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Found 4 results

  1. DanExert

    Scav Dropshots and Physics

    Due to Scavs having less reaction time implemented this patch (11.7), they now have the ability to fire accurate shots during the animation process. What this has resulted in is Scavs being able to hit you whilst they are going through the prone, crouch and even slide animations. Additionally, they are able to headshot you from impossible angles, for example Reshala's crew are currently able to hit you in the head whilst prone, from distances less than 2m (no exaggeration) - no human IRL, or even human players in game are able to pull off this impressive feat of body flexibility especially considering they have a weapon, body armour, helmet and backpack. Killa will also regularly one tap you whilst sliding into position, an impressive manoeuvre even by John Wick's standards! Considering he has heavy armour and unlimited magazines of Igolnik, this just makes the death feel cheap as opposed to difficult. What I propose is to code into the AI logic, the inability to fire their weapon during the animation process. Secondly, to reduce AI accuracy whilst moving, especially Sniper Scavs who are able to land accurate shots from 50-100m whilst strafing. These suggestions are not meant to make the AI easier to deal with, but to make the PvE experience more natural, more believable and less cheap. The Scavs are a meme right now, and in many situations are far better at killing you than other human players
  2. African_Plz

    Best ECO Kits?

    What are your favorite kits to bring for eco raids? This is mine because the helmet has 35% chance to ricochet shots and the mosin is really strong gun. Only bring a few extra mosin mags because the bullets can be expensive and they are only 5 bullets in them so it is quick to load them. Also the mask and goggles are for cool looks The whole kit costs around 60k including the bullets so not that bad. Let me see your best eco kits!
  3. Cardboard231

    Wipe coming?

    I'm very confused. I left for 3 day came back and all the traders are max level even though I'm level 27 and dirt cheap. I suspect everything is cheaper now to buy and sell and they are just adjusting the prices. Though because of someone like me that has millions of roubles it breaks the economy. Everything is cheaper equity as it is harder to get though I already have million of roubles so I can use them. The reason I'm suggesting a possible wipe is because why would they completely destroy the economy any other time except just before a wipe? They have made everything cheaper in the past just before wipes. Anyway I may have misinterpreted this as like I mentioned I've been away but what do you guys think?
  4. LowSpeed


    I was in Woods map. Being sneaky. I check my rear, I see a runner dashing at me. I've emptied my full magazine into him (all impacts showing hits into his torso), he literally vanished in front of my eyes. No body to be found anywhere. This needs to stop, or prevented from having players use this loophole. and if you happen to read this forum, Mr. Houdini. Get a life.
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