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  1. The Art of Warfare [TAW] The Art of Warfare [TAW] is a highly organized international gaming community that has been established since 2001 with 2800+ current active members in 40+ games including Escape from Tarkov. We currently have an active player base in Escape from Tarkov stretched around the world including EU, NA, OC, etc, consisting of both seasoned and new players. What we offer you in TAW What we offer you in Escape from Tarkov Division: Requirements to join: If you are either a
  2. --- Community History --- This community honestly started as a Division 2 clan that was home to the group with the 13th raid clear in Operation Iron Horse in July 2020. We also had the 7th fasted time in the world until exploits were found. However, as The Division 2 has gotten stale, we've moved on to Escape from Tarkov. We have a still relatively small group compared to other groups (About 90 members), however it's a great group of chill people who love putting real world poo aside and get some games in together. --- Outlook --- Our outlook is pretty simple. We're just lookin
  3. ChTU

    MN Mongolian Tarkov Clan

    We are looking for more Recruits! Discord https://discord.gg/JHyfneVQKr
  4. hibNeiwih

    ** FLDH open for RECRUITMENT **

    Hello Tarkovians! We are a close community where everybody knows eachother. After almost a year after launch we gathered a nice group of tarkovians whom support eachother trough thicc and thin. The level of our members varies from beginner to THICC Kappa boys so there is always a place for you. Besides that, we have volunteer sherpa's whom are pleased to help with all things in Tarkov. What we offer you: - A close community; - Help with all Escape from Tarkov subjects and more; - Loads of giveaways; - Lots of suprises with anniversaries. Ou
  5. ikiller

    Seal Team Six Recruiting

    Seal Team Six: is an Escape From Tarkov driven server, which was created with the idea of forming a community where players who are looking for a realistic tactical combat experience, as well as those who have experience with tactics in all areas of combat, can come together to take part in the greatest squad in history. We use tactics adopted by many real life military/ SF units, taking part in missions varying from elimination of high value targets, all the way to hatching rescue missions. We offer: - Help for players. - A community of players looking for tactical PVP to g
  6. Welcome to the Official Escape From Tarkov Division from Tactical Gaming. Are you looking for consistency? A Team to play with? Tournaments and community challenges? Look no further than right here. This is the one-stop shop you have been looking for. We are a community that has been around for over 15 years and prides itself on making our members happy and helping them attain any end game goal they could possibly dream of. We will work with you both during practice, and out of practice to help teach you what you need to know, and set you up for success. Are you a pro
  7. DutchF1nest050

    ** Dutch Elite Forces Recruitment NL/BE **

    Welkom bij DEF! Wie zijn wij, Een uit de hand gelopen verzameling tarkovians die per ongeluk zijn uitgegroeid tot een clan van meer dan 500 leden. (+/- 50 dagelijks actief) Wat willen we bereiken, 1. Het samenstellen van een aantal goed uitgebalanceerde squads om op hoog niveau mee te doen in EFT, al blijft plezier hebben het allerbelangrijkst natuurlijk. Daarnaast bezitten we de kennis om je ook echt beter te maken denk bijvoorbeeld aan communicatie , map kennis,tactiek etc. etc. 2. Je meehelpen je quests te voltooien, je leercurve bij te sturen en het genot van het
  8. Nicnick95

    Looking for group in a large Discord?

    If your looking for a group? Feel free to join our discord to find one! We currently have 1700+ members in our discord, we also offer help in other games as well to keep our discord diverse and to keep modivated players coming. This helps make matchmaking easier for you! Join us today to find a team for tarkov! We also have key maps and extraction maps for anyone that needs help even if they want to play solo! Our discord link: https://discord.gg/8kEHzUz
  9. Svetlogor

    SOA Clan

    Dear friends, Sons of Anarchy (SOA) Clan is a significant and well-developed Russian community with over 200 active members and plenty of recruits arriving daily. Now we are looking to expand and open an English-speaking Chapter! SOA was founded back in 2018 by a small core of just 10 players with a common goal of making it big in Tarkov. What does that mean for you? We will share our strategy and our current Discord setup with you, providing any necessary support along the way. You will get easier access to some of the community competitions representing a well-known tag (an
  10. Ich Grüße euch liebe Mitstreiter und alten Säcke, wir suchen jung Spunte zwischen 20 und 70 Jahren, die uns beim flüchten aus Tarkov unter die Arme greifen und Rückendeckung geben. Ob alter Sack mit Gehhilfe, Rollstuhl oder noch grün hinter den Ohren mit orangner Warnweste um Gegner anzulocken ... Solang du eine Knarre halten kannst komm ran! Wir bieten die Zuflucht, tatkräftige Unterstützung beim Leveln oder Questen und das wichtigste SPAß!!! JEDER ist Willkommen! Nun die Hard Facts. - KEIN MULTIGAMING CLAN ( WIR LIEBEN TARKOV) - KEINE Kids ( Wir zahlen Schmierg
  11. Bastian3790

    Clan Argentino: The Ultra Violence

    THE ULTRA VIOLENCE: A vos, joven jugador exitoso con buen sueldo, trabajo estable, buena pc, conexion de internet veloz y novia que parece modelo, a vos... no me interesa hablarte... PERO A VOS, joven rata, manco, pre adolescente con problemas emocionales que tenes una pc batata y le robas el wi fi a tu vecino, A VOS QUIERO HABLARTE: Estas cansado de que te maten a los 30 segundos de raid? Enojado todo el dia porque las 30 balas PS que le pegaste al pmc full gear no lo mataron? Vos que tenes problemas de violencia intrafamiliar en medio de la raid con tu equipo, a vos te digo: UNITE A THE
  12. hibNeiwih

    ** FLDH open voor RECRUITMENT **

    Hallo Tarkovians! Wij zijn een hechte gemeenschap waar iedereen elkaar goed kent. Na bijna een jaar na launch hebben we een mooie groep tarkovians bij elkaar geraapt die elkaar steunt door dik en dun. Het niveau van onze leden gaat van beginner tot THICC Kappa boys dus er is altijd wel ergens waar jij je op je plek voelt. Daarnaast hebben wij vrijwillige sherpa's die graag helpen met alle punten in Tarkov. Wat wij je kunnen bieden: - Een hechte gemeenschap; - Hulp bij alles over Escape from Tarkov en meer; - Zeeën van giveaways; - Bij jubileums vee
  13. Welcome to Havoc Zero, a well-established global gaming community participating in hardcore shooters, striving to build a gaming environment grounded by maturity and loyalty. We’re a quickly growing community, full of both new & experienced players. For us, it’s all about having a fun, engaged, mature community. We pride ourselves in having open doors and being easily accessible, allowing for growth & an interesting member base, with a good team to keep it well run. We also play plenty of other/similar games and hardcore-shooters. We have various members taking on specific role
  14. ZillaZee

    [GRU] Russia

    Данное сообщество было создано в 2009 году на базе игры Batlefield 2 и завершили своё существование в 2015 году. На данный момент было принято решение воссоздать данное сообщество на базе Escape from Tarkov. Мы являемся фан-кланом. Это значит, что у нас не приветствуются люди, которые слишком серьезно относятся к игровым моментам (временами, у таких людей теряется осознание настоящего и виртуального). Возраст участников определяется в промежутке от 18 до 40 лет. В наш состав входили так же ветераны ГРУ и так же существуют действующие сотрудники ГРУ. Для них, название нашего сообщества – симв
  15. Hazel


    這篇是供戰隊,團隊招生所使用的。 中文區塊內所有招生/尋找團隊/戰隊的文章將會刪除 招生不限格式,通訊軟件 但請嚴格遵守論壇管理條例,招生文外其他內容會被刪除。 如有任何關於該團隊的疑問,或需更多資訊請直接使用論壇PM詢問發文者 感謝大家合作!
  16. "Норвинский отряд" - NorvSquad (NSq) Всем оставшимся в живых бывшим операторам ЧВК и местным жителям, мы Норвинский отряд, набираем в свои ряды всех тех, кому не безразлична Норвинская область и в частности город Тарков! Гражданские, действующие или бывшие военнослужащие, вас также примем в свои ряды с теплотой и подобающим уютом и общего костра. Касаемо нашего клана «NSq» могу рассказать следующее: 1. Мы не относим себя к числу «киберспортсменов», но не смотря на это, мы совершенствуемся. Развивая навыки как в огневой подготовке, так и в тактической; 2. Оказываем помощь в н
  17. Airgiant

    18+ Tarkov Team Finder

    Looking to expand our growing 18+ tarkov community to create a chill stress free experience. Noobs welcome, 1200+ members and active staff. Community has many skilled members willing to assist others in quests and to learn the game better. Both chads and rats are welcome. Dm or join at https://discord.gg/txbdUGyQZk Feel free to message me on discord if you have any questions. Airgiant #0016
  18. DutchGG

    EVOL - Recruiting new squadmates!

    Hey all, EVOL is an Escape from Tarkov community clan that is currently looking to expand. Our main goal as a gaming community is to ensure everybody who joins have a really good time, meet new playersand dominate the game together. We are looking to expand our current player base with like-minded individuals who share a good passion for the game and who are looking to have fun along the way. We don’t like to take the game to seriously and enjoy it as much as possible. REQUIREMENTS - We require our player base to be 18+ so we can keep a mature environment. - We
  19. dcp2142

    Full Control Gaming 18+ Discord

    Check out our Full Control Official graphics: https://youtu.be/LEmzCrLYP_E Discord: https://discord.gg/wupe7vs Welcome to Full Control. Our founding principle is that the player comes first. We take a flatland approach to our community. Every voice matters. And we don't use outdated hierarchies so you're not getting yelled at by a 13-year-kid as a grown-ass adult. We are a mid-sized, active community. What does that mean for you? It means that you'll always have a game to play with a squad, but your voice won't get lost in the noise. It's the sweet
  20. Hello there, We are so young as a server I personelly like to play tactical and quite as possible.I am a old Arma player and I have experience from army. Our projection is to have some serious players, there is no age limit on our server, everyone feel free to join. We have special regiment its called Black-Ops they completing some uneasy missions for everyone. We want to create a training team for newcomers on Tarkov. We aim best gaming experience on our server, we can help, we can rise and fall together. https://discord.gg/uYFpbN7v When you enter please select a role and read the rules I wil
  21. GladiatorDavid

    Clan Heяø ⚡ BUSCA RECLUTAS

    Buenas! Actualmente estamos abiertos a reclutar gente para unirse al clan. Las partidas serian diarias (mas ahora que viene navidad), y normalmente serian por la tarde, se avisa por discord para ver lo que estan conectados. Recordad que somos de españa, por el tema del horario y a poder ser +18. Muchas gracias, ponedeme debajo de este anuncio vuestro discord, y os añadimos, muchas gracias!
  22. ¿Quiénes somos? HustlinHitmans fue fundado en agosto del 2017 justo a un mes del lanzamiento oficial de Albion Online, hoy en día es el gremio más longevo de la comunidad de habla hispana, desde el comienzo de nuestra aventura nuestro fundamento característico fue la amistad, la cual nos llevo a prolongar nuestra estadía hasta la fecha y tener un proyecto con ambición de continuar cinco o diez años más, hoy en día estamos yendo hacia nuestro cuarto aniversario en Albion Online como comunidad y deseamos expandirnos a más juegos donde sea importante el trabajo en equipo y la comunicación, en est
  23. Die Famose Teufelsbraten grüsst euch liebe Mitstreiter und Mitstreiterinnen! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Die Teufelsbraten ist stehts auf der Suche nach neuen Gesellen zwischen 18 und 99 Jahren, die uns bei der Eroberung Tarkovs unter die Arme greifen wollen. Wir bestehen aus alt eingesessenen Sofasitzern und Neulingen. Zusammen mit Alt und Jung leveln wir, Questen wir und erobern Tarkov zurück. Bist du also ein Profi oder ein kompletter Anfänger und benötigst Hilfe dann schau vorbei denn hier findest du diese! Wir he
  24. AngrySteve3

    20r Gaming Community

    Welcome to the 20r! The 20r is a large multi gaming clan that’s been around since 2014. We have a heavy presence within the casual and competitive scenes in multiple games within the NA and EU regions and currently are recruiting members for our Escape from Tarkov NA unit. We are currently looking for people to participate in weekly events Casually and are looking for other people to enjoy the game with. We are a gaming community full of people from all around the world who want to experience their favorite games in an organized setting. We strive to provide both quality casual
  25. Anyone looking for a Team. That plays this game Serious But Not to Serious. Looking for a Community that plays more like a family then just friends. Tired of signing up on Websites to join a clan. Then your looking in the right place. We are looking for new/old players to enjoy this game Community. We use teamspeak 3 and anyone is welcome just dont be a dick or a troll. Send me a Message and ill send you the Address. Happy Hunting AboveDeadly
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