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Found 22 results

  1. Hello, I've made a guide for begginers and casual players. It is complete guide containing: - maps with extracts and places to loot; - informations about Traders (for new players); - weapon modding and analysis of ammunition; - sample weapon presets for begginers and players who are not millionaires; - sample weapon presets for more rich players; - useful crafts for begginers; - tips and tricks. All content is full of screenshots and curiosities. Guide is made with the thought of new players, but also contains advices to casual player, or maybe even
  2. soldier075

    [NA]Ghost Corporation

    We are new clan/group of some newbies with game knowledge we just suck haha. anyone is welcome we are just looking for more people to play with and we are a gaming community playing several different types of games. We are all really chill people age range is from 16-40 feel free to join us and have a good time! Ranks in discord are to only show how long you have been here with the group no rank out ranks anyone else other then server Staff. What we require You will be expected to read our rules channel once you have entered the discord and abide by our policy and
  3. kadesh510

    LFG Chill (NA)

    Wassup good people I'm looking for people to play with. I played EFT from the beginning but I stop awhile back so I'm kinda going threw the ropes again and relearning all over again so I'm a little green with everything so I was thinking and a good way to start and learn again is making new friends and learning with cool people.
  4. RawDiggityDawg

    Looking for Friends

    I’m new to the game and would love some friends to play with Noobs and Vets welcomed! I have bad luck in this game btw. User - RawDiggityDawg Discord - Rydog1098#5524
  5. Please devs, if you would, watch this video, it raises some very valid concerns regarding balance and the mosin changes you've announced. Please, PLEASE, do NOT listen to reddit when you consider making changes as all reddit wants to do is complain. Please reconsider the change in price to the mosin. I feel like the HP buff to chest, and the round being changed as you announced is fine, but don't crank the price on the mosin, it will only harm the game.
  6. RogueExtinction


    Looking for some casual aussies to play with no need to be a sweat just just here for shits n gigs
  7. stabby110

    For the casual player

    Following the same idea of your pmc character and your scav character why not an offline character? We have all been there, you spawn in all geared ready to and someone one taps you from miles away. Its all part of the game and certainly a great feeling to be behind the scope in those situations but understandably very frustrating. While I've only been playing for a short amount of time i find myself in a more casual mood time to time. Most of the time i tend to gravitate towards offline mode. So what am i suggesting? An offline character that can complete quests, level up, kee
  8. HarleyB9

    new player looking for teamates

    new to tarkov, enjoying the game a lot but running solo as a new player can be rough when you don't know the maps and run into squads. looking mostly for British/EU.
  9. Gorestfump

    DLG Recruiting (Casual adults only)

    DLG or Dad League gaming is a NA clan for casual gaming dads. The group has fun contests and will be having bi-weekly montage vids for fun. It's a fun group to be in and we have many dads that just join because they're tired of solo play. Like I said this being a casual no one takes the game serious like a milsim. That's not to say we don't know what were doing and we do have success in raids just with less stress and more fun. Feel free to join our discord. Active ours are night time currently https://discord.gg/Q2HfrJ7
  10. kcmiller1260

    LVL 23 LFG Quests,Partners etc

    Hey Guys, Looking for a partner to join up with to knock out some tasks together or just simply squad up. I've been getting killed a lot trying to do the golden Zibbo quest and thought maybe I'd reach out. HMU on tarkov RippleMcSahgs thanks
  11. WHO WE ARE Fate Gaming is a casual gaming community open to all who have a laid back attitude and who are here to have fun. There are no guild applications, minimum playtime requirements, prerequisites or officer hierarchy. We're run by the players, for the players. We play a variety of games but have a focus on PUBG, Escape from Tarkov and Hunt:Showdown. WHO ARE WE LOOKING TO RECRUIT Our community is currently looking for laid back, mature individuals who are 20 years of age or older. We are a mainly comprised of players from the US who all speak English and tend to to p
  12. sparky0451

    general idea's for the casuals

    ill start off by saying i am a casual PC gamer ( i do intend to get better), i have not a great amount of time logged in the game and i understand that this game is intended to be hardcore and difficult, it is a large reason i enjoy it. I think there could be a room to grow in the game for my kind of player type or the players that are just starting out. THIS IS GOOD BECAUSE IT DRAWS MORE PLAYERS, WHICH MEANS MORE REVENUE, WHICH MEANS MORE CONTENT OR SEQUAL IN THE FUTURE. (PROBLEM) the learning curve for this game is extremely hard because there is nothing in way of tutorial withi
  13. As the title says, a recent update has made it increasingly difficult, mostly for the casual players, for an already difficult game. I don’t mean difficult in the unforgiving game style, that is one of the reasons why I love the game so much, but the player and skill levels that are incredibly grindy for a beta test game who still wipes their characters. For a streamer or someone who has a lot of time on their hands, it might not be as huge of a problem, since they can put 8+ hours in the game per day, but for a lot of people who have work, school, and other responsibilities outside of the gam
  14. Cryop

    Team kill clan

    We are a new clan called Team kill. There a quite a few of us ranging from skilled to being new to the game. We are happy to help new players and show them the ropes to the game and experienced players are welcome. We are just a casual clan that enjoy having fun while playing the game and do help each other out if need be. We do have a website being made but at the moment if you want to join this is the discord invite to the server https://discord.gg/xA9r68Y. When you join just have a look at the joining TK tab and it'll explain how to join the clan from there. Most of us are from the UK with
  15. TheRowsdower

    Looking for someone to play with (casual)

    Hey all, just looking for a small group to play with (preferably adults, but not too terribly picky). Not trying to play too sweaty, just tired of raiding solo. I'm on US Eastern time and will be available most afternoons. If anyone is interested, my Discord is ZapRowsdower#9450 and my in-game name is TheRowsdower. Just add me and tell me you're from the forum. Cheers!
  16. ortiz11


    hey guys i'm new to the forums I've almost always played Tarkov solo since most of my friends on PC cant run tarkov lol. but yeah im Lvl 29 ATM of this post , just trying to take a break from questing and looking to play a few chill raids with some laid back people. i don't have gear fear so that's never a worry for me lol. my user name is crackc0caine and feel free to add me on Discord too under the same name! and if you're a new player to the game feel free to let me know, i'm always down to help with questing. check my profile for a screenshot of my stats and username to find me
  17. oGhosti


    I'm not sure where to post this kind of stuff, but I just thought it was funny. I spawned in as a scav in Interchange, and saw this PMC crouched watching an entrance to the mall.. I waited there for maybe 2mintues, thinking the server died or something; it did not. When he came back to, he immediately shot me. Lmfao Unlucky. But oh well, I would've felt bad for killing him since his game maybe crashed or something. And believe me, it was tempting.. he was geared af. Video : https://streamable.com/nnv20
  18. hello all, We are recruiting for all players, Please be make sure you speak English if you from a foreign Region, As we are a English speaking server. We play Escape from Tarkov and other games. Join today and come meet our team and other members TODAY !. https://discord.io/OfficialCommunityTv
  19. So when people are debating/discussing a lot of features/ planned features in this game, there generally comes a point when people start using either fun or realism as a defense of their argument. A lot of these conversations have fairly good points on both sides, so I wonder if instead of pushing one or the other we could go for melding them. Some very simple instances: You've just had to hide in a bathroom to refill your mags after a fight and can hear more players moving around outside. You pop out and wreck them, which is fun through realism, yes? Or: You're injured, have 200k lo
  20. Frenchie_

    Discord Community(FFZ) - NA/EU

    Welcome to the Friendly Fire Zone(No animals are harmed), we are a casual, yet mature group of like minded individuals with all levels of experience in the world of Tarkov. Plenty of us have completed the majority of the quests in the game and are more than willing to help hunt, scavenge, and gather supplies and information for the new, veteran, and elite players of our great community! Pay us a visit and hop on in to our wonderful little discord we call home. We are looking to expand so don't be a stranger! Hop on in and run some raids with the boys! We are always looking for n
  21. xDaree

    i<3Tarkov - Looking for Players!

    i<3Tarkov is a Gaming Community made for people who not only want to just play games but at the same time make friends. We are looking for ANY players of ALL skill levels, anyone can be taught how to play with time. You can join our discord here. Welcome to i<3Tarkov
  22. KingOfKings33

    New Metro game announced at E3

    Here is the trailer - Looks like open world type of thing going on , more casualized seems like too ( i hope im wrong, though it is pretty casual series anyway, especially after metro last light ) also, hope there is an option where you can turn the cheerful colors down a bit and get the dread feel going. Your thoughts on this please...
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