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  1. I cant find anywhere to report him, but i have video evidence of him cheating. Where should i post it?
  2. It's obvious that the devs have been notified of all the open cheating and abuse that takes place on EFT. It's hard enough for someone to get a start in this, made only exponentially worse by the fact that they have chosen one of the worst anti-cheat systems available. All games are susceptible to cheaters, yeah sure great, but DO something about them. Don't continue to let a broken system let those bums continue to slip through the cracks. Battleye always has been, and will always continue to be, hands down the worst program to handle cheaters. It doesn't have thorough anti-bypass checks, and what it is able to catch is so quickly modded by these cheat devs that they might as well not even try. Here's a bright idea; 3rd party peer review! When a player has submitted a cheating report against another player, have a system in place that logs the gameplay/footage, so it may be sent to a handful of respectable players, have them review it, and base their judgement upon their given perspectives. Do our loving Devs even care about their player base? If they really did, they would surely institute this sort of system. It has worked fantastically well on other games. Yes, that means we will continue to get (Head, Eyes)'d, but something EFFECTIVE AND USEFUL will be done about it. I'm tired of throwing away my hard-earned loot (And not to mention my valuable Real-Life time) on every expedition out, because some Momma's Boy basement slug used his allowance to buy $20 worth of hacks because he can't play a game for more than 10 minutes without having to go change his diaper. >Pic related
  3. losingistrevor

    So about them hackers......

    The amount of hacking on US servers is pretty ridiculous lately. 1 out of 3 matches I join have hackers. And I don't mean hacking to where it's just sus. I mean straight up shooting at you through walls a crossed the map, heat seeking grenades, etc. Really obvious stuff. Is anyone else seeing this? Was there a new hack released? Is BSG aware of this issue? I barely get to play as it is due to work and it's just depressing to even play lately because how bad the hacking is.
  4. Why is BSG being silent? Why is there no post acknowledging the cheating situation is bad right now? Do you know you can barely play 3 raids without having 1 cheater in it? I know other FPS games have cheaters as well and bla bla but Tarkov is a game where it takes 15 minutes just to gear up, 5-10 minutes to load in where as every usual FPS is log in and press ready. For some people 2 raids a day is what they get, if these 2 raids are ruined by cheaters what have they bought the game for? Cheaters are unavoidable but the least you could do with our payments is provide a better anti cheat method, if not allow us to manually report and atleast let us know they are banned. I have happily paid for EoD during the sale to support but right now I am getting peanuts for my money's worth. DO SOMETHING! Atleast make a statement on your social media profiles.
  5. Please ban those players using the NVIDIA filter, because if you open this feature, there will be great advantages in indoors for ordinary players, this is extremely unfair. I think this ruins the balance of the game. If everyone must open the NVIDIA filter to balanced with other players, We really don’t want to play in this unfair game environment!
  6. Title says it. I just came across one of this Buy ingame crap for way too much money. The people there openly admit that they are cheating. It's not even an underground website, you dont even need to really search for it. In fact, I didnt even searched for it. I know this is cheater complaint number 120545577 this week but it's time.. Soon even the Streamers and their Fanboys will have enough of this BS and Nikita can play with his hackerfriends alone on the Servers. If you look at the screenshot.. the cheater dude already has 53 positive ratings.. and on the same page you can buy sicc cases for almost nothing from a dude with over 26k 5* ... this is effing ridiculous...
  7. So first of all I have no evidence of this - my pc is good enough to run this game but not good enough to record it without performance issues. Still the issue is too game breaking for me to not complain about it. The issue is that I was already booted out of the game three times, once while I was with other people - they got booted at the same time as me. Every single situation was going like this: I'm fighting someone, they take cover. I'm trying to either push or get a better angle on them and as soon as I leave my cover I'm suddenly disconnected from the server. Once I wasn't even able to reconnect, other times I could, just to have "Game aborted or finished" prompt show up after loading the map. The one situation I was in was with two other players, three of us got disconnected at the same time, and then we got killed. The worst part about it is that we can't even report people who do this since we're not getting the regular "RAID ENDED" screen - we're just landing straight in the menu. Are dev's aware of the issue? Did anybody else had the same thing happen to them? Edit: I just wanted to add that I was never booted out of the game outside of the times when there were server issues and the situations I explained above. I do not believe that it was just a bad luck, especially when we had 3 people booted at the same time
  8. 1. why dont you support a kill feed it will help players find cheaters way easier if they can see how they died. (if they were a group it would display the killfeed after everyone died) you can watch them like collecting an item or money in the message tab. 2. overwatch if a player is reported multiple times recordings of their most recent plays would be sent out to atleast 3 people to have a fair evaluation. well thanks for listening. ye we stole overwatch off of csgo 😅
  9. LetsGetiDon

    Has Team Killing Been An Issue in LFG?

    This afternoon I used in game LFG to obviously team up. Spent like 3 hours getting some good stuff on my guy. As soon as we spawn in to Woods. Boom. Shoots me right in the head and more than likely takes my stuff so not even the insurance will get it all back for me. I just about smashed my monitor to be honest. Long story short is I learned my lesson, and I will more than likely never use that again. But, I believe it is a good implementation for the game. I honestly do not know anyone in my social circle who plays this game so teaming up has been an issue for me and assuming the same for many others. All of my time spent in the game has been by myself, so if you could only imagine the frustration I felt when the amount of time I spent raiding and trying to figure out the game for hours..... I am not sure what you can do to eliminate team killing besides incorporating an excellent ban system, and actually follow through with what they deserve.
  10. CRIMS0NS0L

    Tired of the cheaters...

    Beyond other bugs I keep running into that have been making the game more frustrating than fun... I've about had it with trying to gamble on getting a game where some isn't cheating so I can enjoy my time. I've played 4 rounds tonight and 2 of them I've had someone just walk up to the area I'm in and turn the corner and shoot me in the head. I get it if it's a place where a pro would think to look... that makes sense. But these are just Scav players casually walking around and both times I tired picking very random areas where you would think to look. Plus if you go out to Google you can pick up the hacks easy as can be. I even had this video below show up when I searched to see how easy it is for hackers to cheat at this game. I've only been back playing the game for about two weeks now... so is this pretty common now? Or did the cheating just start getting bad lately? But I also feel like there should be some sort of balancing with what players end up in games together as well. I have one friend who's new to the game and my other buddy and myself aren't great by any means. But I can't even catch a break when the game is glitching out to get better. Some games I spawn in and we literally get shot in the head before we can move. Other games we'll just start getting into it and get swarmed by a fully geared squad. I understand that this game is supposed to be hard. But come on... there has to be a learning curve somewhere for new players if you want to keep people playing this. Not to mention for being a realistic shooter it's not always the most realistic. Like I got swarmed by guys with knives yesterday when I had a shotgun. When they got in close I couldn't use my gun to shoot... ok, that's fair... but what about weapon basing them? Why is that not a thing? In real life I defiantly wouldn't just stand around and let them stab me with no resistance. Well that's enough of my frustrated rant about this game... I have more issues, but I'm sure plenty of fan boys will already be quick to bite my head off for this.
  11. I do most of my scav runs on reserve and it is really common for me to get shot by a PMC within the first few seconds of loading in. Shared of a picture of my most recent run. This has been happening a lot more this wipe. The scav spawns are too common out in the fenced off field between train and garages, where there are bunkers underneath the hills. It is extremely common for a PMC to be scoping out the area and camping to get free spawn kills on player scavs, farming them for the items they spawn with. This only happens on reserve as far as im aware, where player scav spawn killing is a legit strategy for PMCs. It is an annoying problem... and I believe the most obvious fix for this is to reduce the number of player scavs spawning on reserve while adding a couple more spawn points to randomize and make it less worthwhile for these cheesy PMCs to camp the field. No one likes the amount of player scavs that flood reserve anyways. For the record, I got shot at within the first 5 seconds. I just ran and survived 33 seconds in total. Fastest I have ever died as a player scav when spawning on reserve is maybe 2-3 seconds.. literally got off the loading screen and blinked, then got tapped by a PMC from a distance
  12. Red_eyes_wolf

    can we ban cheaters a better way?

    so i have noticed that after the customs update that the level of cheating has gone right up...people with god like accuracy and recoil control from well over 100 meters and at the time of writing this i had encountered 3 different cheaters using speed hacks on factory over 3 consecutive games. so like why cant we have a ban system where you get hardware banned? or do you guys at battle state prefer the income of banning a cheater know full well they will buy the game again as long as they have made money? btw this is not a game hate rant i love EFT im just so sick of cheaters.
  13. ClericMan

    Filled with cheaters

    Seriously, this game has a lot of flaws.. but enormous ammount of cheaters is the biggest one. Banning waves are just not enough.. Every damn game I meet at least one of the cheaters. Every 3rd player has a damn WH easily downloaded from internet. How do I know that? Well if I skip the fact that every streamer or youtuber will tell you the same thing.. then You will see wizards who are peaking corners and prefiring sooner than they see you, when u are completly silent, but when u are crossing closed doors they shoot trought them or any other furniture..Lets keep up.. My friend was so stupid that he used WH and saw multiple people using speedhack.. This game needs proper anti-cheat..
  14. Ginger69

    The hacker issue

    I have to make this post because this is gotten to be the worst I have ever experienced in this game. There is a massive hacker problem right now. Labs has only <redacted> players and every map has someone who is aimbotting and radar. I wanted to ask any devs if there is something being done about this, like SMS verification or something that immediately detects these software's in a game? I love this game and at this point I am losing hope.... Also want to give this an opportunity for anyone to post names of hackers they find in game as another glimpse into who is doing it and how we can ban these fuckers.
  15. Gamebaster

    Pls ban this cheater

    hello recently I discovered this cheat, please banned, I send you the clips. is a streamer. https://www.twitch.tv/waffle_stomps/clip/ObeseBigHippoResidentSleeper https://www.twitch.tv/waffle_stomps/clip/SilkyLaconicFlyM4xHeh
  16. My friend made a friend with a cheater who we got to confess to cheating and the cheater took a photo of his own setup which showed a circle on his screen and my friend also played a raid with him because he killing everyone instantly. His current in-game name is T-rad lvl 29
  17. I believe theres a mega thread but i can't seem to find it anywhere. If not, I'm positive the guy in question is cheating, instantly cracked my friend's (RockyFox) faceshield in every spot in one shot and i took a unreal amount of hits instantly to the thorax. Literally looked up at the ceiling from all the recoil from it.
  18. I went into a raid with the following load outs. R700 Helmet armored rig M4 Helmet armored rig SVD Helmet armored rig. These three runs, I maybe lasted all of 5 minutes on shoreline, I got shot in bushes, behind cover, and from the air from Brightburn himself. Now I don't know if players can see my "networth" of my gear but this was the following 3 runs. Hatchet nothing else. Died, gamma was full, AI scav. Died, gamma was full, Player scav. Extracted: 1 mosin sniper, 1 vepr hunter, shotgun, adar. Scav back pack full gamma, some armor a helmet. Overall, Of my games I have played solo I extract more often when I enter with nothing. I see less bullshit and haven't ran into blatant cheating as often, it may be confirmation bias but I much rather enter with nothing at this point and try to find gear as I play I risk nothing and have everything to gain, I just feel the moment I enter with gear it is game over.Z EDIT: When I say single player I mean, fully open maps various safe zones, you leave your hideout have a vast map to explore different factions reputation with factions. various events that happen. basically a big vast open sand box that allows you to experience the world and the game away from all the BS that is tarkov online. Similar to stalker but with the vast superior gunplay that is tarkov.
  19. -STATUS OF 12.6 CHEATING FROM MY PERSPECTIVE- I've seen a lot of low level AMERICAN buyers of in-game currency this patch and its still only week 2 (EX. lvl 9 players with Labs tier/ M61 MDR loadouts but they're trash at the game and die to me with a shr-1mp from point blank). As a Russian-American, I digress, in week one of 12.6, even, day 1 and 2, I was getting lag switched out of raids, aimbotted, and ESPed certain times when I picked up anything valuable or got a full bag in-raid. I say that 10000 bans a week is not enough bans because at the rate which I encounter these sketchy persons, it seems like one in seven can't play the game normally, and one in 15 are buying with currency from these cheaters. I've done close to 160 raids since wipe day, and those are my statistics as of right now. I can tell when someone is using information they shouldn't have because I know the maps like the back of my hand and I have over 5000 hours logged testing just about everything offered in the experience in multiple builds of the game. There are cheater situations, and not all of them are obviously breaking the physics of the game. Someone who is using radar and actually knows how to play competitive can be a larger threat than some pleb who is trash even with an aimbot. Its part of the reason why its not safe to just stand still and not make sound. On another note lag switchers are the worst and I don't see any deterrents for preventing that though. -CONCLUDING OBSERVATION- With three types of cheaters corrupting the experience (cheaters, lag switchers, and radar website abusers), only obvious cheaters are being addressed by anticheat, and incentive to cheat or buy money is still very high. Found-in-raid system as it stands benefits cheaters because they will be surviving and with more valuables. Fundamental changes to flea market, trader tasks, skills, or further discretion are necessary moving forward in order to generate interest in new and old players. -SUGGESTIONS- First of all, I love all of Eroktic's content, and shame on BSG for the DMCA scandal. Negative hype is literally everything the scavs say and it hurts just to understand them on loop. Just putting that out there. Change scav lines/ add more. I get that they're supposed to be offensive, but there is not enough variety in what they say. Much of the scav audio is not heard in game despite having the line diversity for each voice in the link below. Is this where I sign up to be a voice actor? I can speak russian without an accent and I think I would be ideal as a multilingual russian-english actor. I especially like Eroktic's new idea for faster or monthly wipes and a separate but simultaneous permanent character mode would mitigate this need for trash skilled players to buy loot from the cheaters because they can play the permanent endgame character to have fun and use loot. Essentially this would be like a non-hardcore mode. Making loot worthless and increasing accessibility to end game loot in the long haul would prevent cheaters from making money. One way to do this would be to make tasks more relevant to the gameplay loop instead of just random sequences of linear challenges with trackers. Having more people participating in the grind for a more achievable Kappa end game would be time friendly for people who can't play as much (those more likely to buy currency); this idea would be more relevant for a permanent character. As for the monthly tryhard wipe league that i would like to participate in 50+ hrs a week, changes to flea market to make it even more restricted (reducing it to found-in-raid in-game equipment with all current systems and removing barter items from flea market) would further prevent cheaters from generating currency by creating a barrier to their sales. Getting rid of expensive items on flea market makes it more difficult for them to liquidate their assets for a head start on normal players. Auction-only would be a more intuitive feature for the sale of in-raid barter items. Using my recommendations, developers can address both the supply and demand of this issue by reducing both demand and supply. Creating two character modes will split the playerbase into the casuals that want to pvp, and the sweaty nerds who want to climb the ranks. There will still be cheating, that's inevitable, and radar website abuse will still be unaddressed using just these three suggestions about wipe, flea market, and auctions. The overall experience would be more enjoyable with my fourth and final suggestion as a deterrent against the radar/esps (concealed cheating); a post-raid killcam/spectator mode after the timer has ended. It doesn't even have to work that well, but it should be like the one in playerunknown's battlegrounds. The more capabilities it has, the better. I know that a reporting system is planned, but proper spectating would make it more effective. The spectator mode project could generate excellent content on the internet, increasing the popularity of the game. I would like to hear other arguments against this type of killcam/spectator mode other than it would be hard to code or it doesn't fit the vision of the game. My vision of the game currently is that its full of these cheater POS and they're sometimes preventing me from being competitive in the wipe. I want more immersion and less cheesing of gameplay loops. More animations, better tasks. -CREATIVE SUGGESTIONS- Here is my creative idea: Imagine a bullet/grenade cam in slow motion like in the fallout games by bethesda; the game would be UNPARALLELED and even more unique in a very cool way while also benefiting the hardcore experience. This kind of feature would make this game ESPORTS relevant and much more popular. Why not add live dismemberment? I want to see my enemies' try and crawl away to staple their appendages back together after an RGD explodes from under them. Granted the servers would need yet more upgrades. Thanks for coming to my Tarkov TED talk, - Maladyetz
  20. bloodnectar

    Cheater Report support

    Sorry I just couldnt find a better place to find support for Cheater Question. I have a storry and need some guidance please! I found a hatchling recently, i Helped him but then he came to me and dropped a docs case, I thought he wants to share, it had bitcoins in it like 12, was unreal so I threw it back at him but he started to spawn the DOCS CASE and then just BITCOINS for me insisting so I would pick up, I refused. Can someone explain, dont you have to have server admin rights to be able to "spawn" items like that ? and should I have taken a video of this person doing this and kill him to be able to get his nickname off the tag ? or could he be tracked on server logs like GTA* online admins can ? whats the best thing to do ?? SOrry for my English 😮
  21. I am a new player, I think that this game is already difficult and still have to face cheating every round I play, I'm not sure if the server in Asia is more than Europe or not, but do you know that cheating games This is very easy to access. I visited the internet on this game-cheating website. It's very easy to access, and they also have official discord. I used to find cheating in this game very crazy. Whether flying, shooting through walls And lots of others
  22. hittmen0t

    Flea market broken?

    Hey guys, I saw earlier today that market offers are back to 30+s cooldown before going live. Didn't seem too bad in the beginning, but trying to buy ammo ... wow, now you can watch the cheaters live as they buy off the cheap market offers. I've watched repeatedly as offers that were at least 20+s before going live being sold off. Example: I check for M855A1, hit F5 and see an offer at 640 Roubels for 60 rounds will go live in 45s. Not even 10 seconds later the offer was gone. Sadly not a joke at all. Or am I missing something?
  23. Smile_King

    Death Recap

    I'm sure its already been discussed plenty of times before, however I think it'd really benefit the game if after you die you could get a more comprehensive guide to your fight. IE if you were engaged with a single person and shot them a handful of times, and they shot you a handful of times, maybe a character map of where they were shot, and where you were shot so you can better understand what happened during the fight with informatics on if you took fragmentation damage as well, what gun you were killed with with what ammo etc. And then a Death cam as well from your shooters point of view. However the death cam would only be available after waiting 30 seconds, that way if say youre in a squad, you dont have access to unfair information that might otherwise change the outcome of a fight. If you got sniped, you wouldnt be able to immediately tell your team "hey theyre hiding in the rocks close to xyz". It would also force exit campers on some maps, and snipers to regularly adjust their position as well keeping the game fluid. Not to mention, it would force cheating players out into the daylight, an easy tool that could be easily recorded and sent in to be reviewed.
  24. Did a 4 man squad wipe with a shitty ak on interchange, happily going back to extract with gen 4 and an inventory full of high end gear and backpacks and i see someone running in the distance shooting in every direction, before im one shot by him myself. Lo and behold i look up his name and hes a blatant cheater that brags about his 'acomplishments' (even runs a csgo hackboosting service) and is banned on multiple games with numerous forum posts on other games begging to be unbanned and saying that it wasnt him on the account etc. What i also find hilarious is that he bought the EOD edition of the game. I dont record my gameplay, how do i report this person? How on earth is basically a spinbotter not *instantly* banned in the first place?? In 40ish hours of gameplay this is the first cheater i saw but nevertheless its extremely frustrating to lose such a good raid to some asshole child that bought a hack cause he's bad at the game
  25. Didn't really care in the past. People would be fishy but theres no way to 100% proof it anyway. Cheats are always going to be a thing but they should be a rare occasion. Just now had this guy in my Factory Raid. I've heard him shoot almost all the way across the map and i was looking through a small gap in his general direction. I see him turn a courner before he puts 6 bulletholes full auto in a split second across the map into my visor and kills me. Again, i didn't really care, had nothing expensive on me cuz i just tried to finish the 12ga Suppressed shotgun PMC kills task. After Raid lobby however it showed me his name. What a guy lemme tell you. 'DontCryNiBBa'. apparently a level 14 godgamer with the right attitude. I tried to add him to maybe ask him what's going on in his small brain but he just accepted my request, wrote a short message and deleted me again. Lets just say hes a intelligent one.
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