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Found 17 results

  1. Flares count as weapons, meaning that you can insure them and they can 'break'. So, when I used the RSP-30 reactive signal cartridge (and it is insured) it comes back completely 'broken'. Shouldn't it be more like grenades - no insuring, no 'durability' bar?
  2. Hi, I'm trying to get this case via the barter, it's been near 3 weeks that I'm trying each time I see Jaeger resetting, but with no luck (I tried the flea market trick, also at down hours with no results). Maybe increasing the amount available at each restock would prevent poor casuals like me who don't have bots to buy the case to actually have one ? ^^ Thank you, Kurg
  3. The Tarkov Shooter Part 8 Quests should definitely be Changed.
  4. Mahdizzle

    Interchange "mechanics", Grenades

    So I like the system of having to turn on the power to gain access to high tier loot "even though its super easy to get ledex". Then again there is risk in going for the ledex spawn since alot of squads fight over it, big risk high reward. It may be a dumb idea but I've been wating along time now for things to slow down (which is happening more and more). 1. What if you had to turn on the power for all of Interchange just like it is now, but there would be a gate in let's say Techlight which the players would have to "turn the key for 15-20 sec in order for it to open. Forceing in a way players to move around the map in more ways, maybe even put some kind of workshop room in the garage which needs to be entered, in there the key is located and make it so there is only 1 in each game and it gets "destroyed" after opening the locked gate. Im not saying this is the best idea in the world, but im my opinion this might lead to other problems being not fixed but "slowed down". We all know what goes on in Interchange so I dont feel the need to explain all of it. Grenades, so I was watching Klean so as far as I know this is his idea. The idea of just hitting "g" and the grenade comes flying has always been an issue for me. If anyone watched the stream where this was adressed dont even bother reading :). 2. Make it were the player has to bring the grenade up into his hands, then pull the pin and choosing either to do a long-throw or under-hand, 3 different actions not just "g" over and over. Also giving the player on the receiving end a moment to act if he hears the other guy pulling up a grenade (prehaps makes it more of a tactical choice then just the "g meta")
  5. Edgar_Sanchez

    Change Region to Europe

    Hello. I bought Tarkov in a different country, but when I returned to my country the game indicates the error "208 bad region". When I want to upgrade to the Europe version indicates payment methods when I really already have the game purchased. Do I have to buy the game again when I want to upgrade to the European version?
  6. paulusmand

    probleme de compte

    Bonjour a la suite du patch du 24/11 je lance mon jeu et la toute ma progression est perdu : NdL avec les marchand a 1 , réserve avec le steuf de base lors du lancement du jeu. Est-ce normal?
  7. Please stop destroying the game as weeks go by! STOP making unreasonable changes to Flea Market and Cases! Some parts of the players, like me, aren't EFT Gods to be able to survive raid one after another! We can't play this game made just for the elites, like top twitch players. You need to start thinking of your hole community, not just Pesilty, and hackers. Don't make our game harder just because of them!
  8. Hello, Recently I've started noticing a form of death meta that has been taken advantage of by players. We all know that you can't enter bodies of water in the game when you are alive, but when you die your body can fall into the water. What I've been noticing on maps like customs and woods, is people that rush the water when they are under fire so that when they die, their body falls out of reach for players/playerscavs to loot. They usually don't put up a fight but bolt for the nearest body of water to have their poo secured. In my honest opinion, this should not happen. If I can't get into the water when I'm alive, I shouldn't be able to go in it when I'm dead. Can you please take a look at this BSG? Thnx.
  9. Until you all at BSG realize that only allowing Found In Raid item on the flea market at all is the way to go, honestly. Until then, can you please add a fuel level bar to the icon of the blue expedition fuel tanks, Please!!! People buy and relist so fast I can't click to see if they are full or empty before clicking buy or I don't get it.. it Literally took me 15 min to buy two full ones at super jacked prices..I have yet to find one in raid at all this patch..oh wait there was one but i found it in a hidden stash... once... also please make it so Fuel can't go in the secure containers. But firstly the Bar and the Found in Raid in order to list ANY THING AT ALL..... this is beyond needed because the economy is broken as F**k, I can make a million rub a day just buying mag cases and re-selling them t therapist..all damn day.. this is silly...and bit coins the same deal.. buy em cheaper on the flea and then sell em to therapist for Free No Risk Cash...kinda defeats the point of the game IMO. At least doing it wit bitcoins lowers the buying price ..but for the mag cases it doesn't.. it's still lat [rub] 18750 ....so I can buy any posted at any lower price and even avoid a posting fee to make free Rub... I have done this as an experiment and made a million rub in 2 hours of clicking..no risk... Thanks for looking at this comment, I feel this needs addressing soon.
  10. dajordanator

    Shotgun Reloads

    With the way your character loads a shotgun, there is a shell in the chamber immediately ready to fire for the mp153/133, however when reloading and pressing the fire button your character does not interrupt the reload to begin firing whatever shells have been loaded, instead he will not fire until the reload is finished or cancelled from another action like sprinting. Unsure if this is intended, but for the love of god let me interrupt a shotgun reload to begin firing without having to sprint or check my inventory first
  11. Today we came under some interesting (but relatively ineffective) fire whilst in the parking garage area of Interchange. I do not wish to call haxxx so the name shall remain unknown, although I have taken note of it. If I remember correctly this was at the south side, at the opening to the garage which looks out onto the perimeter wall with a large ramp and stacked shipping containers - there's one you can run right up inside leading to another container with a duffel bag inside. Sorry for the vague location, but hopefully you will understand where I'm talking about. The 'bug' part of this post, is perhaps there is a way to see through the ceiling/walls and shoot 'through' at players on the other side, or from above (on top of the ramp). It may be a single-sided rendering issue similar to what we've seen with many games in the past. The player was also able to hit me when I was by the sandbags at the entrance/exit. If you guys wish to go into this area, please be mindful of these spots, even better take a look if you go on top and see if you can look down through the floor. I'll submit a proper bug report tomorrow once my PC is back on! Part 1: https://clips.twitch.tv/JazzyFamousSquidImGlitch Part 2: https://clips.twitch.tv/PeacefulFunnyGoatBloodTrail
  12. quadvisor

    Fall damage

    Fall damage currently seems broken, although small, recieving fall damage for a 6 foot drop seems ridiculous playing as what appear to be special forces operators Also a bug with falling, when you are trying to get down from a high place of you land on something that you can't necessarily stand on but your character collides with it and slows their fall, you keep all of your momentum as if you jumped the full height, sometimes causing massive damage from what should be an easy fall, for example getting down from snipers rock on Woods
  13. I've never seen the traders set up like this, usually Therapist is at the bottom, above Prapor, Fence in the middle. Then Peacekeeper with Skier at the top. This isn't a problem for me, but I've just never seen the traders move around like this before and was wondering if anyone else knows anything about it?
  14. TinyHappy

    How I want "Customs" changed

    Here is a map I made with some changes that i think would really benefit the map Legend: Light Red : Out Of Bounds Solid Red : Wall Solid Green : New Wall Pink : Player Spawn Blue : Escape Point Light Grey : Enterable Building Dark Grey: Non-Enterable Building Other changes Bigger starting area with 1 more path across the river Bigger mid section Added a pathway right next to the middle escape, on the train tracks This would remove alot of the frustration this map has... like Spawn killing a minute after spawn due to tight spawn zone Spawn killing on the river paths Lessen the over powered construction sight sniping nest Please tell me your thoughts!
  15. XxLuciferxX

    Clan Play

    So my question to the devs. why allow clan and group play.....? the maps dont spawn enough players ... factory for instance, 6/7spawns? 5 of them can be in a group against a single player.... on a map that small..... it doesnt work, either balance it so groups go in against each other or remove group play all in all, its a hardcore shooter. not a squad game right?,,,,,, devs please awnser!
  16. i realy want to change cause i dont like USEC please can someone tell me how to change my faction
  17. Yargar

    Change site BEAR/USEC

    Hello, why account don't reset site BEAR/USEC? I play in EFT for 1,5 year. I invite to buy my friend. I don't remember that in last patch is important which site you choose. Now i want play with my friend, but we can't. It's impossible to play together and reset account. He is dissapointed after bought EFT, i don't want play now too. I bought this f*n game is january 2015 and its worthless, because I can't play with close friend. After 2 years we cant change basic thing, NPC are monsters, big patches is update lower than other alpha/beta games. Sorry for haters opinions, but I'm really dissapointed. I don't have to remember all patch notes. Greetings, Yargar
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