long as you didn't take any unnecessary risks and you didn't make a sound. Here's a map of Interchange, I'll throw up my favorite places to visit... you have to be quick though, no dilly dallying! Choose stores as you go, just know you need to be out in the parking lot with at least 3 minutes if you wanna make it! Pick an exit and go just make sure you have time, don't get greedy now. Loot any player corpses you see on the way but be careful of AI scavs, don't take your time, pick up what you know sells and move. Check each locked door as you run by Emercom and Kiba, sometimes they're open. As long as you are in the parking lot with 3 minutes you are fine. ----- PROS: Cheap, At end of map no one will be there to contest your scavenging and if you ARE any decent at PvP you can almost always have the drop on someone. CONS: RNG based if other players have unlocked all the shops or looted all the good stuff, you need patience and timing. ----- I hope you gained anything from this guide, If you know of anything to add, maybe experienced tips or tricks to Interchange or specific routes, shops, hiding places, lemme know! Have a nice day and thank you for reading. Ꮚ˘ ꈊ ˘ Ꮚ
  7. DARK3063

    Post apocalyptic camping ahead.

    This feature is going to make players ignore quests, and prioritize hunting each other. Camping will increase by 200%. The mag box is now 100% useless. Hatchling runs will increase by 200% because any area worth something is now going to be camped 24/7. Absolutely no one is going to go after the keys anymore with a single piece of loot on them. The player population will drop by 36% within the first month, because the players that can't "get good" are just going to rage quit because it's going to feel like their getting bullied by the players that already completed the quests. I predict the companies total revenue will drop by about 56% after this bad image will stain the game forever just like how in rust people don't like playing it anymore, because they know they're going to get gang-raped by a clan of 30. This change is going to be very ducking bad for the longevity of the game. And when I mean camping I don't mean fully gear buff dudes camping the zone. I mean a bunch of ducking assholes that might as well be considered lesser beings than bunch of scavs, laying in bushes with scoped mosins, and sks's. I predict post-apocalyptic levels of game ruining camping, that will turn your streaming tarkov experience into a Mosin run hell hole. I suggest this change to secure containers be held back until a solution that doesn't involve crippling the game is found. Welcome to Space Mexico.
  8. One of the most important things in this game. But how to do it enjoyable ? I have a idea that would discouraged loot hoes and grindfest would be removed. I think the biggest problem concerning this topic is loot spawns. For a survival game with such amount of a detail in maps and very nice graphic, loot spawns are stupid thing to do because there is no one who would explore the map and enjoyed the visuals, graphic,overall atmosphere and the most important EXPLORATION in a game. Just take for example the most played map with the biggest amount of loot right now. SHORELINE, almost all fights and all players are situated on health spa area which makes a rest of the map totally irrelevant. You could just throw a ducking concrete wall around that area make some extract there( or leave scav extracts) and you got a map... Which is totally not enjoyable for me personally to have this kind of play style situated only for a loot. Deleting loot spawns and certain rooms which are OP what concerns loot would be way more enjoyable for game, add a possibility of totally random loot. For etc. you can find VSS on the ground random house, on a bed ... and not to make some lockers spawn much more powerful on loot than other, just increase RNG and delete those stupid loot spawns with a certain weapons spawns(like DVLs ... do it random). Also do woods (I don´t mean map I mean woods in general ) more enjoyable and situated for loot for etc. add some scripted dead bodies which would actually have a weapons in their hands and also some gear and make them random not a dead body that would spawn on certain place every time, NO please. Every game should position of these bodies change randomly in a whole woods area for etc also loot on them and chance of their loot of them it´s simple and much more enjoyable in my opinion. It would also prevented camping in certain loot areas because there would not be some OP place in a map, an every place would be OP. Game would be much more enjoyable when you have to listen and be on guard whole game not just only when you get to stupid loot area and extract. I think it´s a great hardcore element that would deleted some of the problems which this game currently has.
  9. bencehartmann

    Campers, gave up, game is ruined

    I gave up, finally decided im not gonna play EFT anymore, this game had a really good potential, really good community in the beginning with hardcore/mature players who understand what is the point/goal of the game "shoot and loot". But we reached the point where some new players or maybe even old ones who can't really play the game properly anymore and started abusing the game contect (hiding in bushes etc) and don't tell me i should expect people camping and it's a legit tactic, becaure there are more than 200 BUSHES ON CUSTOMS !!! The game is officially ruined by all the try-hards who are not willing to learn how the game works and supposed to be, instead they are exit-camping or bush-camping for 10-15 minutes !!! I was supporting EFT, but if they were not willing to fix this issues after 2 years then i'm putting it down. Thanks guys
  10. dzk99


    This map is in some dire need of more than one god damn exit! Like at least 2 so then maybe there is a chance that you don't die to a bush camper somehow having "fun" sitting there for 20 mins. One can argue to look around good but it always happens a couple times even when being cautious. Maybe its just me I would like to hear other thoughts on this. Thanks.
  11. Hallo, ich muss ja sagen, dass ich ein sehr großer Fan von diesem Spiel bin, dennoch ist mir in letzter Zeit etwas sehr negatives aufgefallen. Mir ist es jetzt schon öffters passiert, dass ich nach einem Kampf gegen mehrere Bots beim looten von neu spawnenden Bots erschossen wurde. Generell habe ich nichts gegen die neu erscheinenden Bots im Spiel aber wenn ich in einem Gebiet gerade 5 Bots gekillt habe und ich eine gewisse Zeit warte um sicher zu gehen, dass da kein Gegner mehr ist und ich dann von 3 neu gespawnten Bots beim looten gekillt werde, dann ist das für mich ein echter Spaßkiller des Spiels. Evtl. kommt es mir auch nur so vor, deswegen würde ich gerne die Meinung anderer Leute dazu wissen ob es ihnen auch so geht. Ein weiterer Punkt ist das Spawncamping in EFT. Mehrfach hintereinander bin ich als PMC, direkt nach dem Spawnen, von Spielern getötet worden, ohne reagieren zu können. Dass Spawncampen eine Sache und einfach nur Erbärmlich ist müssen wir hier nicht ausdiskutieren, denn es ist uns allen klar. Ich hoffe nur, dass dies ein Entwickler liest und etwas dagegen unternimmt, z.b. dass mann nicht da spawnt wo gerade andere Spieler sind. Es ist mir klar, dass dies nicht ganz einfach ist aber evtl. bekommen es die Entwickler gebacken. Danke
  12. triko

    Citing or Netcode?

    While playing I found out this strange guy. what do you think? Netcode? I watch again and again, it seems to be lag but I die in 1 sec with no audio and he didnt even see me! I dont know Funny thing, he is a streamer I probably will go to ask in his chat when he will be online!!! With this post I dont want to accuse nobody, just ask to the community what are their thoughts
  13. Hi, Just want to pick a few minds on a way around these annoying situations. So from my experience playing eft, i come across many people camping a bush or extraction zones or just general camping behind doors. So i did some thinking, what can be causing people to resort to these methods. Gear Fear as it's called seems to cause some not so fun game mechanics. I really hate taking 5 minutes gearing up, buying and loading into a game then dying 1 minute into the game by someone camping in fear of loosing his gear. Over.... and over.... and over.... People who want to actually play the game and loot stuff are punished by campers. 6/10 of my deaths I fall to the ground not even having a remote idea of where they were. Or is EFT a game of camping? Are you suppose to let the hatchlings/"noobs" go in and loot then camp the exits or map choke points and wait for them to bring you the loots? Then I got to thinking about the map and spawn zones. What if every spawn had an objective to run before being allowed to extract. The thing about the objective is you can create paths with them. So 10 people spawn on shore. They each have an objective like some item required by a vendor or extraction npc. What you can do with the placement of this objective is make a Pizza. Not an actual pizza but lets use the crust as a spawn location and the center of the pizza the objective. Now towards the center of the pizza every player has a chance for loot then eventually running into players and the objective. So you can be ingame longer than a minute. Camping is then lessened by the fact that you actually have to get out there or you cant extract. Does this make sense or do I need to refine my weak English? Now is this a good idea? I guess when we put all our minds together we could find out or refine the idea. Can a pizza create quality of life improvements? Lets find out...
  14. GenBott

    Factory main extraction

    As soon as you get into the first room(for the extraction everyone can go to) start the timer for extraction, if I die after having another good round to someone camping the extraction I don't think I can play factory. There are certain times to camp ( after you have killed someone and waiting to see if there is two) for example, but to sit and wait where someone has to extract is stupid and doesn't make for a good experience. Not allowing players to sit and wait for someone to come with all their lot would be a great change for Factory. The game is great
  15. M1ck3y


    3 Punkte warum ich ein 150€ Spiel nach einem Monat deinstalliere und nicht mehr Gut heiße! 1. und 2. Durch die übertriebene Eine Stunde die man nun mehr zum Campen nutzt als zum Raiden ist definitiv zuviel für das Spiel und vermasselt somit den Sinn an sich! 3. Scav Spieler die andere Scav KI und Scav Spieler erschießen ergibt für mich überhaupt keinen Sinn mehr als mit deren zu Spielen! Auch wenn man dann alle Scavs gegen sich hat ist das doch komplett wurscht!!! Fazit wer unter dem Niveau Spielen mag, bitte, gerne aber ich bin da anspruchsvoller und muss mir das Kindergehabe nicht mehr antun weils einfach nur mehr lächerlich ist! Greetings, M1ck3y Auf Wiedersehen!
  16. Rakivide

    Exit Camping

    You've probably heard this a lot but I have not gone one game in the past week that did not have people camping the road to factory exit. This time I came across a group of about four of them just camping the exit. Usually it's only one guy but four!? They hit my leg and hunted me down. Exit camping has really begun to put a wear on both me and the three people I know who have this game. What can be done about it?
  17. Hallo heute muss ich mich als EOD Nutzer und eigentlich Treuer Fan von EFT mal zu Wort melden. Ich habe vor Weihnachten und nach Weihnachten das Spielen genossen aber egal welche Community man fragt es taucht immer ein und dasselbe Wort gegen EFT derzeit auf. Durch das Neue Spawn System ist man zwar nicht gebunden an einen Ort aber man ist z.b in Customs besser geraten erst ab Stufe 1 Stärke dort zu Spawnen denn der Weg über das Dixi ist besser als Weggecamped zu werden. Du spawnst Sniper Halle oder Zirkus auto (Wassertanks) und du wírst von Checkpoint weggecamped als wäre es Weihnachten für die ansonsten einfach Strommasten stellen und beide Eingänge becampen. Spawnst du checkpoint und dein Gegner an Zirkus lädt 2 Sekunden länger kannst du ihn noch im Spawn töten ohne das er etwas machen kann ( ja die Mechanik funktioniert wir haben es als Gruppe getestet und mit einer gemeinsamen Lobby Glück gehabt. Die Ladezeiten derzeit besonders Matchingzeiten sind viel zu Lang. Durch schnelle Runden bist du einfach mal wie ich heute 15 Minuten nur im Loading Screen. Neulinge sind fast ohne Guides ( keine Hinweise in den Mails oder ähnliches ) dem Tot ausgesetzt. Tarkov ist ein sehr sehr Tiefgründiges und Langatmiges spiel aber es schreckt Leute ab die noch nie eine Milsim oder ähnliches gespielt haben ab. Dadurch das Gewisse Dinge einfach zu viel Zeit kosten im Sinn=Nutzen Faktor Stirbt Tarkov. Ich Liebe Tarkov und seine Community genauso die schönen Erlebnisse aber das was derzeit passiert mit dem Spiel lässt in unserer Community sowie 2 Weiteren die Spieler gehen. Ich hoffe das dies in einem Absehbaren Patch geändert wird. Vielen Dank für das Lesen und guten Loot Der Reaper von Tarkov
  18. Elfiero

    PMC Spawn system

    Hi This game used to have some predictable spawns and After the patch the gameplay, lag etc is diffent, ok... BUT Now the spawns are even more predictable and With fast feet you can get to the spawn and kill players spawning in... today only I have spawned and died several times immediately after hitting solid ground, shot by a PMC. Is it hard making the spawns more diverced? ~elfie
  19. Elfiero

    PMC Spwan system

    Hi This game used to have some predictable spawns and After the patch the gameplay, lag etc is diffent, ok... BUT Now the spawns are even more predictable and With fast feet you can get to the spawn and kill players spawning in... today only I have spawned and died several times immediately after hitting solid ground, shot by a PMC. Is it hard making the spawns more diverced? ~elfie
  20. HerpDerpVonJerp

    Spawn camping has to be stopped

    Really ruining the game for me right now, cant spawn into any map without having someone camping outside a spawn and just killing me as soon as i spawn or only making it 20 steps and getting lit up. really wanted to like this game and i hope they fix all the problems it has but this is just crazy.
  21. Spawn camping has to stop. Several times i get killed straight after spawn , without been able to even take a step. I have lost a few AKs and body armor to this crap. Spawn camping is killing the game. Fix it, make players invicible for 5 sec after spawn or something similar, or force player to escape spawn zones. We can loose 40k of gear in 1 sec because this is allowed.
  22. The title says it all. People can't play and explore the map camp spawns because they suck and cant do anything else. Players spawning are 100% vulnerable and can't do anything.
  23. Now that the Y key is assigned to gestures and commands. What happened to the mumble function? Can we still root out campers and have player scavs yell back if we issue a "command" by hitting Y after firing like before? I enjoyed being able to tell if there was a camper by firing off a few shots and hitting Y, having them yell back at us.
  24. Krinkles

    Spawing Issues

    Right, so spawn camping is getting really out of hand. Lets say I play 10 matches some day: I'd bet $10 that in at least two, if not three or four of those matches, someone will be waiting within 20 meters to pop me once in the head as soon as my model appears. Several times I don't even load in all the way before I'm dead, I fade-in to my character falling over dead because I've already been shot. The final straw happened to my brother and I the night before I made this post. We logged on that evening, and decided to do a few. - PMC Run #1 - Spawn in to Shoreline. In the time it took me to take 6 steps my brother was sniped. I wandered around for a brief time, and after I died we went back in for another. - PMC Run #2 - Spawn in to Forest. I get shot in the back by a shotgun almost immediately, and my brother lasted about 20 seconds before finding someone sitting up on the rocks next to the center southern fence spawn and was promptly turned into Swiss cheese. - Scav-run - Spawn in to Factory. We spawned on the literal opposite ends of map, into a game where a team of 4 decked-out PMCs were lighting up any direction noise came form. Obviously we never met up; never really stood a chance. - PMC Run #3 - Spawned into Forest. We were actually pretty close to each other, but as it turns out there was a guy sitting int he corner of the map ready to light us both up. My brother was shot just a few seconds after spawning, and I was promptly lit up by a person using a different gun when I went to investigate. This probably means a team of at least two people had positioned themselves so that they could see several spawn points and were killing people as they loaded in. My brother decided he was done after that. All this happened over the span of maybe 20 minutes. I don't even take anything in with me half the time anymore; I just put a pistol in my alpha pack because the odds are that someone's going to be within 50 paces of wherever I spawn, waiting for me to deliver free loot. I've seen many other players doing this too: going in with just a melee weapon, or as was the case on 3 separate occasions, nothing at all. Separately, allowing a team of players to be larger than half of the maximum players for a match lets a large group voluntarily outnumber everyone else in the match. Even a 4-man on a map with a 7 player cap means they're automatically going to outnumber the other players. A 3-man probably would too unless the other four players were in a group, or it was another 3-man and a poor solo player. Possible Solutions Were it up to me I'd add a few more spawn points to each map, and then set up a preventative player detection system that voids a spawn point if another player is within X-radius of that spawn point; at least 100 meters for outdoors maps like Forest or Shoreline. Fact of the matter is you'd probably see a lot of players having issue spawning in at all with this ruling, given the amount of camping that happens. Additionally, maybe setup large spawn clusters; efficiency spawn "areas," like a dozen different spawning points within a 30 meter diameter, that effectively each function as an individual spawning instance. One solo player would then spawn into one of the given points in their spawn area, and anyone watching the area would have to scope a wider range in order to spot the freshly spawned player. Additionally, a team of players could then just spawn into a random spot in the same spawn area. Finally, either increase the maximum number of players so that teams can't be >50% of the composition, or make the maximum number of team members adjust with each map. Allowing a single team automatically outnumber anyone else by default because the brought 4 players, let alone 5, is terrible. I would request limiting the number of players/team by map over increasing the number of players allowed on each map, as even just 2 or 3 more players would make some maps pure chaos.
  25. CrazyManOPS

    Camping in FACTORY at exit!

    Hello, I was playing a lot that game, and factory map, and i see that lot ,but a lot people camping at exit and when you open door you are dead. That way he get easy lot and you dont have a chanche to shoot him first. So is a way that you prevent that camping at exit at factory. I think if you put that IMMEDIATELY start count down extraction that they wont be able anymore to do that camping.
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