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Found 6 results

  1. Some kind of notice paperwork on the cases would be GREAT. greetings fetcher
  2. After the recent update it seems only the Fence will buy armor and stripped weapons? PLEASE do not sell your armor and stripped weapons to the Fence!! It's capping his inventory and making it harder for vital items to be listed; such as item cases, gun cases, etc. etc. Just discard that crap. It is not hard to make money in this game. Just dump that crap and move on. Seriously, please. I was getting ready to upgrade my game and sold all my cases and whatnot in hopes of helping others and I never saw any of them pop up in his feed. Thank you, Hookshot http://prntscr.com/iiv4by
  3. L3AHC1M

    Money management

    Hi, I would like to suggest an improvement on current money (roubles, euro, dollars) management in stash. - In the current system, all cash needs to be free in your inventory to be used at a trader (Not in a wallet, bag, money case) New cash coming in you stash will pile in the first free slot at the top of your stash. Somehow, paying for insurance retrieves the roubles from inside your wallets instead of your free stacks in stash. Suggestions : New stacks of cash should go directly inside the containers (wallets, docs case, money cases) available in your inventory Vendors and insurance should also have access to the cash, even if it's inside these containers (Showing full amount while shopping at traders). In the current implementation, I really don't feel like putting the stacks inside a couple wallets as I'll have to take them back out as soon as I want to use them. The mechanic is somehow already there, as insurance pays the amount out of an available wallet. Also, I would like to be able to put valuables (physical bitcoins, rolers, gold chains) inside the money case instead of an equipment case. Neat little tweak that would give a bigger array of uses to the money case. thank you
  4. Goundski

    Case Enhancements

    Could the cases come with an added storage benefit where you can stack more items when it is in a case. Fore example in an ammo case you could stack more than 60 round to maybe 120 rounds or have a medikit case that allows you to stack medical resources like splints on top of each other, or the item case allows you to stack up to 5 of the same items on top of each other. This would add more value to cases with a smarter way of doing inventory as the case still takes space but you would be able to stack certain items ins specific cases.
  5. zpwarrior

    New storage cases

    I love the new storage cases that the patch released. I was having issues with storage space due to my hoarder mentality, but now I have so much extra room with 2 weapons cases and one ICase. This will also help my buddy who has the standard edition and has to play tetris with his stash after any good raid.
  6. DerpingWork

    Key and case spawning

    Hello, As i was watching video about loot, I've come to think about these cases and keys to them(or to rooms). So. Will there be any random-spawned cases with things inside with keys nearby (FE if there is a car 10m away the key will spawn there) or will they be static but keys would be spread across the map (FE i have a case here on place A, and i've seen key to it at place B, 20kms away)? Another one, will every room have it's own key generated in building if the room will be locked or will there be options to shoot the lock and go in the other way? Because to be honest, running around hotel finding 1 small key in alike 100 rooms would be pain Another one, as seen in the video, will there be any respawns of case keys (FE if i will take key and wont find crate for which it is, will the key despawn after me being away from it for like 1-2 kms?)? Because thinking of it, it would be troubling if i took key for the case, found case, had full inv. so then disconnected so noone will steal my case and making it useless for anyone finding the case later. That leads me to question, will the case keys be global? Like i got 1 key for all of the cases on server/map or will every case have it's own key? And final one, will there be a chance of finding a way to break into case? (Shooting it, damaging goods or using knife to lockpick it and find a "way around"? Thank you for your time reading this. Oh and also, tl;dr.: 1. Will there be keys near cases? 2. Will there be options to break a lock? 3. Will there be respawns for case keys if taken away/respawned? 4. Will the case keys unlock all the cases on server/map? Thanks!
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