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Found 35 results

  1. User Cheater catched

    Dopo aver visto un giocatore che mi inseguiva mi sono nascosto in un tunnel chiuso una volta perso il contatto visivo. Un giocatore con nick SosiskaofDeath è arrivato nel tunnel a colpo sicuro cominciando a sparare PRIMA di girare l'angolo del muro sapendo con certezza dove ero posizionato nascosto e accucciato al buio... Giocare così è decisamente frustrante. Si fa tanto per recuperare equip e poi arriva uno ******** che siccome è frustrato deve rovinare il gioco agli altri. Giusto come sfogo... il nick l'ho scritto.
  2. Interzicerea trisorilor

    Dragi Escaperi! Jos puteti sa gasiti lista persoanelor ale carui acces a fost interzis pentru aceasta zi. Aceste supranume sunt "publicate" dupa orice wipe. Dorim sa va avertizam ca aceste interziceri nu se vor opri nici macar un minut, iar toti cei care vor utiliza software interzis vor fi eliminati di joc permanent.
  3. Cheater on customs

    me and a buddy of mine played today (3/11/2018 at 1-4am) and have run into the same dude cheating on customs 3 times and his in game tag as of now is and is teleporting, aim botting, maybe even a skybox hack, etc. All i would like is for the devs to look into this dude and please put a god damn anti cheat into the game. Please anyone that runs into hackers make a thread about them because they are ruining the game
  4. Cheater on shoreline

    Hi i want to say my storie, it is a little one but there is one proof that this player is a cheater, his name is XXXX he kill my team mate, that was in hab 218 on shoreline by the window. Only 1 shot from 950 meters, there is no loc to do this in this map. my teammate was wearing a Ops Core Fast MT full. On the other hand, developers be care with cheaters, they can ruin this game as fast as warz happen. thx for readme. sorry my bad english,bye!
  5. Possible cheater? :)

    During the incident I was talking to my chat for about 3-4 minutes and I didn't move my char so no way he would hear my foot steps. The shots came from through the wall, not the door. *link removed*
  6. hi everyone ive seen a lot of "cheater" threads these days but havent seen a cheater for a while. i played eft for like over one year and have seen only 2-3 people which i can 100% confirm theyre cheaters. most of the "speedhackers" have just trained the strenght skill or theres a server desync or both. theres a huge server desync (in my opinion since august) and often my shots takes like 1-2 seconds to arrive at the enemy. i play sometimes with mates on a lan and the desync is realy heavy. we arranged the screens so anyone can see all the screens and if i move just 1m that happens 2 ducking seconds later for all other(3-5 playing on a 150k vdsl) in my opinion are 99% of this "he cheated" moments are just desync related and not caused by a cheating player. and yes its completely frustrating to play like that i dont say there arent any cheaters, i just say most of u cant or wont see/tell the difference between killed by a cheater and killed by a normal/good player with desync.
  7. This person should be banned!!!

    Just look at the video and try to make some thought on that
  8. found obvious cheater

    Found an obvious as hell cheater on customs by name of [username deleted]. took 3 full magazines from an ak with ap ammo and turned to me and one shot me through kiver and paca with a tt.
  9. Cheater, Camper, Spawn killer

    Hi there, I'm playing now EFT two for days and I have to say it looked nice but this game has been ruined for me by cheaters, campers and spawn killers. I don't get it how this can even be possible. 20 Games, 20 Deaths, 50% of the time I reach an exit but get killed by a waiting sniper somewhere over the rambow. Sometimes I get a headshots inside a closed room ... without a sound, without having seen anyone. What annoys me the most is that I need to shoot another player like 10-20 times while 1 shot is enough to kill me, even with body armor... Never had such problems with CS:GO, PUBG or Battlefield. Has it to do with the levels? I don't get this game and won't try to understand it. I just feel like I wasted my money. Yea it's beta but it looks pretty finished in terms of gameplay content. If this is the content then have fun with all the cheaters and stuff...
  10. EFT is falling down

    Tarkov give up! 1 hour ago on Woods I met a boi with a glitched Remington and after 15 minutes a cheater 'Name removed by Mr_Sheep' that kill all my team with an headshot from nowhere. Servers are full of hatchet player and scavs destroy all legs. Devs need to do something to save this terrible situation, or the game will be down in a few weeks.
  11. So guys I encounterd three gllitchers today, why arent u doing anything against it? It is destroying the games purpose.... Here you have a video how it went for them: Video removed. I dont see a purpose in destoying your game expirience, maybe he is too bad at this See ya in Tarkov, ExotiQ
  12. So playing a raid on factory with a team as 3 and we run into an interesting scenario, we secure player side and start pushing into exit side and our point man goes down to suppressed fire. So we pull back, on rafters and second man goes around through tunnels to window hall, we see a scav go down and suspect the player is on top of pump room, so we charge it. Turns out the player is actually inside pump station, not a bad idea, we have an exchange of gun fire then I pull out to outside his LOS to reload and heal. I come back unload onto him with an AKMN with BP rounds, he's wearing fort + Fast. Nothing happens so i reload and unload into his legs, whole time he is just standing there wiggling at me. So I think ok, maybe I can't shoot through the window, me and my buddy line up behind door to open it up and shoot at him, but the door is locked. so we figure screw it, it's a game glitch or a hacker, so we leave to extract. We get to exfill, he just walks around the door despite shooting at him in the legs and double taps us in the head. I don't know if this was a hack or an exploit, but it's super fine either way. Could we please have a way to flag this kind of behavior?! Player's gamer tag was
  13. Ewidentny cheater gdzie zgłosić?

    Spotkaliśmy w grze ewidentnego cheatera,nie desync lag czy inna wina beta gry. Czy jest możliwość zgłoszenia bydlaka,przeglądałem posty i wszędzie jest że nie ma możliwości tyle że to posty z grudnia a doszły mnie słuchy że jest gdzieś taka możliwość. Jak ktoś ma info to będę zobowiązany. To filmik z zajścia a pod filmem opis sytuacji
  14. Cheater possibly?

    Hey, If any Battlestate Games Dev's are around to read this, I just had a game of which me and my friend were having a casual RAID and we heard someone running down the road we were at. I took up cover and saw a completely ungeared PMC armed with only a VEPR. I begun to engage with him, full auto spraying into his legs and he instantly one shot's me into the head with a Kvier helmet on? Can anybody shed some light onto this? Lost a ton of gear because of this... My friend too. Thanks Yandog P.S. If any dev wishes to see the video (my POV & my friends POV), we can happily provide evidence and the PMC's name.

    SWOLE_MARONE literally full auto sprays across the map and doesn't miss a shot. This kid killed me multiple times and is blatantly cheating. It would be nice to not have to face so many cheaters in this game. Its a shame really.
  16. Its very annoying when someone prefires a corner you have been holding for 5 minutes, or someone takes 5 headshots from an AK without a helmet and survives, or I'm in a building and I take a mass amount of damage out of no where (No sound or anything just 2 blacked out legs and almost dead) for no reason, or when a magical flying scav comes down from the heavens and shoots me in the head with an M4 (Nah thats got to be lag), or I'm wearing fort and a kiver and a toz scav instakills me from 100m away. There are so many unfixed problems that I can't distinguish between the reasons for which I died. Was it a legitimate kill? was it lag? or was it a hacker? really discouraging when you know that there is a Amazing large chance that either a glitch or a hacker will kill you half the time. Yet big content creators on YouTube always edit this Crap out and make this game look far more consistent/reliable then it is.
  17. So just come out of a factory where this guy Edited out by Mr_Sheep. lvl 17 one tapped our 3 man squad with a pistol. All members wearing Fort and Fast. Please see attached. This is the second cheater I've come across so far (and I consider myself lucky at that), yet my first report as I am now starting to hear and see so much more of it.
  18. [REDACTED] cheater

    A player by the name [REDACTED] was cheating a few minutes ago in customs. I was on the second floor of one of the buildings in custom, he was running around outside screaming and also around the first floor. He kept throwing granades inside of the building I was in from outside, he landed every one inside of the rooms I was hiding in through the window even though I was proning and making 0 noise, there was no way he could had seen me/heard me. He kept screaming commands at me from the left side of the building and when I moved to the right side of the building he then started to scream around there. Afterwards, when I was going to make a run for it, I got 3 bleed effects and all of my limbs were hurt, no sounds were heard. Then I looked at the stairs and saw him coming up, I ran into a room but again, he shot me (no noises were made by his gun (silenced shots make sounds too btw)) and kill me through like 10 walls (several rooms in between me and him) I was wearing a grade 2 armor, a Kiver helmet, an ak74n, a scavenger backpack and lost all of it to a cheater
  19. Hacker

    Fliegt bei woods und ist nicht tötbar zeit 07.01.2018 21:06
  20. Hacker Report: Jimlo

    Explicit language, I was triggered. Really triggered. I had on a Kiver as you could see.
  21. So far i did not find a way to report cheater. My friend and me just got killed the second time by a dude (i have the name ready, just do not want to blame anyone without 100% proof/confirmation by devs). So i would like to ask a dev to check this. Can i put up a support request for that? I don't want to abuse that, if it's not meant for that. This guy is ruining the fun for a lot of guys, probably roaming around from game to game, killing ppl with some invisible/glitch cheat.
  22. Hi everyone, is there a list of cheaters for all time (or last month)? I would like to see if someone got banned but I can't find a searchable list/full list somewhere?
  23. 핵쟁이 만났습니다.

  24. A way to report hacker after death

    Hello , This is my short incident that happened to me right now , I spawned in the raid and I safely got into a room and start listening for my surroundings and found everything around to be clear I sat still for 5 seconds before moving out and my character just falls over and dies raid ended 23 seconds I died to SKOOWOO I am certain I died to a hacker because my connection was perfectly fine no trouble loading in or anything . Just would be nice to report a death cam to report any suspicious activity after death like my incident to which I have no explanation for I died in an enclosed room all doors closed no wall bang through wall or door . It felt like I got shot from across the map on woods or something cause I didn't hear a bullet at all either. PLEASE READ
  25. HI , i hope this is the correct place . in short . i joined a server looking for a group - received an request , i joined .two players in the group and i was added . we spawned ( us 3 ) and i was knifed immediately by one of the players who invited me . i have screenshots ,time stamps and the names . where do i report this . ? this must be dealt with . sad to see this type of activity. cheers /PIN !