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Found 9 results

  1. DaveJohnson

    When VOIP is added.

    I had a good idea on VOIP so vote or comment yours
  2. JimHantzis

    Interchange Scav Boss Entrance

    It would better for the game if the scav boss on Interchange crashed into the mall with a lada (the one shown below) while playing this track:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Y3xSv5Cs6U.Thanks and stay cheeki breeki

    Scavs are too much cheeki ಥ_ಥ

    If we will forget about whole server desync thing which are the major point of scavs bugs and bugs in general in the game (btw look at my thread ,,Escape of Desync´´ if you want to find out more) there are some problems with scavs in general. Just to calm down fan boys : Yes I know that game is in BETA testing ! and It doesn´t mean that I can´t say my opinion on thing which could be improved. Back to topic I think you all playing in these times know that scavs are kind of broken now. They are still aimboting from the bushes and shooting through walls. I know that everything is just being tested but system implemented in scavs ,mainly you can watch this with shotguns it´s totally broken. They are shooting from more than 100 M away distances and they still manage to black your limbs, mostly legs instantly ... Currently there is no point in taking with you splints because scavs can´t even broke you something they will just instantly shot it to black limb(0 hp on part of body) which game breaking (I think it´s a bug ). Also instakills with headshots now applies on shotguns too (Toz for 100% it happened to me even with kiver or kolpack) before it´s used to be more with makarovs but now It´s more like everything ... The main problem I think is scavs totally ignore your armor, it brings a question why wearing an armor ? Is it just because of the PVP ? Scavs are just pro bandits which knows exactly how to kill you John Wick every one of them, skilled as small spartan soldiers to fight, they don´t even care if you have forth armor or the best helmet (Stop whining Geralt... Ok I already stopped..... No I will never stop). For me personally it´s ridiculous that filthy bandits are so skilled they even know where to shot you as nothing ... I think the main reason why you should take armor in final release is because is OP against fighting Scavs because they should be dumb and shot you to your chest stomach or head. Yes it gives some more inteligent to scavs but why add it ? To answer on this question try to answer please why are they in game ? I think the most obvious reason now is to have more danger in raids because of the small amount of players in map but the main reason is for me easy loot, as it should be. They really should not be a match for a skilled veteran contract soldiers as are USECs and BEARs. The most common thing what happens to me is that I kill a PVP players and on the end of the run I am 1 shot in to my limb or head or even killed by grenade (which is not even heard for desync sometimes) throw precisely on my head. I know that scavs have to be balanced and we are testing them but please can you add an option for us to have for etc. small map like factory without any scavs ? I am not saying shoreline or customs because there is not match happening without them but Factory map would be optimal battleground for PVP action only which would not be screwed by Scavs. It´s small and you can easily find action there all I ask is 1 map without scavs. There is really not a better feeling when you clear whole factory and new scav wave appears and they are all in front of the extract area ... I had once like 10 scavs there I killed 9 of them and the last one killed me with precise grenade ... I guess they are just too cheeki for me to handle.
  4. JosephWolf

    Why You cheeky little

    Lol you never would of guessed, I certainly didn't gave me the scare of my life though, T-bagged for tossing a nade, you cheeki little breeki lol
  5. Because I am not scum, Source:
  6. Mateothehybrid

    Cheeki Breeki HARDBASS music!

  7. Everything I hate and love about the game in one short video. The feeling of mind-bending rage when I lost everything about 10 seconds after spawning in with my only shotgun and new body armor to be one-shotted without a fair fight is enough to make me want to quit the game forever. But on the opposite end... Thanks for a cool game, Battlestate. Would love a mode that allows re-spawns or where you don't lose all your gear, at least not your weapons. This would allow people to get into more intense firefights and enjoy the incredible gunplay in this game more. The existing mode could still be in there too. Also, it's way too risky to ever want to take a gun with multiple attachment into a raid. It's just way too risky to lose a really expensive weapon instantly. That's a real shame because it makes the amazing attachment and modding system you guys spent so much time creating kinda meaningless. Most won't use it, ya know? Don't let your hard work go to waste, Battlestate! Anyway, my new ReShade used in the vid is here: https://sfx.thelazy.net/games/preset/8140/ Hope you like it. Cheers!
  8. Vicious scav murders innocent civilians pls nerf 1 like = 1 help 1 share = 1 m4 for civvies w/ attachments and 6 F1 grenades
  9. 序言: 西德(@hugow01)和我Teabag(@yurilikesteabag)都是生存遊戲玩家和槍械愛好者,我們編寫這些文章的目的是能在遊玩逃出塔科夫的過程中,同時和玩家們分享遊戲中各種已經存在或準備公佈的槍械的背景資料和數據,讓華文玩家們在享受遊戲的體驗中學習到每一把槍背後的故事和歷史。 To understand the gun,is to better understand the history. 參考資料 http://forum.escapefromtarkov.com/forum/38-weapons-department/ Photos from Internet 文章不定時更新 感謝@Hazel協助修改整理
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