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Found 18 results

  1. savvamon

    chat history with traders

    currently maybe after an update this happened, or it naturally occures every x days , or when your chat history grows longer, but for some reason my message history with traders cannot be scolled back to start of wipe time , maybe thats intentional , maybe not . That causes a small problem , with prapor specifically, drop inventory is not claimable when his message dissapears due to the reasons I stated above, for example as of 26-6 I could only roll back messages of prapor only back to 18-6 , missing all the other items before that time period . Do I care? meh I know how to earn money , whats my question? Are the devs aware of these type of chat issues creating bugs?
  2. Hi there, Completely new player, just booted the game for the first time today and I wanted to try it with a friend who is in the same condition. However, when I tried to messege him, I appear as having been blacklisted. What is that? And how can I do in order to play with my friend? Thanks!
  3. Serious question, have messages i dont care to look back on, months old type things. How do you delete them from the in game messages?
  4. From the last TarkovTV stream, Nikita opened up a bit more about his reservations on including "open" proximity VOIP. He is concerned -- and perhaps rightly so -- that it will allow for very toxic behavior between unrelated players on a server (spamming music, offensive speeches, etc). In response, I want to offer another options for BSG to consider: ###Why not limit spatial VOIP to squad-mates? This is how games like Squad and Arma's Task-Force-Radio/Acre mods approach it, and IMO, there are many good things that can come from this. A sense of depth and position ----- Rather than hear all your teammate's chatter in a "flat" non-spatial way in Discord/etc, proximity VOIP would give a greater sense of depth and direction among teammates. Teammate identification ----- Currently, finding out which player is who involves a myriad of ritual procedures that may include a combination of wiggle, jumping up and down, forming gymnastic pyramids, teamkilling with grenades, or attempting "Blue Steel" impersonations with head movements. This song-and-dance would be easily avoided by simply being able to HEAR the position of each player's voice. For example: Rob, where are you? I'm right here (as the voice CLEARLY comes from over your right shoulder) These same benefits would extend to firefights. With proximity VOIP among your squad-mates, you'll have a better of sense of where everyone is located during high intensity moments. Cleaning up unrelated radio traffic ----- Proximity VOIP between teammates also has the MAJOR benefit of allowing nearby teammates to talk to one another without polluting the coms for everyone else. If I'm clearing a building with a battle-buddy, the last thing I want to start hearing in my headset is talk that is unrelated to our immediate situation. "Quiet coms, I'm trying to hear!" Well, what if the other group needs to talk about something pertinent to them? They can't do so without "stepping" on the request for radio silence. Allowing both groups to carry on separate conversations through proximity VOIP will remedy this situation as well. Quick and easy "recourse" for offenders ----- Someone still being a jerk and ruining the EFT experience? Chances are, you don't want to be playing with this person anymore anyway, and removing them from your team prevents them from spamming your proximity VOIP coms. In closing ----- Having team-base proximity VOIP would largely "solve" the initial concerns of toxic spatial VOIP and would represent a HUGE step forward in teamplay. It would also complement the upcoming addition of radios as well, as both communication options could be seamlessly used by teammates. Proximity VOIP for teammates nearby, radios for squadmates not within earshot or who have broken off into a separate fireteam. So please, BSG, before you throw the baby out with the bathwater and say no to all VOIP implementations, please consider limiting it to squad-mates only. #Thank you for being so involved with the community, keep rocking on, we support you!
  5. hintaro

    Anfänger gekillt

    Und da sind wir wieder mit meinem alten "neuen" Problem....Habe gerade ein klar ersichtlich unerfahrenes Eft Bambi gekillt, der einen Scav gespielt hat, mit sehr gutem Loot ( Factory key usw) und man hat seit Januar 2017 immer noch keine Möglichkeit diesen Spieler zu kontaktieren und ihm paar Sachen zukommen zu lassen. Sehr sehr schwach von BSG, muss man an dieser Stelle anmerken! Ich glaub ich bin zu weich für dieses Spiel, da es mich innerlich fast zerreißt um diese arme Seele.😥
  6. CRAZZY1

    Concern about voice chat

    so i know there is gonna be a voice chat added to the game but when its added i think only people in ur team that u joined with and scavs shold be able to hear u if you are a scav because if not its proably gonna get toxic so fast and people just shouting shitty overused memes all over the place in factory so it would take all the immersion and all the sound listening so when u add please keep that in mind thanks
  7. hintaro


    Es kann vllt zu weichherzig sein, aber mir tut es oft so leid, wenn im nachhinein erkenne ein "Bambi" erledigt zu haben. Leider gibt es keine Möglichkeit diese Personen anzuschreiben und ihnen ein bisschen Equipment zukommen zu lassen. Gibt es eigentlich keine Pläne, das Chat-System aus den 90er Jahren ein bisschen ins Jahr 2018 zu modernisieren und vllt sogar eine art Postsystem einzuführen?
  8. Hello, Please make the attachment indicator stay on the chat until all items are claimed (from Insurance or quest). Currently the moment you click on the Trader in chat, both new message indicators and attachment indicators are gone, even if you still have many Insurances to claim. The only way to see them is to constantly scroll up and down to make sure you have not missed something. Attaching exam
  9. PrideGreed

    Whisper function

    Could you add a way to write a private message to someone who isn't your friend? I know there will be a lot of spamers and kids crying "Hacker/Cheater", but sometimes I just feel a need to send my oponent a message "nice tactic" or "close one".
  10. ratpeasant

    Voice chat?

    I was wondering if the devs were gonna add in-game voice chat because that would up the game from a 9/10 to a 10/10
  11. So yea as it says in the title the ingame chat and friend list needs improvement. First of all dont see a way to cancel friend requests you can only send a new friend request for people you have sent a friend request. Second of all a way to see which friends are online would be great and a better chat system maybe not so clumsy one. Third of all for an "hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO" the communication in this game is just so bad!
  12. RonBuan

    Global Chat needs to be Global

    It would be reallllllllly friggin nice if the global chat was not split into hundreds of channels. How the heck is that supposed to work? I played a match with some random guy, it was awesome.. but couldn't remember his name. My first thought was to chat in global and try to find the guys name... but no. I could not. Is there a catelog of player names anywhere? I wanna find my boi. P.S. Dude I played with... i can't remember your name.. hear my prayers. lol
  13. ChiefKamachy

    Voice Chat

    Guten Tag Escaper Letstens ist mir etwas sehr merkwürdiges passiert in EFT. Ich war auf der Map Factory unterwegs auf dem kleinen Bunker wo der tote Scav unten drin liegt. Da kann man sich ja äusserst gut verstecken es sei denn, jemand kommt von oben auf den Trägern her spaziert. Und plötzlich hörte ich kurz eine stimme wie in einem Voice Chat wo jemand folgendes sagte: Are you sure? Yes i am, theres one behind. Einige Sekunden später killte mich derjenige von oben auf dem erwähnten Trägern. Dann hörte ich no kurz: Okey nice! und ich war wieder in aus dem Raid. Jetzt zu meiner Frage, ich weiss die Devs wollen in naher Zukunft ein Voice Chat ins Spiel bringen welcher die Kommunikation zwischen Spielern erleichtern soll. Zwar kein Chat zum schreiben aber um sich mündlich zu verständigen. Hat dieser etwa bereits den Weg ins Spiel gefunden? Weil nach meinen Erfahrungen sprechen die Scavs kein Englisch deshalb kam mir das so kurios vor. Hat jemand auch schon so ähnliches erlebt? Danke ChiefKamachy
  14. I saw something about voice in the update, Does this mean that when I speak thru my mic, that other people in the game can hear my voice? Or does my character just play a random Russian pre recorded sound file for everyone else to hear? Or neither? My friend and I came across two players on the other side of a wall talking to each other (playing pre recorded voices back and forth to one another) which is why I am asking the above question. My my friend and I use discord to chat, so I didn't know if Tarkov could tell I was speaking through a mic into a different program?
  15. 大家好,今次更新我們加入了文字聊天頻道 這是遊戲非常新的重要功能,希望大家喜歡。 另外我們十分重視各位的意見,所以特此設立這專題收集大家的意見並會不斷改進。 大家對於今次新增的聊天頻道有甚麼意見想表達的嗎? 聊天頻道有甚麼優點,缺點? 希望想新增甚麼功能呢? 我們BSG團隊洗耳共聽!
  16. eftcurious

    Commo rose, chat box?

    1: Will there be a Commo Rose? 2: Will there be a chat box? or will it be microphones only?
  17. a system were you hear the crackle of the headset like in the game SQUAD
  18. Zorky


    I setup IRC channel on Global Gamers if anyone is interested in old school chat. How do I connect to the escape from tarkov channel? If you're familiar with mIRC, use the information below to connect: Server/Network: irc.globalgamers.net Port: 6667 Channel: #escapefromtarkov If you aren't familiar with mIRC, you can still chat with us using this online client: GlobalGamers WebIRC Client If you need any help pm me or post here.
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