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Found 51 results

  1. Awpii


    So I was with my PMC in Interchange, I literally had just spawned, didn't move, didn't make a sound. I hear gunshots, somewhat distant but not far enough for me to be confident to make any noise, I crouched and I moved as slowly as possible (which basically makes no noise), I found a dark place and stayed prone. After 2 or somewhat minutes I hear sprinting near me but I see no one (Keep in mind I was in the parking garage right under the stores and right next to a barricade and boxes, there was no way I could be seen). After a minute and out of the blue I take a full auto burst to the head, no one was in front of me and that was the only place I could've been shot from. What just happened? was it a cheater? How do I report this? Edit: I've had similar experiences a few times in which I take super accurate full auto bursts to the head from places I don't even see and I just fear going out on my PMC now, I lost all my stuff to these kind of situations and it just doesn't make sense.
  2. 原帖链接: Nikita关于作弊的一些声明: 每天都有很多作弊者会立刻封禁(由于累积效应,有一些在之后被封禁或是在Ban wave里被封禁) 外挂经常被搞(如果你去看那些开发外挂的网站,会发现有一些已经停止支持EFT的外挂了)。不过也有一些外挂开发者不愿意坐以待毙——他们频繁且有效地更新他们的外挂(正如他们为每个有反作弊系统的流行游戏做的)。我们做反作弊,他们就做反反作弊。 我们一直以来都在与作弊者抗争,目前我们正在准备一个大型反作弊系统更新。 游戏内举报功能预计很快出现(这事儿我说了不少遍)。举报不会是唯一的封禁理由。它会帮助主反作弊系统更快做出反应。 如果你对目前的反作弊状况很不满意(尽管它每天都在变好),请给我们时间来把这个未完成的游戏做好,尤其是反作弊系统这个适应性开发进程。请一定要回来,铭记反作弊是我们优先级最高的东西。 如果你想帮助我们改善反作弊监测或者你想感觉好一点儿,你可以把你认为出现作弊行为的视频发布到以下链接: https://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/topic/98098-cheater-video-report-megathread/ 指南: 我们目前只接受视频举报。不要在这个帖子下发截图或者讲故事。 本帖不允许讨论。本帖的目的不是讨论谁是,为什么是作弊者。本帖只是为了通过视频举报可能的作弊者。 PS:以下内容代表我个人——— 鉴于目前该举报帖内的大部分视频都只是被一枪头打死,请各位务必珍稀这个举报机会,只举报有明显视频证据的作弊者,不要频繁发布缺乏足够证据的视频!这只会干扰官方的反作弊进程! 另外请前往本帖内的链接举报,不要在本帖举报!
  3. For too long now have we witnessed the argument of “there’s so many cheaters” countered by “I’ve only seen 2 in 173902 raids!” Enough. The population of cheaters is directly tied to region and server selection. I can say with 100% certainty, after testing this thoroughly since November 2017. Playing on different EU, US and OCE servers over the years (I’m EU) it is absolutely possible to find a well-populated server you can rely on. Unfortunately I cannot post my ‘safe servers’ here without risk of exposing them to the absolute turdlords with dissatisfying lives who cheat in video games. SOLUTION: If you are experiencing cheaters in “every raid”, test different servers - as in, specific servers. You can do this via the launcher; most people have EU auto, US auto/West/East perhaps or similar, but you can CHANGE this and select individual servers to test. Give it a try, find servers you are comfortable on and remember there is no 100% solution here except waiting on BSG to continue to develop anti-cheat measures. We are testers, this is your opportunity to improve the game for yourself and your friends at least on a local level. Happy testing, and I sincerely hope this works out for all who read this.
  4. Supervivientes, Nuestra lucha constante e incansable contra los jugadores que intentan obtener ventajas injustas con la ayuda de chetos y trampas aún está en curso y es una de nuestras principales prioridades. Hoy os presentamos otra lista de jugadores baneados. Se banea y monitoriza a los tramposos a diario y estamos actualizando constantemente nuestro sistema Anti-Cheat. Por favor, recuerda que todavía no está permitido reportar a supuestos tramposos en el foro. Puedes encontrar la lista con 1029 nombres a continuación: !Jugad sin trampas y permaneced siempre alerta!
  5. Fetter

    Aiming problems?!

    some obvious questions: Are you gonna ban players for using additional software for aim dots? should not fire without aiming go at random directions? no for breath stopping and accurate shots without aiming?! i'm i only idiot in the game who is not using aim dot and play still better than many others?! i have to "waste" time to aim, hold breath and after push fire? its super advantage if fire without aiming + breath stop gives you accurate shots; Because when you aim your viewing perspective is changing and there is some delay too to get accurate shot... if you remove accurate shots without aiming, aim dots and cursors will do nothing to the game; Here's how you cant implement this feature: When player is not aiming, you can make some random patterns of theoretical "aim dot", that will travel out from center... holding breath will just lover hand shake but when we aim we have to merge pistol aiming lines, without that no 1 can get accurate shots; it's because of perspective and physics... Because optical illusion u may think that you have straight aim, but without real aiming none of the target will be hit. This feature solution will flatten all players to same level of aiming advantages; Don't worry you will not loose any player just you will lower aggression and angry filling of natural game users, like me; i know that you are testing many things how it will work and how players psychology will get used to that but i think its time to change it;
  6. Did117

    New Cheat/hack/glitch!

    Invisible players kicked half of my team of the server and managed to kill all of us without a single fired shot. GD clan tag. Also DT clan tag. These people run in groups, cheating and collecting everything in their way. Ban them. Ban them all to hell. Absolutely game breaking and disgusting!
  7. promptedtexas59

    Oceanic Servers full of hackers.

    Can yous add a report button or something there are so many hackers on the Oceanic server region, It is stupidly game breaking when you have hackers teleporting around the map 1 shotting people EVERY game. A Know cheater ***** Do something BSG yous are killing your own game
  8. TheColdVein

    BANNED: 101 Reasons not to cheat

    Dear, Escapers! In the wake of a new patch, the battle against the nefarious deeds of would be cheaters rages on. Today, we have a list of some who have fallen under the weight of the hammer...demolition comes daily. TRANSLATIONS: Chinese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Chinese Emissary @LaMian French translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our French Tech Support and Moderator @PIG-Mathieu German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Official Community Representative for Germany @Cyver Czech translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Czech Emissary and Moderator @PugMonk Spanish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to our Spanish Emissary and Moderator @MrXavito
  9. genericly

    Every Few Months

    Every few months I come back to this game and enjoy it, I see the giant list of banned hackers and get excited about it. It never fails, the lack of actual anti cheat and relying on patching to fix cheating kills the game for me and I find solace in other games. Please fix cheating or cheaters in this game so I don't feel like I'm wasting my time running VSS or AS Val and losing it to an invisible person hitting me with a hatchet. I know this will fall on deaf ears, I've seen several posts like this over the past 10 months, no avail. I only wish to voice my displeasure at this most recent event and only hope that one day I can play a game that isn't plagued by these events.
  10. hidden_citizen

    Nueva Oleada de Banneados

    Buenos días supervivientes! Hemos publicado una nueva lista parcial de las cuentas baneadas en los ultimos días. Bans por el uso de cheats son permanentes, y las decisiones no son reversibles. Simultaneamente al ban de la cuenta del juego, el jugador automáticamente recibe un ban permanente de su cuenta del foro. Aquí esta la lista: _JIyTbIu_ _StRaTeG_ --NotAJoke-- -DV81- -markus- -RF-agg123 2Hit 3Dmax 762bandit 9OsTExTf0rThEwn A1D5-K70K_mors Aaoron abortionvictim AJ_Mexican Alen29 analbeadaids Artyom98 Aureliendpz BabaYaga420 Battu belaziel Blauschimmel BlyatManSuka Bonediggly BooruKopf CaptainRapist ChickenRICKY clifford106447 CliimaX conjuring2 CookedSandwich Cormano Costanzaa Crunkzx Curt_Bolton DaClitCommander danieldpsantos DatUnknownGuy DDDealmaker defendbigfoot70 Deftown Demccy DerAllahbeste DieLegende DonRWetter DoraTheExplora Drache Eaglewatches EdgarJr ELEJAKING epvpSyc F1G4_dayzman FakkaBoi fatpanzer FknLeon Freeman121 FullStafXBambik gamer12 Geo-dr1nk GER-Necro31 Get_Yeeted_On GetFuckedNerd Ghost_163 Gikko GlazeDonut Gorteen GostozinNoAzeiT Govix GrizzlyWhip HAWK_Vancho iCero iDontStream_TTV Ilyaka InvisibleSlayer IST_PREDATOR ItaloDepolo ItsPeeky Jaymart jeezaas JeremyCameron Jokerewag JordanZenith JotaMedeiros JTSAMPS Kagami_Taiga KanDenBorna Karr0t KEVINWW Killer0070 KingMarka KNOW1009 Kristoffe Kunichi Lagwagon LemonLemonade Leo-Sandre LimPoPo LM_VooDoo Loinding LuckyNumb3r13 M3DICK93 Madradox MadTankiste MamWasWDupie Martin97 Melts2427 Mesersmits MoDAX MorJova mortoff MrProSpy MrSllyFox MyM4KilledU mystery_x MZwcnm NAKNAD_TGR Nick_Bolton nico91 NoGood nyx_417 OkaZero PacctY paeggy parker PaulPanther Pein_x3 Phea Plonktastic plumbers Pumucklee Pursue Radek60 Raow Rayless RC_Ferg redkillerz64 RSRXTION Russian_RainTTV sabertoothe Sabunete Salah_ad_Din SaltyPredator Sampson1te Sebowski Seeyoulater SEGODNIA Select12345789 SenseiDomenic Sero_cherry Sgt-Soggy ShermIO SHK Sicario2 SKRA_ThANathoS sneakyamr22TTV Sopa SpreadThmCheeks stefan_god strelok1975 Sykul_ T_xiaozi T_xiaozige TabWoopii Tamstrelyaut TBilly The-Baba-Yaga TheFrenchGuy TheGui THHEjoker TiPPmAn TIREDTBONE Tnokhichz todzhijoskiy ToXeT TTPPa Turd Twitch_KNNBCCB Ultra_ToXiiK Urlootismyloot UWS-Krunkb0t Vampim VDT_Solom0n vikyPT Voltrix WannaCry warframe WhiskeyBro Wolfy- X88B88 xxxxxxxx xZorbZx YourBoyfriend Yourez Yukiteru ZiOK Juegen limpio. Saludos!
  11. So I sneaked up on a guy and as soon as I had my ironsights on his head, he turned directly at me like SCAVs did. I'm new to the game but watched alot of streamers. This seemd pretty dodgy to me. Skip to 1:50 for action! I am new to Shoreline so I had to orientate myself first. https://youtu.be/SaqPb2PiC0c
  12. The Post im refering to: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/92m168/im_scared_ac_is_being_invasive/ I've seen a lot posts like this in the past couple weeks and it starts to annoy me. Please don't listen to people like this, who are probably cheaters themself and think the Anti-Cheat System is too "invasive". There is no point in naming your files "TarkovESP" or having a VB Project with EFT game file paths if you are not cheating. If you don't plan to cheat in this game and have no fishy programs installed which interfer with the game then you won't get banned as simple as that. People crying about the current Anti-Cheat System are either cheating or plan to do so, therefor their meaning should be ignored.
  13. hazyDayZ

    Script Kiddie's

    How broken is the actual Anti Cheat in this game? And how many people actually want to take any gear out since it's a 50/50 it will be lost to a little script kiddie who can see through anything and shoot with a mac from 400 yds perfectly or throw a granade the same distance, im quickly getting bored with it now.....
  14. Escapers! Wel, daar is geen storie daaraan nie. Hulle word VERBAN! Hieronder sal jy die 500 hartseer siele vind wat deur die hamer geneem word wat elke dag swaai. Dit is 'n lys van spelers wat verban is weens die bedrog in Escape from Tarkov. Alhoewel ons nie tans verslae op die speler neem nie, monitor ons aktief en neem aksies teen diegene wat bedrieg. So die les van die dag, ons neem regverdige spel ernstig, moenie kul nie, moenie verban word nie, en speel die wildskou. Volle lys:
  15. lionagronov14

    Cheaters everywhere!!

    Could you guys put anti-cheat or something I lose 500k already just by getting killed by cheaters its annoying
  16. PIK


    Hallo Tarkovianer, wir sind uns der aktuellen Cheater Thematik und der Diskussionen darüber bewusst. Wir sind gerade dabei, ein Update für unseren Anti-Cheat-Schutz zu erstellen, welches die aktuelle Situation verbessern und mehr Cheater bannen wird. Wir sind zuversichtlich, dass die neuen Funktionen zu einem besseren Spielerlebnis für alle legitimen (ehrlichen) Spieler führen wird. Wir akzeptieren die aktuelle Situation in keinster Weise. Mit anderen Worten, unser Anti-Cheat wird sich verbessern. Vielen Dank für euer Feedback. Außerdem: Es gibt Gerüchte, dass dieser neue Anti-Cheat-Schutz mit einem Wipe kommen wird. Dies ist nicht unsere Absicht. Originalthread: --> klick MfG euer deutsches Emissarteam
  17. I just wonder will the day ever come where you stop praising your so called "anti cheat"?? I encounter wallers in almost everygame.. it is so obvious, and people saying no ppl dont hack either is braindead or hacking themself.. THis post wil likely be deleted by game makers because they dont want to see topiucs like this.. well heres a surprise for you dickheads.. it will never stop untill you manage to to fix your problems.. and no vodka wont do it
  18. Explane why there is no way to manualy report hackers? Every serious multiplayers game that I know of has it. We are not manually accepting hacker reports due to the fact that there are many other factors, including desync, netcode, etc. that may seem like he is hacking, but he is really not. (DaBombgamer - moderator) Ok, I can have a desync, you can have a desync, but not every single game right ? If there is someone constantly cheating, he is going to get a lot of reports. Than your anticheat system can focus primarily on people with most reports. Our anti-cheat is working well, and if he is actually hacking, he will be banned. Please, next time, use the search function. You will see every hacker thread has been locked. Have faith in the project, hackers will be banned and they are not tolerated. (DaBombgamer - moderator) You are locking every single threat about cheaters, not accepting reports, saying your anticheat system works well, but reality in the game seems opposite ( just for last couple of days to be fair). Even if it works well, what if it works slow. In future after game release, and if its going to be popular, cheaters will farm money and gear and sell it for real money. By the time you ban them, they can afford new account. So again, whats wrong about focusing on players that got most reports, why not give it a try, I know a lot of legit players are going to be reported too, but probably wont get more reports than cheaters. And you said it is working fine, right, so legit players wont get banned. I cant report, I cant accuse someone on forums. What about bringing some "democracy" into the process and let us have the voice too. Right now, whole BSG is basicaly repeating : Shut up and play. We dont care what you say ... (about cheaters) Do you think people are crying about cheaters because they dont like the game ? These are the people who like the game most and care about it. All we want is to help and be heard.
  19. Blackworm

    Wait for bannhammer

    Okay i play lots of raid ( 200+) i meet fking TONS of esp kids.. i wait the bannhammer but still not here.. the new patch was good, i love it.. an di know lots of ppl came bk and play this game.. BUT the bad thing is more player = more hacker, its ok all games have a cheater child. but now i ragequitting 5-10times / day (lol) this number more than normal i just take a breath some pause then watching other streamers like chicken/klean sequisha smoke etc.. lot more.. and these streamers also meet wallhackers.. so please dont start typing " u just noob, no one cheating in this game " bla bla i know what i saw, dont want to save all twitch clips, for no reason ( name and shame thingy ) but now im done.. 1-2 cheater kid is "okay" every game have a cheaters not only EFT so its fine.. lots of ppl have autism but EFT now full on these kids... if someone dont trust me, check sequisha clips or smoke clips.. etc.. PUT the hammer in the game NAOW Nikita !
  20. ronnin79

    Where to report cheater?

    Guy just shot me and my friend from impossible situation. He Leaned on ''E'' for half sec, i was targeting open hangar door he was coming from, he showed up leaning, i shoot, he went back behind the metal door and then he shot me trough the door, even we couldn't see each other. Head shot of course. Few second later he shot also my friend, head shot, even my friend was on other side of hangar and no chance he could see him.
  21. SFRaven

    Czy anticheat istnieje w tej grze????

    Od dawna mam wątpliwości czy jest jakiekolwiek zabezpieczenie przed hakerami w tej grze. Dzisiaj koleś przez scianę zrobił mi plecy na respie. Nie było opcji żeby mnie zaszedł od tyłu. Gram od pre-alfy w tą grę i co raz częściej można spotkać "magików" lub glitcherów. Nie za dobrze się dzieje. A co będzie podczas open bety-nowe cheaty będą próbowane na masową skalę? Za każdym razem jak zgłaszam delikwenta to otrzymuję odpowiedź że ant cheat czuwa
  22. NigerianHostle

    EOD players

    Level of EOD players' cheating = an epic value.
  23. tangosuckaGSC

    Make Player Scavs Names Visible

    I have found out that most hackers play as player scav now because their name is hidden and as a result nobody can report them. Hackers are still roaming EFT in the cover of their scav name. Just got killed by another one, right after posting this. Guess I can't play.
  24. Wort3x

    Gun Glitch Fixed?

    Hello just wondering if u guys have fixed the glitch or on the way on doing it? its spreding like fire just look at this : Removed video.
  25. Diotrephes

    Invisible Cheat

    So, I logged in customs to finish a quest. I went geared and just spawned... Heard somebody coming to my direction. Looked around and saw nothing, so I continued.. There was no gunshots, no person around me and no hatchet swings... I started losing health, and eventually died to apparently.. nothing... or an invisible cheater... Does anyone have any answers for this? If not.... This guy name "XXXXX" is a cheater, using invisible cheat. Thanks!
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