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  1. The Art of Warfare [TAW] The Art of Warfare [TAW] is a highly organized international gaming community that has been established since 2001 with 2800+ current active members in 40+ games including Escape from Tarkov. We currently have an active player base in Escape from Tarkov stretched around the world including EU, NA, OC, etc, consisting of both seasoned and new players. What we offer you in TAW What we offer you in Escape from Tarkov Division: Requirements to join: If you are either a casual gamer, hardcore gamer or something in between we have something for you here in TAW. How to join us in TAW! Need more Information before joining? We look forward to having you join our Family. Happy hunting and Get Ready for Escape! Come looking for friends, and find a family as we have found ours! The post was updated on April 30th, 2017. The PDF file update is on the way. Our Russian version of this post can be found HERE.
  2. dcp2142

    Full Control Gaming 18+ Discord

    Check out our Full Control Official graphics: https://youtu.be/LEmzCrLYP_E Discord: https://discord.gg/wupe7vs Welcome to Full Control. Our founding principle is that the player comes first. We take a flatland approach to our community. Every voice matters. And we don't use outdated hierarchies so you're not getting yelled at by a 13-year-kid as a grown-ass adult. We are a mid-sized, active community. What does that mean for you? It means that you'll always have a game to play with a squad, but your voice won't get lost in the noise. It's the sweet spot if you ask me. What we are looking for We are a community that makes sure it’s members mesh together well. We put all new members through a trial run to make sure that we are the right fit for you. All ages 18+ are welcome English Speaking What we provide A fun, relaxed environment A minimalistic approach to moderating with an extensive vetting process to make sure you’re never being told off by a power-hungry kid. Content generated by the community Streamer support (If you stream we will advertise you on our website and do whatever we can to help you flourish) Life and friends come first. You will not be expected to attend any mandatory meetings or drop any clans you may already be apart of to join FC. What we require You will be expected to read our information and rules channel once you have entered the discord and abide by our policy. Have a Mic and know how to have fun! See y'all in there. FC-Honeypus Hope to see everyone in here we are a fairly large community but a group that I've been with for years now. If you have any questions please message me on discord or reply on this post!!

    Escape From Tarkov - Argentina (grupo)

    Escape from tarkov - Argentina es una comunidad NO OFICIAL, donde nos enfocamos en sacar dudas y ayudar a los nuevos. Escape From Tarkov - Argentina
  4. Welcome to Havoc Zero, a well-established global gaming community participating in hardcore shooters, striving to build a gaming environment grounded by maturity and loyalty. We’re a quickly growing community, full of both new & experienced players. For us, it’s all about having a fun, engaged, mature community. We pride ourselves in having open doors and being easily accessible, allowing for growth & an interesting member base, with a good team to keep it well run. We also play plenty of other/similar games and hardcore-shooters. We have various members taking on specific roles to help newbies within the realms of Tarkov. Our Guides & Squad Leaders are always up to the task of offering a helping hand, whether for general newbie questions, or being taken on a tactically lead raid, ready to provide effective and immediate in-game knowledge. • Maturity, camaraderie, fun, fair-play. • Mainly NA/EU member-base. • Simple rules, active & fair administration. • Supportive members to help you get started/improve. • Maturity, Respect & Fair-play. • Adhering to the rules, both discord and in-game. You can join/find us through the links below. Check out our amazing new website for more information! Please also make sure to read our rules when you join. https://discord.gg/MjxeTeC https://havoczero.com
  5. RileyCompany9

    Riley Company

    Hey guys my names Maximus,We are clan looking to add players to our ranks and memberships we have 25 to 50 active players in lobby playing EFT together per wipe.We do a lot for our community including weekly giveaways of games and PC parts for active members.We HAVE A TON OF EX-MILITARY and Tactical players and our whole view is working as one.Riley Company has been going strong since 2012 and we have learned a lot of lessons along the way, EFT has became our main game and our main focus is to the game and the community of EFT.We are Drama free community that focus on gaming and rewarding our community.If interested go to https://www.riley-company.com/ easy access to our discord link and become part of a true EFT community From its inception, RC has always been about building a community where you can find friends, play games, and be a part of one of the fastest growing gaming community. You don’t need to be a member to join our discord and servers, but we’re willing to bet you’re still going to. Now grab your rifle and gear by the door, and let’s win a game! Riley Company is a huge group of like-minded gamers of all backgrounds. Worried you’re game is not listed? Never fear, we have players who are playing a lot more than the listed games – come see for yourself! Riley Company was established in 2012 with a vision to be built by gamers, for gamers. A place to call home on all platforms. As the years have passed we have grown from a small group of core guys into over 200 members along with many International players as well. We have a strong structure and leadership that always puts the community first and try to bring the best gaming experience possible. With games such as "Escape from Tarkov", "Squad", and Arma 3 as the foundation of FPS games we play. We aim to bring home a tactical experience that stresses teamwork, communication, and friendliness. "As far as Riley Company, I strive daily to bring the best gaming experience possible [and] am always looking for new ways to add game modes to eft to allow the player a chance to immerse themselves in friendly but competitive challenges. We do Squad wars that pit each squad's skills against one another that's designed to make the team work as tactical as possible. I have been working with other clans to create a Clan Wars that pits they're best against our best in a point system Mayhem that will allow the best players rise to the top .This is a run down of what i'm trying to accomplish to prove for each member here. And to add, we do weekly giveaway challenges and overall giveaways as well" - RC-Maximus Starr
  6. Команда "ГРОЗА" приветствует вас! Команда Гроза (GROZA), это участники сплочённые общими интересами к проекту Escape from Tarkov. Основатели команды прошли долгий путь от альфа тестеров до сегодняшней реальности. Мы создали условия командной игры и каждый новый участник проходит обязательное обучение. Мы не пати, да мы играем в своё удовольствие и за счёт правил делаем это правильно. Мы не герои и не супермены, однако стремимся к профессионализму в данном проекте. В команде есть ролевая составляющая , в плане руководство подчинённые, однако мы все друзья и всегда готовы друг другу помочь. Правило ты мне я тебе отсутствует полностью, помощь всегда безвозмездна, а разве может быть иначе, когда твоя жизнь зависит от напарника. Да в команде имеется устав для порядка и субординации, а разве в большой команде может быть по другому? Мы не звери и муштровать никого не собираемся, решение вступить в наш коллектив ваше собственное, а значит вы готовы и хотите жить по правилам. УСТАВ ОБЩИЕ ПОЛОЖЕНИЯ Клан «ГРОЗА» является объединением людей, связанных общими интересами игры «Escape from Tarkov» являющимися близкими друг другу по духу и убеждениям, желающих играть с применением разумной тактики и стратегии этой игры, а также установление добрых и доверительных отношений между ними. Находясь или вступая в состав клана, Вы соглашаетесь с установленными правилами и обязуетесь исполнять все пункты Устава. Нарушение правил Устава предусматривает ответственность игрока, в соответствии с п.III Устава Клана Руководство клана состоит из командира и офицеров, которых Вы обязуетесь безоговорочно слушаться и подчиняться их командам, исполнять поручения, непосредственно относящиеся к интересам клана. Все решения по деятельности клана принимаются руководством клана. Все Бойцы клана могут и должны принимать участие в обсуждении поставленных задач перед кланом, до момента их утверждения. Вступить в клан можно только один раз. Если игрок вступил в клан и по тем или иным причинам вышел из его состава (его исключили) дороги назад уже не будет. Занятость в реале свойственна всем, но мы полагаем необходимым об этом четко и своевременно уведомлять командование. Устав клана является сводом правил, регламентирующим как внутреннюю, так и внешнюю политику клана. Все члены клана безоговорочно руководствуются в своих действиях уставом клана. ОРГАНИЗАЦИОННАЯ СТРУКТУРА (ИЕРАРХИЯ КЛАНА) Основной состав клана включает в себя всех активных игроков. Численный состав клана ограничен максимальным численным составом клана EFT. СОСТАВ КЛАНА: * Командир (Глава клана) – человек, создавший данную команду и отвечающий за нее в целом. Он имеет основное право голоса, но не имеет права на унижение или оскорбление членов команды. (За некоторыми исключениями). Так же он имеет право, исключить любого члена команды с письменным объяснением причин. *Ветеран – человек, заменяющий главу в его отсутствие. Он имеет право голоса, но не имеет права на унижение или оскорбление членов команды. (За некоторыми исключениями). Так же он имеет право, исключить любого члена команды с письменным объяснением причин. *Командир отряда – специалист, взявший на себя ответственность за группу своих подчиненных. Он командует в рейде и несет ответственность перед главой клана за членов отряда. Он имеет право голоса над своими бойцами, но не имеет право на унижение или оскорбление. *Боец – участник, который прошел начальную стадию обучения. Любой из вышеперечисленных, имеет право голоса над бойцом, но не имеет право на унижение или оскорбление. *Новобранец (рекрут) – член команды, который недавно в нее вступил. Новобранец обязан пройти обучение и получить необходимые знания для проекта Escape from Tarkov. Эти знания помогут на начальных стадиях участия в данном проекте. Обучение не сделает из вас супер-героев, но поможет выжить в рейде, и быть в гармонии с остальными членами команды. Любой из выше перечисленных, имеет право голоса над новобранцем, но не имеет право на унижение или оскорбление. *Отряд - это группа из 5ти бойцов, которые выбрали для себя командира и готовы действовать только вместе. Допускается игра в комнате Пати EFT, но только при условии недобора хотя бы трех человек. Остальным участникам команды, вход в комнату отрядов запрещен! ПРАВА И ОБЯЗАННОСТИ ИГРОКОВ КЛАНА I. Игрок клана ИМЕЕТ ПРАВО: Ходатайствовать о принятии в состав клана нового игрока, а так же исключении из состава клана действующего игрока. На участие в принятии важных решений, касающихся внутренней и внешней политика клана, боевой и организационной тактики, путем участия в Общем собрании клана. На поддержку и защиту со стороны командного состава клана. В случае возникновения проблем, которые Игрок не может решить самостоятельно, он имеет право обратиться к непосредственному командиру для решения данной проблемы. Претендовать на любую должность в соответствии с его персональным навыком и способностями, а также отказаться от предлагаемой должности. Выйти из клана «ГРОЗА» по собственному желанию, с уведомлением об этом непосредственного командира. Участник вправе создать собственный отряд составом не менее пяти человек после проверки на знание темы «Поведение в рейде» II. Игрок клана ОБЯЗАН: Соблюдать Устав клана и пользовательское соглашение EFT. Принимать активное участие в жизни клана: Зарегистрироваться в группы ВК клана, посещать его для ознакомления с новой информацией, а также для общения с другими игроками клана и передачи накопленных знаний и опыта. Принимать участие в клановых мероприятиях (тренировках, сходках, обсуждениях). В случае если по каким-либо причинам игрок не может принять в них участие, он обязан оповестить об этом командира. Установить программу голосовой связи Discord и находиться в ней в режиме on-line одновременно с игрой EFT . В случае желания играть соло, в Discord есть соло-каналы. Если вы играете в EFT без входа в комнаты Discord-а, то получаете предупреждение. При повторном предупреждении, участник переводится в статус "Гостя клана" без доступа в основные комнаты Discord. Не допускать действий компрометирующих Клан: уважать честь и достоинство как соклановцев, так и других игроков EFT, не допускать грубости по отношению ко всем игрокам EFT, вести себя вежливо и корректно по отношению к противнику, как в случае победы, так и в случае поражения. Помните, что поведение члена клана ассоциируется со всей командой в целом. Поднимать общий уровень социального/игрового взаимодействия внутри клана, улучшать свой уровень игры и учить новичков. Сообщать о своей невозможности играть в определенный период времени. Для этого в штабе имеется специальная тема в обсуждениях. Причины вашего отсутствия нас не интересуют - это личное В бою Игрок клана обязан выполнять указания командира, соблюдать тишину в эфире (допускаются краткие доклады о принятии/выполнении команды, либо ответы по запросу командира) III. Игроку клана ЗАПРЕЩАЕТСЯ: Систематически использовать не нормативную лексику как в группе в ВК, игровом чате и программе голосовой связи клана. Принимать участие в командных (тренировочных, схождении) боях в состоянии алкогольного опьянения. Выносить на общественное обсуждение внутри клановую информацию, в том числе и внутренние проблемы клана. Создавать помехи или мешать, должностным лицам исполнять свои обязанности. Проводить какие-либо действия, негативно влияющие на репутацию клана. Категорически запрещается использовать ЗПО. Торговля внутри команды запрещена. (Помощь финансовая или имущественная должна быть безвозмездна. Ответная благодарность приветствуется). Любые виды разводов, воровства. Нарушать данный устав и правила игры Escape from Tarkov. СВЯЗЬ КЛАНА Средством связи в игре является Discord Каждый боец клана должен иметь средства связи! (гарнитура, микрофон, наушники и т.п.) Связь клана/отряда производится только через Discord Каждый игрок клана во время игры обязан присутствовать в Discord *Устав может изменяться и дополняться. **Командование клана оставляет за собой право обнародовать причины исключения игрока из состава клана в группе ВК либо по запросу командования других кланов. Не соблюдение данного устава наказывается исключением из Команды. Наша группа ВК: https://vk.com/comanda_groza Дискорд: https://discord.gg/hFZQmzb
  7. Blaqhammer

    NDS - Ninja D**k Squad IS RECRUITING!!

    We are recruiting here at NDS!! Although the clan name is not serious the players in our clan are! We have our own Discord channel with plenty of information in it (e.g maps, bullet chart, patch info and more!) Multiple squad rooms and looking for team channels so no one is ever going into a raid alone! Only thing we ask is you read the rules in the Discord. Rules do suck but we need them to make sure things run smoothly while in raid! We have appointed leaders who will usually take point in raids and certain situations. We also have appointed people to show new people the map and the dos and don’ts etc. Overall we are a friendly experienced clan who have fun while playing but also take things seriously when needed! we are all English speaking and play on UK servers as well as US servers to! We have a small number of us that stream also so if you’re a streamer let us know so we can give you your own stream lobby 😁 If you would like to join us please comment below and I’ll send you a discord invite! 😁 We look forward to hearing from you soon and happy looting!! (We accept new players also!)
  8. DutchGG

    EVOL - Recruiting new squadmates!

    Hey all, EVOL is an Escape from Tarkov community clan that is currently looking to expand. Our main goal as a gaming community is to ensure everybody who joins have a really good time, meet new playersand dominate the game together. We are looking to expand our current player base with like-minded individuals who share a good passion for the game and who are looking to have fun along the way. We don’t like to take the game to seriously and enjoy it as much as possible. REQUIREMENTS - We require our player base to be 18+ so we can keep a mature environment. - We require the player base to be English speaking at all times. (if your English is not good I’m sure someone will help you along) - Any knowledge of the game is accepted members of our community will be more than helpful should you require it. - Positive attitude and willing to learn and adapt. - Be active regular within the server. Our Nitro discord has been setup so that even the newest player can join and enjoy the journey. we offer a wipe range of activities and giveaways within the server to ensure fun is had at all times. If you’re bored of playing alone or just looking for a new clan today then join us at EVOL! https://discord.gg/pup4Yba We look forward to you joining us soon! Thanks, Dutch.
  9. Charada32


    F.T.T., FORÇA TÁTICA TARKOV, é o grupo armado tático de repreensão e sobrevivência de Tarkov composto por U.S.E.C.S e B.E.A.R.S que se uniram com a única premissa de unir forças e sobreviver neste território hóstil. A unidade foi criada primordialmente por soldados de ambas nações, após serem encurralados em troca de tiros com locais que realizavam a patrulha pela Fábrica. Ao se verem em situação caótica e sem muitas chances de sobrevivência, se comunicando apenas de sinais militares, acordaram um breve acordo de paz para que pudessem sair daquela situação. Mesmo com toda a resistência dos locais e demais forças militares que abandonaram suas missões para apenas lutar pela sobrevivência, conseguiram chegar a saída da Fábrica. Lá tiveram que tomar uma decisão que seria então a crucial para seus futuros, cumprir sua missão e eliminar a força inimiga oposta, se retirar e lutar para sobreviver outro dia sozinho ou se unir e ir contra suas ordens. Assim então surgiu a Equipe Tática de Tarkov, equipe composta por forças militares de nações diversas que abandonaram a luta política de suas nações visando agora apenas um objetivo, sobreviver e escapar de Tarkov cidade a qual foram abandonados. A F.T.T é uma Guild aberta para qualquer um, não possuímos nenhum tipo de critério de recrutamento, nosso interesse no jogo é diversão. Vez que se não for pra divertir qual raios pagar tão caro em um jogo. Visamos em especial um estilo de jogo mais tático, porém, isso não nos impede de realizar outros modos de jogar. Não possuímos patentes, ranks ou qualquer poder hierárquico a ser respeitado de forma militar, somos um grupo de amigos que jogam 4Fun da forma que nos convém. Os únicos "princípios" que temos todos em comum que jogam em nossa comunidade é a fraternidade e amizade, não queremos ser chefe ou lider de ninguém, apenas respeito e boas risadas. Convidamos a todos a participarem da Guild que tenham interesse neste mesmo modo de jogo 4Fun, especialmente tático mas não unicamente que se interessa em fazer novos colegas e ajudar e ser ajudado. Para se juntar, basta apenas clicar no link e irá participar do nosso Discord. https://discord.gg/Wgm6dk5 Estando em nosso Discord, basta apenas em qualquer canal de texto enviar mensagem pedindo para jogar conosco.
  10. Добро пожаловать в официальную тему Discord сервера Escape from Tarkov! Если вы хотите пригласить своих друзей, просто попросите их скачать Discord и поделитесь с ними этой ссылкой https://discordapp.com/invite/eft-official-rus Девиз "Присоединяйся и играй с другими!" Правила сервера! Скриншот сервера
  11. AngrySteve3

    20r Gaming Community

    Welcome to the 20r! The 20r is a large multi gaming clan that’s been around since 2014. We have a heavy presence within the casual and competitive scenes in multiple games within the NA and EU regions and currently are recruiting members for our Escape from Tarkov NA unit. We are currently looking for people to participate in weekly events Casually and are looking for other people to enjoy the game with. We are a gaming community full of people from all around the world who want to experience their favorite games in an organized setting. We strive to provide both quality casual and competitive experiences to our members in their favorite games. This is achieved through our years of experience, offering a strong foundation to uphold a robust community structure. We go for quality over quantity, where every member represents the 20r as a whole. You the player will always be our priority and our staff team and officers will do anything in their power to make your experience enjoyable and stress free. If you have any questions feel free to join our discord (https://discord.gg/d2yc5bw) Things we provide for you: -Friendly and understanding environment -Structured staff team whose priority it is to ensure your enjoyment withing the 20r. -Chain of command, ranks, awards and leadership roles. -Discord server full of interaction -Guaranteed weekly events -Chance to meet and discover new people and new games. Requirements: None current requirements as we are looking for entry members. Activity: Specific event times will be announced when the squad is populated. Real life always comes first. You will not be punished for not attending an event if the Squad Leader has been informed. Does the 20r sound like something you would like to be a part of, or do you still have questions ? Join our discord https://discord.gg/d2yc5bw to fill out an application or if you have any questions. LCpl. Angrysteve
  12. GwnMaestro

    EliteSquad Community

    Beste Escapers, Tarkov Update 0.12 is er eindelijk! Dus wij hebben een Nederlands/Belgisch clan opgericht (EliteSquad) met deze clan willen wij meer Nederlandse Tarkov spelers bij elkaar brengen zodat we samen kunnen spelen of van elkaar kunnen leren! Wees niet bescheiden en Join de ELITE! https://discord.gg/z2UUGMm
  13. xXItzSimonXx

    The Highwaymen

    About us: We are a close community of players that focus on strategy, efficient communication and understanding of the game´s core mechanics. If you are new you can join us and learn which maps you should focus on, which guns you should master, which spawns exist and where they exist, etc... We also welcome more experienced players, because surviving on your own as a lone wolf is much harder than having a buddy covering your back. The Clan is quite new, so we are looking forward to recruiting new people and hopefully the as the clan grows, we will also start promoting new members into higher ranks, depending on many things, from activity to in game experience. Requirements and Rules: -A microphone -Be able to take a joke and not be offended -No griefing or trolling -16+ -Rage is allowed but dont blow your microphone -Respect staff -You must only speak English in raid Discord: https://discord.gg/6fEdmV(edited)
  14. CptSlow

    [IDN] Indonesian Tarkov Division

    [ESCAPE FROM TARKOV INDONESIA] Indonesian speaking Tarkov PMCs (Discord Community), open to everyone who needs squadmate for raids or just to have fun in general Join our discord: https://discord.gg/5Y9XWeW
  15. Max_700

    OMB/OneManBattalion is recruiting

    Servus, wir suchen OMB/OneManBattalion Feste Spieler. Morgen den 27 Oktober ist Wipe! Also suche wir aktive Spieler für Escape from Tarkov. Bei Interesse einfach mal anschreiben oder auf den Teamspeak kommen, :ugf.ddns.net einen schönen Tag euch. [ENG] Hello OMB/OneManBattalion is searching for some experienced Players. U want to have fun with Player´s and you want to play in a Team so feel free to join us TeamSpeak: ugf.ddns.net
  16. Hazel


    這篇是供戰隊,團隊招生所使用的。 中文區塊內所有招生/尋找團隊/戰隊的文章將會刪除 招生不限格式,通訊軟件 但請嚴格遵守論壇管理條例,招生文外其他內容會被刪除。 如有任何關於該團隊的疑問,或需更多資訊請直接使用論壇PM詢問發文者 感謝大家合作!
  17. Welcome fellow PMC, being new or even a veteran of Escape from Tarkov sometimes is harsh going solo, it sounds great but its great to have someone to play with. We are pretty new but we have some good Bear and Usec operators tearing up the scavs and enemy PMC. Head on down to our base of informations and register to join our discord - www.prime-legion.org We support various other games as well, such as CS:GO, Destiny 2, Left 4 Dead 1/2 and League of legends. Come check us out or just play with us for some good times.
  18. Vintax

    UNITARKOV - Zaprasza!

    Witajcie Drodzy Gracze, Nowi jak i Starzy wyjadacze! Jak dobrze, wiemy patch 0.12 zbliża się wielkimi krokami a my przez ten czas przygotowujemy dla Was coś specjalnego, aby po aktualizacji 0.12 ruszyć z jeszcze większą Siłą na Tarkovskie przedmieścia! Posiadamy własną (profesjonalną) stronę internetową, na której znajdziecie więcej informacji o Naszym klanie oraz skromnej społeczności. Ponad to przygotowaliśmy serwer Discord, na którym możecie znaleźć dużo informacji, porad na temat gry Escape from Tarkov. Oficjalna strona: https://unitarkov.com/ Discord: https://discord.gg/dxjXGk8 Tak więc, Zapraszamy serdecznie & słyszymy się na Discord! UNITARKOV - | [UT] 2019.
  19. dcp2142

    Full Control Gaming Community 18+

    Welcome to Full Control. Our founding principle is that the player comes first. We take a flatland approach to our community. Every voice matters. And we don’t use outdated hierarchies so you’re not getting yelled at by a 13-year-kid as a grown-■■■ adult. We are a mid-sized, active community. What does that mean for you? It means that you’ll always have a game to play with a squad, but your voice won’t get lost in the noise. It’s the sweet spot if you ask me. We operate entirely using discord: https://discord.gg/wupe7vs What we are looking for -We are a community that makes sure it’s members mesh together well. We put all new members through a trial run to make sure that we are the right fit for you. -All ages 18+ are welcome -English Speaking What we provide -A fun, relaxed environment -A minimalistic approach to moderating with an extensive vetting process to make sure you’re never being told off by a power-hungry kid. -Content generated by the community -Streamer support (If you stream we will advertise you on our website and do whatever we can to help you flourish) -Life and friends come first. You will not be expected to attend any mandatory meetings or drop any clans you may already be apart of to join FC. What we require -You will be expected to read our information and rules channel once you have entered the discord and abide by our policy. -Have a Mic and know how to have fun! See you out there, -Honeypus
  20. Vincent & Vickers now recruiting! We are a new community looking for dedicated, tactical and overall fun players to join our awesome community. We are looking for players that actively play Escape from Tarkov and willing to play other games as well. All we ask for is maturity and dedication. Be you but treat others with respect. If you are interested then join our Discord server and we can start building from there. https://discord.gg/YZKSRwD http://vincentandvickers.co.uk See you there!
  21. Hello I am the admin of the newly made: Escape From Tarkov Unofficial Competition Clan We will be holding competitions on a Weekly basis from: Duo Rumble (4 duo teams run Interchange to gather as much loot as possible) to: Slaughter house (Two 5 man team's compete to kill as many Scavs as possible) Rules will be mentioned in our Discord: https://discord.gg/FuKfqJw I hope to see ya there...
  22. Hola buenas!! Si estas buscando gente para jugar este es tu sitio!! Da igual que seas nuevo en el juego o lleves tiempo aceptamos de todo y estamos para todo en el discord tenemos guias y lo mejor de todo estamos 24/7 dándole duro al EFT Pincha aquí para ir a nuestro discord Bueno te esperamos!!
  23. Cryop

    Team kill clan

    We are a new clan called Team kill. There a quite a few of us ranging from skilled to being new to the game. We are happy to help new players and show them the ropes to the game and experienced players are welcome. We are just a casual clan that enjoy having fun while playing the game and do help each other out if need be. We do have a website being made but at the moment if you want to join this is the discord invite to the server https://discord.gg/xA9r68Y. When you join just have a look at the joining TK tab and it'll explain how to join the clan from there. Most of us are from the UK with some in Europe and a few in America. Normally there is someone one playing but at about 5:30 it gets most popular.
  24. For more information please head to our website or leave your question in the discussion Devils Brigade Website link Discord link Devil's Brigade is a North American, community-centric clan formed by both new and seasoned veterans to Escape From Tarkov and many other games especially in the mil-sim genre (Squad, Post Scriptum etc.) Our members enjoy playing in a casual but structured environment. We pride ourselves on having established a friendly community that strives for the best. Our members are typically sitting in the 30 to 40 range each wipe and we have been around since Alpha. My favorite part of our community is our members are always willing to teach newcomers to the games we support and placing the utmost importance on team play. If you are looking for a community that's competitive and cares more about it's members and the great experiences that come from social gaming you've looked in the right place. What we are looking for: What we provide: What we require:
  25. BlackCockDown

    Looking for people to do raids with

    I have over 1000 hours in EFT, I'm decent at the game. I used to play it a lot but now I'm back to working full time. I'm just looking for someone or a few people to do raids with.
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