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  1. We can all agree that the game is ducking unplayable, and the devs don't seem to be doing poo. So here's my suggestion, i know it's almost impossible but the game is already dead for me, i've just deleted my whole stash and uninstalled this game, and will not play it again until i see some improvement on the cheating situation, so i thought i cant be the only one who did this or is thinking of doing it. So i encourage u guys, who are probably as frustrated as me, to delete all your poo, and uninstall the game too, i dont expect to make a very big portion of the player base, BUT if enough people do it, and see a big enough drop in the player base numbers, they will be pretty much obligated to start spending the poo loads of money they made charging 150 bucks on this game, which i wouldnt mind having paid at all if at least the game had a somewhat decent anti-cheat.
  2. Ademas

    Tierd of cheaters...

    hello, i'am so F*cking annoying on about cheater its like this ever very ducking day and every server. doenst matter if you didnt make and sound and they still kill you even if you are hidden in some places. I love tarkov but this cheating thing make me wanna uninstall the game and throw it in the trash but please do something about it is not fun anymore.... i have met at least 5-10 cheaters about just a 1,5 week.. so please battlestate do something so we can get rid of this cheaters. make it hard to do that or make a better anti cheat program but please do something do detect the cheats and ban them for life.. i will not continue to play becouse its not worth it anymore ... and i have played this game seens 2017 and never had a problem with cheaters,,, Please help or do something about it... regards Ademas
  3. RMT can be a detriment to any multiplayer game community, however, Tarkov is far different than other MMOs or multiplayer games. Since BSG are not providing P2W to players, RMT will always be present. The difference between Tarkov and other multiplayer games is that Tarkov and the general playerbase does not suffer as a result of RMT, on the contrary, they oddly have the potential to prosper. Players who use RMT to get gear and items do have a minor advantage in limited situations and can unlock traders, gear, hideout, etc. faster but once they enter a raid, all it takes is a lucky scav shot or a player with a large round shooting them in the head for them to lose all of that gear and money spent on it. A part of those players will then spend more money on RMT which will fuel RMT farmers, which can be a great source of income for BSG. Players winning RMT'd gear will eventually take that gear into raids themselves or sell it for RUB and buy something else, eventually losing that gear to someone else. The RMT items and value gets spread around the whole community over a period of time and the small percentage of players who do spend money on RMT is extremely small in % compared to the non-RMT playerbase. Once that RMT value is spread around, I believe it becomes negligible. Cheating, on the other hand can be a problem for Tarkov and most(if not all) RMTers are cheating in order to make a profit. The sad reality is that cheaters can never be completely removed and they don't need to. Cheaters are a problem when they use cheats to kill other players and run about in the game, unchecked. If cheaters use cheats for RMT then they become a much smaller issue. To my knowledge, because of the trouble BSG has gone through to punish them, they refrain from killing players and focus on gathering loot from maps in order to sell it. There will be the occasional regular player who buys cheats to kill others but they are eventually dealt with. The cheaters who RMT are people who purchase multiple accounts and once they are banned, they purchase accounts again to keep making money. This in turn brings BSG money from new accounts. If RMT cheaters would be completely dealt with or RMT would not become profitable, then all that revenue BSG gets from them would be lost. In my opinion, that revenue is important to BSG because it provides them with a kind of "subscription" income to their game and brings in steady and consistent numbers monthly. These RMT-ers and occasional regular cheaters can be controlled with employees who solely focus on banning accounts and verifying reports. I believe BSG has virtual warehouses of data on cheaters and RMTers like, % of raids they are in, % of playerbase who cheats, impact of restrictions on RMT and cheats, players who use RMT services, etc. with this data, BSG can even create estimates of how much money RMTers are making and can use that to their advantage. I believe that hiring people who will focus solely on banning cheater & RMT accounts will cause an increase in income for BSG because of the increase in accounts being bought again for RMT. There will be a tipping point there and that's where the balance needs to be struck. Actively banning accounts and relying less on Anti-Chat software will cause less regular players to cheat, or will at least get them banned much faster while causing RMT cheaters to purchase more accounts monthly to keep RMT-ing. Hiring people to actively ban accounts does bring a cost to the developers and that is where data on RMT accounts can come in handy. If an employee can ban enough accounts to cover their wages and causes RMTers to purchase even more accounts, then BSG can actually make a profit while addressing the issue and building up a massive deterrent to the use of cheats like Aimbots, invisibility and the like, which are the only real problem.
  4. chuckrm05

    Minimum level for labs

    A minimum required level for labs would be a great addition. For example we have a cheater looking to go where cheaters go (LABS), and since cheaters are most of the time low levels and get banned before reaching certain levels, if they added let's say a level requirement of 30 to go labs, this would fix a lot of peoples issue with labs. Labs is a cheaters favorite map, it has the most geared players. And obviously people would still find ways through but in my opinion there should be a level minimum regardless of cheaters, this level minimum would work best if it was placed between level 15-30. This would also stop the newbies from unknowingly going to the most geared map and losing their gear which later deters them from going again. Please reply with your opinion!
  5. can we get like system message when we report somone and then u guys ban him i mean it means alot...
  6. Papifait


    Since the latest wipe, cheating is absolutely ridiculous. I have encountered more aimbot and esp/radar cheaters in 150 raids than I have in the last 3 wipes combined. Seriously battlestate, I'm not sure as to why you allow this nonsense of people abusing and manipulating your software so loyal testers suffer. We need every reported person checked out on an individual basis. We need a ban wave. We need a better anticheat update(s). Stop working on additions to the game, if you can't keep someone else from hacking through your software and selling cheats abroad.
  7. TheBasiLisk

    Tired of defending this game

    First off, i know that cheaters/hackers are always going to be around, unfortunately that's just how things are. However, this wipe, the cheaters are way out of control. It's beyond annoying! Just died to a blatant cheater, on customs. How did we know he was cheating??? He was trying to shoot us through a wall, in the container area, just before big red. Then, in a space of 10 seconds, he had wiped our 5 man squad, all with head eyes. What's the point!? Does the "report" button, at the end of the raid actually do anything? I'm not going to start recording every single game that i play, to "post evidence". We all know there is a stupid amount of idiots ruining the game. I'd share the name, but then this post would get deleted... again. Just know, that it was a standard account, with a not so western name... Tired of this. Would getting rid of standard accounts help? Should everyone just be on an EOD account????
  8. Please add identity or phone verification for play game. "For cheaters" i cant play labs.
  9. Suni221

    Cheaters in almost EVERY raid.

    I am so, so ,soooooo tired of going into a raid. Spawning, Running, Getting to Location 1 ( fuc...ing ONE ), and suddenly i hear running.... ( oh poo some 1 is coming! Better NOT MOVE to not make ANY SOUND!)... but as u may alredy suspect this is no ordinary footstep. Oh no it aint. THIS ! THIS is a man running DIRECTLY TO ME ! A fully NAKED DUDE with a stock AK with IGOLNIK #ignorearmor rounds. He does not run to loot this location, he is coming for ME and MY GEAR. He throws nades towards my location like he s got this BIRD VIEW u have in Assassins s creed origin, so he can litteraly see THE ENTIRE AREA from above and evey living thing has a BIG ASS square around them like u have in COD while flying a joppergunner. So, as he is throwing those nades, he is constantly making his way towards me , closer and closer untill i pick, cuz i mean , what else can i do when there are nades flying to my location everywhere... BOM !!!!! I AM DEAD!!! either 3 shots in thorax in one split secound or an instand head,eyes. He shots his gun while throwing granades. ( obv. he is just that good, right?, dont forget he i sa full ass naked man chadding out with a stock ak and igolnik rounds so he never has to worry about u taking more then u suppose, because as far as we know, at this point in tarkov Igolnik is a 100% ignore ANY armor in the game) I mean this is a fc joke! Am i just this unlucky or is there so many cheater Right NOW? Because i survived 4/20 raids( where i met players and fought them). 3/20 where i got clapped by random BS and actually lost a fight. AND FINALLY 13/20 raids wher i got cheated on in less then 5 min into the raid. I also forgot to mention THE BEST!! xddd, those 13/20 raids STANDDARD ACCOUNT with some fucked up NAMES acsolutely mixed letters and numbers out of fc ass hole.. xddd I dont know what i am suppose to do... i wnat o play this game, i love it. But dying to cheater more then i actually die to a legit person is insane, i mean this is INSANE!!! i now of no other game where over 70% of losses are because of somebody cheating and fc u up like a little fc doll !!! I ve lost so many gear sets it is crazy .. i have lost so much time and roubles, that it is insane... Pls somebody fc help me cuz i dont fc know what i m suppose to fc do !! I LIVE IN THIS WORST REGION ON PLANET EARTH ( AKA> EU , where cheater are so hard to find as getting outside and bying a fc bottle of coke. ) and can not play on other servers then EU and some RU cuz then ping gets fc over 150 and imma just died cuz of ping or get kicked cuz too much ping.
  10. Hello, I'm going to give a little feedback of my first 70 hours of play EFT: * Grenades are so broken, sound, parabolas, landings, etc... if you use grenades in a smalls rooms like shoreline, or windows, you are really fucked, you dont know where the grenade goes,and some of the times you will die because your own grenade.you see your grenade goes out, but you have it in your feets. *Ping , desync , net problems. sometime you can kill ppl that have longest loading times, fights with hatchet are totally random, your teammates will go like teleportation , and many more things.bullets than dont hit,doors that show closed but are opens. rush is the way. *Inventary, if you buy the normal edition(dont know now the name) you will be fucked until you reach the top levels of traders. all time seeking free space.i think in the future you can expand it without realmoney. *Inventary in game. Bugged, 2 guys in the same loot = bug, be fast doing things in the inventary = bug , some random bug that cant explain.for example: i have several items in my inventary but when i end the raid, all is gone and the think that you can put a backpack in a backpack in a backpack is ridicolous.its helps for maximize inventory slots, but must have a limit to do. *weapons: when you are in the inventary and you take out an ammunition clip of your primary weapon , the guy does an animmation but if you do in your back weapon ,it is instant. damage is random, whatever vest you have or not,if you have cover your legs and someone shoots you, your legs can be broken... when you aim, fps drops (GTX1070 i7 16gb ram) for real, and sometimes in fast battles you die. *Playing as SCAV . i think will be good that if you dont kill scavs, your timer for enter again as scav must be lest or zero, to reward the ppl that plays as a really scav. *Sound, hard to know if an enemy is up to you or down to you. On the other hand, *i like the amounts of ammo types, but when you start dont know what ammon type to use.or what dammage does. An ingame info will be good. *the quest of the traders gave to the game a reason to play. i like too. *and i like the others parts of the game. My suggestions: *Fix the netcode, this must be your priority- *Cheaters can duck the game, dont let they stay. *Fps improve. *Hitboxes and firing need some fix * Dont fail to the players, we are loving this game so much.(years of development kill the game) For the ppl that havent bought yet: *buy it if you dont mind about play beta, if you dont mind about dead from nowhere, if you dont mind about bugs, and if you are a hardcore gamer. *Dont buy it , if you think beta is a complete game. you can wait until the game comes out. this is my feedback , sorry my bad english thx for reading.

    Cheaters are getting worst..

    This is my first time ever writing on a forum but i just need to vent. I love Tarkov, this is a one of a kind game that has become the only game i desire to play, at least that was the case up until today. 3 Times today Ive been killed by cheaters. Wall banged by one inside where killa spawns on interchange ( he didn't miss a single shot from the other side of the wall) and twice on shoreline. On shore line it seems to be a situation where one guy sits outside the resort with a radar and tells the other one what rooms to push. Eash time on shoreline i was standing completely still when someone rushes my room out of nowhere while his buddy outside peppers bullets at my through the wall so i cant stand up or fall back towards the balcony. With the new patch its impossible to make any money since Im constantly being screwed over by someone with radar .That's just today. I have been killed in suspicious ways several times over the past few days but today has been the tipping point. No matter how much I love this game hackers have legitimately killed this game for me. I played a lot during the previous wipe and almost never ran into hackers. But now.... the game apparently is a hackers paradise. please BSG fix this problem before they kill your beautiful game. Pestily mention the idea of having a post game Kill cam so you can see how you were killed After the game is completely over. (meaning after the raid hits 00:00 so you cant cheat and call out where the enemy is on discord) This obviously wont stop you from getting killed in the raid, but being able to see the legitimacy of your death after the fact would at least give solid proof on a hack being used without the players having to record every single game themselves ( Even if you do record your entire game you are only viewing from your perspective which is useless half the time ) An example of this system in motion would be in League of Legends . When the game is over you are given the option of downloading the replay so you can re watch it, I understand things like this are easier said then done but I don't see the point of focusing on Patches and updates if most of your player base ends up leaving due to hackers ( not saying that is going to happen but its been bad enough to drive me off so who knows ) I imagine this will get lost in the Void with the hundreds of other post complaining about hackers but I had to vent somewhere. Thank you for whoever did take the time to read this, happy hunting and good luck in your raids. God knows you'll need it.
  12. madrandomize

    RMT "combat" suggestions.

    First off all, what is RMT and how it works. Let's say I want to buy 1 million rubles, I go to a shady website then I proceed to pay with real money and then someone arranges that I get those rubles in a raid that I join with him. We then get in the raid and he drops it on the ground, I then pick it up and then he leaves and I get to keep the money in my secure container. How to combat the transaction. The first step was to set a limit to the amount of money I can bring to the game. But then i saw that you can still put money inside a wallet and bring the wallet to the raid. So my suggestion is, prevent everyone from getting money to a raid, prevent containers that contain money coming to the raid. Make the vehicle extracts use a key with limited uses instead of money. This will force RMT traders to move to selling items via the flea market or bring only specific items to the raid to sell to buyers. If the latter happens , someone brings items to sell specifically for their value in raid , then you must specifically monitor which items can get inside the largest secure container and stop them. P.e. seller wants to sell red pickaxe because you know it is very valuable, you make it so you cannot bring it to the raid anymore as an item(since it doesn't drop anyway when you die, why make it an item that you can remove in game, only when it is found in this specific raid you can equip it in raid) or you can implement some other restriction for specific very high value items in raid. You can also use the secure container to only stash items you only bring to the raid (many EOD players will cry) so you can remove and add only those on the secure container. Next I want to address the flea market selling items for 10 millions instead of 1000 rubles. For this you have to have a market monitoring tool. Let's start with the basics I sell a knife for 100 let's say the fee is 10%. In the end the transaction is 100-10=90 If 1000 knifes sell you may know how the flea market fluctuates and set a limit on how much a knife is sold. If a seller tries to sell for much more you need to implement a number that increases the value exponentially after a certain threshold has passed. Because English is not my first language I will try to explain it with examples. Knifes sold. 1000 has 100 fee 1110 has 110 fee 1500 has 150 fee Let's say the median price is 1500 If someone sets knife to 1500000 Then it's 1500000 +10% +X And X is a variable which increases exponentially by the difference between median price and listed price. This might need some time to set up after a wipe but it will stop most of the RMT trades. If the above happen then the rmt traders will be forced to sell items with high value directly on the battlefield. If it is a huge container then the player will have to risk it and extract with it which (of you are struggling with the game) might prove impossible.
  13. YaBoiRoyHF

    Anti- Cheater/Anti- RMT suggestion

    SUGGESTION: Putting a playtime Limit of about 50h - 100h on the Labs queue, so that your Account has to have played for example 75 hours so you can enter the Labs queue, no matter if you have the Keycard. BACKGROUND / EXPLANATION: I heared from alot of people in the community how frustrated they are with labs, and how much they used to run it for fun. main reason for that are apparently cheaters. i personally do not play labs but i have witnessed onstream how much of a cheater paradise it i in EFT's current state. i've heared some real good suggestions regarding Cheaters in general, but nothing specific to labs and i think this simple "fix" could make it harder for cheaters, more specificly RMT-Cheaters . so it's very clear that labs is a popular map for "RMT Cheaters" because of the high loot potential. From other posts i also heared, that the accounts of cheaters don't really have a long livespan. I thought that putting a playtime limit on labs might be one way to limit cheaters. Simply because i think most ACTUAL new players won't try to get onto labs too soon after they started their tarkov career. i think a limit of about 50h - 100 hours playtime would be reasonable, since most cheater's accounts won't last as long, so they won't be able to get onto labs to make alot of profit, which would raise the price of roubles on cheater-driven sites, which would lower the demand etc, etc. in general i think it would be an easy option. ADVANTAGES : -Not too much profit for RMT Cheaters -> Rubles will become more expensive on RMT sites -Labs will become enjoyable for normal players again DISADVANTAGES -other High Profit maps like Interchange, Shoreline or Reserve will be new Targets for Cheaters -the possible demand for used Accounts will be there, maybe creating a new "market" for accounts with playtime over the nessecary limit ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I still want to point out my deep appreciation for the game and it's creators,i by no means consider myself competent enough to properly consider all the aspects of this idea, i simply think it might be worth thinking about. This post is an altered Version of a post from my Account on Reddit (u/ItzYaBoiRoy), so please do not accuse me of violating the Copyright (just in case a link to my original post on reddit) :
  14. Hi! Just wondering where do I post the videos of cheaters now that the mega thread has been archived? I know BSG launcher has a function to report a player, but it does not accept any video files therefore there is no way to help identify cheater with the vids. Thanks
  15. Clearbeardwiz

    cheaters or hackers or Devs

    I'm having difficulties connecting in to each game. When connecting into each game, I am timed out and then brought back in only to be killed by some player who is waiting for me. The player usually knows my exact location or where I am going and when I reconnect in I either get killed by the cheater instantly or the player disconnects a exit point and waits at the other. this has happened before and i had stopped playing this beta in the last few months hoping the player would just go away there was then an update and my character was rest again. I'm assuming its either a Dev or a computer coder that hates me. I cannot suggest any games other then putting the required equipment in each map to get in and out of each exit. For example a rope to repel at the one extraction in "the reserve". i hope that suggestion will resolve any Developer hatred. I don't have any other suggestions, I don't work for Free. If you all want us out of the game then close the beta and make us all wait.
  16. Survivor46290

    Weapon preset hacker issue

    I was making an AKM preset when I noticed a random attachment in my shopping list posted by an account named "EFThacks-com". Has anyone seen this before? Screenshot attached.
  17. I am a player from Hong Kong, sadly, Asia server ikr. The cheating problem is no big news to us when we are the closest to the biggest cheater producing country. You can't do much about it. Like Facebook, even though they block themselves in, some of them can reach the wall and use it anyway. So I guess I was born in a non-gaming-friendly place lol. You know there's are a lot of hackers while you start seeing a pattern on them. This might sound sad, but even if you can hear them coming, there's nothing you can do about it. They will always do the fatal shot on your eye if you are facing them. I and my friend went to Lab at a different time solo. And get killed by the same guy that is using some sort of speed+aimbot+wall hacks, like this guy is live in the Lab, 1 tapping for life. It is really frustrating to say, I think this game is almost done, like pubg and CS:GO, hundred of other games. Ruined by the same problem. The developers are doing a good job, so this is not a complaint on them. You can only put faith in a higher power to solve these kind of moral problems. Let pray to god for lighting these criminals JK. But still, pray for this great game. Hopefully, time can address it.
  18. Did117

    Found in Raid is CANCER

    So let me get this straight... You guys added the new Found in Raid mechanics so this game turns into a "find something I need for this goddamned quest RUN STRAIGHT TO THE EXTRACT FORGET BUDDIES AND FIREFIGHTS AND WHAT NOT!" and "Hey, you know what, forget looting and hunting, let's camp the extract! LOL!" Am I missing something? Can you guys please start playing the game? Can you guys please learn a thing or two about game design? Can you guys please make this game more PvE, PvP and PvPvE oriented? Can you guys please drop the GRINDING WALKING LOOTING SIMULATOR oriented game design? Can you guys please stop making literally millions off of cheaters and start listening to the honest people who invested their time and money into this +5 year old beta access? Can you BSG? Can you really? 5 years for this? A half assed game whose black market cheater economy drive the actual game design and developer decisions? Can you stop lying? Or day dreaming in front of the keyboard? I thought the migration to unity 2018 would bring more patches, more content, less wait time, instead we got cheat galore heaven and the crummiest binaural sound mechanics from the early 1990's? 9 months since the migration and all we got was the chance to grind yet again, now with the bonus of COMPETING DIRECTLY AGAINST CHEATERS? No seriously, what am I missing here?
  19. Vreesloos

    Post Wipe Cheaters

    Hello fellow Survivors, Is it a good idea to start a new topic about cheaters, posting screenshots with cheater names? I have no actual recording at the moment but will start recording from now on. First post wipe cheater for me was WoShiLaoGBle on Reserve on the South African server. Maybe BSG can come up with an idea to punish them if we collect many of the same screenshots with the same names, or even ingame replays of the event. Kinds regards, One sad survivor.
  20. Alacritee

    Unplayable after patch

    Was playing before patch, progressing... unplayable, 3 raids where I die within 5 minutes. First one, I barely took a step after loading in and hear explosions at gas station on Customs, so I move to get to other side of map from factory and before I get a chance to leave factory, they fighting stops. I peek out from container and sure enough I see someone on railroad front of gas station. He's just there, in the open, then moves and disappears. I think maybe I can squeeze through since he's got their attention. I push out to road and someone is under bridge of railroad on the road, not looking at gas station, but at me. I fire, he fires, he ducks out of sight. I tail back to container and come out factory side, facing factory shack, to heal. Bandage, fix limb, start to heal limb, other guy I first saw is standing in front of me, flanked over by factory shed... two cheaters pretending real hard not to be cheating. About 5 minutes Full heal, go customs again... spawn mid map, zb11 exfil, great, I'll cut over now, run straight mid map back side of gas station, stop to see if Reshala's at gas station, cause if not, I can get a couple easy kills for the 15 scav kill quest, a player scav comes running mid map up at tower, looked like he was on the way to gas station, too. He stops, just as he comes within sight of me, takes a step back and literally disappears... 1 tapped top of head from seemingly nowhere, just for sure right in front of me. So I got my taste of the lag teleport I see so many mention. This was JUST short of blatant cheat. Can't tell for sure, but seems that they get the lag spike automatically if you aim on them, same way how in csgo you can set cheat to have you jump automatically if someone aims at you and you have a clear los. About 3 minutes 3rd que as scav… spawn back of factory. 1 tap sniper top of building. Run over to RUAF to take care of rotations, kill 2 more 1 taps no damage taken, yet. Then a player scav, again, pops his head up from behind a bunker and ya... 1 tap. Third death is iffy... considering he never showed himself until just before I died and only needed the to pop his head up to know exactly where I was... considering the first 2, what am I to assume? My fault for thinking right after a patch it would be ok to play. Ya... my bad. This game is so awesome, but, it gets old fast when all odds are against you. What I'm talking about is luck... customs is a big map. Think about it, how many steps would it take to walk the entire map? Even playing at night, these cheaters play the same game... luck. No matter what way you go, they will be sitting somewhere out in front of you to swear that it was luck that you came up on them and not the other way around. If you manage to avoid them, they will literally run up to you from behind you, stop practically on top of you, pretend they don't know you're there, wait for you to move... if you don't, they will try and walk through you to justify them "finding" you. There's no stopping it, either. If the game manages to find a solution to cheating, these game farmers will simply make a cheap cheat and release it for free to really screw the game. Just my experience, felt I should share, since I'm not allowed to play.
  21. Smokinfool9

    The Way KILLCAMS

    Guys there are too many people making impossible shots. being sniped reight away aftert spawning on the woods from out of nowhere. You need to start Discussions about adding a killcam feature, cheaters are going to ruin the game the same way they did to many other games before hand. There has to be a better way to stop them. Maybe have the game report its key during raids and anyone whos banned for cheating loses the key and needs to buy the game over again. id even be down for a server that requires a membership to pay into and incorporates ip or key bans this way. gotta think about what you can do to stop those people from ruining your awesome game.
  22. Fergusano

    Im tired of cheaters.

    Nothing to say, a loot to lose...
  23. EF_cheaters

    Cheaters !!

    Your battle eye seems to be broken . a Big wave of paid cheats arrived to tarkov and normal players lose hard earned gear to them. (loads of time waste) Labs are occupied by aimboters which insta kill you with hs and die to bots ... seems aimbot not work on bots ... lol. yeah You need to do smthng with this poo for example i just died today 3 times to same poo cheater anubizzCZ insta HS me from other side of the map (guy run with killa so no chance to spot eazzy players and for sure no chance to hear them) ...... (please haters dont say skill etc. i have 1k hours in tarkov and i can see if someone is skilled or just no life cheater who gram your stuff sell it for rubles and then sell rubles for reall money ) battleeye not working at all ... i did my reserch i have some screenshots how new hax work via discord overlay ... so yeah im sick of die for no life shiet cancer players with esp and aimbots and whoelse knows what other kind of poo hax ...
  24. I'll post a youtube video soon. Just wondering if there was an official way to report cheaters. Since... im banned on the subreddit. 😠
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