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  1. Explane why there is no way to manualy report hackers? Every serious multiplayers game that I know of has it. We are not manually accepting hacker reports due to the fact that there are many other factors, including desync, netcode, etc. that may seem like he is hacking, but he is really not. (DaBombgamer - moderator) Ok, I can have a desync, you can have a desync, but not every single game right ? If there is someone constantly cheating, he is going to get a lot of reports. Than your anticheat system can focus primarily on people with most reports. Our anti-cheat is working well, and if he is actually hacking, he will be banned. Please, next time, use the search function. You will see every hacker thread has been locked. Have faith in the project, hackers will be banned and they are not tolerated. (DaBombgamer - moderator) You are locking every single threat about cheaters, not accepting reports, saying your anticheat system works well, but reality in the game seems opposite ( just for last couple of days to be fair). Even if it works well, what if it works slow. In future after game release, and if its going to be popular, cheaters will farm money and gear and sell it for real money. By the time you ban them, they can afford new account. So again, whats wrong about focusing on players that got most reports, why not give it a try, I know a lot of legit players are going to be reported too, but probably wont get more reports than cheaters. And you said it is working fine, right, so legit players wont get banned. I cant report, I cant accuse someone on forums. What about bringing some "democracy" into the process and let us have the voice too. Right now, whole BSG is basicaly repeating : Shut up and play. We dont care what you say ... (about cheaters) Do you think people are crying about cheaters because they dont like the game ? These are the people who like the game most and care about it. All we want is to help and be heard.
  2. Is it possible for next wipe to have a new XP system, One where lower levels to the average level people are at get higher XP per quest to help those who have less time to put into the game. I feel this would allow people to progress and reduce the incentive for paid carry's on Tarkov and reduce the demand for RMT as players would be playing on an even playing field. Thank you for taking the time to read this
  3. I have a clear video evidence of him hacking and i was wondering where can i send the video.
  4. i was running on interchange and we were going into bottom of oil and my gun stared freaking out the cheater took multiple clips of it for some reason on my twitch and i have a video of him messing with the gun when i look at him and teleporting on top of me. this is the best picture i can do without uploading videos
  5. For too long now have we witnessed the argument of “there’s so many cheaters” countered by “I’ve only seen 2 in 173902 raids!” Enough. The population of cheaters is directly tied to region and server selection. I can say with 100% certainty, after testing this thoroughly since November 2017. Playing on different EU, US and OCE servers over the years (I’m EU) it is absolutely possible to find a well-populated server you can rely on. Unfortunately I cannot post my ‘safe servers’ here without risk of exposing them to the absolute turdlords with dissatisfying lives who cheat in video games. SOLUTION: If you are experiencing cheaters in “every raid”, test different servers - as in, specific servers. You can do this via the launcher; most people have EU auto, US auto/West/East perhaps or similar, but you can CHANGE this and select individual servers to test. Give it a try, find servers you are comfortable on and remember there is no 100% solution here except waiting on BSG to continue to develop anti-cheat measures. We are testers, this is your opportunity to improve the game for yourself and your friends at least on a local level. Happy testing, and I sincerely hope this works out for all who read this.
  6. I've found that someone being in a fight with hacker as frustrating as it is, is just a reality. I don't report that much, but when I do, I'd find it really great if there was some way to figure out if the person reported did get banned. I think this would help players in feeling like cheaters are actually being banned, and help them know they contributed. I think it would also be nice to have a small reward for the fight lost. A piece of armor, some roubles, barter items, etc. Now, I'm far from knowledgeable on development, but implementing a feature like this doesn't seem like something that would take too much time away from developing the normal content, yet would prove very rewarding and positive for the playerbase. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  7. I like this game and i like how realistic itr tries to be. Fun fact that in so many ways it cann do it but in other lacks a lot of common sense. -1st:The biggest issue you have with this game as a new player even if you know to play relalistic/tactical shooters is and without any trouble the veteran or advanced players abusing the spwan camp, every 8 of 10 raids i play as a pmc, i dont even show up walk two steps and get shot by the typical smart ass who has been camping all the spwan points in the area every 1 min, is just frustrating and is stupid to have in a game like this fixe spawn points that everybody knows and they can take advantage of if they have a better pc or connection which means shorter load times. -2nd:The matchmaking also needs to be fixed, tarkov has already a solid Playerbase already but you cannot put a newbie 1st level player in his first game with the virgin freaks that since the wipe are already level 30 to 50 in the same game, is insane and frustrating for them and is just a tutorial for the others, i would suggest to restrain the matchmakings not per skill or KDA cryteria, though sort them for level in 5 level or even 10 gaps. And so players from level 0 to 5(or 0 to 10) would be matchmaked together and everybody could enjoy the game without any doubst a lot more than if you just get in and a pro rat camps you the spwan and kills you in less than 15 seconds just because he can smell you 7 km away. -3rd: And less but not least, one of the most stupid issues that i can find in a game like this is even if a guys has a lot of armor, if you shoot someone with a shotgung or an assault rifle IN THE CHEST i dont care how much armor you have, you are gonna fly away at least 1 metre in the case of the shotgun or at least have some ribs broken in the assaults rifle cause because of the impact, it doesnt make any sense at all that you can bleed or have fractures because of a shot but o wait i got hit with sledge cartridges at 2 metres by a shotgun,my vest doesnt suffer at all and i have time to be back and hit him in the head like wtf. That would also make the Overbroken equipped players in such high levels to think it twice before rushing even a newbie in case he has a shotgun. Please reconsider this cases because are a very big problem in the state of the game right now, its very hard to try to do something if you know that every time a guy sees you you are almost insta dead and without any options to do nothing because their vest protects them almost from a nuclear bomb. A shotgun hit in a limb can almost rip it.
  8. DerToteTroll

    Magazin 31/20 Schuß

    Grüße ! Ich war soeben auf Interchange unterwegs und habe es geschafft einen Spieler zu Töten, dieser hatte in seinen Magazinen für die SKS jeweils über 20 Schuß. Meine Frage wäre nun ob es sich dabei um Bug oder Cheat handelt und gegebenenfalls wie ich das melden könnte. UPDATE: Im Stash sind nun die übervollen Magazine Leer ohne das die Munition entfernt wurde.
  9. Drogann

    New Cheat?

    I have lost connection to the game I was in two times today, and each time I have reconnected and have been dead. It says I killed myself with m855 to the head. For starters, how can I shoot myself in the head, second of all I was using an aks74-u which uses 5.45x39. I hope this gets figured out so my gear doesn't keep disappearing.
  10. during my last game on reserve me and my team (4 people) died cause of a cheater that shoots us in the (eyes,head) ,all of us, also my team mate that was far away from the others IN LESS THAN 1 SEC. pliz do something about that cheaters (if one person got 4 headshots in 1 sec do vericications)
  11. andreasaa2000

    Get some better anti-cheat

    In a game that is based around economy pls get some better detection of cheats. Its so ducking annoying losing poo to a cheater. Its not even close to being the same in other fps games cause you dont lose anything when you die there, this is different.
  12. Menekülők Néhány szó a valódi pénzért kereskedésről és a csalókról: 1, A BattlEye banok (sok van minden nap, együtt finomítjuk a rendszert, hogy a banolás minél gyorsabb legyen) A 12.6-os patchtől kezdve (május 28) majdnem 10000 csaló lett bannolva. Csak idő kérdése és minden csaló bannolva lesz. 2, Készül a játékon belüli jelentés rendszer, sok más infóval együtt ez is egy plusz dolog lesz, amit fel tudnak használni a BattlEyenál, de nem ez lesz az egyetlen ok a banolásra. 3, A játék szerverek is megkapják a saját védelmüket a csalókkal szemben (instank kick, Instant Ban) 4, Utána nézünk a SMS alapú kétfaktoros hitelesítésnek, de ez nem egy egyszerű dolog, és nem fogja a játékot csaló mentessé tenni (azok a csalók akik 200 dollárt fizetnek egy csalásért azoknak nem okoz gondot venni egy új sim kártyát vagy előfizetni egy virtuális sim szolgáltatásra). De ez talán megnehezíti egy kicsit a dolgukat. 5, Az ázsiai régió lock régóta bevezetésre került, de a csalók tudnak más régiókból ugyan úgy játszani VPN segítségével. Utána nézünk ennek a szolgálásnak a részleges tiltásába. Ezek mellett lassan csökkentjük a ping limitet, jelenleg ez az érték 180, ezt 150-60-ra tervezzük csökkenteni. 6, Bannolásra kerülnek a valódi pénzért kereskedők és a vásárlók is. Sok dolog van tervben ellenük, de erről nem beszélhetünk. 7, Sok egyéb dolog Sok művelet a csalók ellen sajnos korlátozza a fair játékosokat is, ezért nem egyszerű dolog ezeket gyorsan és hatékonyan bevezetni, minden ilyen dolgot rendesen kell megvalósítani. Ezek a dolgok mindig is fő szempontok leszenek!
  13. Oucimi

    Pls ban GamePP

    As we know, third party game filters, like ReShade and NV freestyle, are not allowed now in game plays. However, I found a game assistance and optimization software called GamePP(developed in China, www.gamepp.com) which inserted ReShade modes in it. And this software now is undetectable. In my communication with the developers(pls do not disclose this source), I learned that this software is on BE's anti-cheating white list, so it will not be considered as cheating software. A few years ago, it has banned by BE in PUBG, but soon it recovered(There may be a behind-the-scenes deal between BE and GamePP). This is a comparison of the filter on and off: There is no denying that it is an excellent software for its varieties of useful function like hardware monitoring and game optimization, but it does provide features that affect the balance of the game. What is more, some filters for EFT are charged(VIP features). All in all, considering that this software has a huge number of users in China, I feel that ReShade Modes that GamePP provides will greatly influence game balance, so it should be banned.
  14. 1Smug_Bastard

    Suspected Cheater

    Would like to report Potre2020 as a suspected cheater. Apparently this guy can 2-shot a moving target from quite a distance. While yeah its totally possible but the guys earlier obliteration of the nearby Skav's (saw at least 4 corpses) would indicate otherwise. Keep in mind that this all took place within 2 minutes of the firefight starting.
  15. Justasgraz123

    Darn wall hackers

    I ran labs about 7 times and every time I play I get blatantly wall hacked and I just can't seem to fight back no matter what I do so I just sell my cards from now on knowing I'll get poped in the face by a wh. I would suggest trying to resolve this issue by using the same anti cheat software as Riot games. If you have ever played League Of Legends then you know that there are no radar hacks or wh because of the fog of war. Same thing will be implemented in their newest game Valorant, the game does not render the player at all times, the player gets rendered just before they enter the line of sight of the enemy and this prevents any type of wh cheat, this would be really helpful to have but would not work as well on woods since it is a very open map but worth a shot? Im not computer coder but this was just mentioned by a streamer with early access to Valorant.
  16. HilariousBabyTV

    Where do i report this poo?

  17. Murat_T

    Bu hile ne zaman bitecek?????

    Bu hile ne zaman bitecek????? Çalının içerisinde görünmeden pusu yaparken ebesinin örekesinden açılan ateş ile ölmekten bıktım. Bu oyun gerçekçi diye en üst paketi aldım ama vallahi billahi bıktım bu hilecilerden. Ne zaman bu sunucu hilecilerden temizlenecek??????
  18. Zpic1337

    Blatend Cheater

    hi tarkov peps, another cheating (aimbot + speedhack) noob confirmed ingame name: sweetheart pls ban asap i joined in on reserve with 2 mates fairly geard (slick + airframe). my mates went in markedroom cuz we had the best spawn for it (RB-BK) and got killed by this guy. he could not even be there unless he was using some sort of speed hacks. my mate had the altyn helmet and got HS 8 times in a second. my other mate diet instandly also HS. Then i rushed from the (RB-AK) room over to the marked room (RB-BK) and i stood on the stairs next to the marked room walked down and he teleported in front of me and instant HS . it was more than obvius everytime he shot its a HS. i will start recording my game so i can give some more evidence. NEED BETTER ANTICHEAT ASAP #hackers have no balls
  19. Please see the picture below. This is a Chinese online store that sells Takov Rubles. They can sell tens of billions of Takov Rubles in a month. And hundreds of chinese players are buying it every day. You can buy almost endless Takov Rubles for only a little money (Reality Money). The owner of this shop, dozens of people behind them, their daily job is to use cheat software to quickly get unlimited game money and then sell it for real RMB. This has formed a terrible industry chain of benefits.These people don't care if their account will be banned for cheating because the money they make through one account per day is enough for them to buy another 10 accounts. In this way, Takov will soon become another PUBG, or even more serious, because it involves real money trade. Only by completely prohibiting the transfer of items between players in the game,can we fundamentally curb the proliferation of cheating players, Because most of the cheating players are actually those who sell Takov Rubles. It is no longer possible to bring cash out of the game, but they have invented a new way: give you some equivalent items in the game, and then you sell it. We need to focus on banning these players who buy rubles, because the merchants who sell rubles do not care whether their accounts will be banned. As long as someone buys them, they will have countless profits.
  20. IDilemma

    Horrifying Theft Hack

    In Chinese EFT community there have been a lot of reports recently,mainly about misteriously losing high-value item in raid.Some reports said that even melee weapons and items in security containers can be sucked away.We often call the security container “crotch” , so this kind of cheaters are referred to as “cxxksuckers” in Chinese.When I first heard about this I thought it was just some kind of urban myths.Until I saw this video. I know it is quite rare to see this kind of hack,but I hope developers can do something before it gets worse.Thanks!
  21. Hey, so I developed a tool for EfT which allows you to check prices of Items while being in a Raid. That way you dont have to have a cheat sheet on your second monitor or a website with prices open. Its using image and text recognition on screenshots. So its not reading / writing any memory of the game. The prices are provided by a third-party website called tarkov-market.com. Id like to make this tool public / open source in the next few days but am afraid that it could be a reason for a ban. It would be nice, if some one here could clarify if this tool would be considered a cheat and therefor get people banned. I've already tried to contact two community managers on the official discord but one didnt respond at all and the other one didnt respond after initial acknowledgment. The ToS on the official eft website also doesnt say anything about what is considered a cheat (It doesnt even talk about cheats in anyways). Preview of the tool:
  22. kasu-

    Hacker ?

    His name is GoGoing2.
  23. Awpii


    So I was with my PMC in Interchange, I literally had just spawned, didn't move, didn't make a sound. I hear gunshots, somewhat distant but not far enough for me to be confident to make any noise, I crouched and I moved as slowly as possible (which basically makes no noise), I found a dark place and stayed prone. After 2 or somewhat minutes I hear sprinting near me but I see no one (Keep in mind I was in the parking garage right under the stores and right next to a barricade and boxes, there was no way I could be seen). After a minute and out of the blue I take a full auto burst to the head, no one was in front of me and that was the only place I could've been shot from. What just happened? was it a cheater? How do I report this? Edit: I've had similar experiences a few times in which I take super accurate full auto bursts to the head from places I don't even see and I just fear going out on my PMC now, I lost all my stuff to these kind of situations and it just doesn't make sense.
  24. keyciraptor

    Stadia and cheating

    If i understand the stadia stuff correct, there cant be any cheats or ways to cheat. Wouldnt it be great to release eft also on stadia^^ no more costs for anticheat and also only one system programming. Not sure what the minus would be but the plus is great. Not?
  25. So, for long days, and in almost all EFT social media posts, there are always people begging for an effective cheating countermeasure. However, we know there are development and cost limitations as well as pros and cons of each different anti-cheat measure. Should it be independent? It costs a lot and has known bypasses, as well as groups dedicated to updating these bypasses. Should it be develeoped in-house? BSG's own anti-cheat? Also costs a lot of money, time and manpower (devs). My idea is a combination of both. BSG's parameter checking for things like looting distance, player speeds and everything, combined with a community-driven raid replay review. Here is how it would work, divided in topics for ease of explanation. Please, please read it to the end!! 1) POST-RAID REPLAY Well-known feature in some games, the ability to, after the raid has ended, watch the raid replay from different points of view (Players/Freelook) would, for the playerbase, help develop strategies for certain maps, as well as opportunity for content creation, with funny clip compilations, player submissions to YouTube or other platform content creators which helps BSG advertise the game and sell more! How would that help fight the cheaters? A simple "Report" button. Select the report type (Bug/Player), time of raid, describe and submit! Now, I know, I know, there'd be a lot of false reports by angry plebs who just got rekt and want some form of payback. Or people who genuinely believe a certain legit play was actually cheated. Which brings us to topic number 2: 2) Community Volunteer Report Review Damn, we all wish we could **** those cheaters with our hands and bathe in their gu--- Sorry. As I was saying, There would be false reports. And if that information got sent straight to BSG for analysis, they would be so overwhelmed this would never work, they'd need a ton of manpower. But what if I told you there's a gigantic workforce happily willing to review these reports for FREE for you, BSG? I, myself, and all my friends, would gadly review 20 or 30 replay reports a day if this meant helping keep Tarkov clean of cheaters. Here's how it would work: Players that fit a certain criteria (account age, no prior confirmed reports, etc) would be able to sign up to be a <insert cool name for a report reviewer here>. These players would be selected by BSG and go through a little (video)tutorial on how the system works: Basically, you'd have access to a review tab in your replay section, in which you could select to receive a replay report to review. After analyzing it, you'd confirm if it is indeed a Bug or Player Behaviour report and, if it's a cheating player, what type of cheat is in action (ESP/Aimbot/etc). And move on to the next replay, doing as many as you feel like. As a symbollic reward for your work, you could have a special icon like EOD owners, or forum badge or any creative idea here. ** How would this work, BSG-side, to move forward to maybe banning a player? ** So, first of all, a replay report wouldn't be forwarded to BSG with just one review. The amount of reviews required to forward it would depend on the reputation of its reviewers. Reviewers would gain reputation by submitting reports that lead to a confirmed result (Either player ban or real bug) and/or any other criteria BSG finds valid. A high-rated reviewer's opinion would have much more value than a beginner's one, requiring less concurrent opinions to have their report reviews forwarded. If most of the reviews confirm and have the same described bug/cheat type, only then would it be forwarded to BSG for analysis and maybe a ban. (And even a ban list with the reviewer's name for extra prestige). I honestly believe this is the most cost-effective option for a game like Tarkov, and this type of community-driven reports isn't new stuff. Valve actually has been doing that successfully with CS:GO, it's named CS:GO Overwatch, where replays are reviewed by high-ranking players, similarly as described here. And it would create a ton of possibilities for content creation, Streamers could even go as far as reviewing some reports live for the giggles and to bring in more people to the fight. I understand it is quite a lot of work to get it done properly, but once it's done, it's done! And can be ported to any other one of your games. So I truly believe in this idea. If you guys have any thoughts or extra ideas, feel free to comment below!
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