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Found 26 results


    Tired of the cheaters...

    Beyond other bugs I keep running into that have been making the game more frustrating than fun... I've about had it with trying to gamble on getting a game where some isn't cheating so I can enjoy my time. I've played 4 rounds tonight and 2 of them I've had someone just walk up to the area I'm in and turn the corner and shoot me in the head. I get it if it's a place where a pro would think to look... that makes sense. But these are just Scav players casually walking around and both times I tired picking very random areas where you would think to look. Plus if you go out to Google you can pick up the hacks easy as can be. I even had this video below show up when I searched to see how easy it is for hackers to cheat at this game. I've only been back playing the game for about two weeks now... so is this pretty common now? Or did the cheating just start getting bad lately? But I also feel like there should be some sort of balancing with what players end up in games together as well. I have one friend who's new to the game and my other buddy and myself aren't great by any means. But I can't even catch a break when the game is glitching out to get better. Some games I spawn in and we literally get shot in the head before we can move. Other games we'll just start getting into it and get swarmed by a fully geared squad. I understand that this game is supposed to be hard. But come on... there has to be a learning curve somewhere for new players if you want to keep people playing this. Not to mention for being a realistic shooter it's not always the most realistic. Like I got swarmed by guys with knives yesterday when I had a shotgun. When they got in close I couldn't use my gun to shoot... ok, that's fair... but what about weapon basing them? Why is that not a thing? In real life I defiantly wouldn't just stand around and let them stab me with no resistance. Well that's enough of my frustrated rant about this game... I have more issues, but I'm sure plenty of fan boys will already be quick to bite my head off for this.
  2. Knix1808

    Is there a way to report Cheaters?

    Didn't really care in the past. People would be fishy but theres no way to 100% proof it anyway. Cheats are always going to be a thing but they should be a rare occasion. Just now had this guy in my Factory Raid. I've heard him shoot almost all the way across the map and i was looking through a small gap in his general direction. I see him turn a courner before he puts 6 bulletholes full auto in a split second across the map into my visor and kills me. Again, i didn't really care, had nothing expensive on me cuz i just tried to finish the 12ga Suppressed shotgun PMC kills task. After Raid lobby however it showed me his name. What a guy lemme tell you. 'DontCryNiBBa'. apparently a level 14 godgamer with the right attitude. I tried to add him to maybe ask him what's going on in his small brain but he just accepted my request, wrote a short message and deleted me again. Lets just say hes a intelligent one.
  3. So I've owned this game for quite awhile, but never really played it until the last few weeks. For the most part it's been good, but I've notice some raids where players were getting way to many head shots. This is crappy and it's even worse you can't report anyone. But it's the same in almost any game so I've been dealing with it. But this morning I decided to get on and play a few rounds real quick. First round I was fully hidden and stay quiet in the tunnels on factory. Out of no where a guy sprints across the map jumps down and one taps me in the head with a shot gun. I had armor and helmet with a face shield on. It's crap, but I was going to just move on. The second game I spawned in, killed a hatchling player. As I was moving around I heard someone running towards me. I peaked back around the corner of the tanker and seen a player body flicker on my screen as if it was floating... then got knifed in the head. No visual at all on this player. Is there really a hack like this and nothing is being done to fix it? Here's a video of it. The flickering body doesn't show up, but the sound of the foot steps comes down the stairs in front of me and runs right towards me (then then I seen the flicker) and I get hit in the head from what I can tell. WARNING: Volume is a little loud, might want to turn it down. Video Removed
  4. This exploit where you can run silently needs to be addressed. Sound is one of the key factors in this game. If one person can run around silently that gives him a massive advantage over anyone else. We need to as a community stop this. If you do it stop. Be a real gamer Nikki we need you here
  5. ClericMan

    Filled with cheaters

    Seriously, this game has a lot of flaws.. but enormous ammount of cheaters is the biggest one. Banning waves are just not enough.. Every damn game I meet at least one of the cheaters. Every 3rd player has a damn WH easily downloaded from internet. How do I know that? Well if I skip the fact that every streamer or youtuber will tell you the same thing.. then You will see wizards who are peaking corners and prefiring sooner than they see you, when u are completly silent, but when u are crossing closed doors they shoot trought them or any other furniture..Lets keep up.. My friend was so stupid that he used WH and saw multiple people using speedhack.. This game needs proper anti-cheat..
  6. goldsharkboi

    Caught a hacker in a video

    Hacker caught on video in factory shooting in my friend the head through a wall. The cheater's name is Extinguish. Devs plz prioritize this in a hotfix or next patch. EDIT : Link deleted Link to the video here. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Happy Hunting PMC's - _Lyfe
  7. So hier mal ein paar Worte zum Sonntag, warum ist das immer noch möglich in dieser häufigkeit, es ist bekannt das es Menschen gibt die immer wieder neue Programme schreiben um Hacks/Cheats in Onlinespielen zu verwenden, also warum gibt es IMMER noch kein Anticheattool für dieses Game ? Es gibt genug anticheatprogramme die man nutzen könnte aber hier fehlanzeige ?! Da dieser Beitrag wie alles andere zu solchen oder ähnlich Themen sowieso gelöscht gesperrt oder ähnliche wird möchte ich folgendes noch dazu sagen: Die Leute die dieses Game spielen zahlen bis zu 170 Euro für dieses Game da darf man doch mal erwarten das endlich mal ein Anticheat-Programm intigriert wird oder ? Das Game hat genug andere Probleme, und dann dieses nicht exsistieren einen Anticheat-Geschichte....kein worte dazu echt mal...! Ps: Das hier ist kein Hate nur mal ernste Kritik wo alle vieleicht mal nachdenken sollten was hier passiert ! (das Video ist NUR ein Beispiel von unzähligen Cheatproblemen) MfG SirDjinn
  8. SteezySixx

    Any reliable way to report cheaters?

    my squad of three just watched this guy teleport around customs spawns before zeroing in on us and spraying each of us down while we were inside a building. i'm not here to talk a bunch of trash, i'm just curious if there is a place to report this asshat, it gets a little annoying losing gear to someone who is able to Wesker around the map with pinpoint accuracy... <Image Removed>
  9. TechnicalNine

    ********* = Hacker

    The amount of times I have ran into this guy is getting stupid. I've seen posts over the past few weeks about him cheating and I have proof. How has he not been banned yet BSG????
  10. Ancient1969

    Speedhacks ?

    Hallo Community; ich bin Level 4 und deswegen relativ neu in Tarkov, welches anticheatsystem verwendet denn Tarkov ? Ich hab bei meinem vorletzen Raid einen getroffen der Ist so schnell wie Speedy Gonzales auf der Map unterwegs gewesen, zuerst dachte ich es wäre ein Lag aber dann kam er bei mir einfach mal so vorbeigelaufen und ist über den Zaun gesprungen, so dass ich nur noch staunen konnte.So schnell kann ich nicht mal hinterherzielen,,... Wenn ich in 2 Minuten über Shorelines laufen könnte, würde ich doch gleich mal die ganzen Bitcons, looten,.... Ich möchte generell mal über diese Problematik reden, mit Erfahreren Spielern, ob sie auch schon mal sowas gesehen haben und ob das in der Vergangenheit auch shcon mal passiert ist ? Wäre doch echt ärgelich die frisch errungenen Waffen zu verlieren, nur wegen sowas. Danke Chris
  11. Hallo ihr Escaper da draußen ich wollte euch mal was zeigen was aktuell grad auf den Servern abgeht ! In dem Video einfach mal auf den Spieler mit dem Pilgrimm Rucksack achten bitte danke schon mal Würde mich sehr über eine Stellungnahme freuen ! https://clips.twitch.tv/AttractiveMoldyIcecreamCoolCat (dieser Twitchclip wurde mit Erlaubniss des Streamers "wks_lordy" hier gepostet von mir)
  12. m107man

    Honest talk

    If i die i die in tarkov i don't care, its apart of the game but when i get killed after killing 2 fully geared plays by a teleporting hacker it makes it no fun, the play base will die if this continues im not going to try and shame anyone or make accusations against people but i was on construction in customs and all 5 of my teammates died by a person teleporting infront of us with an RSASS and aimbot. I and i know many others have experienced hacking and cheating i know the devs are working very hard to make this game perfect and right now it is near perfect i just hope to show the devs the types of hacks i have experienced to try and negate those who try and use a certain hack. the types of hacking and cheating i have seen: Flying, Teleporting, aimbot through walls (My friends experience), Gun glitch after patch(dont know how that still works).
  13. TorwaK

    Possible cheater? :)

    During the incident I was talking to my chat for about 3-4 minutes and I didn't move my char so no way he would hear my foot steps. The shots came from through the wall, not the door. *link removed*
  14. Hey developers, I just want to report a massive problem in your game. Players are moving into raids , fully equiped, if they get killed - they do not lose their primary weapon and are save. Thats a HUGE problem and it is destroying everything EFT is standing for. Todays Name of the cheater: Name removed by Mr_Sheep. (Maybe he has allready changed his name,but i also have a record if you need it) What about banning these people for a fair amount of time?
  15. i killed 2 people... and was camping there bodies when... i hear dickyneedles being said above me... im like huh? look around nothing... then again dicky needles.... from above me... i look up 20 feet up theres a guy with an akm aimed at my face and i die instantly..... 1 shot his name was this is really becoming a joke.... i dont mean to complain but can really you guys do somthing about this kinda gameplay? i really wanna play without this kinda thing happening... people flying around? really? at this day and age you dont have an anti cheat for this? time to go back to older games which can at least keep the cheating out of the game see you when you guys can get a handle on your cheating
  16. ive never seen so much cheating in my entire life.... last map there was a guy *name removed* flying around the map in the sky killing everyone.... and hes not banned really? why wont anything be done about the cheating going on in here??? seriously... WHY??????????????????????????????????????? id really love to see somthing done about the cheater's... to be honest the devs ban the ppl complaning about the cheaters more then the cheater's themselves its pathetic.... everyone time someone says somthing the devs ban them for being disrespectfull which is PATHETIC on a game breaking level.... step up devs and ban the cheaters not your playerbase.... no joke im sick of your style of conduct.
  17. Recently I've noticed it's nearly impossible to buy anything worthwhile from fence. I found some people in discord and mentioend it, they pointed me to an auto-mouse-clicker program called AMC. Speaking to other people it seems like while it's against terms of service there is no way to detect it. I was under the impression "Inhuman, instant and precise" mouse movements were easy to detect with most anti-cheat software. I guess this isn't the case? While I understand the mentality of "if i can't but anything from fence withoutusing this program because other people are using this program, then i'm going to use it" I disagree with it and firmly consider it cheating. Ultimately programs like these are ruining other people's experience of the game. I'd love to hear what people think about this. What's your take on "instant click macros" that let you "instantly buy" the thing you've selected from fence? I'd also love to hear from the devs what they think about these programs, if they have plans on implementing a fix for it or a way to detect it. I'm honestly pretty disheartened to realize how many people are taking advantage of it.
  18. Blazk0

    This is a problem

    I overheard 5 people in the unofficial dischord talking about their cheats. I tried to play with them an record the match but they declined. Hopefully it can be stopped because in a game like this, hackers do not have a place. the video below is how the cheat works This is a problem.
  19. BasilPesto

    Reporting Postal_

    So i was in a customs match jsut running up stairs to the office and suddenly body parts start going red. nothing hits me and no one isnear me at all. cept a hatchetman running outside of the building i let live earlier with the normal side to side shakes. So i die to nothing and it tells me someone named postal_ killed me. How do i report this trash? cause thats some bullshit when all i was doing was the first level of prespor task lookign for a key.
  20. Grim43

    Spawn Killing

    I just had a guy that invited me to a group, we were 5, then he killed me and the other as we spawned, i was in game 5 sec. Guys that play like this must have there accounts blocked, the game does not need players like this. I have a screen shot of the game, and will post his name if requested
  21. XxLuciferxX

    ---- - Hacking

    ---- - Player has been hacking since before Beta, Yet he is still here and hasnt been caught? why is this?
  22. Hey so I have heard this being a huge issue with PUBG, Player Unknown Battle Grounds. In which people set their game to the lowest settings in order to see other players much more easily. I wanted to know if the Devs have considered this and countered accordingly. I myself have not messed with my graphic settings, so I do not know if it is even possible. But surely there has to be people out there playing this game that do not have as good of a computer as me, thus require to play on a lower graphics setting. This is a game that is both heavily rewarding and heavily punishing for living and dying respectfully. I do not want to be hiding in a bush or grass and have some dude snipe me from a distance because in his eyes I am just prone on green land.
  23. Hey guys! I'm relatively new to the game at level 23. And.. Uhm, yeah. You read the title. This is getting ridiculous. I've almost had enough. I did the same thing in cs:go after 1500 hours trying to combat cheaters and devs not doing anything that affected the situation. I got away with it for almost a year and half. Didn't get detected by VAC but Overwatch.. So this game. I get it, it's in Beta. But this is getting ridiculous. I have been oneshot, killed through walls, I've seen people run fast as wind and fly high as clouds... I've emptied half a mag of AK74 ammo into a person point blank range, all chest. He gave me a cute wiggle and then oneshot me. Me and my friend have got killed almost 30 seconds apart at the beginning of the woods run. I spawned near the huge cliff and myfriend next to the red huge building.. So yeah, it's really becoming troublesome. Some people say the developers ban in waves and a wave was supposed to be here a few days back but I just can't see it.. I've been browsing the web for EFT hacks and there are tens of pages advertising hax, multiple youtube videos. Even the ones that russians make and cost money.. I have resorted to cheating once in the past as I mentioned. And I really do not want to do it again. But.. This game, that I paid money for, is not what I paid for. And please.. Mods, don't just say that Anti-Cheat system is in place or it was server desync. Last time when I even had a video and commented on twitter they said the same thing and then deleted the comments. Which, btw I wasn't the only one commenting. I really hope some of you can relate and just doesn't template me as a "whiny b*tch". Thank you! MisterBiter
  24. killajones89

    ----the cheater

    Myself and 2 other player have just encountered this guy who can apparently sponge peoples AK rounds and then after the fact shoot us with 1 round each. And i know some will say de-sync but when 3 different people are unloading into him at once there is no way it could be so ---- is either immune to ammo or something is amiss. Be careful with this guy and hopefully he is dealt with soon. Killajones89 out
  25. topdog207


    Have any of you guys ran into anyone cheating? I just got out of a game where i literally snuck up behind a guy from on top a building. He was facing away from me, and as i fired on him he spun and shot me in the head with a pistol instantly. I don't see how its possible to not only spin 180* but also compensate for the height i was instantly.. i didn't have my recorder running but from now on i am. And then after i died it didn't give me an option to leave the game i just stared at a black screen in disbelief for minutes.
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