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Found 10 results

  1. RatteMitLatte

    Pls fix/change this, thanks

    - Fix the "NEXT" Button - Fix the noise system - Fix your desynchs - Fix your email verification system - Fix the raid load system....it went from two to four minutes in the last 18 months - Fix the raid load system when leaving the offraid healing area - Fix ammo to disappear when dropped on grass Change Factory to only spawn 4 players and spread their spawns Change Factory to only spawn 4 players and spread their spawns Change Factory to only spawn 4 players and spread their spawns Change Factory to only spawn 4 players and spread their spawns Change Factory to only spawn 4 players and spread their spawns Oh... and if we are at it. Pls add 50 more weapons, incl. 20 new AK types. Thanks in advance, keep up the good work
  2. Over the past 5 months i have not once revived any response form your support group to help resolve my issue with not receiving my verification code. I have followed all suggested steps in hope things would change but sadly nothing has and i don't Expect them unless i speak to a support developer or support line. Im willing to give all the required information necessary to prove ive purchased the game long before this issue escalated IF anyone has an new suggestion to help resolve these problems reply to this thread!
  3. Hello, Recently I've started noticing a form of death meta that has been taken advantage of by players. We all know that you can't enter bodies of water in the game when you are alive, but when you die your body can fall into the water. What I've been noticing on maps like customs and woods, is people that rush the water when they are under fire so that when they die, their body falls out of reach for players/playerscavs to loot. They usually don't put up a fight but bolt for the nearest body of water to have their poo secured. In my honest opinion, this should not happen. If I can't get into the water when I'm alive, I shouldn't be able to go in it when I'm dead. Can you please take a look at this BSG? Thnx.
  4. Message from the COO: I'm sorry that you have to find these changes by yourself. It's because we are simulating changes directed by traders AI. In real life, they will do it without warning. They see demands, track shortages, and make changes they see fit. Later we will add a feature where the traders will send you messages about these upcoming changes if you are in good reputation with them, have good karma, etc. That is why we can't say about changes AFTER actual changes are applied. Additionally, the reason we can't mention these changes BEFORE they happen is due to players who can go into the game soon after the change note announcements. They will stock up goods with old prices and have the advantage of speculating the flea market outcomes. You have to understand this. Of course, it is not a perfect system, but it is actually in a big testing stage. So, we are sorry for the inconvenience. The good thing is that it is getting balanced in the way Tarkov should be experienced. P.S. Item/weapon/gear parameters changes though need to be announced—I agree. Nikita and BSG team.
  5. Hey everyone! I've got a SteelSeries Rival 600 mouse which has multiple extra buttons on it. What I like to do is use two mouse buttons for grenades, which means I don't have buttons 4 and 5 bound to anything, so I go into the options and change 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0 so I can move them over to also cover 4 and 5 so I don't have to try to reach my hand all the way over to the other side of the keyboard to use my splints and other heals with their respective hotkeys. I also changed 1 to my primary, 2 to the gun that's on my sling, and 3 to my sidearm because I play too much CS, Rainbow, Pubg, well, basically any other normal game with guns in it. Anyways, these keys don't visibly change on the hotbar. As you can see here, the controls look as if they have not even been changed. But it's clearly shown that I have rebinded everything respectively. Whenever I'm in a very intense moment in the game, I sometimes forget that I have them rebinded. So I try to hit 5 for a grenade in a firefight, and it would pull out my IFAK instead. I think you should be able to either have the hotbar change accordingly to your buttons, or be able to move the hotbar in order yourself, like dragging the slots over in the character menu out of a raid. Thanks for reading this! ❤️
  6. Will36

    What were the devs thinking?

    I get it BSG, you are small and fairly unexperienced company and you constantly make mistakes like everyone else but to some degree i am able to ignore them (and you can clearly see that i trust you that your game will be great at the end as i bought EoD) But really have you even thought about recent changes? Limited trader stock was always, but now with Flea Market AND 3 hours restock it is even worse. Flea Market wasnt meant to replace traders holy crap! When i grind those levels i want to have stuff i grinded for accessible for trader prices and not for some random dude overpriced "offer" It is nice to be able to buy stuff i dont have access to yet, quest items or barter stuff BUT when i unlock the trader level i should be able to buy everything i grinded for without someone buying all the stock using macro in 1 second (which you did nothing about btw for several wipes and are still very much present in the game) and then instantly putting it on Flea Market for 300% of standard price. I am NOT gonna buy BP ammo for 400 rubles piece so i can stay competetive, id rather just uninstall the game as it is simply not worth the effort to grind anymore only to be shot in the foot by devs themselves and their changes along with 1% of community that is destroying market. Which brings me to the next point. Peacekeeper 0.30 rep for level 3. Once again, have you even played your game? There is no way to get 0.30 rep at level 18, hell most people i play with it usually complete Friend from the West around 25-30 level. Not to mention the terrible spit in the face of EoD owners as their 0.20 "bonus" is even more useless than before. PS: To the guy who keeps posting that copypasta about "future" state of the game whom sports name of some bird, eagle or something, dont bother posting.
  7. Attenzione! Nuovi cambiamenti nei Traders: - AK-101 spostato al Livello 2 Meccanico (era al Livello 3) - AK-102 spostato al Livello 3 Meccanico (era al Livello 4) - Elmetto Sfera spostato al livelloo3 (era al Livello 4), lo scambio invece e' cambiato a 3 bottiglie di Perossido di Idrogeno e 1 Bleach (candeggina) - Aggiunto Alpha Rig al livello 2 di Ragman per 7 nastri bianchi e 2 Alkali - Aggiunto Caricatore da 50 per MP5 al livello2 del Meccanico in cambio di 1 Alimentatore PSU - caricatore da 50 per Glock spostato al livello 3 del Meccanico (era al Livello 4) - Aggiunto Hybrid silencer al livello 2 del Meccanico per 4 banchi di RAM ed 1 T-plug - Aggiunto SKS dovetail mount al livello 1 di Skier per 1 chainlet - Aggiunto Elmetto blu UN al livello 2 di Ragman per 5 occhiali ballistici - Aggiunto pistol case al livello 2 di Therapist per 2 Oftalmoscopi - Aggiunto il portachiavi al livello 3 di Therapist per 12 bottiglie di perossido di idrogeno e 12 bottiglie di soluzioni saline - Aggiunto ICase al livello 3 di Therapist per 15 Oftalmoscopi - Aggiunto Ammo case al livello 3 del Meccanico per 5 gunpowder - Aggiunto T H I C C container al livello 4 del Meccanico per 30 bitcoins - Aggiunto armatura MF-UN armor al livello 2 di Ragman in cambio di 3 armature MF-UN (dando 3 danneggiate ne ricevi una nuova) - Aggiunto Tactica Tula mount al livello 1 di Skier per 1 statuina del cavallo - Aggiunto PSO scope al livello 1 di Prapor per 2 candele della macchina - Aggiunto zaino Attack-2 al livello 3 di Ragman per 3 pacchi di zucchero e 3 lattine di Saury -Aggiunto 260mm M4 barrel al livello 2 del Meccanico per 8 pacchetti di sigarette Marlboro - Aggiunto standard M4 charging handle al livello 2 del Meccanico per 1 pacco di sigarette Wilston - Aggiunto AK-74 dustcover al livello 1 di Prapor - Telaio Archangel per M1A spostato al livello 3 del Meccanico (era al Livello 4) - ottica RMRe tutti i mount relativi spostati al livello 2 di Peacekeeper (erano al Livello 4) - possibilita' di comprare gli Euro spostata al Livello 2 di Skier (era al Livello 3) - Aggiunti Painkillers al livello 1 di Therapist per 2 pacchi di fiammiferi - Aggiunto Automedkit (AI2) al livello 1 di Therapist per 1 nastro bianco - Aggiunte Comtacs al livello 2 di Ragman per 5 pacchi di fiammiferi - Aggiunte cuffie GSSH-01 al livello 2 di Ragman per 2 risme di carta - Aggiunto rail gas block Windham Weaponry al livello 3 del Meccanico -Aumentate le possibilita' di spawn di gunpowder e caffe' English version here:
  8. manster117

    Is there an update page?

    Is there a changes form page or a place where I can see the updates and what has been added or changed?
  9. Hey guys, this is kind of my first post in this forum so please forgive if I'm making any mistakes. First of all, I'd like to say that i really like EFT. Nonetheless, there are problems occuring lately that are (in my opinion) severely related to the 2 maps Woods and Customs. Many people complained about the new spawn system, which of course is only being tested at the moment and therefore open to change, but I personally think the problems people are refering to have their origin in the state of the two maps. For example, I didn't see anybody complain about Shoreline and Factory even with the new spawn system (the spawns on Factory are still as they were and Shoreline has something that Woods and Customs do not have). The reason why the new spawn system correlates with those 2 maps is that both maps force every player to cross at least one spot where it's easy for other players to punish or to take advantage from. In woods you have to get past the lumberjack camp or cross a road with absolutely 0 cover. Of course this part of the map is quite wide, still it is kind of a coinflip if someone or even a group of players that have good gear are waiting at a certain spot in that area to take advantage of your need to cross there or not. Same with Customs. Everybody has to get past the Bus station and if you don't have a factory key also past the gas station, no matter in which direction you are headed. There are basically no alternatives for you. That's in my opinion the major problem. Shoreline for example does not suffer from that. On Shoreline there are enough places with decent to high loot (fisherman island, Villa, Bus station, weather station, Health resort with several wings just to call a few) and on Shoreline there are enough Opportunities to get to the other half of the map (Gas Station, Pumping Station, Bunker, Health Resort and 2 other possibilities). Making Woods and Customs bigger (just enough to have several possibilites to cross the map and spread out the Spawns a bit) would solve this problem. Camping certain spots wouldn't be as easy anymore because everybody has the choice of taking another path instead. That's how i see this. I for my part would not like the spawn system as it now is to vanish. Other suggestions and/or feedback to my suggestion is appreciated. WIsh you all a wonderful day. Cheers
  10. I got genuinely interested lately as to what is happening in the latest updates, and I was hoping anyone who knows more than me, could inform me about it. After the second latest patch/update, there were several ammunition types for AK74N and M4A1 which got into the game I think, and than with the latest optimization update, they've gone without a patch note. These were: 5.56x45 M995 for M4A1 5.45x39 PB & BS for AK74N Maybe there were more types which I did not notice because of how frequently I bought these in the past few days. So I just want to know, do these ammunition types come and go maybe because of a bug, or are they being worked on at the moment and will be back, or they gone permanently? Probably there are also ammo types which just came in with the latest updates. Anyway, I appreciate any responses in this topic.
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