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Found 14 results

  1. Please add a feature that allows you to lock items case, weapon case, medical case... etc. Then when the sort button is pressed in the inventory(stash) those items that are locked do not move. That way I can sort my items in my inventory and I don't have to move my cases around after the sort. For clarity, I added pictures below. I want to lock my cases at the bottom of my stash(or anywhere) and then hit the sort feature.
  2. You could possibly introduce some sort of med case/bag that is able to be put in the secure container, that could fit a variety of medical equipment like Salewas, iFAKs, splints and survival-12/cms kits. This would especially be beneficial to players with lower editions of the game with smaller containers, and would also allow more room in the secure container, for the suitable price of this suggested bag.
  3. Aussieeeee

    Drag and Drop Money Case

    I had this idea of being able to drag and drop a case on items to make it easier and faster to put them inside. Either that or an easy way to select multiple for drag and drop items in mass. See images below.
  4. ferikehun234

    Inventory management idea

    I had an idea that if you have cases you could put them in a hot bar right of your stash that you cannot scroll while you can your stash. This would make it so that you can just clickly access your cases that you would do very regularly anyway. you wouldn't have to scroll through your whole inv to put 1 item from the bottom into the case. It could be kinda like 2ndary statsh or some icon format.
  5. D_are_l


    At the moment there is no Case to put nades in. Why nades dont fit into Ammocases? I dont fill in entire Icase with nades.I think we need an Nade-Case
  6. Austindj3

    Personal Safe

    We already have special containers for ammo, guns, and medical supplies. So why not add some for cash or other valuable item (statues, bitcoins, rollers, chains) I was thinking a small 2x2 container that holds 3x3 or 4x4 of valuables, and a 3x3 container that holds either a 5x5 or 6x6 (like the med case) this way you wouldn't need to take up so much space in your stash with money or valuable items that your holding onto for trades or quest. Once you start getting to a higher level and are gaining tons of money, having 30+ slots of your stash consumed by stacks of cash or holding onto 44 slots worth of statues for a quest can be pretty annoying, so I feel something like a personal safe would be a good quality of life change (instead of just having tons of wallets)

    Lockable Money/Weapon/Item cases

    Just watched ShoSho's video on the PP-19 Vityaz, in which he stumbled upon players dead bodies in the middle of some rubles to item trade. Now i'm not someone who goes out asking for trades in-match so i'm sure I may be missing something in the least and this may not be much of an issue in the current time this is posted, but what if you could lock those high end late trader level cases, say with a padlock at the least, or maybe an even higher tier version case with an integrated rolling number combo lock. Padlocks arnt that hard to get off without the right tools and enough time, but say in the early player levels you need to find those abilities/tools to do so. Eg: A shotgun(Or any other weapon) maybe or usual bolt cutters. I saw somewhere long ago and it may have just been a rumor that their might be a lock picking skill? Higher end secured containers with built in locks either have to be picked or something that could be useful to padlocked cases as well is to harm the case itself to reveal its contents at a risk % chance of damaging said contents. Could add another interaction with traders in asking them to open a case for a lump of cash with varying success and required cost rates. Maybe add a system to return to original owner? Don't know how useful that would be other then just being the lawfully good thing to do.
  8. Is there any reason to keep wallets after getting the money case(s)? Other than keeping one in your game for raids. Just curious if I should keep them or sell them. I'd hate to sell them and then learn/realize later that I could have done something way more useful with them. Cheers, guys
  9. I am wondering in the future that we will be able to use the money in our wallets/cases without having to withdraw stacks individually for it to be available for buying/selling with traders. A few times now I have wanted to buy some rare items that disappear in seconds, but could not due to only keeping a couple stacks of cash out for stash space reasons. I would hope that in the future wallets and cases are added to available cash resources. I am sorry if this has been asked already, but I could not find an answer in the searches.
  10. Dead_Nation34

    prapor taask 4

    so ive been on task 4 for prapor for a long while now. i got the case once, went to factory placed it and exited buy got a run through exit. i have herd that you have to start over and collect the case again to plant it and not get a run through to complete it correctly. ive been on customs 25+ times and have never seen the case again. so i tried to just go to factory and try and plant it. i get nothing at the plant area. so i keep trying to find the case but its never there for me. is there a glitch in the mission that since you already collected it once it wont be there, but since you already planted and got a run through exit, the game tells you that you have to collect it again but it cant since you already did. or does it not spawn every match? i would really like some help on understanding this crap of a task
  11. hi i have document case from prapor quest ( last before epsylon case ) and i dont know why i have to use it ... for keys i have keyholder and for money have wallet (same space in conteiner but more space with key + valet option). what else i can put in this document case ?
  12. Just as the title says. So you have any number of cases in your stash, at some point you may use them for one type if not just stacks of the same item, so you spray paint a label onto them, such as "Guns" "Cash" etc. The Text would look like that spray on lettering cut outs Like this> Or whatever the devs decide to do for the text. PS Did I break any rules with this post?, my last one I was warned due to "spamming", still not sure what I did, I was replying to people.
  13. Torqen

    Labeling of cases

    I would like to see the possibility to name/label the weapon and gear cases. Once you place the marker over the case you could get a popup of the text..f.i. Assault rifles, Sniper Rifles..etc. This way we would not have to peak inside the cases to remember what`s inside and it will be nice to easier maintain a system inside the stash.
  14. I think I stumbled upon someone that found another way to use the gamma case to keep there pistol even when they die here is a clip of it after he shot me a couple times with what looks like a suppressed handgun I killed him and looted him but no handgun was on him just a shutgun https://clips.twitch.tv/ConfidentTardyBadgerPanicBasket
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