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Found 10 results

  1. bl4cksh33p

    Chinese Player +300Ping

    Got destroyed by an Chinese Player - first I thought he was hacking but then I watched his stream and he is playing with +300ping on EU Server. Tarkov may has the biggest desync from any game I know. Would be nice if you could do some Ping Lock so that players actually play where they are living. Maybe he is hacking too I am not sure consider the fact that you can add an RADAR Hack as seen by some Streamers on Reddit.
  2. A whole lot of Chinese players and I have been talking arounf this issue. If the Chinese language is removed from the game, the number of hackers (and real-money trading) will be greatly reduced. The introduction of the Chinese language pack have attracted a whole bunch of Chinese players into this game. Being inexperienced, they tend to buy in-game items with real money (the market price is now about 1.5USD=1mil roubles in-game). The ones selling in-game currency are usually hackers, they hack to make money in-game and sell them to inexperienced players. Hacker
  3. Vegetable2333

    When can we have official chinese

    Im new in this game,and my english is bad,so i wanna know when can we have official Chinese.
  4. 本贴主要来源是reddit上u/Snork_svk14的贴子 以及我本人感觉一些比较有意思的内容 0.11.7.x (补丁) · 0.11.7.x (具体代码未提及)将会是0.11. 7的最后一个更新。接下来就是0.12.x版本并且换装新的Unity 2018引擎 · 现在Unity 2018的移植已经不可逆了。不光游戏本身急需新引擎,现在游戏依靠的Unity 5引擎已经和很多现代编程系统出现不兼容问题了。如果不移植的话游戏开发都会成为困难。 · 这个热修补丁会主要重点处理造成游戏卡顿的因素 · 收到主播Veritas的数据帮助,BSG正在大力研究造成Scav疯狂打腿的原因 · 狙击手Scav是故意让他们先打腿或者非致命部位的。这是为了防止Scav狙击手千里瞄准俺家重心点外一枪放倒玩家这种情况出现。但是为了处理Scav打腿的bug,现在这个系统被关闭了。 · 游戏内AI是有难易度区分的:简单,中等,困难,不可能和狙击手。每一个难度等级的AI精度和反应速度等因素都不同。 · 正常情况下Scav应该是主动瞄准人体重心。简单来讲,主播Veritas之前做实验发现Sc
  5. Hazel


    大家好!我叫Hazel,來自香港。 我是新加入代表中文社區的大使。 主要負責在中文地區宣傳Escape from Tarkov 翻譯官方公告及最新消息。 很高興認識大家! 如果大家有任何關於這個遊戲的提議還有擬問,歡迎告訴我 我會很樂意解答大家的問題! ***另外請注意目前中文官方人員只有一個,請不要相信其他自稱自己是官方人員的玩家!
  6. (sooooooooo excited to know I am one of the Emissary now.....Oooooooooo..) I'm honored and so appreciative to be selected by Battlestate to become the first Emissary of the Chinese language area. Thanks everyone who support me. Hello PMCs from all over the world! My name is Hazel from Hong Kong. I'm 23 years old. Since I was little I am an air-soft player because of my father. And I'm in passion in video games.(played for 15 years I think?). I tried many survival games until I watched EFT's first trailer. "This is the one...."...my eyes alight.
  7. Any Chinese players want to group up, I usually get on night time (North American time zone).
  8. 大大们,我是刚买的游戏,下载了一天半的时间才下载了一半,我家里是百兆的网速,可是下载速度依然很慢。。各位大大们有什么好的建议能加速吗?还有我VPN也试过了,海豚和8LAG效果都不明显。。求助。。。 各位老司机们如果有好的VPN也可以推荐一个哦·~谢谢了
  9. I am a chinese and i love play games like dayz,arma so on,but the big problem is the language in game most are english.not every chinese game player is good at english,and china has been the biggest game market gradually,so if you can creat the chinese language for china players,your sell must be better. many chinese guys who give this game orders or not hope this game could make some change. this is a good game,we want it be better,thk.
  10. BaD_KaRMa_701

    Adding a Third PMC

    we already know about USEC,and Bear, but what about the mercs ex.( Shandong Huawei Security Group ) from china,Mongolia and all the Stan's bordering Russia and with the current military spending china has been doing as well as the population i could foresee Chinese ex military moving to conflicts that RU/USA would have normally sent mercs into. plus the gear is similar to Russian equipment and well as a mix of US type cloned equipment. additionally it could be seen as a incentive for Asian/Chinese customers to purchase if their seen in a favorable light.
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