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  1. Tannheuser

    Ban hackers

    I know this is a controversial opinion and I'm gonna have the whole forum turned against me, but I honestly think players should get banned for hacking or cheating. Maybe I'm a bit oldschool in my opinion that hacks and cheats shouldn't be allowed in game, but I've made up my mind.
  2. piterr_


    Is there any way i could report a cheater with a video proof? I have a replay of a guy killing me and my friend at the same exact moment while running.
  3. RMT can be a detriment to any multiplayer game community, however, Tarkov is far different than other MMOs or multiplayer games. Since BSG are not providing P2W to players, RMT will always be present. The difference between Tarkov and other multiplayer games is that Tarkov and the general playerbase does not suffer as a result of RMT, on the contrary, they oddly have the potential to prosper. Players who use RMT to get gear and items do have a minor advantage in limited situations and can unlock traders, gear, hideout, etc. faster but once they enter a raid, all it takes is a lucky scav shot or a player with a large round shooting them in the head for them to lose all of that gear and money spent on it. A part of those players will then spend more money on RMT which will fuel RMT farmers, which can be a great source of income for BSG. Players winning RMT'd gear will eventually take that gear into raids themselves or sell it for RUB and buy something else, eventually losing that gear to someone else. The RMT items and value gets spread around the whole community over a period of time and the small percentage of players who do spend money on RMT is extremely small in % compared to the non-RMT playerbase. Once that RMT value is spread around, I believe it becomes negligible. Cheating, on the other hand can be a problem for Tarkov and most(if not all) RMTers are cheating in order to make a profit. The sad reality is that cheaters can never be completely removed and they don't need to. Cheaters are a problem when they use cheats to kill other players and run about in the game, unchecked. If cheaters use cheats for RMT then they become a much smaller issue. To my knowledge, because of the trouble BSG has gone through to punish them, they refrain from killing players and focus on gathering loot from maps in order to sell it. There will be the occasional regular player who buys cheats to kill others but they are eventually dealt with. The cheaters who RMT are people who purchase multiple accounts and once they are banned, they purchase accounts again to keep making money. This in turn brings BSG money from new accounts. If RMT cheaters would be completely dealt with or RMT would not become profitable, then all that revenue BSG gets from them would be lost. In my opinion, that revenue is important to BSG because it provides them with a kind of "subscription" income to their game and brings in steady and consistent numbers monthly. These RMT-ers and occasional regular cheaters can be controlled with employees who solely focus on banning accounts and verifying reports. I believe BSG has virtual warehouses of data on cheaters and RMTers like, % of raids they are in, % of playerbase who cheats, impact of restrictions on RMT and cheats, players who use RMT services, etc. with this data, BSG can even create estimates of how much money RMTers are making and can use that to their advantage. I believe that hiring people who will focus solely on banning cheater & RMT accounts will cause an increase in income for BSG because of the increase in accounts being bought again for RMT. There will be a tipping point there and that's where the balance needs to be struck. Actively banning accounts and relying less on Anti-Chat software will cause less regular players to cheat, or will at least get them banned much faster while causing RMT cheaters to purchase more accounts monthly to keep RMT-ing. Hiring people to actively ban accounts does bring a cost to the developers and that is where data on RMT accounts can come in handy. If an employee can ban enough accounts to cover their wages and causes RMTers to purchase even more accounts, then BSG can actually make a profit while addressing the issue and building up a massive deterrent to the use of cheats like Aimbots, invisibility and the like, which are the only real problem.
  4. Hallo, ich wollte mich mal mit einer Idee an euch richten welche zum einen die Zahl der Cheater stark reduzieren würde und zum anderen den BSG-Support dabei unterstürzen/entlasten würde, diese unerwünschten Spieler zu entfernen. Und zwar habe ich folgende Idee. Mein Ansatz ist von Valve bzw. CS:GO abgeguckt. Dort haben erfahrenen Spieler die Möglichkeit Replays von häufig reporteten Spielern einzusehen und abschließend Ihre Einschätzung zum Fall abzugeben. In EFT könnte das wie folgt aussehen. Man muss eine gewisse Spielzeit oder ein gesamt Level über die Wipes ansammeln, um diese Funktion freizuschalten. Dann kann man diese Option auswählen und bekommt eine Replay eines Spielers mit vielen Reports in kurzer Zeit. Der Verdächtige wäre dabei anonymisiert. In der Replay hat man Funktionen wie einen X-Ray um einen Wallhack leichter zu erkennen. Zusätzlich dazu die Einsicht in das Inventar und ähnliches. Praktisch wäre auch eine Timeline welche anzeigt an welcher Stelle der Spieler einen Kill gemacht hat um lange Laufphasen gegebenenfalls auszulassen. Ist man mit der Einsicht fertig muss man zum Schluss verschiedene Punkte bewerten wo der Spieler wie auffällig geworden ist (Wallhack, Aimbot, VoIP Abuse und andere Cheats). Man hat die Wahl zwischen "Auf jeden Fall verbotene Software benutzt", "möglicherweise verbotene Software benutzt" und "unaufällig." Damit ist der Fall für einen persönlich abgeschlossen. Die Replay wird dann noch mit der Zeit von weiteren Spielern eingesehen. Nach einer gewissen Anzahl von Einsichten wird eine Entscheidung basierend der Einschätzungen der Prüfer getroffen und der Verdächtige ggf. gebannt. Hat man mit seiner Einschätzung richtig gelegen bekommt man als Belohnung eine SCAV-Marke mit welcher man an einer Art zweiter SCAV-Kiste zufällige Belohnungen erhalten kann, um einen Anreiz zu schaffen dieser Tätigkeit nachzugehen. BSG müsste dafür ein Replay System einführen und dann die Möglichkeit diese Replays einzusehen. Klar das muss alles entwickelt werden aber ich bin davon überzeugt, dass das Kosten Nutzen Verhältnis da auf jeden Fall passt und es eine Win Win Situation sowohl für die Spieler als auch für das BSG-Team geben würde. Wie denkt ihr so über diese Idee?
  5. I've come to notice I ain't the only one who wants Singleplayer or COOP support! I'm sick of the servers, tired of cheaters. I would honestly think twice about buying Tarkov if I only had the game expierence I had now. Seriouslly. SCAV's are hard enough as it is. My survival rating was as low as 8% outa 70 games played. I don't need to be reminded how much I suck at video games or that PC games are full of hacks, I can't trust RANDOM's for the life of me. Let's be real here. There is cheaters, hackers, pro gamers & modders & casual gamers. The casual gamers are gonna mod this game & make it SP COOP support if you don't do it first. Infact, the community has already been working on it, like 20k users are playing EFT either alone or with friends. I highly suggest you "Battlestate games" re-think the PvE position of this game or you will lose your customers. Big facts! I'm actually super excited of the idea to play Singleplayer or coop with friends, I hoenstly could care less about these broken hacked servers. Fix your game & servers & give casual players there SP or Coopertive expierence! lol 70$ CAD on this base game and half the time I can't even play it. This isn't gonna be something you can just shutdown. Modders mod, and thats PC Gaming! Anywayz, that's my two sense, really upto the dev's to actually capitalize on the COOP PvE casual player market... Best of luck on the battlefield!
  6. Hi all, So the question is where do i start? Ive been playing for four wipes on and off and last wipe I decided to start taking the game a bit more seriously and that has lead into this current wipe. I am not going to toot my own horn and say I am amazing at this game but i am an average casual. I find this game extremely enjoyable and hard to put down. The thrill of winning then losing then building it back up gives you a sense of enjoyment and progression. The biggest issue i seem to be having this wipe is cheaters. Last wipe was bad, but it has nothing on this wipe. I am constantly running into players with EOD accounts and Standard that are clear as day using some sort of third party; either to its fullest extent or not its clearly blatant. My issue is why aren't these accounts being spotted? Its a very intense game and its quite easy to figure out who is doing what with account previous statistics matched with current statistics, vice versa. When this wipe first started i had not many issues at all with this problem, but now its out of control. I play a lot of duos and the ability for a player to transition from myself to my duo in the matter of a second and insta head shot using an EOD account and be level 55+ and still be playing is ridiculous. I was doing shooter born on Shoreline so i was playing bush wookie, yes a cheep but efficient tactic. I tank a 5.56 round to the head while sitting in a bush from spawn no longer then 15 seconds into the start of the lobby and over looking an area. Didn't hear the shot being it was that far away. No possible way for someone to see me there. He was so far away and as we know 5.56 at distance over 100m wasn't killing at one point. I instantly knew something was wrong so i run for my life and so does my duo. As we are full sprint running we instantly both die from a M855A1 round to the head 1 second apart.. I Still have the players name and look him up every time i get on and he still continues to climb and last checked he was level 67. Yesterday playing in a three man and on a 8 raid streak we are on woods helping someone quest. While we spawn at RUAF and run toward the medical camp they are both inside and i stay outside and cover entry points from the rock around. While I am full sprint and moving positions i instantly get head shot from somewhere at spine, through all the trees there. One of the guys I am with is down by the white van on water side and 2 seconds after i am killed he is getting shot at. He survives but falls back. At this point i quickly jump over to discord watching them through screen share so i can say whereabouts i was killed from. My main duo who is currently level 45 and quite good at the game is clearing the area while running out from the east side of medical camp. While hes doing that the other guy dies at white van. Both of us down. This is all happening in the matter of 30 seconds. Lets not forget i am far east by the rocks north of the bus stop. How has he transitioned from me far east to instantly shooting the man at white van and finally killing him. My main duo then like i said runs from east side of medical runs around back loops around to spine and through the trees back to medical camp. While he is in the trees moving back down onto medical camp he instantly dies from a head shot at the location i died, further south next to the rocks at the bus stop. This is all in about 2 minutes game time. This player is actually one i have seen before being i play on selected servers. This player is using an EOD account. This player is level 63. How is hes still playing. He didnt make a sound when killing my being he was so far away. Instantly killed me. Instantly moved 300 meters right looked down through trees over and down a hill side and shoots my other man in 3 seconds. Then manages to kill my third with zero knowledge of his movement being he went through a tree line back and out the other side and back down and instantly kills him as soon as he peaks a ridge. These are just to I have recorded and have footage of. Lets not talk about the countless other times i have seen some incredibly sketchy stuff. Lets also not talk about the blatant standard account MP5 across the map guys. This is ridiculous. Ive bought 2 EOD accounts since I have been playing being. I play hardcore styled on one and normal on the other in the past. That is like £300 down the drain. I refuse to play again until i hear this game gets better.
  7. Would it be possible to add an anti-cheat system that cannot allow people to open tarkov while running a third party cheating program or at least puts them in servers with other cheaters like how VALORANT's Vanguard works? Also, from watching cheaters stream on twitch after I've died, they would have unlimited stamina and no recoil while hipfiring. Would it also be possible to have a script that removes the player from the game or at least 'disconnects' them from the game by triggering the script by using the cheats? There has to be a way to remove cheaters from this game.
  8. Loaded in twice on reserve one raid after another and both times i was killed by invisible players. First time i was in an enclosed space and dropped dead instantly (headshot) no bullet, gun, or impact sounds. second time i was on a roof and i could hear someone running around very close but looked around couldn't see anyone, next thing i know i'm getting knifed in the head and i do a full 360 - no one around me at all- and then drop dead. This isn't the first time i've had this happen, and as far as i can remember its almost always been on reserve. Just want to know how widespread is this problem? Are you all experiencing this? seems like every 10-20 raids i run into some sort of cheater. im thinking of making another thread in the suggestions sub-thread asking the devs to 1. provide more info on the nature of your death other than [this part shot, this part least damaged] and 2. give the players some sort of tool to report players when they have a fishy death, an account gets too many reports==banned or goes through a review process etc. what do y'all think?
  9. The fact that there is so many bots on the flea market and the stock on the traders is messing up the game. Read someone mention that traders should not have a limited supply of something, for instance if you havent bought the "limited amount" of a certain item that you can buy, you should be able to buy it. Even if everyone else has bought their "limit" of it. Some of the items from the traders is out of stock within a minute of their "restock" and you have to wait another 2h+ to be able to get it, even after those 2h+, you might just get the error again because the stock is empty within the first minute because of all the bots spamming... Remove the limited ammount of items the traders got and keep the restock timer for the player's personal limited restock. If this makes things a bit unballanced just decrease the players limited stock with every restock.
  10. yanjari


    caught some people cheating in my friends discord server. I'm not sure if there's anyway to report him or anything but his tarkov ID is "removed for name shaming" and his Discord is "removed for name shaming" (as shown in the screenshot)(removed for name shaming). pls let me know if there's anyway to report him or something within those lines.

    Cheaters are getting worst..

    This is my first time ever writing on a forum but i just need to vent. I love Tarkov, this is a one of a kind game that has become the only game i desire to play, at least that was the case up until today. 3 Times today Ive been killed by cheaters. Wall banged by one inside where killa spawns on interchange ( he didn't miss a single shot from the other side of the wall) and twice on shoreline. On shore line it seems to be a situation where one guy sits outside the resort with a radar and tells the other one what rooms to push. Eash time on shoreline i was standing completely still when someone rushes my room out of nowhere while his buddy outside peppers bullets at my through the wall so i cant stand up or fall back towards the balcony. With the new patch its impossible to make any money since Im constantly being screwed over by someone with radar .That's just today. I have been killed in suspicious ways several times over the past few days but today has been the tipping point. No matter how much I love this game hackers have legitimately killed this game for me. I played a lot during the previous wipe and almost never ran into hackers. But now.... the game apparently is a hackers paradise. please BSG fix this problem before they kill your beautiful game. Pestily mention the idea of having a post game Kill cam so you can see how you were killed After the game is completely over. (meaning after the raid hits 00:00 so you cant cheat and call out where the enemy is on discord) This obviously wont stop you from getting killed in the raid, but being able to see the legitimacy of your death after the fact would at least give solid proof on a hack being used without the players having to record every single game themselves ( Even if you do record your entire game you are only viewing from your perspective which is useless half the time ) An example of this system in motion would be in League of Legends . When the game is over you are given the option of downloading the replay so you can re watch it, I understand things like this are easier said then done but I don't see the point of focusing on Patches and updates if most of your player base ends up leaving due to hackers ( not saying that is going to happen but its been bad enough to drive me off so who knows ) I imagine this will get lost in the Void with the hundreds of other post complaining about hackers but I had to vent somewhere. Thank you for whoever did take the time to read this, happy hunting and good luck in your raids. God knows you'll need it.
  12. _Primetheus_

    Suggestions from a fellow developer

    Hi BSG Devs. First of all, you guys have created an amazing game here. You inspire me, I hope you are all keeping safe during this pandemic. I have a suggestion that, if you think about it could possibly have several benefits to EFT, with hardly any drawbacks. Please know that I'm not being critical of what we have , I die a lot and I love this game so very much still. My thoughts are principally based on the mentality of the players that cheat... they don't want to screw people over, they just want the nice guns and gear. Right now getting that would mean having to be a better player, which is perfectly fair, but cheaters don't think that learning the game and increasing skills is worth the pain and suffering. I think the other type of cheater is the people doing RMT and trying to profit IRL. They lose their ability to profit if players with real world money have other options besides paying for RMT to get ahead or facing certain death due to playing time constraints etc. Your idea about tracking the found in raid items is great, and seems to be making a difference. 1) My principal suggestion is that you allow each player account to have multiple PMC's --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.1) Starting with 2 PMC slots for a standard account, adding potentially more for people that have EOD for example. 1.2) When you create your PMC you must choose... a) Hardcore PVP PMC (Current PMC) b) Permadeath PVP PMC (like the name says, only a choice for the mentally ill - hell I don't think anyone would choose this... but you never know.) c) Hardcore PVE PMC (Same as current PMC, except no VS multiplayer, only co-op) d) Permadeath PVE PMC (As above, except with permadeath) 1.3) Fleamarket abuse is a concern so there is no flea market in the PVE modes! 1.4) PVE PMC's need to follow the quests and unlock access to higher tier items the usual way. 1.5) You cannot transfer anything between your PMC's ever! 1.6) PVP then becomes the endgame META for the game, and if that's boring for the pro-streamers ... there's always perma-death mode. 1.7) The idea of this is to increase the numbers of people who first of all buy the game which is good for the dev team, but it also eases the matching process, by having more players online. 1.8) Scav runs are ALWAYS multiplayer, however you choose which of your PMC characters you want to give your items to, not a mix of characters, one only. pick... 2) Add a player tiering system. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2.1) When players reach max level, they get offered a promotion quest, on completion of the promotion quest the PMC Tier is increased +1, This applies to PVE and PVP PMC characters. 2.2) Game matching is based on player tier or match players based on level | 1-10 | 11-20 | 21-30 and so on... 2.3) New tiers can give something of cosmetic value, I'm sure you can some up with a plan here on how to reward higher tier players. 2.4) Add minimum gear point requirement for higher tier matches, cannot enter with cheap / lower lvl guns ie: moisins etc. this prevents endgame players from being punished. (may not work) Notes: - PVE should still run "online" via BSG servers, not offline whatsoever, as we want to avoid decompilation of netcode etc. - Allowing players more options or gameplay modes will put everyone in their box, and should reduce the number of people cheating. - Cheaters suck at the game, so forcing them to play against better opponents encourages their cheating behaviour... now if they want to cheat, they only cheat themselves and are less able to ruing the game for other people. - These new modes will give that element of the player base other options, so they don't feel justified doing it. 3) Implementation costs and issues --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3.1) It will drastically reduce cheaters, but not eliminate them completely. 3.2) It will probably mean more costs in terms of servers, but hopefully the increased player numbers will drive profits at the same time. 3.3) I know micro-transactions are not ideal, but there could be specific tier rewards for multiplayer. 3.4) This would not effect the core gameplay of tarkov, other than AI driven PMC's for offline mode, and scav runs and selecting PMC for transfer and selecting PMC screen will need more that 2 options. Will need naming PMC's obviously. 3.5) This also allows EOD players to replay and enjoy low level play with a new PMC. Just some ideas guys, again I hope this helps in some small way I love the game, if my ideas are dogsh_t, then thats cool also just know they're posted with the best intentions. Peace.
  13. Survivor46290

    Weapon preset hacker issue

    I was making an AKM preset when I noticed a random attachment in my shopping list posted by an account named "EFThacks-com". Has anyone seen this before? Screenshot attached.
  14. This guy was clearly using hacks. Killed all three of us, by shooting us once, in the eyes, within quick succession. There needs to be an easier way of reporting people. image was removed for name shaming
  15. BobSaget209

    keep an eye out for...

    obolosher is looking maddddddd suspicious, cant quite say hes cheating cuz i shot first but the man is runing a val on single just head tapping ppl (me). call me salty, call me a sore loser, but duck that guy
  16. Heyo! New player here. Been playing for 2 weeks now and really enjoying the game for the most part. I've done something like 100 raids, 50:50 between Scav and PMC and I've only had 2 or 3 extremely suspicious deaths, which I guess is a good ratio. For the more experienced players, how common is cheating in EFT? Asking because I'm triggered :) just got killed by my first blatant not-trying-to-hide-it aimbotter. He was 180 degrees looking the other way shooting constantly for several minutes. I thought it was REALLY weird so eventually I approached him from behind whilst behind cover (still easily 20-30m) quietly, and the instant I had line of sight on him and MID shooting a full mag, he span 180 and insta-headshot me, and instantly turned and continued shooting the other direction again. I like to think it was a rare occurrence, as I said, only had a handful of dodgy moments so all in all I'm happy with my experience so far.
  17. I just had a few games against people who would teleport themselves a meter to the left/right side whenever i dropped a shot on them with my mosin. I'm pretty sure it was no lag like their ping was perfectly alright they just plopped to the side of my sight whenever i pressed LMB ,otherwise they were standing still and shooting at me like theyre on some gun range, not having to deal with incoming bullets... No walking animation nothing laggy he just relocated a few feet aside whenever he had to "dodge" a bullet. I was just wondering if this happens to others and if this is a known problem and how often i can expect that to occurr.... thankful for any information:
  18. I was playing labs today and I could here what sounded like a suppressed P90 shooting off, I ducked behind some plants under where the mid wall thing is (behind weapons testing) when I popped my head up to take a look over the wall, the only thing showing would have been my altyin head but when I hear a crack from a bullet hitting the wall I spun around and looked to the floor to avoid the shots clearly coming from green zone (catwalk doors) area when instead of taking damage I just died, no impact, no hurt noises no sound of being shot, just slumped over 50 seconds into the raid by a guy shooting seemingly forever with his P90, not the second the game started he started shooting and kept pulsing rounds out about 20 shots every 5 second interval. Again, the only thing he was shooting was P90, not that strong of a gun, I had a TV rig on so I was well protected to the thorax and I died without an impact noise from a guy that was shooting from behind a wall. [how do you know it wasn't anyone else?] Because it was 50 second into the raid, I triple checked my ass and could only have been shot by the person shooting as I had cover from 3 directions and could have only really been shot from the side or over the wall. [Maybe it wasn't a P90 but an FAL] If that was an FAL then it was a damn quiet FAL. [How do you know it wasn't desync or lag?] Again, I defer to it being 50 seconds into the raid, we all just got our barings I was shot in an odd spot people wouldn't think to check, especially from catwalk doors. He also had a seemingly english name. (LEDX-ovo) [Why make this?] Because if you or someone you know have died to some mysterious poo from this guy I'd like to know also I'd like to add to whatever CBL that may exist.
  19. I'm experiencing more often, that i'm getting shot through that much foliage, even while moving, switching positions in so much cover without even spotting the shooter, while he knows everytime exactly where im at. I refuse to call hacks/cheats/glitches easily, but found some russian video on YouTube, where you can see how this could be explained. Every foliage is gone, the game looks shitty though, but you can spot players half across the map. Now.. my question in this whole thing is: Isn't this also some kind of cheating? Will such ppl also get banned? It's such a massive advantage to not have that much, or even no foliage on every outdoor fight situation. Any1 had some similiar experiences?
  20. andresto

    ¡Estamos agregando BattlEye!

    ¡Queridos Tarkovianos! Como habrán adivinado (o no) se va a implementar BattlEye Anticheat para incrementar la protección contra jugadores tramposos (si, esta es la "Gran cosa" que habíamos mencionado antes). Estamos trabajando junto a los desarrolladores de BE para asegurarnos de su estabilidad y eficacia, combinando así todas las medidas contra cheats que tenemos en un sólido sistema. Por supuesto habrá que probarlo bien, así que anunciamos que BattlEye se estará implementando en breve en la versión actual del juego. Les avisaremos cuando esté todo listo y les estaremos muy agradecidos con que nos ayuden a probar el rendimiento del juego y reporten cualquier bug que encuentren al respecto abriendo un ticket de soporte mediante el launcher. Gracias!
  21. snatchtactical

    Nikita Must Read

    Greeting Nikita And BSG Teams . Game Question ! :) Can you Guy Make a Real AntiCheat That Work , Because ESP User are Annoying with Their Wallhack and AimBot and What ever you what they Use. I'm Telling you . If you Want to have a cheating Community Keep it Like this So Let it be a Cheat War. If you Could make A DataBase To ''Track & LOG '' Shoot Form Weapon , Hit Accuracy Or Something That Detect Cheat For real . Check Out Youtube For New EFT Cheats They Come Everyday with Poeple Laughing on Cheating , Get The List Of poeple Give a Like On Those Video Get Their Email Adresse and Ban Them also For supporting Poeple Like this , Watching those kind of poo Make my anger go higher everyday , Before Any other Update For the Game Do One For anticheat and Get Them , Add Phone Device as Register Account To make them spend more Money To Play EFT , Add More Information Required , Get them Off the Game , Ingame Scan During Read Analysing File , doesnt mather If it Freeze Keep that for a month and Check Out Who didnt played For a month And you get a list Of those Cheating Poeple You Game Is The best one Ive Seen in a while , One of Unique Style , Don't Let the cheating Community Ruin This . Cheaters Doesnt Care about the Time you guy spend to make Something Out . You Said yourself Tarkov is your own Baby , Don't let you Baby Falls into The one doesnt deserve it. If i whould Catch on my own a cheaters in Real life , I maybe actualy be In prison myself How im Done with them They are Poison , Toxic , Also Add a BSG Lock Into system 32/64 For poeple Who has been Caught To make sure they Never come back , Get the poison Out of the water . These Guy are only There to Destroy The game.
  22. 4hire

    Check this out.

    Just in case you guys haven't seen this yet. Keep up the good job guys, and bring Aim punch again please.
  23. eGirl-Neko

    Umschreiben des Game

    Ich wollte mal nachfragen ob es erlaubt ist das Spiel umzuschrieben. Ich hab in den Regeln jetzt nicht gelesen das es Verboten ist das Spiel komplett umzuschreiben. Da das spiel in Unity gemacht wurde ist es nicht schwer das Spiel "umzumodden" und alle Texturen und Avatare durch 16K Texturen/.fbx Anime Models zu ersetzten. Den Launcher hab ich schon Umdesign. Aber an Spiel wil ich nicht ran weil ich nicht weiß ob das Billig Anti-cheat was nicht mal ne .dll Injection verhindern kann das als "Hack" oder "Cheat" erkennt und ich dadurch einen Bann bekomme. Zudem fällst mir auf das manche .dll vom spiel nicht Verschlüsselt sind das sollte man soweit noch Vixen damit nicht irgendwelche idioten sich dranmachen diese zu finden und zu Leaken.
  24. Jazztroll

    Cheating Player

    I'm not sure where to post this so i'm gonna do it here.\ So i was playing Customs behind the gas station there's a couple of trees forming like a little forest.. So i was in prone position at the top of this little hill. I was in the middle of few trees and i was observing the station for someone there (scav's players w/e) and out of nowhere something just hit me, and then again, and again. At first i didn't even understood what the F is happening. I started bleeding so i got up and started running and bandaging myself, i try to hide, i was kneeling behind cars, garbage containers, that little shack with one ammo crate and nothing this dude kept following me and killed me probably with an axe, but i couldn't see him, he didn't produce a sound, not even once. He was invisible ?!? And just kept following me hitting me with his stupid axe, and eventually he killed me?!!?! And i'm like "What the f*ck????" He couldn't be shooting at me from a long distance cause i ran away so far that he has to follow me, find me again and start shooting at me again. It cannot be scav cause he didn't produce a sound. However i got his name bcs the game tell's u who killed you and he was normal player who goes by the name "###" if its not a big problem for the devs and moderators ban this idiot as soon as possible. thank you..
  25. grampaexpozure

    No Report option?

    More anmd more now im running into raids with players who have cheats/ hacks (invincibility, aimbot etc) and there is no way of reporting their account. will this be implemented soon? or is there some spot i can post their IGN so they can be taken care of at some point? it's rather frustrating when i spend hours grinding gear toi just lose it to some player who is bad at the game and decides to toggle on invincibilty and stand in front of extracts wearing absolutly no armor. What can be done to address this?
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