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Found 39 results

  1. hazyDayZ

    Script Kiddie's

    How broken is the actual Anti Cheat in this game? And how many people actually want to take any gear out since it's a 50/50 it will be lost to a little script kiddie who can see through anything and shoot with a mac from 400 yds perfectly or throw a granade the same distance, im quickly getting bored with it now.....
  2. Escapers! Wel, daar is geen storie daaraan nie. Hulle word VERBAN! Hieronder sal jy die 500 hartseer siele vind wat deur die hamer geneem word wat elke dag swaai. Dit is 'n lys van spelers wat verban is weens die bedrog in Escape from Tarkov. Alhoewel ons nie tans verslae op die speler neem nie, monitor ons aktief en neem aksies teen diegene wat bedrieg. So die les van die dag, ons neem regverdige spel ernstig, moenie kul nie, moenie verban word nie, en speel die wildskou. Volle lys:
  3. tolymastoly

    Cheaters everywhere!!

    Could you guys put anti-cheat or something I lose 500k already just by getting killed by cheaters its annoying
  4. PIK


    Hallo Tarkovianer, wir sind uns der aktuellen Cheater Thematik und der Diskussionen darüber bewusst. Wir sind gerade dabei, ein Update für unseren Anti-Cheat-Schutz zu erstellen, welches die aktuelle Situation verbessern und mehr Cheater bannen wird. Wir sind zuversichtlich, dass die neuen Funktionen zu einem besseren Spielerlebnis für alle legitimen (ehrlichen) Spieler führen wird. Wir akzeptieren die aktuelle Situation in keinster Weise. Mit anderen Worten, unser Anti-Cheat wird sich verbessern. Vielen Dank für euer Feedback. Außerdem: Es gibt Gerüchte, dass dieser neue Anti-Cheat-Schutz mit einem Wipe kommen wird. Dies ist nicht unsere Absicht. Originalthread: --> klick MfG euer deutsches Emissarteam
  5. I just wonder will the day ever come where you stop praising your so called "anti cheat"?? I encounter wallers in almost everygame.. it is so obvious, and people saying no ppl dont hack either is braindead or hacking themself.. THis post wil likely be deleted by game makers because they dont want to see topiucs like this.. well heres a surprise for you dickheads.. it will never stop untill you manage to to fix your problems.. and no vodka wont do it
  6. Explane why there is no way to manualy report hackers? Every serious multiplayers game that I know of has it. We are not manually accepting hacker reports due to the fact that there are many other factors, including desync, netcode, etc. that may seem like he is hacking, but he is really not. (DaBombgamer - moderator) Ok, I can have a desync, you can have a desync, but not every single game right ? If there is someone constantly cheating, he is going to get a lot of reports. Than your anticheat system can focus primarily on people with most reports. Our anti-cheat is working well, and if he is actually hacking, he will be banned. Please, next time, use the search function. You will see every hacker thread has been locked. Have faith in the project, hackers will be banned and they are not tolerated. (DaBombgamer - moderator) You are locking every single threat about cheaters, not accepting reports, saying your anticheat system works well, but reality in the game seems opposite ( just for last couple of days to be fair). Even if it works well, what if it works slow. In future after game release, and if its going to be popular, cheaters will farm money and gear and sell it for real money. By the time you ban them, they can afford new account. So again, whats wrong about focusing on players that got most reports, why not give it a try, I know a lot of legit players are going to be reported too, but probably wont get more reports than cheaters. And you said it is working fine, right, so legit players wont get banned. I cant report, I cant accuse someone on forums. What about bringing some "democracy" into the process and let us have the voice too. Right now, whole BSG is basicaly repeating : Shut up and play. We dont care what you say ... (about cheaters) Do you think people are crying about cheaters because they dont like the game ? These are the people who like the game most and care about it. All we want is to help and be heard.
  7. Blackworm

    Wait for bannhammer

    Okay i play lots of raid ( 200+) i meet fking TONS of esp kids.. i wait the bannhammer but still not here.. the new patch was good, i love it.. an di know lots of ppl came bk and play this game.. BUT the bad thing is more player = more hacker, its ok all games have a cheater child. but now i ragequitting 5-10times / day (lol) this number more than normal i just take a breath some pause then watching other streamers like chicken/klean sequisha smoke etc.. lot more.. and these streamers also meet wallhackers.. so please dont start typing " u just noob, no one cheating in this game " bla bla i know what i saw, dont want to save all twitch clips, for no reason ( name and shame thingy ) but now im done.. 1-2 cheater kid is "okay" every game have a cheaters not only EFT so its fine.. lots of ppl have autism but EFT now full on these kids... if someone dont trust me, check sequisha clips or smoke clips.. etc.. PUT the hammer in the game NAOW Nikita !
  8. ronnin79

    Where to report cheater?

    Guy just shot me and my friend from impossible situation. He Leaned on ''E'' for half sec, i was targeting open hangar door he was coming from, he showed up leaning, i shoot, he went back behind the metal door and then he shot me trough the door, even we couldn't see each other. Head shot of course. Few second later he shot also my friend, head shot, even my friend was on other side of hangar and no chance he could see him.
  9. Od dawna mam wątpliwości czy jest jakiekolwiek zabezpieczenie przed hakerami w tej grze. Dzisiaj koleś przez scianę zrobił mi plecy na respie. Nie było opcji żeby mnie zaszedł od tyłu. Gram od pre-alfy w tą grę i co raz częściej można spotkać "magików" lub glitcherów. Nie za dobrze się dzieje. A co będzie podczas open bety-nowe cheaty będą próbowane na masową skalę? Za każdym razem jak zgłaszam delikwenta to otrzymuję odpowiedź że ant cheat czuwa
  10. RogerRoger

    EOD players

    Level of EOD players' cheating = an epic value.
  11. tangosuckaGSC

    Make Player Scavs Names Visible

    I have found out that most hackers play as player scav now because their name is hidden and as a result nobody can report them. Hackers are still roaming EFT in the cover of their scav name. Just got killed by another one, right after posting this. Guess I can't play.
  12. Wort3x

    Gun Glitch Fixed?

    Hello just wondering if u guys have fixed the glitch or on the way on doing it? its spreding like fire just look at this : Removed video.
  13. Diotrephes

    Invisible Cheat

    So, I logged in customs to finish a quest. I went geared and just spawned... Heard somebody coming to my direction. Looked around and saw nothing, so I continued.. There was no gunshots, no person around me and no hatchet swings... I started losing health, and eventually died to apparently.. nothing... or an invisible cheater... Does anyone have any answers for this? If not.... This guy name "XXXXX" is a cheater, using invisible cheat. Thanks!
  14. outsidercain

    I got proof someone is cheating

    Hello I've got proof someone is cheating. I've got his name on cheating forum (very active) and this dumbass doesn't know how to conceal his profiles. Of course he got a different nickname here, but I can prove it's him. Could an admin contact me please ?
  15. Go4BreeZ

    Much hacks much cheat

    Someone please explain this
  16. IFC_ArcherLord

    Player nudi con armi non lootabili

    Buon giorno a tutta la comunità, sono ormai due tre giorni che incontro player furbetti che utilizzano uno strano glitch. All'apparenza sembrano degli accetta runner, ma hanno con loro un fucile ben settato e moddato, quando vengono uccisi però e ci avviciniamo per prendere loro l'arma, non compare nel loro inventario, anche se ben visibile sul cadavere. A quanti di voi è successo?
  17. sneqz

    Hacker Report

    My squad and me including got killed by a hacker today... its the second time we got killed by this dude and im getting sick of it Take a look at the gif, one mate was killed in ground floor a couple of seconds ago. We moved down to see if anybody was, there because we did not hear any shots! Some seconds later i got killed out of nowhere without any gun or hatched sounds. The teammate on the right also died moments later. This poo is destroying the gameexperience of many ppl... pls do something. Player Name: Video and player name removed by Mr_Sheep
  18. Title says it all. Its an abuse of a game mechanic and not intended. Should fix asap and ban those abusing it.
  19. RabidWeasel95

    where should i report cheating

    does anyone know how to report someone for cheating hacking or glitching? i killed a guy on factory and he was bare bones except for the m4 in his hand. upon checking his body it was not there and it really ticks me off, i have video evidence and his name was delta062. i cant upload the video because it was to big and bad format but in the pictures i attached below you can make out the bottom of the PMAG that was in the m4
  20. XxLuciferxX

    New Glitch?

    How is this even possible, player called [name deleted] Glitching an M4. players like this guy need to be banned,
  21. AlexBR

    Hacker do clan USW

    Mais um descarado, matou um time de 4 players, entrou em todos os casos de pre fire e matou, todos os 4 com head shot, USW, clan de hawck .
  22. ArramisRo


    Today was second time in the same day when i got killed, in the tree zone behind dorms on customs, without hearing a gun fire. My team mate was killed too, the same way. Hopping is a glitch (desinc) or whatever, couse i hate cheaters :).
  23. Hallo zusammen! Ich hab nur eine ganz simple Frage als Neuling. Hab die ganze Zeit mit Freunden gespielt und war soweit alles ok. Es ist schwer macht aber iwie Spaß doch dann hab ich nen paar Runden mal alleine gestartet und davon 10 am Stück verloren weil mich Leute immer entweder HeadShotten in einer Sekunde auf Sicht oder trotzdem ich mir einen abschleiche oft schon Preaimen wo ich raus komme oder mit in den Rücken fallen. Also Situationen die ohne Cheat möglich sein können(!!) aber in der Häufigkeit entweder von extremen Pech die Rede sein kann oder aber von Cheatern die Aimbot oder Wallhack haben. Ich meine...10x hintereinander ähnliche Situationen, dass Leute immer wussten wo genau ich raus komme obwohl ich nix anderes mache als den langsamsten Schleichmodus zu nutzen und in der Regel auch keine Geräusche provoziere. Meist war ich dann auch mit 1-2 Schüssen tot die schon abgeschossen wurden während ich um die Ecke kam. Noch öfter wurde ich allerdings von Hinten abgeknallt von Leuten die sich angeschlichen haben als wüssten sie genau wo ich grade her gehe (bin immer in Bewegung). Deswegen meine Frage: Gibt es tatsächlich schon Cheats oder Hacks obwohl es eine Beta ist? Wie behindert können diese Kinder sein? Sollte es keine geben...sorry dann hab ich wohl die größte Pechsträhne überhaupt.
  24. Okay things IMO have gotten a bit retarded recently.. I for the most part won't even log in during the day due to the amount of rampant cheating.. A few things I have observed since last patch that I think are 100% definately cheats 1 - Instant killer : You are walking around.. and suddenly drop dead, no gunshots, nothing... POSSABLE de-synced scav... but when it shows you without a killer's name?... hmmmm 2 - Disconnects - 100% Sure about this one, as why does one game from the same group of servers decide to instantly D'C me the moment I connect, repeatedly, until I am dead and my loot is gone? 3 - Loot hackers - Just recently discovered this tonight on Customs, when I went to the 2 story dorm, and behind 2 locked doors, discovered COMPLETELY EMPTY safes.. 2nd floor filing cabinets were obviously touched too... Impossible that anyone else arrived there before me as I sprinted from East spawns, and joined on the very start of the game >.< If anyone else has any examples, please post them in this thread... maybe it will give devs some insight into how to stop them.. Guys.. you made a wicked game... Unfortionately picked the WORST engine you could have for exploits and cheating >.< Please bring some sort of heavy duty anti-cheat in... I dont care if I have to run a seperate program, or loose a few FPS, Just get rid of these god damned script kiddies for the love of Tarkov !!!! Yours Truely Divoted Bear (Rawr) ; NURabbit
  25. didwkqk2

    핵쟁이 만났습니다.