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Found 29 results

  1. Hello, I'm going to give a little feedback of my first 70 hours of play EFT: * Grenades are so broken, sound, parabolas, landings, etc... if you use grenades in a smalls rooms like shoreline, or windows, you are really fucked, you dont know where the grenade goes,and some of the times you will die because your own grenade.you see your grenade goes out, but you have it in your feets. *Ping , desync , net problems. sometime you can kill ppl that have longest loading times, fights with hatchet are totally random, your teammates will go like teleportation , and many more things.bullets than dont hit,doors that show closed but are opens. rush is the way. *Inventary, if you buy the normal edition(dont know now the name) you will be fucked until you reach the top levels of traders. all time seeking free space.i think in the future you can expand it without realmoney. *Inventary in game. Bugged, 2 guys in the same loot = bug, be fast doing things in the inventary = bug , some random bug that cant explain.for example: i have several items in my inventary but when i end the raid, all is gone and the think that you can put a backpack in a backpack in a backpack is ridicolous.its helps for maximize inventory slots, but must have a limit to do. *weapons: when you are in the inventary and you take out an ammunition clip of your primary weapon , the guy does an animmation but if you do in your back weapon ,it is instant. damage is random, whatever vest you have or not,if you have cover your legs and someone shoots you, your legs can be broken... when you aim, fps drops (GTX1070 i7 16gb ram) for real, and sometimes in fast battles you die. *Playing as SCAV . i think will be good that if you dont kill scavs, your timer for enter again as scav must be lest or zero, to reward the ppl that plays as a really scav. *Sound, hard to know if an enemy is up to you or down to you. On the other hand, *i like the amounts of ammo types, but when you start dont know what ammon type to use.or what dammage does. An ingame info will be good. *the quest of the traders gave to the game a reason to play. i like too. *and i like the others parts of the game. My suggestions: *Fix the netcode, this must be your priority- *Cheaters can duck the game, dont let they stay. *Fps improve. *Hitboxes and firing need some fix * Dont fail to the players, we are loving this game so much.(years of development kill the game) For the ppl that havent bought yet: *buy it if you dont mind about play beta, if you dont mind about dead from nowhere, if you dont mind about bugs, and if you are a hardcore gamer. *Dont buy it , if you think beta is a complete game. you can wait until the game comes out. this is my feedback , sorry my bad english thx for reading.
  2. Fergusano

    Im tired of cheaters.

    Nothing to say, a loot to lose...
  3. loozek

    Cheaters !!

    Your battle eye seems to be broken . a Big wave of paid cheats arrived to tarkov and normal players lose hard earned gear to them. (loads of time waste) Labs are occupied by aimboters which insta kill you with hs and die to bots ... seems aimbot not work on bots ... lol. yeah You need to do smthng with this poo for example i just died today 3 times to same poo cheater anubizzCZ insta HS me from other side of the map (guy run with killa so no chance to spot eazzy players and for sure no chance to hear them) ...... (please haters dont say skill etc. i have 1k hours in tarkov and i can see if someone is skilled or just no life cheater who gram your stuff sell it for rubles and then sell rubles for reall money ) battleeye not working at all ... i did my reserch i have some screenshots how new hax work via discord overlay ... so yeah im sick of die for no life shiet cancer players with esp and aimbots and whoelse knows what other kind of poo hax ...
  4. I'll post a youtube video soon. Just wondering if there was an official way to report cheaters. Since... im banned on the subreddit. 😠
  5. H4ilToTheKing

    When Will Anti-Cheat Be A Priority?

    No exaggeration, 10 lab runs, 10 cheaters blatantly wall hacking. Yes, I saved the videos on them. This is just so stupid, name one reason people should not cheat when your anti-cheat cannot catch them and it RUINS our game play???
  6. treej420


    this is getting ridiculous. its been long enough and there is still cheaters every day every raid. I either go to a server with no people or one with cheaters. anyone have any ideas on how we could help these tarkov devs combat this.
  7. Lynnette

    A replay/capture system

    Hello again forums! Gentle please o3o So I was playing around with the game here and there. got back in after the wipe. selling all my stuff. leveling the trader's cash requirements then playing OSP. Cool additions here and there. Accept all quests. the like. So i get into a raid with a scav. And get some alright loot. Stuff that i know that ill need later. Im playing on shoreline, and im almost to my destination, camp tunnel. I get over to the location and stumble across... of course. A camper. camping the exit point. I engage in a small firefight. All was peaking and popping tactics. But at the end is where things got weird. I lost. But how i lost was beyond me. I had full HP. no armor. a bandage left. about 1/3rd left of an IFAK left. And hes using a SAIGA-12 as i can see and hear. After 5 shots, i push up, and hope to flank around him and pop him from behind. as i approach the vehicle, i make sure to keep notice that the tires are blocking the view of my feet, the windows are clear, and im moving at half speed to approach. And then. Pop, i take a chest shot, my stomach destroyed. Pop, i died. 2 shots. Saiga-12 from the direction i was facing... the vehicle infront of me. I didnt see him to the left or the right of the ambulance. and my feet where not damaged by the first shot. He got the kill apparently, death from being shot in the chest. But i have NO IDEA HOW he got the angle to shoot me like that. I wasnt getting the lag symbol in the top right. What id love for this game to have. is some kind of Replay or Playback Capture system built into it. So we can see what happened. pause the play, maybe third person yourself to see what the hell is going on. This can solve alot of rage like i had. It can also help catch hackers. or the like. Some aspects would need to be added to make thing clear, such as adding visible laser pointers to the end of firearms to see where people are aiming and Tracers to see where bullets are flying. This is just to review footage to see what is going on when you really feel that you has been an unfair play in some way. I mean, this is a game with high penalties and losses. At the least that can be done is see what is going on in a gunfight or some bazaar occurrence. An example is to do it like CSGO, and only have the ability to view yourself, or 3rd person yourself to look around at whats going on. another idea is the World of Tanks way and always be third person. ether way you wont be able to currently at this time view the enemy's camera, as the netcode is already bad enough. Personal data should be fine though. Save it to you game files. and reopen it through the launcher or something. Thanks for reading all comments are appreciated... unless its pure hate, because i want to expose you >:3
  8. مرحباً بكم مجدداً أيها المحاربين الشجعان ضمن الجهود المتواصلة للتصدي لمختلف أشكال الغش والظلم في اللعبة، فإن أنظمة التصدي للغش والهاكرز يتم تحديثها باستمرار ويتم ضبط حساباتهم وإيقافها بشكل يومي نعدكم بعدم التراجع أو التكاسل حيث أن كل لاعب يقرر الذهاب لذاك الإتجاه سيتم ضبطه وإيقاف حسابه عاجلاً أم آجلاً، يمنع الغش منعاً باتاً في لعبتنا وسيبقى الوضع كذلك بشكل دائم قمنا مؤخراً بإيقاف ما يقارب 600 غشاش، إليكم في ما يلي 300 من تلك الأسماء لهم كل الخزي والعار، العبوا بنزاهة واستمتعوا بتاركوف
  9. StonedBoy

    Cheater on action

  10. Cheaters are numerous in Escape from Tarkov. People are entering raids as Player Scavs to hide their real tags. They're using ESP hacks to track players from across the map and through geometry, combined with aiming hacks to ensure quick headshots - they practically pre-fire as they round corners because they know exactly where you are. I've been gaming for over two decades, I even studied game development in college. To be completely honest, I like EFT, and while I've never played a game quite like it, I've also never played a game with as many cheaters as there are in this one. BSG should probably invest a lot of time and resources into fixing this, or their game won't fare well in the long term.
  11. Escapers! Well, there is no story to it. They get BANNED! Below, you will find the 500 sad souls that were taken by the hammer that swings every day. This is a list of players that were banned due to cheating in Escape from Tarkov. Although we do not take player reports currently, we are actively monitoring and taking actions against those who cheat. So the lesson of the day, we take fair play seriously, do not cheat, do not get banned, and play the game fair. Translations: Portuguese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Brazil @REAPERBR Polish translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Coordinator of Emissaries @TheWay African translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Africa @18K_ German translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Germany @PIK Bulgarian translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Bulgaria @Shibby Czech translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of Czech rep. @PugMonk Chinese translation of the news can be found here. Thanks to Emissary of HongKong @Hazel Full List:
  12. I know devs are gonna make money regardless, but if they want people pay more and more for dlc's, new games and everything, they need to stop cheaters somehow. Its out of control at this point. Playing for two days, and already have a negative reaction on those wankers. There is just so many of them, c'mon guys. If you really want your game to be on par with STALKER just do a better jop on cheaters.
  13. Roostersnake

    I'm tired of being hacked fix it

    Your anti- cheat is a joke and you know it. Fix it. I'm tired of setting up an ambush and getting screwed by a hacker. They are quite blatant too because they know they can't be reported. Unrelated was there going to be a wipe sometime this year? Well it doesn't matter because why play a game that is infested with hackers? So take your time with the wipe while hackers drive off your player base. Why is it that every Russian game I buy is half-assed? Fool me twice shame on me. I hope in time you'll realize this problem has gotten out of hand and that you need to take drastic action. Que you incompetent fools telling me that your anti-cheat works and that all hackers will be banned. wake up take action.
  14. Saythe

    Hackers and cheaters!!

    So sick of this....Every map I play there are cheaters....It just happened in fact on Shoreline, I'm laying in a room, didn't make a single noise because I heard them under me...the guy comes up the stairs SHOOTING before you can even see him and 1 shots me in the head....I love this game but the cheating is getting to the point it's unplayable. I'm close to quitting.
  15. I'm not here to complain about dying to cheaters. I'm here to do something about it, and make companies that distribute cheats suffer. Video games have been here for the longest time to entertain people. Some play them to have fun with their friends, some play competitively in professional leagues. For the fortunate, some even play games as their job, and source of income. What if people could gain an unfair advantage over others, ruining their experience and for some, their reputation or loss of profit? We all know what these are, they are called "hacked clients." People use them for personal enjoyment, or to compensate for their lack of skill in a game. Some are free, others come with higher quality at a price. Regardless of how you obtain them, almost anyone with a reasonable sense of logic can interpret these clients as having an advantage over others. These clients can be justified as unfair. While some use these for singleplayer games, many use them to be able to compete against other players in online games. Escape From Tarkov will be my example, and is why I'm currently writing this to see what people think. EFT is a competitive FPS that has a very harsh punishment for death - the loss of your items. What if you lost your hard-earned progress to a person who could see you through a wall half a mile away, and seemingly shot through it and killed you, leaving you baffled and disappointed? EFT is not the only game to experience cheaters. Many games like CS:GO, Fortnite Battle Royale, PUBG, and other titles have hackers - in fact, every single game does. Companies that develop cheats sell them on their websites for a price, and many people buy them, wanting that extra bar above their rivals. The worst part is - not only the players that are forced into combat with these cheaters have to experience the harsh taste of death, but so do the companies that own the game. With all of these cheating organizations advertising their cheats on YouTube and other social media, many new players to the game are un-enticed and drawn away by the thought of players being able to annihilate others by using these. This is a double edged sword - meaning that either people will not purchase the game with the fear of having to deal with cheaters, or they will be enticed to buy it so they can purchase the cheats to then use against others (the latter being the less picked, of course). This, in general, hurts game sales. Much like how one company would disdain another in an advertisement claiming how their product is better than the competitor's, hacked client sales and ads tarnish the reputation of the game they are directed to. Almost every game takes measures into eliminating these cheaters, like EFT. Some games are more effective than others. One of the poor ones, in my personal opinion, would be CS:GO. But, I digress. The argument I'm trying to make is: Could hacked clients be outlawed for "the slander of a company's reputation?" The argument makes sense, and could very well be considered. I want to know YOUR thoughts on this. Please spread this on the forum so that more may see.
  16. Hey peepz, So I've been playing EFT now for quite some time, in the beginning the game seemed fair and playable. And then like a couple of nights a go it's been like a living hell playing. Long story short; dealing more than 1000 damage and hitting players with AK74N/M4A1 (with different kinds of ammunitio) and people just doing 180's and oneshotting through 6B43-armor, and FAST-MT's like it was nothing, i mean; like 1 bullet. So we die (me and my friends ~8 people) always to ONE single guy, during different times of the day, different maps and it almost seems like a pattern of what we would think of as cheaters. In death-screen we added up last night to a total of 4000 damage to one single guy. And this is to be noted while we are all charging with AK/SKS and M4's to one individual who is not even remotely near possible to outheal the damage, all endning up dying to him, looking at death-screen and seeing 20+ hits, thousands of damage and the guy is still alive (individually counting). Is it a wave of cheaters, a bug, or what are we dealing with and how are the devs handling this issue? Because it feels like playing is not even worth gearing up any more to simply become oneshotted with maximal armor, brand new (e.g. we've checked them in our bags @ start to see that they are still full). Edit: So, this evening we played a few games, encountered the same issue of players absorbing over 2000 damage in the time-span of 20-30 seconds. This is absurd. Best regards,
  17. steveoio

    Cheating Mathisch

    Not sure where to report this guy and what i observed is too long to type in here but is the a report function on the forums or can anyone have a quick look into this guy
  18. sorry irgendwie hat er es doppelt gepostet aber habe nur einen gesehen geben den mit der axt 12hits und kippt nicht um und gibt mir nen hs ... bei den cptsnake mit ner m4 13 hits und killt mich wie geht das denn ?
  19. Trueshinkiro

    The hackers are amuck

    its really hard to believe this game "has no hackers" when ever other map of woods you get squad wiped by one man how withstood 200 total rounds, this is just a salty rant but i want to actually see a list of when people get banned for hacking
  20. Okay things IMO have gotten a bit retarded recently.. I for the most part won't even log in during the day due to the amount of rampant cheating.. A few things I have observed since last patch that I think are 100% definately cheats 1 - Instant killer : You are walking around.. and suddenly drop dead, no gunshots, nothing... POSSABLE de-synced scav... but when it shows you without a killer's name?... hmmmm 2 - Disconnects - 100% Sure about this one, as why does one game from the same group of servers decide to instantly D'C me the moment I connect, repeatedly, until I am dead and my loot is gone? 3 - Loot hackers - Just recently discovered this tonight on Customs, when I went to the 2 story dorm, and behind 2 locked doors, discovered COMPLETELY EMPTY safes.. 2nd floor filing cabinets were obviously touched too... Impossible that anyone else arrived there before me as I sprinted from East spawns, and joined on the very start of the game >.< If anyone else has any examples, please post them in this thread... maybe it will give devs some insight into how to stop them.. Guys.. you made a wicked game... Unfortionately picked the WORST engine you could have for exploits and cheating >.< Please bring some sort of heavy duty anti-cheat in... I dont care if I have to run a seperate program, or loose a few FPS, Just get rid of these god damned script kiddies for the love of Tarkov !!!! Yours Truely Divoted Bear (Rawr) ; NURabbit
  21. Blazk0

    This is a problem

    I overheard 5 people in the unofficial dischord talking about their cheats. I tried to play with them an record the match but they declined. Hopefully it can be stopped because in a game like this, hackers do not have a place. the video below is how the cheat works This is a problem.
  22. Zyborg


    the dazyduckling and thenub I've been killed instantly by both of these 3 times loading into a game on the shoreline

    I just got cheated upon :(

    So my buddy and I just spontaneously combusted at spawn on customs... the player name was "camiitoe" ... maybe it was a glitch of some kind, but looked like pure cheats to me! I can upload the video to youtube and link it if u need it!
  24. wolfe1983

    anticheat tool

    Mache zur zeit sehr viele negative sachen durch hier im game egal ob man beispiel bei factory schleicht und sich vercampt da kommt einer einfach um die ecke geschossen bam tot ich andauernd mit einen schuss egal ob ich kliver helm und die rüstung habe bam one hit tot .oder man hört rein garnichts und kippt einfach so um . Wollte mal nachfragen ob es in der nächsten zeit endlich ein anti cheat tool gibt oder das man gegner reporten kann das wäre sehr gut weil es ziemlich viele cheaters schon gibt .
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