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  1. Please help me identify whether this player we encountered as a 4 man was a cheater or extremely skilled player. Player Name at the end of the video. Thank you in advance https://youtu.be/2wD6NcMYw4Y The fight start at 2:30. The cheater comes in at the second gun battle.
  2. piterr_


    Is there any way i could report a cheater with a video proof? I have a replay of a guy killing me and my friend at the same exact moment while running.
  3. So, long story short, i hoped into a discord server with a friend of mine when he told me he found a guy that was cheating and screen sharing. So it took it up on myself to expose him and get him banned from the game. So i recorded his screen, where u can see perfectly that he's cheating and confronted him too, and right after i confronted him and told him i recorded his screen and was going to submit it to the forum to get him banned, i got banned from his discord. Hopefully the devs will see this and get this stupid bad guy out of the Game, his name is/was LocalPimp, he probably changed his name after this, but i got the raid code there as u can see, and he was the only one on that raid, so you can easily track him down and ban him Raid Code: D9G322 Cheater's IGN at the time: LocalPimp Video Evidence: https://youtu.be/GmiQVOn8lXQ
  4. Hi BSG Just an idea to identify/remove cheaters. See if you can get your team to scan for players using third-party clients/launchers to play EFT. This technique has been used by other companies' games. Example OSRS uses this to catch bots and cheaters. For OSRS example they are able to see when their game is launched by third-party software. If BSG is able to have a scanner/antivirus/ or something etc. to read and analyze the back-end code when eft gets launched or when a player gets put into a match something like battle eye but better to catch the different codes getting injected into the client. To do this successfully would be by analyzing how all these new hacks works then figure out what gets injected that makes them different from a regular account then automatic flag that account. If the bad code is caught have like a if- else implemented that causes only negative effects on the cheater like no damage 0 energy etc or just instantly kill them then the account gets banned. By having something like this implemented this would make the cheaters/rwt people alot harder to time to cheat in these games and would cause them to be doing it alot less. I understand this can not been done instantly but I would think this would be a good way to get to prevent hackers/cheaters to play EFT. PS: Just saying I am always willing to work for BSG KEK. I do have a cybersecurity degree with 1 year work experience, and I am passionate about seeing this game to be successful. If asked what position I specialize in Security/Network Analyst. Thanks, to anyone that reads
  5. Hallo, ich wollte mich mal mit einer Idee an euch richten welche zum einen die Zahl der Cheater stark reduzieren würde und zum anderen den BSG-Support dabei unterstürzen/entlasten würde, diese unerwünschten Spieler zu entfernen. Und zwar habe ich folgende Idee. Mein Ansatz ist von Valve bzw. CS:GO abgeguckt. Dort haben erfahrenen Spieler die Möglichkeit Replays von häufig reporteten Spielern einzusehen und abschließend Ihre Einschätzung zum Fall abzugeben. In EFT könnte das wie folgt aussehen. Man muss eine gewisse Spielzeit oder ein gesamt Level über die Wipes ansammeln, um diese Funktion freizuschalten. Dann kann man diese Option auswählen und bekommt eine Replay eines Spielers mit vielen Reports in kurzer Zeit. Der Verdächtige wäre dabei anonymisiert. In der Replay hat man Funktionen wie einen X-Ray um einen Wallhack leichter zu erkennen. Zusätzlich dazu die Einsicht in das Inventar und ähnliches. Praktisch wäre auch eine Timeline welche anzeigt an welcher Stelle der Spieler einen Kill gemacht hat um lange Laufphasen gegebenenfalls auszulassen. Ist man mit der Einsicht fertig muss man zum Schluss verschiedene Punkte bewerten wo der Spieler wie auffällig geworden ist (Wallhack, Aimbot, VoIP Abuse und andere Cheats). Man hat die Wahl zwischen "Auf jeden Fall verbotene Software benutzt", "möglicherweise verbotene Software benutzt" und "unaufällig." Damit ist der Fall für einen persönlich abgeschlossen. Die Replay wird dann noch mit der Zeit von weiteren Spielern eingesehen. Nach einer gewissen Anzahl von Einsichten wird eine Entscheidung basierend der Einschätzungen der Prüfer getroffen und der Verdächtige ggf. gebannt. Hat man mit seiner Einschätzung richtig gelegen bekommt man als Belohnung eine SCAV-Marke mit welcher man an einer Art zweiter SCAV-Kiste zufällige Belohnungen erhalten kann, um einen Anreiz zu schaffen dieser Tätigkeit nachzugehen. BSG müsste dafür ein Replay System einführen und dann die Möglichkeit diese Replays einzusehen. Klar das muss alles entwickelt werden aber ich bin davon überzeugt, dass das Kosten Nutzen Verhältnis da auf jeden Fall passt und es eine Win Win Situation sowohl für die Spieler als auch für das BSG-Team geben würde. Wie denkt ihr so über diese Idee?
  6. Hi all, So the question is where do i start? Ive been playing for four wipes on and off and last wipe I decided to start taking the game a bit more seriously and that has lead into this current wipe. I am not going to toot my own horn and say I am amazing at this game but i am an average casual. I find this game extremely enjoyable and hard to put down. The thrill of winning then losing then building it back up gives you a sense of enjoyment and progression. The biggest issue i seem to be having this wipe is cheaters. Last wipe was bad, but it has nothing on this wipe. I am constantly running into players with EOD accounts and Standard that are clear as day using some sort of third party; either to its fullest extent or not its clearly blatant. My issue is why aren't these accounts being spotted? Its a very intense game and its quite easy to figure out who is doing what with account previous statistics matched with current statistics, vice versa. When this wipe first started i had not many issues at all with this problem, but now its out of control. I play a lot of duos and the ability for a player to transition from myself to my duo in the matter of a second and insta head shot using an EOD account and be level 55+ and still be playing is ridiculous. I was doing shooter born on Shoreline so i was playing bush wookie, yes a cheep but efficient tactic. I tank a 5.56 round to the head while sitting in a bush from spawn no longer then 15 seconds into the start of the lobby and over looking an area. Didn't hear the shot being it was that far away. No possible way for someone to see me there. He was so far away and as we know 5.56 at distance over 100m wasn't killing at one point. I instantly knew something was wrong so i run for my life and so does my duo. As we are full sprint running we instantly both die from a M855A1 round to the head 1 second apart.. I Still have the players name and look him up every time i get on and he still continues to climb and last checked he was level 67. Yesterday playing in a three man and on a 8 raid streak we are on woods helping someone quest. While we spawn at RUAF and run toward the medical camp they are both inside and i stay outside and cover entry points from the rock around. While I am full sprint and moving positions i instantly get head shot from somewhere at spine, through all the trees there. One of the guys I am with is down by the white van on water side and 2 seconds after i am killed he is getting shot at. He survives but falls back. At this point i quickly jump over to discord watching them through screen share so i can say whereabouts i was killed from. My main duo who is currently level 45 and quite good at the game is clearing the area while running out from the east side of medical camp. While hes doing that the other guy dies at white van. Both of us down. This is all happening in the matter of 30 seconds. Lets not forget i am far east by the rocks north of the bus stop. How has he transitioned from me far east to instantly shooting the man at white van and finally killing him. My main duo then like i said runs from east side of medical runs around back loops around to spine and through the trees back to medical camp. While he is in the trees moving back down onto medical camp he instantly dies from a head shot at the location i died, further south next to the rocks at the bus stop. This is all in about 2 minutes game time. This player is actually one i have seen before being i play on selected servers. This player is using an EOD account. This player is level 63. How is hes still playing. He didnt make a sound when killing my being he was so far away. Instantly killed me. Instantly moved 300 meters right looked down through trees over and down a hill side and shoots my other man in 3 seconds. Then manages to kill my third with zero knowledge of his movement being he went through a tree line back and out the other side and back down and instantly kills him as soon as he peaks a ridge. These are just to I have recorded and have footage of. Lets not talk about the countless other times i have seen some incredibly sketchy stuff. Lets also not talk about the blatant standard account MP5 across the map guys. This is ridiculous. Ive bought 2 EOD accounts since I have been playing being. I play hardcore styled on one and normal on the other in the past. That is like £300 down the drain. I refuse to play again until i hear this game gets better.
  7. dhdhtpdp

    In game macro user .mp4

    우드 외곽에서 힘인듀작 하던중 매크로쓴채 같은 속도로 빙빙 돌던 매크로 유저 발견.
  8. NotACopGaming

    Getting gear back from a cheater

    Is there any way to add an aspect to the game where if a cheater is banned that any gear he looted is returned to its owner. Kind of like a Prapor insurance return. Or even a system that shows this account was banned for cheating, any players that they killed will get a message returning whatever items they had been killed with. I suck at this game and I know it but when I finally get to go to labs I bring my best gear just to lose it to a headshot through a closed door. I think this might be an option?
  9. I cant find anywhere to report him, but i have video evidence of him cheating. Where should i post it?
  10. wolfe1983

    Cheater per live stream ......

    Alter cheater on live stream warum ist der noch nicht ban ? https://www.twitch.tv/60bl1nk1n6_ttv wallhack plus aimbot ganz schlimm
  11. So I wanted to report a cheater Kiaga, During a factory raid I kept hearing shots go off but thought nothing of it. I followed to players into office I killed his friend but when I went to the safe room, his bud was dead against the cabinets. I grabbed his dog tag and while looting a shot hit my helmet and no one was near, I start getting pelted by the bullets which are coinciding with the shots i'm hearing from cellers. I guess there were some objects that couldn't pen, I barely made it out with almost my entire body ripped up and bleeding. Figured out it was Kiaga cause the dog tag said that's who killed him.
  12. Samtheflowerman

    Blatent Flying Hacker (Video proof)

    I started playing tarkov for the first time today and we spotted a blatent flying hacker in our first run in Custom PMC I made a gif to show he was flying but i have full video proof Can we do something about this guy hacking?
  13. it is really getting sad, i cant even be in a match for more than 2 min before... you know head shot. one shot. every.. single... death... no chance to even react. EVERY SINGLE DEATH IS HEADSHOTS. FOR THE PAST WEEK. i would have to say. i play mostly woods at night. to make it even harder for people to get headshots. but HAHA it really dont matter when ALOT of people are seemingly cheating. i don't stand in the open, i use trees for cover never staying still and keeping an unpredictable pattern. its getting a little disheartening now. you just dont even have a chance. you will have some loser flying around the map killing everyone... and it seems like nothing will be done about it. just banning these people will not do it, they will just buy another copy of the game and keep cheating. there needs to be some way to hard ip ban them with like the model # from each part of there pc. now that would make people quit cheating. go buy another pc to cheat HA its not like its every match a cheater is there, but its getting WAY MORE PREVALENT. sucks :{
  14. Hallo zusammen, habe soeben mit einem Streamer zusammen auf Labs gespawnd und wir wurden kurz danach durch die wänder gekillt. Hier einmal der Link : https://clips.twitch.tv/PopularIronicGalagoFutureMan-Ojc6C-5AIJRmwHVY Ich wurde kurz danach im BlackCard Room durch die Wand 2 mal ins Altyn Faceschield geschossen und danach von ihm mit 2 weiter gekillt.
  15. Fuggitivi! La nostra battaglia contro i giocatori che cercano di ottenere vantaggi ingiusti con l'ausilio di software proibiti di terze parti è ancora in corso ed e una delle nostre principali priorità. Anche oggi vi presentiamo un ulteriore elenco di giocatori bannati. Altri cheater saranno bannati su base giornaliera e aggiorneremo costantemente il nostro sistema Anti-Cheat. Ti ricordiamo che al momento la segnalazione dei cheater non è ancora permessa attraverso il forum. Puoi trovare la lista con i 1029 nomi dei sudici qui sotto:
  16. AbramSooker

    Cheater on Labs

    Me and my friend were on labs and we died to a cheater. He is obviously cheating, started shooting 5 seconds into raid. Killing everyone around us. We heard him running torwards us while we were hiding in red room, not making a single sound, came to the door and was talking. He killed a raider outside then shot us through the wall killing me and my friend boujee_manTTV and ThicOperator, Here is the video clip https://youtu.be/tH_2d7tWVzM
  17. Darsok

    Cheater identity

    Hello, sorry for my poor English. I have a suggestion to avoid cheater, ask for an IRL identity card when purchasing / creating the account, like a gambling game. And ban an identity from the games and not just an account. I don't think it's easy to set up but I think it would be very effective.
  18. First time poster here, Has anyone from OCE noticed that shoreline is really bad at the moment for speed hackers? This post might seem like a whinge, but just wondering if anyone else has the same experience as me. I spent alot of time a few days ago trying 2 find a ledx for my hideout, no matter what spawn I got by the time I got to the main buildings everything is already unlocked and looted and I cant hear anyone moving around. I thought it was nothing at first, but then I saw one in the act. Ran past me at like a million miles an hour. Now after many more runs, I feel like every raid has a speed hacker in it. Even when I get the closest spawn to the main buildings, by the time I get there I can hear someone already on the 2nd/3rd level opening doors and if they can be arsed they kill me trying to get into the building. Every raid it is like this. I feel the same for reserve, although not sure if its just bad luck in terms of item spawn rates. I can not for the life of me find a military battery, everything of value is missing from the map. Are any other players from OCE having this experience as well? I came back after a long break and really noticeable now how many hackers there are in OCE atm. I feel shoreline is unplayable at the moment. Customs is ok, I feel that its probably because the hackers can get more stuff from shoreline and customs isn't worth their time.
  19. David916

    Using bug to win

    https://clips.twitch.tv/SucculentBlindingTireKreygasm heres the clip i think i dont need to say anithing hi killed my whole team
  20. killer112998

    Dying by cheaters:

    Recently ran into Interchange with my buddy SUPER geared to try and get his kill killa quest done, I get one tapped through an alytn visor by 7.62x39 BP from a good distance through obstacles, buddy lays into him after a cat and mouse game and also gets one tapped through his visor. Now thats a Gen4 full, AS Val with five 30's filled, a couple propitols, and an altyn gone because some fuckstick cant play the game right. The kicker is that he's a level 63. I'm not some noob and neither is my buddy, we were running meta gear and BOTH got one tapped through our visors. What is even the point of running good gear? I have the cheaters name if anyone with power is reading this, I dont want to publicly post it without confirmation.
  21. Cheater Name: SansaLannister Proof: https://clips.twitch.tv/FriendlyDullPlumPeoplesChamp
  22. yanjari


    caught some people cheating in my friends discord server. I'm not sure if there's anyway to report him or anything but his tarkov ID is "removed for name shaming" and his Discord is "removed for name shaming" (as shown in the screenshot)(removed for name shaming). pls let me know if there's anyway to report him or something within those lines.
  23. We can always find cheaters in shooting games, so it's not a smart way only ban every cheaters. They show up like roach. we know why those cheaters after got banned but still want to buy another account for keep cheating. They want money, real money. So we should cut off the chain of RMT. And do not slow down the speed of earn money. Instead you guys should boost it. If players bring lots of good gears in one raid, and one of those players is not very lucky, he met a cheater in that raid, then all the work would be destory by this cheater. Because developers can't solve the problem of cheater, so developers disappoint those players. They maybe turn into cheaters, or leave this game. Before developers find one good way to solve the cheater problem, developers should make normal players don't feel that bad when they against cheaters. me: asia servers, yes cheater: no, u don't want it
  24. TastyNapalm

    Cheater reporten

    Hallo zusammen, erstmal vorweg ich spiele EFT wirklich gerne deshalb bin ich auch hier. In meinen letzten 4 Lab Raids wurde ich jedes mal von einem Cheater getötet. Mich ärgert es einfach total auf das es nicht einmal die möglichkeit gibt nach der Runde seinen Killer zu reporten, man fühlt sich einfach kopmplett machtlos und die Leute, auch wenn sie noch so offensichtlich cheaten, können einfach weiter machen. Ich bezichtige Leute eher selten des cheatens und ich habe auch schon einige Stunden in competitiven spielen wie CS verbracht und da auch selten Leute des cheatens bezichtigt aber manche machen es einfach so offensichtlich und man kann gar nichts dagegen tun. Ich fände ein Feature cool wo man nach der runde seinen Killer reporten kann, solange es dieses Feature nicht gibt werde ich mich von Labs eher fernhalten. Es ist akteull einfach nur frustrierend. LG TastyNapalm
  25. I was playin' Reserve with two mates. I heard footsteps inside the " Queen building " so we pushed it and killed two player, but the third one got me. When I got back into the main menu, I saw one of 'em added me as a friend, so I accept. He insulted me, called me a cheater with " healthcheat " cause, as he says, he shot me 10 bullets in my head ( But in my visual, he was throwing a grenade and never shoot ). How do I report a " toxic player " ? Do I risk the ban? Got the clip and screenshots.
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