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  1. Please add identity or phone verification for play game. "For cheaters" i cant play labs.
  2. Suni221

    Cheaters in almost EVERY raid.

    I am so, so ,soooooo tired of going into a raid. Spawning, Running, Getting to Location 1 ( fuc...ing ONE ), and suddenly i hear running.... ( oh poo some 1 is coming! Better NOT MOVE to not make ANY SOUND!)... but as u may alredy suspect this is no ordinary footstep. Oh no it aint. THIS ! THIS is a man running DIRECTLY TO ME ! A fully NAKED DUDE with a stock AK with IGOLNIK #ignorearmor rounds. He does not run to loot this location, he is coming for ME and MY GEAR. He throws nades towards my location like he s got this BIRD VIEW u have in Assassins s creed origin, so he can litteraly see THE
  3. Hello, I'm going to give a little feedback of my first 70 hours of play EFT: * Grenades are so broken, sound, parabolas, landings, etc... if you use grenades in a smalls rooms like shoreline, or windows, you are really fucked, you dont know where the grenade goes,and some of the times you will die because your own grenade.you see your grenade goes out, but you have it in your feets. *Ping , desync , net problems. sometime you can kill ppl that have longest loading times, fights with hatchet are totally random, your teammates will go like teleportation , and many more th

    Cheaters are getting worst..

    This is my first time ever writing on a forum but i just need to vent. I love Tarkov, this is a one of a kind game that has become the only game i desire to play, at least that was the case up until today. 3 Times today Ive been killed by cheaters. Wall banged by one inside where killa spawns on interchange ( he didn't miss a single shot from the other side of the wall) and twice on shoreline. On shore line it seems to be a situation where one guy sits outside the resort with a radar and tells the other one what rooms to push. Eash time on shoreline i was standing completely still when s
  5. madrandomize

    RMT "combat" suggestions.

    First off all, what is RMT and how it works. Let's say I want to buy 1 million rubles, I go to a shady website then I proceed to pay with real money and then someone arranges that I get those rubles in a raid that I join with him. We then get in the raid and he drops it on the ground, I then pick it up and then he leaves and I get to keep the money in my secure container. How to combat the transaction. The first step was to set a limit to the amount of money I can bring to the game. But then i saw that you can still put money inside a wallet and bring the wallet to the raid. So m
  6. YaBoiRoyHF

    Anti- Cheater/Anti- RMT suggestion

    SUGGESTION: Putting a playtime Limit of about 50h - 100h on the Labs queue, so that your Account has to have played for example 75 hours so you can enter the Labs queue, no matter if you have the Keycard. BACKGROUND / EXPLANATION: I heared from alot of people in the community how frustrated they are with labs, and how much they used to run it for fun. main reason for that are apparently cheaters. i personally do not play labs but i have witnessed onstream how much of a cheater paradise it i in EFT's current state. i've heared some real good suggestions regarding Cheaters in general
  7. Hi! Just wondering where do I post the videos of cheaters now that the mega thread has been archived? I know BSG launcher has a function to report a player, but it does not accept any video files therefore there is no way to help identify cheater with the vids. Thanks
  8. Clearbeardwiz

    cheaters or hackers or Devs

    I'm having difficulties connecting in to each game. When connecting into each game, I am timed out and then brought back in only to be killed by some player who is waiting for me. The player usually knows my exact location or where I am going and when I reconnect in I either get killed by the cheater instantly or the player disconnects a exit point and waits at the other. this has happened before and i had stopped playing this beta in the last few months hoping the player would just go away there was then an update and my character was rest again. I'm assuming its either a Dev or a computer co
  9. Survivor46290

    Weapon preset hacker issue

    I was making an AKM preset when I noticed a random attachment in my shopping list posted by an account named "EFThacks-com". Has anyone seen this before? Screenshot attached.
  10. Did117

    Found in Raid is CANCER

    So let me get this straight... You guys added the new Found in Raid mechanics so this game turns into a "find something I need for this goddamned quest RUN STRAIGHT TO THE EXTRACT FORGET BUDDIES AND FIREFIGHTS AND WHAT NOT!" and "Hey, you know what, forget looting and hunting, let's camp the extract! LOL!" Am I missing something? Can you guys please start playing the game? Can you guys please learn a thing or two about game design? Can you guys please make this game more PvE, PvP and PvPvE oriented? Can you guys please drop the GRINDING WALKING LOOTING SIMULATOR oriented game d
  11. I am a player from Hong Kong, sadly, Asia server ikr. The cheating problem is no big news to us when we are the closest to the biggest cheater producing country. You can't do much about it. Like Facebook, even though they block themselves in, some of them can reach the wall and use it anyway. So I guess I was born in a non-gaming-friendly place lol. You know there's are a lot of hackers while you start seeing a pattern on them. This might sound sad, but even if you can hear them coming, there's nothing you can do about it. They will always do the fatal shot on your eye if you are facing
  12. Vreesloos

    Post Wipe Cheaters

    Hello fellow Survivors, Is it a good idea to start a new topic about cheaters, posting screenshots with cheater names? I have no actual recording at the moment but will start recording from now on. First post wipe cheater for me was WoShiLaoGBle on Reserve on the South African server. Maybe BSG can come up with an idea to punish them if we collect many of the same screenshots with the same names, or even ingame replays of the event. Kinds regards, One sad survivor.
  13. Alacritee

    Unplayable after patch

    Was playing before patch, progressing... unplayable, 3 raids where I die within 5 minutes. First one, I barely took a step after loading in and hear explosions at gas station on Customs, so I move to get to other side of map from factory and before I get a chance to leave factory, they fighting stops. I peek out from container and sure enough I see someone on railroad front of gas station. He's just there, in the open, then moves and disappears. I think maybe I can squeeze through since he's got their attention. I push out to road and someone is under bridge of railroad on the road, not l
  14. Smokinfool9

    The Way KILLCAMS

    Guys there are too many people making impossible shots. being sniped reight away aftert spawning on the woods from out of nowhere. You need to start Discussions about adding a killcam feature, cheaters are going to ruin the game the same way they did to many other games before hand. There has to be a better way to stop them. Maybe have the game report its key during raids and anyone whos banned for cheating loses the key and needs to buy the game over again. id even be down for a server that requires a membership to pay into and incorporates ip or key bans this way. gotta think about what you
  15. Fergusano

    Im tired of cheaters.

    Nothing to say, a loot to lose...
  16. loozek

    Cheaters !!

    Your battle eye seems to be broken . a Big wave of paid cheats arrived to tarkov and normal players lose hard earned gear to them. (loads of time waste) Labs are occupied by aimboters which insta kill you with hs and die to bots ... seems aimbot not work on bots ... lol. yeah You need to do smthng with this poo for example i just died today 3 times to same poo cheater anubizzCZ insta HS me from other side of the map (guy run with killa so no chance to spot eazzy players and for sure no chance to hear them) ...... (please haters dont say skill etc. i have 1k hours in tarkov and i
  17. I'll post a youtube video soon. Just wondering if there was an official way to report cheaters. Since... im banned on the subreddit. 😠
  18. H4ilToTheKing

    When Will Anti-Cheat Be A Priority?

    No exaggeration, 10 lab runs, 10 cheaters blatantly wall hacking. Yes, I saved the videos on them. This is just so stupid, name one reason people should not cheat when your anti-cheat cannot catch them and it RUINS our game play???
  19. treej420


    this is getting ridiculous. its been long enough and there is still cheaters every day every raid. I either go to a server with no people or one with cheaters. anyone have any ideas on how we could help these tarkov devs combat this.
  20. Lynnette

    A replay/capture system

    Hello again forums! Gentle please o3o So I was playing around with the game here and there. got back in after the wipe. selling all my stuff. leveling the trader's cash requirements then playing OSP. Cool additions here and there. Accept all quests. the like. So i get into a raid with a scav. And get some alright loot. Stuff that i know that ill need later. Im playing on shoreline, and im almost to my destination, camp tunnel. I get over to the location and stumble across... of course. A camper. camping the exit point. I engage in a small firefight. All was peaking and popping tactics
  21. مرحباً بكم مجدداً أيها المحاربين الشجعان ضمن الجهود المتواصلة للتصدي لمختلف أشكال الغش والظلم في اللعبة، فإن أنظمة التصدي للغش والهاكرز يتم تحديثها باستمرار ويتم ضبط حساباتهم وإيقافها بشكل يومي نعدكم بعدم التراجع أو التكاسل حيث أن كل لاعب يقرر الذهاب لذاك الإتجاه سيتم ضبطه وإيقاف حسابه عاجلاً أم آجلاً، يمنع الغش منعاً باتاً في لعبتنا وسيبقى الوضع كذلك بشكل دائم قمنا مؤخراً بإيقاف ما يقارب 600 غشاش، إليكم في ما يلي 300 من تلك الأسماء لهم كل الخزي والعار، العبوا بنزاهة واستمتعوا بتاركوف
  22. StonedBoy

    Cheater on action

  23. Cheaters are numerous in Escape from Tarkov. People are entering raids as Player Scavs to hide their real tags. They're using ESP hacks to track players from across the map and through geometry, combined with aiming hacks to ensure quick headshots - they practically pre-fire as they round corners because they know exactly where you are. I've been gaming for over two decades, I even studied game development in college. To be completely honest, I like EFT, and while I've never played a game quite like it, I've also never played a game with as many cheaters as there are in this one. BSG should
  24. Escapers! Well, there is no story to it. They get BANNED! Below, you will find the 500 sad souls that were taken by the hammer that swings every day. This is a list of players that were banned due to cheating in Escape from Tarkov. Although we do not take player reports currently, we are actively monitoring and taking actions against those who cheat. So the lesson of the day, we take fair play seriously, do not cheat, do not get banned, and play the game fair. Translations: Portuguese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Brazil @REAPERBR Poli
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