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Found 73 results

  1. Aleex2209


    This guy have been killing our squad for many rounds now, walking fast, Rushing with speed, only headshoots, 3 guys got killed at the same time. is there annyway i can report him ?? his inngame name is :
  2. TastyNapalm

    Cheater reporten

    Hallo zusammen, erstmal vorweg ich spiele EFT wirklich gerne deshalb bin ich auch hier. In meinen letzten 4 Lab Raids wurde ich jedes mal von einem Cheater getötet. Mich ärgert es einfach total auf das es nicht einmal die möglichkeit gibt nach der Runde seinen Killer zu reporten, man fühlt sich einfach kopmplett machtlos und die Leute, auch wenn sie noch so offensichtlich cheaten, können einfach weiter machen. Ich bezichtige Leute eher selten des cheatens und ich habe auch schon einige Stunden in competitiven spielen wie CS verbracht und da auch selten Leute des cheatens bezichtigt aber manche machen es einfach so offensichtlich und man kann gar nichts dagegen tun. Ich fände ein Feature cool wo man nach der runde seinen Killer reporten kann, solange es dieses Feature nicht gibt werde ich mich von Labs eher fernhalten. Es ist akteull einfach nur frustrierend. LG TastyNapalm
  3. LiquidBlitz

    How common is cheating in EFT?

    Heyo! New player here. Been playing for 2 weeks now and really enjoying the game for the most part. I've done something like 100 raids, 50:50 between Scav and PMC and I've only had 2 or 3 extremely suspicious deaths, which I guess is a good ratio. For the more experienced players, how common is cheating in EFT? Asking because I'm triggered :) just got killed by my first blatant not-trying-to-hide-it aimbotter. He was 180 degrees looking the other way shooting constantly for several minutes. I thought it was REALLY weird so eventually I approached him from behind whilst behind cover (still easily 20-30m) quietly, and the instant I had line of sight on him and MID shooting a full mag, he span 180 and insta-headshot me, and instantly turned and continued shooting the other direction again. I like to think it was a rare occurrence, as I said, only had a handful of dodgy moments so all in all I'm happy with my experience so far.
  4. youjixi

    List of banned players

    First of all, I'm not a racist, for I'm a Chinese myself. As you noticed, very large number of people is joining up to this very game, the Chinese people. The game is really heating up in China after the Chinese language released. However, Chinese money can be really tricky sometimes. The thing is, Chinese players tend not to give a poo about the game itself (especially for people who can't read English). They are just really simple. They have fun with killing people, earning money in the most easy way. And what's more, there are lots of non-player Chinese people who wanna make some bucks out of this game. They totally don't give a poo about tarkov, luring people to hack. You need to take this seriously. 80% of Chinese players don't just stay in asia severs, As it's already too full and not able to get a match within 10min. As a matter of experience, 80% matches in Hongkong sever, 30% matches in USA sever will involve at least one hacker. (The lab) It's completely not playable. Of course, not all of us are D*cks. There are tons of Chinese people like me really love this game. For me, EFT is the best game I ever played, and I really want to protect it from being ruined by hackers. Please do something with the money you earned. banning them in their first game would be nice.
  5. During my recent plays, I noticed that there were several times the players I killed are super geared with low level (lvl1~20). And there are many streamers in China who are lvl 20 and have dozens of LEDX and graphic cards in their stash. he has blue, red, black, yellow key card This streamer, lvl 20. I am not denying the possibility of this guy's own work. Or he has good friends. But come on guys. At first, I thought maybe they got carried by their friends but today I found this site. This is from the Chinese amazon "TAOBAO" and they can just buy rubbles in RMB, so 140rmb ($20) can get 10 million rubbles, the most expensive version you can get 300 million in 3800rmb ($500+). And they can level up your skills to elite in very short period of time And this service will cause you 1000rmb ($150). Those streamers even has their own taobao shops to sell those services. This is no doubt cheat behaviour and I dont know how to report this to Battlestate, and I am sure no matter you are rats or chads players, we worked hard to get our rubbles. And according to their costumers' comments, they rarely got banned from it. Looking for a solution to deal with it, I hate to see such a good game gets destroyed by hackers like that.
  6. ader33

    WallHack, SpeedHack Aimbot...

    Salut tous le monde. Je vous envoi le lien d'une vidéo que je viens de faire sur Usine où j'ai rencontré un beau cheater. Je pose ça ici, en espérant qu'il soit ban.
  7. SachAAAAAAA

    Cheater Speed Hacking

    Bonjour , Je suis tombée sur un cheater en raid avec un ami , vue en speed hack , j'ai une vidéo pour preuve , j'ai la plaque du joueur ainsi que son pseudo Puis-je vous communiquer la vidéo et son nom pour plus de détail ? Merci de votre compréhension et Merci pour votre travail.
  8. CypeKK

    Wierd Player

    Was on customs and don't have recording enabled but the player [REDACTED] was using something. I was prone checking around and out of nowhere my stomach blacked out, thought it was from my earlier fight but my armor blocked it, no shot fired. So fast forward use my CMS, heal back and now my leg all of a sudden down from 62 to 20 no shot fired. Then i heal it, and my stomach goes down again and i die. At this point 0 shots were fired at me and I die.
  9. PawciolekYT


    Maby do something with this guy he using scrpits to buy items lightning fast.
  10. Hallo liebe EFT Community, haben gestern hauptsächlich Raids auf Shoreline im Duo gespielt um dort zu questen und in nahezu jeder Runde war ein Hacker am Start. In der ersten Runde konnten wir ein Full-Gear Squad an der Radarstation legen und hatten uns entschieden , da unsere Bags schon komplett voll waren zum Extract Tunnel zu gehen. Auf dem Weg am Waldrand zur Straße hin hatten wir einen Spieler gehört der den kompletten Weg auf der Leitplanke entlang gerannt ist und als wir ganz nah an ihm waren ist er mit einem Affenzahn Richtung Ausgang Tunnel gerannt und hat wild in den Wald gesprayed.Er hat uns nicht attackiert und wir konnten escapen. In der zweiten Runde hatten wir den Spawn direkt an der Radarstation und haben uns dort in Stellung gebracht um auf die anderen Spawns zu warten. Mein m8 war etwas vorgeschoben an den Felsen Richtung Zollgeländeausgang um Frühzeitig mitzuteilen falls etwas kommt und wir uns anders ausrichten müssen. Das Openfield dort ist gut zu überblicken. Da kam ein Duo Squad wie eine Elefenatenherde da hochgterampelt und wir hatten schon etwa 5min an der Postion gewartet ohne jegliche Bewegung, da wir bereits 2min zuvor sie haben rennen hören. Naja...könnt euch vorstellen was passiert ist. Wir gehen aber davon aus der das nur der eine die Hacks nutzte, da er der Offensive, allwissende Spieler war. Runde 3 ein ähnliches Spiel...nur Einschläge mitbekommen...keinen Schuss...nichts. Einfach krank. Es hat sich alles nach 23:00 abgespielt....und es war auf verschiedenen Servern...aber in jedem Spiel. Dannach hatten wir uns für eine Pause entschieden. Es ist nicht so das wir Outplayed wurden, das hätte ich ja auch verstanden und irgendwo nachvollziehen können. Wenn man schon lange spielt kann man das sehr gut differnzieren. Leider sind nach dem Wipe wieder viele Hacker unterwegs und hacken auch noch sehr offensichtlich. Wie ist es denn Euch ergangen die letzten Tage? gruß Space
  11. JodyLambermont

    Is there a way to report cheaters?

    Hi, I was wondering wherer i could report a player for cheating. I do not report people for thinking they are cheating but this guy was blatantly cheating. (context: labs, 4man group, 2 black key card, 2 blue key card(myself)) The guy instantly killed my friend and i at the blue keycard door leading to the metal staircase and he killed the other two in the black key card. The black key card gave 100% certainty he was cheating, he shot the two last through the wall in the side hall (not the entrance of the black keycard where the two plexi glass windows are) The picture is one of my squadmates who got killed by him, sitting in the black key card through the wall. The cheaters name is <removed>
  12. FussyFangs

    Minha despedida a comunidade

    Ola, meu nome é Clarabela Rothschild, tenho 21 anos, e moro em São Caetano (SP) em um condomino fechado. Por que estou disponibilizando esse tipo de informação? depois de ser ameaçada de DDOS, Doxxing, e até mesmo de morte por estar supostamente cheatada, rumores criados por pessoas de ego fraco, e eu prefiro entregar essa informação que deixar alguém vazar ela. Eu sofro de transtorno de personalidade limítrofe (desordem bordeline) o que faz que eu seja extremamente paranoica, e que minhas emoções sejam muito intensas, o que amplifica toda a minha reação psicologia as ameaças. E nesses ultimos meses minha vida se tornou um inferno por causa desses rumores, mesmo sabendo quem são os dois principais culpados eu não tenho o suficiente para ir para a justiça e retificar isso. O Tarkov é algo que junto a streamar ajudava muito com minha depressão, pensamentos suicidas e automutilação, e isso foi roubado de mim. O estresse emocional gerado por toda essa situação tem dificultado que eu consiga me alegrar com o jogo e tenha animo para jogar. Me dói muito ter de abandonar algo que antes me fazia tanto bem, algo que eu tinha uma paixão e tentava fazer o máximo para ver ela crescer, eu pensei que poderia ser um bastião para ajudar a comunidade a um caminho melhor, mas no fim do dia minhas asas já tinham sido cortadas por quem se sentia ameaçado. Com um coração bem pesado eu os deixo, e agradeço a todos aqueles que me deram suporte e foram gentis comigo. Eu não sei se algum dia vou voltar a streamar por causa disso, eu estarei desativando a maioria das minhas redes sociais, e bloqueando todo contato que tente me alcançar, eu peço desculpa por não ser forte o suficiente para tentar ignorar a fazer algo contra isso. Eu sou grata por tudo, pelas risadas, as amizades novas, e os momentos de diversão. Boa sorte a todos vocês meus queridos guerreiros, não é a hora certa para piadas (mas é um dos jeitos que eu tento lidar com o que me machuca) mas eu acho que eu consegui escapar de tarkov. sinceramente assinado -Clarabela Rothschild, fussyfangs tl;dr garota idiota tem uma das poucas coisas que a traziam prazer tirada dela.
  13. nthnkirsch1

    <hidden> cheating on customs

    <hidden> had ESP and aimbot combo on customs and killed everyone on the map duck this cheating piece of poo
  14. roenilli

    Needs Banned

    So i started a match, the timer counted down from 20 just as always and within 1 millisecond i was shot in the head ##Content Removed##
  15. Policeref


    I would like to report a player named #removed# on the Factory Map at 4:32 pm eastern time for cheating. I think he was using a aimbot and killed me in the spawnpoint as soon as i spawned in. Thank you!
  16. MlLL3R

    Hacker melden?

    Hallo zusammen, wie kann ich Hacker mit Beweisvideo melden?
  17. Hey users of the eft Forum. In my last week of playing eft i got killed two times by cheaters and managed to kill an additional one in the last second. So i was wondering if there is an option to report possible cheaters. Before you start commenting stuff like "sometimes you get tarkoved" or "maybe you made a sound which gave away your position" let me tell u this: Im not a guy who calls everybody whos better than me a cheater. I've been playing videogames for a long time now, including CS:GO and other competitive shooters for thousands of hours so i think i know what im talking about. Additionaly the cases below do not include any face to face combat where my position was known in the first place. I wont post the name here yet, as i dont know what the rules are regarding this topic. Cases: Location: Shoreline village The first death was caused by a guy who presumably whiped the server (me and a friend of mine died at the same time without shots or anything else inside a building). We were looting a house on coastline village (low traffic region), so there was no possibility of us being killed simultaneously without hearing shots. We just dropped dead. Location: Customs exit area; one of the small buildings with pipes on the far side of the map The second death was caused by a guy who randomly happened to throw a grenade into a building i was lying in. This case is suspisious since i layed in this spot for 25min (alt-tabbed out of my game) without making any noises (had no money so i had to take it slow - dont worry im not an exit camping scumbag). You cant check this spot without making any noises (which i would have heared). Additionally a player can not be seen by a person who enters the building, when lying in this position Location: Customs same spot Same position same situation - guy walked up on me - but i heared him an managed to noscope him through his visor (shoutout to my mosin <3 ) The last two situations were verry fishy and probably a case of ESP. Hope you can give me any further information. Flintenchirurg
  18. XxLuciferxX

    Cheaters have to be sorted

    The cheating the is rife in tarkov at the moment is not only killing the player list, its making the people playing fair no longer want to return to the game, go to youtube and search hackers in tarkov, and filter by this week alone and look at the 100 + video's or cheaters and thats just this week. mods/admins/devs of BSG you are losing this war and the community are not feeling confident in the war on hackers is being won, we get told to stop moaning about it we get told you ban people on a dailey basis, so why not reply to the questions? why are they not being IP banned? why can they simply buy another account and then come back in, its the same names over and over again and some of the names we see constantly dont appear on the list.
  19. grampaexpozure

    No Report option?

    More anmd more now im running into raids with players who have cheats/ hacks (invincibility, aimbot etc) and there is no way of reporting their account. will this be implemented soon? or is there some spot i can post their IGN so they can be taken care of at some point? it's rather frustrating when i spend hours grinding gear toi just lose it to some player who is bad at the game and decides to toggle on invincibilty and stand in front of extracts wearing absolutly no armor. What can be done to address this?
  20. CrypticStaten

    New Kind of Hacker

    So I've known about the invulnerable customs glitch, but I've also just left those guys alone. Now though I've run into one of the invulnerable guys with a shotgun, and he was very much able to kill my entire 3 man geared squad. He one shot all of us. Please tell me there is a way to fix this. I know the answer will probably be to "wait for the patch", but waiting for the patch doesn't get me all the gear I've lost to hackers back. It's honestly making me want to quit the game entirely. I was thinking about buying EoD, but considering that I can't even go into a raid without worrying about hackers I don't think it would be wise. Also the dude's name was [REMOVED].
  21. skybellrock

    Hackers in EFT

    Hey. Today i was just playing casually like i do. I was running a run at woods and had survived multiple players and scavs. I had got quite alot of gear and was heading towards extraction close to the cabin in the woods. Suddenly i started getting shot. I looked everywhere around me in haste but couldnt see him. I layed down as a mean to recoop and thats when i looked up and saw barrel fire coming out of thin air. In other words: i got killed by a invisible teleporting flyhacker, how great. I paid for this game and i expect atleast some antihacking service. This type of scenario has happened to me multiple times. I hope you can get this hacker that made me loose alot of gear. His ingame gamertag is: Kinda funny actually because he uses hacks that makes him invisible and his tag is , haha sooooo funny you 10 year old hacking clankid ruining others fun. Well anyway i hope you can view him ingame or something or find another way to determine that he is hacking and get him banned from this platform. Thanks
  22. Maxtorym

    Hackers ?

    Afgelopen weeked Tarkov gespeeld en gestreamd ben ik tot deze highlight gekomen van mijn stream. Is dit een hacker of niet lijkt erop dat er door de trein word geschoten. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZoeiN3REgsc
  23. Escpaers, cheaten mag evtl. für einige von euch verlockend sein, aber sei euch gesagt: "Es lohnt sich nicht, wir finden euch und wir bannen euch!" Hier nun eine Liste der Deliquenten, die in Escape from Tarkov cheaten wollten und nun dafür die Quittung bekommen haben:
  24. OwtaCtrl

    Is this guy cheating?

    So I'm played the video slow and hit him at least 3 times he shoots me and my friend with his basic vepr killing us both (both had face shields) and he took plenty of rounds from my friend too.
  25. So I sneaked up on a guy and as soon as I had my ironsights on his head, he turned directly at me like SCAVs did. I'm new to the game but watched alot of streamers. This seemd pretty dodgy to me. Skip to 1:50 for action! I am new to Shoreline so I had to orientate myself first. https://youtu.be/SaqPb2PiC0c
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