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Found 48 results

  1. Hello I am the admin of the newly made: Escape From Tarkov Unofficial Competition Clan We will be holding competitions on a Weekly basis from: Duo Rumble (4 duo teams run Interchange to gather as much loot as possible) to: Slaughter house (Two 5 man team's compete to kill as many Scavs as possible) Rules will be mentioned in our Discord: https://discord.gg/FuKfqJw I hope to see ya there...
  2. Ollelel

    Looking for Group/Clan

    Im currently lvl 38 and im looking for experienced and high level players to play with. Timezone/ Central European Time preferred play time/ Afternoon 18-24 Add me on discord: Schalz#0340
  3. Chickinzooka

    JAG's PUG Event!

    Disclaimer: I don't know where events go so let me know if I posted this in the wrong place! JAG is back at it again! A second Pug event is being planned. The official start date of this will be July 1st (Canada day for all you non-Canadians). We would like to cordially invite you all to participate in our brutal 4v4 ladder team deathmatch. We will be pitting teams of players against each other in a different section of specific maps, guarded by enforcers. If you and your team are successful in wiping out the enemy, you will progress to the next round. Requirements - First you need to go on a prowl for your best friends, then arm them to the teeth, Join the JAG discord to register your team. Registration will open up July 1st (we will make another post with our link to the discord), so you have less than a week to prepare your team. Once the Registration opens up, all you need to do is link your 3 comrades, and give yourselves an inspiring team name like Hobos with Guns. There is a cap of teams we can support, so it is currently limited to 16 teams. Restrictions - NO IR scopes and no wearing the same gear as the enforcers. (Enforcer gear will not be anything too common more will be revealed once the event goes live) Prizes - The Winners will be graciously rewarded with in-game loot and some steam keys. Plus those sweet sweet bragging rights. See you all there! ~Thermosmagus
  4. PotatoAcog

    Riot Gaming E-Sports Recruiting!

    Riot Gaming E-Sports is a new up & coming NA team with rosters in multiple games. We are mainly looking for players with experience, motivation and dedication to always get better, and who have passion for gaming! If you think it has what it takes, you can DM me on here, join our discord https://discord.gg/228KJmT or on, Discord: PotatoAcog#1769 Twitter: PotatoAcog IGN: PotatoAcog
  5. Logannize

    Task Force 0

    Task Force 0 Strives to create a home for like minded Tarkov players where they can run raids in a semi realism clan. Task Force 0 takes all skill levels and degrees of knowledge, if you are brand new to the game we will help you, if you are a season vet we will engage you. Task Force 0 has hints of realism and a ranking structure but doesn't get carried away to the point where its not fun. Task Force 0 is now recruiting a small number of individuals to fill our ranks, we are now recruiting Officers, Trainers, and Admins. Task Force 0 has no desire to be a Huge clan but rather a tight knit community of 15-20 people. Message Nize#5186 on Discord if you are interested.
  6. So I was thinking that since we have a personal stash, why not have a clan stash, where you could contribute items, weapons and so on. Then maybe if you had ranks within each clan, then only the highest ranking players within clan could 'borrow' other high ranked clan member's equipment. I would love to see this. So basically you could use your clan as a way of sharing equipment with friends and other clan members. Furthermore, I was thinking about how trading ('currently') works, and I thought that maybe if a clan wanted to buy certain weapons and equipment for their clan members to benefit from, that maybe you can only buy certain equipment and weapons if you are a clan leader. This way, you will have to be a part of a clan to benefit from the most OP weapons / equipment. Or maybe 'that clan' has to have good history with a trader before the trader starts selling the most valued equipment / weapons to them. Also, you could have traders that only sell to clans, and they could sell other things like skills, or a +1 grenade to every clan member each day or week or month (price depends on population of clan.) Or you could set up deals where each clan member gets given a free gun or ammo allocation each month because the clan leader has used everyone's donated currency to buy that contract from a trader. You could also buy every clan member equipment or weapon insurance (again, this would be available from clan specific traders) so that their high valued stuff is insured against losses due to character death. In the previous game from this universe; Contract Wars, there was a clan percentage contribution 'slider', that you, as a clan member could set so that you donate e.g. 40% of your earnings from each match to your clan's balance. From there, the clan leader could buy skills for all clan members to benefit from. Here is a picture of how that worked that I found on the web.
  7. casey

    F16 LF good people

    Most of us have been playing since closed alpha and know the game very well. Add casey#8694 on discord. There's no rules or anything on joining just know the game and have FPS exp.
  8. killerkrish12

    Apex Revamp!

    Doc.Apex 0031 Welcome to Apex Requirement Must be 17 or older! Must be stable with money, we will take care of you every once in a while! Everyone is welcome, new players or old. Basic Map Knowledge! Sense of humor, this is a game not real life. Over all chill players welcome! 420 friendly as well. Ranks Captains: Handle recruitment process and internals issues Recruiters: Handle the run with the new players! Merchants: Our amazing traders! Infantry: The irresponsible rushers! Do or die! Marksman: Pretty much the infantry partners: watches our back. Recruits: The babys, and most important members. What to expect! We love to have fun, and never take this game serious! We understand we get mad at times but it happen. We own up to our mistakes but this group is just about talking to each other and having fun while learning EFT! We also love to help new players. Everything from our shop to our service is to give back to this game and help new players get set up!
  9. Mattikush

    friend and I need some help

    My friend and I often run factory and woods because that's all his pc can handle and are looking for others who can help us out! I have a discord server and I stream as well! Thanks in advance for any future teamates!
  10. Halo1625

    Ice Clan

    A public clan anyone can join! insta: _ice_clan_official_ discord: https://discord.gg/nyRjfYc have any questions or concerns email me [email protected]
  11. Nickwise

    Discord Server

    This is a discord where you will find help for the game but also players that are dedicated to the game. With the new wipe we are here ready to help with quests leveling up etc. Come join the fam and have a good time. https://discord.gg/8EY4zu7
  12. reckhouse

    The Sick Nation Gaming Community

    The Sick Nation is a mature gaming community for everyone! What we offer? -A bully free and harassment free environment to play games with other people. -It is a mature community, jokes and mature content is tolerated. -We have giveaways with prizes ranging from steam gift cards to entire games. -We have a website and a discord channel for organization and chating. -We offer gaming streams to either watch or join in on. If any of those intrest you then join The Sick Nation through either http://thesicknation.com or http://discord.gg/XKZRBMH
  13. Hello, my name is Simon or commonly as jagr0399. I just got this game and I’ve already been grinding and enjoying the realism of this game. I want to find a clan that can help me be better and be more tactical but also have fun playing with new friends. I’ve had past experience with tactical realism such as arma 3. I was a CAS pilot and a tank gunner and I want to expand my lifestyle of games to here. I want to find a clan that’s not too serious but having fun is the goal. I am 16 years old and I’m from New Jersey. If you guys can help me out to find one that will be great!
  14. Dripppy

    LFP NA English

    Im not really looking for a "clan" but there is no subform for lfp. Im fairly new to the game but im not complete noob and I know a good bit about the game. Im looking for some people to play with because at the moment I dont have any friends that play this game and it is a struggle and kind of boring to try to do tasks solo. Right now I cant play a lot during the week because of school but I am looking forward to grinding this game once summer starts and I can play a lot on the weekend until then.
  15. casey

    {F16} Recruiting great players

    Hey we are recruiting great players level 30+ and 18 or older to join and do raids with we are all level 40+ and have 60% or higher survival rate add casey#8694 on discord or dm me from the fourms.
  16. RedCranium

    New Player LFG

    So i have recently got the game and am trying to get it all figured out and am looking for a mature group or players to play, learn the game and have some laughs with, I'm 32 and in the EU.
  17. 4s67kZjTMH

    TGH, Small gaming comunity

    Recently started a discord channel for EFT. Am looking for trust worthy players to join the server. If interested join the discord. https://discord.gg/TGpUQ7t
  18. killman44565

    The Legion of Tryhards

    We are a small group of people that just play Tarkov from time to time. All are welcome and we are always looking for people to help out, we can answer any question you have about the game and maybe help you out with any tasks you might be having trouble with. Come to our discord and make friends. https://discord.gg/NqjZ7nH
  19. LeftyUK

    -HK- HeroicKings Recruiting!

    Hey all, So a little bit about ourselves. Currently we're a new org that are open arms about new players. We are constantly searching for experienced and New Players to help others out! Requirements: Age Requirement is: 18 Nationality: International Language: Needs to Be English Speaking (If You're Playing With English Players) A Little About Us: We're a newly made community in search for new and experienced player. Our goal is to make a community that can come together and enjoy playing as a whole and not individual play. Solo playing can get a little annoying as we know, Dying by a hatchling? Getting Killed by scavs or Grouped players? Then Join us Up At HeroicKings Discord: https://discord.gg/2za6rVm You can be a king with us! -LeftyUK
  20. Mr2kay

    Australian gaming community discord!

    Hello and welcome, my name is Mr2kay. Looking to play Escape From Tarkov? Well your in luck I host a small but growing community of gamers that play a large range of games. Come chill on our server and invite your mates. Stay for as long as you want and drop by anytime for a quick game or a talk with one of our friendly members or staff. We have a unique levelling system within the discord the more you spend on our discord and type in chat you will gain new roles with new exciting permissions. Once becoming Trusted (level 7) you can create a private channel for only you and your friends or use the channel specifically for Trusted players. Interested? Discord link: https://discord.gg/Ax7DhCr Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/seizedmr2kay Discord user: Mr. 2kay#4281 ~Have fun and happy gaming! ~Thank you
  21. jd_mist

    LFG players

    we are looking for players to come join us in our discord we play mostley during the day us times till late night, helping friends and all others do there task and earn gear so come join us in discord https://discord.gg/B3a9kTe
  22. Jakjak10

    looking for a chill clan

    any know of any laid back clans that are looking for members? I'm not the best but i can hold my own in a firefight. i don't want some hardcore clan that's gonna get butt hurt cause i die once in a while. if there is any other like minded players out there drop me a line. I'm just looking to have fun in tarkov looting and killing. thirty220
  23. MarkoPiko


    Zdravím všetkých Hráčov Escape from Tarkov.. Vytvoril som asi prvý CZ-SK klan na tejto scéne.. Príjmem všetkých čo vedia po SK - CZ. Kto hladá ten najde. Vek by mohol byť od 15-99 Ale aj mladší kludne stačí mať niečo v hlave a normalne správanie.. Mohli by sme chodiť Všetci spoločne na nejaké mapy.. a lootiť a zabíjať.. ČeskoSlovenská Garda. ENG- Translate. Greetings to all Players Escape from Tarkov .. I created the first CZ-SK clan on this scene .. Receiving everything they know after SK - CZ. Whoever hates will find it. The age could be from 15-99 But even the younger ones just need to have something in the head and normal behavior. We could all walk together on some maps .. and loot and kill .. CzechSlovak Gardens. DISCORD podmienkov -> https://discord.gg/6sbudX
  24. Raydar

    8-Bit Death Pit Gaming Group!

    Hola Tarkovians! Looking for a place to meet people and team up? You found it! This group is more for new players wanting to find help and survive the mean street of Tarkov! Spread the word! Dicord:https://discord.gg/mHAPURR Steam group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/8bitdeathpit
  25. First of all – I know that clans are planned and this IS NOT another "pls add clans" thread. I just want to share some ideas on how they could work and be implemented. Also, keep in mind that all the numbers (like prices) are arbitrarily selected by me. I give them as an example of an idea and how I'd do it. It does not mean that these numbers are good, perfect or should be in game. I lack statistics, insight of code, database and other things. Name – I think name "clan" or "clans" is not immersive and not lore-friendly. I suggest that name of player established groups should be called "Divisions" (like divisions of their military company). Cost – Should not be free. Should require substantial money. Let's say 20,000€. So only very wealthy players OR group of players can afford it. After all 20k divided for 5 players is only 4k each. This will also put in favor players that have Skier lvl 3 (they can buy €), so players lvl 20 and higher. Cost of establishing a division can work as a money sink which in the long run will be needed in the game. Size – Should not be infinite. Should be small at start (limit of maybe 5, 10) with possible expansion (that costs more money, let's say 1,000€ per slot). Minimum players – To establish a division, I think there should be minimum of 3 or 4 players including the founder. That should discourage players like me that would create Division only for themselves or maybe for 2-man groups. Establishing Division – in order to get Division, a player must purchase some kind of paper (like map), let's call it "Division Contract". While in-raid and close to other player, a holder of the Contract can on wheel-menu (door-like) select "Ask to sign" option. While signing, both holder and signer are in animation for 10 seconds. When holder of Contract gets signs that are at least the minimum and no more than maximum of initial size, he can turn the Contract "somewhere" and Division is created (he can choose name, logo, description and whatnot). Division Contract is destroyed in the process. If there are free slots, the founder gets that many "Invite Contracts" via Message system Inviting to Division – very similar to signing the Division Contract, but for each slot there is one Invite Contract, that candidate must sign and then a holder of contract (founder or officer) has to turn it in. Roles & Permissions – at this point I see no need for more than 4 roles: Founder / Headmaster – person who is in charge of the Division, has all the rights (and can manage rights) Officer / Manager / Executive – person of power that has some rights like invites and kicks Member – self-explanatory Recruit – someone new, at this point only as a mean to easily differentiate from full members What advantages of being in a Division could be? TAG – 2-5 character tag that's before PMCs' name. Game should not artificially add [ and ] characters. Tag should be separated from the name with a whitespace. In some cases, tags could be shown in parenthesis after the PMC's name. Chat – Division should have at least one chat channel. Possibly ability to add and manage multiple ones. Identity – no player could pose themselves as a division member if they are not one if tags are game-managed. Also, Division's reputation could affect how others see the members (like "I got killed by THAT clan. wow. And I killed two of them. That was fun!"). It would strongly help players to identify with groups and feel connected, proud or whatever, not only through Discord/TS, but also in game. Easy Lobby – Division's members should be at the top of the lobby and in different colour, in orded for easier and faster inviting Immersion – Of course not everyone pay attention to that, but requirement of in-raid signing the papers and being "tagged" can have great positive impact on immersion. There is a lot more of possible Division's advantages, like Division Storage, but that's a topic for a separate thread. Which you can read now, just click here! Thoughts? If you like that idea, give some upvote and share your thoughts in the comments. You might also want to check, comment, and maybe upvote/dislike my other suggestions: [RELATED] Division's Storage: link [HOT] UI for loading mixed ammo: link Random events (with possible loot): link Usage of batteries to power gear: link Making ammo boxes great: link Hiding HUD: link PS. 20,000€ is roughly 2 million roubles. By no means this is "impossible" cost. I'm almost sure, that almost every player could currently afford that. I gave this amount as an idea, but I don't see reason for not increasing to 50,000€ or whatever else. 1,000€ is roughly 100 000 roubles. Even if a Division requires players to pay the "limit increase" fee, this should not be an issue. Also, I think that this fee could increase with size. So at the beginning it's 1,000€ if size <= 10, then 1,500€ if size <= 15, then 2,500€ if size <= 30 etc. You get the idea. And yes, this could be of course more expensive, I just lack the aggregated data from database so I'm throwing random numbers
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