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Found 28 results

  1. 8-Bit Death Pit Gaming Group!

    Hola Tarkovians! Looking for a place to meet people and team up? You found it! This group is more for new players wanting to find help and survive the mean street of Tarkov! Spread the word! Dicord: Steam group:
  2. First of all – I know that clans are planned and this IS NOT another "pls add clans" thread. I just want to share some ideas on how they could work and be implemented. On this thread I expand my general idea presented in this other thread. To fully understand some of points made here, please read the other thread first. A Division would greatly benefit from some common, shared Storage. Like for example Guild Bank in WoW or Corporation Hangars in EVE. How do I see this? Let me explain: Start – Division starts with NO storage at all. Cost – Division can buy up to X storages (let's say 3). Each storage costs money – let's say 10,000€ for 1st one; 25,000€ for 2nd and 50,000€ for 3rd one. Size – Initially each storage is very small. Let's say 6x10, so 6 rows of 10 cells, and 60 cells in total. That's enough to hold 12 standard sized assault rifles (2x5) or 2 Fort Armours and 6 helmets. Not much. Expansion – Each storage could be expanded. That would require both money AND barter items. I don't really have idea for what the barter items should be. But as an example I would say, that first additional row could cost 2,000€ + 10 ES Lamps + 2 Power Cords. Both cost in money, amount and type of barter items should increase with each expansion bought. Default Storing rights – every Division member should be able to store any item in storage. Default Withdraw rights – every Executive or Headmaster should be able to withdraw any item from the storage. Rights management – Headmaster (or person with permission to manage rights) should be able to set Store and Withdraw rights for each role and each storage separately (for example that Member can withdraw from Storage #1, but can't from Storage #2). Roles – at this point, it could be beneficial for Headmaster to be able to establish custom roles in addition to standard 4. Withdraw Limits – along with Withdraw rights, there should be option to set withdraw limits denoted in "max items", where one armor is one item, and one stack of 60 ammo is also one item. Money Storage – Division's money storage should be separate, free at start and only 2x2 in size. Every expansion would add another 2x2. This storage would have also separate settings. There are also some ideas to make things even more interesting: Person with proper rights set could trade with traders by using Division's Storage. In traders screen, that person could freely switch between Storages that this person has rights to trade with. So, for example, player could select Fort Armor from Skier to buy, select Storage 3, select gold chains to trade, then switch to Storage 2 and finish the deal, so Fort lands in Storage 2, but gold chains are taken from Storage 3. Same would work with money from Money Storage. Person with withdraw rights could "gift" item to someone WITHIN the Division, as long as the gifting person did not exceed the limit. Receiving person does not need any rights. So, for example a Headmaster could gift weapons and Forts to a squad that got recently wiped out, without making them use their limits. Gifts would be received by Message System just like insurances. Some current clans I know that are from time to time giving out in giveaways some items. And we all know it can be dangerous to go into a match and give someone 3 M4s, NVG, RSASS, 5 keybars and whatnot. And even if you go 5-man on Factory, there are stories of one F1 wiping all trading parties. Will it encourage people to invite someone to clan to make trades? Maybe. It will as well be a way to scam people. So I think that this system won't entirely destroy current trading practices. Also, it may be implemented relatively late, so I guess Flea Market and Auctions will be in game, which will make in-raid trading more rare. Fun idea of using Storage is that in Division's 5-man squad, there can be one "designated mule", so person with Pilgrim (or maybe Tri-Zip+ICase+WCase, lol) that take all the loot while others fight, kill and cover the mule. After a raid, mule could unload everything to Storage and then some loot distribution could be in place. No idea if anyone will play that, but hey, I saw weirder stuff in WoW and EVE Thoughts? If you like that idea, give some upvote and share your thoughts in the comments. You might also want to check, comment, and maybe upvote/dislike my other suggestions: [RELATED] Division's – few ideas for clans: link [HOT] UI for loading mixed ammo: link Random events (with possible loot): link Usage of batteries to power gear: link Making ammo boxes great: link Hiding HUD: link
  3. First of all – I know that clans are planned and this IS NOT another "pls add clans" thread. I just want to share some ideas on how they could work and be implemented. Also, keep in mind that all the numbers (like prices) are arbitrarily selected by me. I give them as an example of an idea and how I'd do it. It does not mean that these numbers are good, perfect or should be in game. I lack statistics, insight of code, database and other things. Name – I think name "clan" or "clans" is not immersive and not lore-friendly. I suggest that name of player established groups should be called "Divisions" (like divisions of their military company). Cost – Should not be free. Should require substantial money. Let's say 20,000€. So only very wealthy players OR group of players can afford it. After all 20k divided for 5 players is only 4k each. This will also put in favor players that have Skier lvl 3 (they can buy €), so players lvl 20 and higher. Cost of establishing a division can work as a money sink which in the long run will be needed in the game. Size – Should not be infinite. Should be small at start (limit of maybe 5, 10) with possible expansion (that costs more money, let's say 1,000€ per slot). Minimum players – To establish a division, I think there should be minimum of 3 or 4 players including the founder. That should discourage players like me that would create Division only for themselves or maybe for 2-man groups. Establishing Division – in order to get Division, a player must purchase some kind of paper (like map), let's call it "Division Contract". While in-raid and close to other player, a holder of the Contract can on wheel-menu (door-like) select "Ask to sign" option. While signing, both holder and signer are in animation for 10 seconds. When holder of Contract gets signs that are at least the minimum and no more than maximum of initial size, he can turn the Contract "somewhere" and Division is created (he can choose name, logo, description and whatnot). Division Contract is destroyed in the process. If there are free slots, the founder gets that many "Invite Contracts" via Message system Inviting to Division – very similar to signing the Division Contract, but for each slot there is one Invite Contract, that candidate must sign and then a holder of contract (founder or officer) has to turn it in. Roles & Permissions – at this point I see no need for more than 4 roles: Founder / Headmaster – person who is in charge of the Division, has all the rights (and can manage rights) Officer / Manager / Executive – person of power that has some rights like invites and kicks Member – self-explanatory Recruit – someone new, at this point only as a mean to easily differentiate from full members What advantages of being in a Division could be? TAG – 2-5 character tag that's before PMCs' name. Game should not artificially add [ and ] characters. Tag should be separated from the name with a whitespace. In some cases, tags could be shown in parenthesis after the PMC's name. Chat – Division should have at least one chat channel. Possibly ability to add and manage multiple ones. Identity – no player could pose themselves as a division member if they are not one if tags are game-managed. Also, Division's reputation could affect how others see the members (like "I got killed by THAT clan. wow. And I killed two of them. That was fun!"). It would strongly help players to identify with groups and feel connected, proud or whatever, not only through Discord/TS, but also in game. Easy Lobby – Division's members should be at the top of the lobby and in different colour, in orded for easier and faster inviting Immersion – Of course not everyone pay attention to that, but requirement of in-raid signing the papers and being "tagged" can have great positive impact on immersion. There is a lot more of possible Division's advantages, like Division Storage, but that's a topic for a separate thread. Which you can read now, just click here! Thoughts? If you like that idea, give some upvote and share your thoughts in the comments. You might also want to check, comment, and maybe upvote/dislike my other suggestions: [RELATED] Division's Storage: link [HOT] UI for loading mixed ammo: link Random events (with possible loot): link Usage of batteries to power gear: link Making ammo boxes great: link Hiding HUD: link PS. 20,000€ is roughly 2 million roubles. By no means this is "impossible" cost. I'm almost sure, that almost every player could currently afford that. I gave this amount as an idea, but I don't see reason for not increasing to 50,000€ or whatever else. 1,000€ is roughly 100 000 roubles. Even if a Division requires players to pay the "limit increase" fee, this should not be an issue. Also, I think that this fee could increase with size. So at the beginning it's 1,000€ if size <= 10, then 1,500€ if size <= 15, then 2,500€ if size <= 30 etc. You get the idea. And yes, this could be of course more expensive, I just lack the aggregated data from database so I'm throwing random numbers
  4. Half Way House Discord

    Hello, we have made a discord for finding groups and meeting new people on tarkov, feel free to join up.
  5. Clans/Bands/Pins/Etc

    Hay there! I'm pretty confident that Clans or groups will at some point make its way into this game and I had a really interesting idea for this game. With how in-depth this game goes with its realism and options I started thinking why is there no way to distinguish players from each other? Well I started thinking customizing your gear but as a developer myself I started thinking well maybe that wouldn't be as easy to put in as just saying so. So then I thought well if you add clans and allow for the creation of clan colors/emblems why not add clan associated equipment. This would be super interesting and something not seen (at least not to the EXTENT as this game could do it) in most other games. But you could things like arm bands, leg bands, bandanas, caps, hoodies, beanies, legit anything, even a cape or something ridiculous. You could even allow for pins to put on backpacks or other things, even full blow skins for said items. This would allow for some crazy customization and options for the player base and could be expanded on whenever. That, and would allow for some form of group/team indicators without jeopardizing the realism in the game. In real life most people will wear clothes/equipment to distinguish friendlies from anyone else and this would be literal implementation of that into the game. It would be a way for players to be able to tell the different from their friends and enemies without adding something like a HUD element or something that would be seen in a video game (IE: a floating name, glowing person, something not really... realistic.) Either way I thought this would be a super neat idea and would love to see what other people think.
  6. Looking For A Clan

    Hello! I recently purchased the game, and I am currently about 12 hours into the game. If anyone is interested in recruiting anyone into their clan, or are just looking for someone to casually play with, please feel free to message me.
  7. A clean clans topic

    Hello everyone maybe someone can make a locked topic that stays at the beginning and has all clan and groups names and a link for their official topics here in the forum or their contact info (Discord , team speak , website). so we don't have to scroll down and read alot of topics that are just questions or someone looking for a group , and when ever a new clan comes out they just contact the person who made the topic and they ask if they could be added . i can't come to the forum every day and i always scroll to find a new group or clan , i tried alot of them some very childish some are empty when i play and some are already kind of full and ignore new players asking for a team up . it doesn't only benefit me but also the people going around in the forum and creating topics under the title Looking for someone to play with or group up with . then we have an official and simple place to find what are they looking for . Thank you
  8. ** Pure Adrenaline Recruiting **

    Hello Survivors! Pure Adrenaline is now recruiting new members, and would love for people to join, and gain a friendly community! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: 1.) Microphone needed 2.) 10 hours or more played. 3.) Communication, call outs, and teamwork RULES: 1.) No loot greedy people, unless the guy that does not want the gear. 2.) No baiting teammates 3.) 5 man squad raids, be serious and communication at all times. *No off topics ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NOTE: Please do not try and join if you aren't being serious or just want to troll. This is a serious team that wants communication, and teamwork!
  9. Habe nie einen guten Discord Server mit aktiven Spielern gesehen also dachte ich mir ich erstelle mal einen Er ist Deutsch und Englisch (Aufgeteilt) Tretet bei, Spielt und macht freunde. Aktiver Admin, Moderator und andere Rollen
  10. EFT Discord Server Unofficial

    I never really saw a good Discord server on here so i thought i start one here. Join, play and make friends. Friendly Admin with roles
  11. Riley Company recruiting now!

    Riley Company is recruiting more fighters for this amazing game. We are accepting both veteran gamers and newcomers. We don't mind training people and helping them gear we are just building a strong player base for a game that will obviously be very successful. There is always someone online willing to play. Join the discord link for more info from one of our leaders/officers . We are a US clan but are no exclusive to just the US! English players are preferred just so we know what youre saying during a firefight :P. If youre tired of being KoS'd or lonely all the time look no further! Hope to see some of you by my side while we loot through tarkov! Stay frosty Scavers!
  12. Im new, and looking to play

    i am new to the game, got it 2 days ago. However, i do my research and i do know most things about the game. i am looking for new players to learn together, or an OG looking to teach. (I'd like to think im not trash)
  13. Join Our Discord!

    Looking for people new and experienced to join clan discord. If you need a place to find people to squad up with join here! Everyone is welcome.
  14. clan system

    I dont know if this has been requested before but i feel that they should have a clan system. In that system it would allow you to invite and recruit new players. Allow you to make your own faction or group with in the faction (such as your own clan logo) having clan matches will be similar to how you raids are done now but with an objective like locate and extract radio with both teams spawning equal distance of the objective and from one another. So that the maps dont have to change and can still be as large as they are. It would be good to add an extra layer to the online play. just a suggestion on it. note the radio's location would be a general location of the area in which it your clan would get like a debrief as to where it maybe. Just an idea
  15. Need a duo/squad

    Need someone / people to run some raids with and level. join my dis
  16. No Fapping in the Woods(NFW)

    "who the duck is this guy" -Klean "ducking hackers" -Kotton need I say more? If you answered yes let me introduce my team NFW!!!!! we yell, we fight, and we even kill each other but at the end of the god damn day we don't fap in woods. We are a group of gamer's dedicated to the life long dream of not killing each other out of confusion. Fun will be had salt will be mined tears will hopefully not be flowing(we made a kid cry once... we didn't mean too.) I've played games with these guys for longer then the majority of the people who will actually join the clan from this post have been alive. We will be primarily be a fun focus group with hardcore values(don't ask me what the values are I thought it sounded cool). I would like to develop a group of gamer's who can play with a high level of skill and have them in a "Operators" position and then a more casual division that can intermingle between the to. we're truly fine with salt but if you do nothing but troll we're probably going to remove you unless your to good at the game then we will just cry in a corner. we have a teamspeak for now but if enough people request a discord we will still use teamspeak and those people can go fap in the woods! join us if interested in our TS: I know it wouldn't let me swear I'm keeping it
  17. Green Beret Nightmares [GBN]

    If I accept you to this army/clan.You will hear by be one of the best, or if not yet we will train you be one ;p. Motto(“De Oppresso Liber” (Latin for “To liberate the oppressed”) We wish to be the best and some of us are but together we can escape together as a unit. A squad and just maybe a family. But as always may the odds ever be in your favor Do you have what it takes to become a Green Beret Nightmare ? Contact me on steam :[GBN]ColonelNightmare or discord : I respect the US Army and I always will that's why when I graduate I will complete basic and lead the hard path to become a proud leader. I want to and will try my very best to become a airborne army ranger.
  18. Ev!l Gamers [EVGR] Est. 2010

    Community name: Ev!l Gamers Community tag: EVGR Community Motto: Bringing Ev!l To The Gamers Origanted: 2010 Platforms: PC, Xbox One, and PS4. What does our community play? Arma 3, DayZ Standalone, Garrys Mod, Call of Duty IW, Escape from Tarkov, Rust, Squad, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, and Squad. READ: WE HAVE NO INTENTION ON ADVERTISING OTHER VIDEO GAMES ON THIS POST. WE ARE JUST SHOWING WHAT OUR COMMUNITY PLAYS BESIDES ESCAPE FROM TARKOV. WE UNDERSTAND THAT THIS IS A ESCAPE FROM TARKOV FORUMS PAGE, WE ARE NOT HERE TO ADVERTISE WHAT-SO-EVER. WE ARE GLAD TO HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY TO ADVERTISE OUR COMMUNITY ON YOUR FORUMS, WE ARE NOT TRYING TO PULL ANY STRINGS BY MENTIONING OTHER GAMES. Age: No little kids allowed. Our average age in our community is 23. Most of us are in College or with families. We don't have bedtimes or mothers screaming in the background. Timezone: All Time Zones are welcomed, we allow players from all over the world. Microphone Must have a good working microphone to communicate. Media: We have YouTube and Twitter community account. What do we use to communicate? We offer all of our PC platform users a Discord and a TeamSpeak server for communication. History: Since 2010, our community played Call Of Duty on the Xbox 360. We played tournaments around the world for fame and for cash, but to also have fun since it is a video game. Following the year 2017, we decided to switch to a community since Call Of Duty got boring and expanded to PS4 and PC. Today we have squads on all sorts of games, just like Escape From Tarkov with over 40 active users in our Tarkov squad. Conclusion: If you are interested in joining, message the President of the community on Steam at [EVGR] Clutch. PS: This is a re-upload since the old post was deleted by mistake. We are not boosting this post, if any admin visits the old post we made, you will notice that the post is different than this post, because we had to remake this post. Mainly pointed to @FLP, Sorry about the problem earlier.
  19. Hey Guys! My names N.Rocks and we have just started up our community as we dont have many people who play games like escpare from tarkov and ARMA 3 so we decided to start up our own discord and just wanted to see if anyone was interested in making some new friends and some new battle buddies! if anyone is interested please join this discord ( and if im not online please leave me a message in the request membership text channel and i will be prompt in returning a message back. What we are mainly looking for are English speaking players that speak it clearly enough to have a good experience playing with. We dont mind accepting new escape from tarkov players or vets. i personally wont mind taking time out my day to make sure you know some ins and outs of the game
  20. LFG - Mature Tac Minded People

    Hello everyone, I have been playing pretty solo in this game since start of alpha have seen what its like to have gear overflowing and also been at points where all I had was one pistol left as of late I have started to see this game being a lot more fun in groups or duo's vs solo so thought I would post on here and see if anyone is looking for some friends to play with or wanting to add one more to there group I have some gear nothing special and even tho I have played for a bit and have some knowledge that may help I'm no expert and still have things I need to grow on I'm not an all-star player either so if your looking to be carried or a god tier player I'm neither I just enjoy skilled hardcore shooters and strive to do my best at collecting tears when I can. I'm US based and play most of the day or at least have the ability to, looking for people that are mature and easy to get along with if this sounds like you then send me a pm or add me on steam I don't care if your new or veteran to the game just looking to experience the game on a group lvl now that I have played a ton solo. I have a discord and will link it to anyone needing it or asking in a pm or steam. Thanks! and happy gaming everyone. Requirements: US Based, Mature/Older, Discord/Mic Steam ID: DREAMAZING
  21. Black Division PMC (long post)

    I don't know if any of you played Contract Wars browser game, but in that game they had a roulette which you got to roll for free 2-3 times a day or purchase more rolls. They had many prizes that you could win, but the most sought after and valuable prize was Black Division - supposedly this would reward you with one million credits and 500gp (not sure how many gp, something like that). GP was premium, real life money, in game currency. I can't remember where exactly I heard it, but Black Division is like the best of the best. Only the best fighters get into Black Division PMC. "Passing all levels and get all titles player can become even steeper , joining the Black Division, which essentially is a group of professionals Contract Wars. As a fighter of this elite unit , the player gets access to the black gold (BG), on which he can buy unique weapons , perks and opportunities. More about this mode will be written in the following posts." I found this on a CW kongregate forum, but I have also heard that Black Division is something that only the developers get access to / or give access to other players. "What is Black Division? According to the backstory of the project, some third power with most powerful PMC unit, who takes action in conflict. Usually developers take this clan fro themselfs. In the roulette it is a huge-extra-mega-cool prize, which is also extremly rare" ALL these quotes are official, you can find them on NQSS' posts on Contract Wars forums on Kongregate... So I was thinking that you could have Black Division in game; Perks would be: -Weekly wages rewarded, say 100,000 roubles every week. -Access to super rare and expensive guns for free, or on discount from trader who only sells to contracters from Black Division PMC. NOW HERE IS SOMETHING THAT COULD BE PART OF THE PREMIUM PACK / EDGE OR DARKNESS PRE-ORDERS So if you have pre-ordered The Edge of Darkness Limited Edition, you get access to Black Division perks / gamemode. (this gamemode could be a bit like scav gamemode, where you spawn in with gear which would be provided free of charge by Black Division PMC.) However, to stop this from becoming way too overpowered, lets say that The Edge of Darkness players are only part of Black Division PMC for the first three months... Then the only way to become part of Black Division PMC is to be in the top 500 players of the global leaderboard, (based on kills, looting etc...) But this number, in this case 500, is dependent on however many people have actually preordered Edge of Darkness edition. If only 400 people have done this, then there is only ever going to be 400 places in Black Division for the whole life of this wonderful game. So you get to secure your place in Black Division PMC for the first couple of months since release day, (simply because you preordered the limited edition) and then after that, your place is up for grabs so that anyone who rises up in the global leaderboard / rankings can take the place and become part of Black Division PMC. But this would only be a perk for the limited edition people and only for the first few months after release, and then anyone who is good enough can take their place. Thank you for getting this far, and I hope the devs involve this in the game! I love the look of this game, but I am waiting to get my hands on it as i have studies until july... P.S Yes i like saying "Black Division PMC" Here is someone else pic that i found on google images! (from Contract Wars)
  22. So I heard of the 'side-quest' missions that will be available. -I thought of my own side quest mission that might be seen as a typical role playing game side quest: As entrance into Tarkov and surrounding areas has been prohibited, the press and other war photographers have not been able to take their pictures and report on the situation. So perhaps you get payed in-game currency to 'do a job' (could become a contract, as explained below) where you have to take pictures, maybe on a weekly basis. You get given a camera and you have to go out and find firefights and take pictures and film the violence. This would be quite risky, so maybe you could be given special press-kit body armour. So that is my mainstream idea for one of the side quests. Here below, I have thought of two rather different types of side quest missions that I believe (and I hope you do too) would really add to the gameplay! Contracts Then I thought, imagine if players or clans could create their own 'side-quests'. So for example; you have realised that because you are using up a lot of ammo every week because of how much you are playing, you decide to put up a contract that other players can fulfil and then you have to pay them in-game currency every week so that they provide you with what you asked for. Maybe this player has been hoarding loads and loads of a certain ammunition, so he thinks he could get a steady income if he decides to sell it to other players who are in need of this certain ammunition. I understand that this sounds a little too involved for a video game, and it could take away from the game-play aspect. So perhaps this would be better if only clans could put contracts on the market. So imagine if a clan leader has recognised that the members of his/her's clan are occasionally losing weapons, he could either choose to buy insurance from a trader, or buy a contract (could be seen as insurance) from another clan which means that this other clan are now being payed to replace their weapons whenever they lose them in a defeat firefight. Whatever is cheaper! This way, a clan could build up loyalty with a specific trader, because they are always offering them contracts to replace used equipment or items. There are many possibilities. Bounties Moving on, I had another great idea... Imagine that one player or clan is getting increasingly frustrated because another player or clan is always there killing them, stealing their kills or taking their loot... etc... He might then decide to put up a bounty that states that he wants that particular player or clan to be killed (maybe also to have stolen loot returned to them). Now this provides more game-play opportunities for players to get in more intense firefights, because the stakes are high! Additionally this provides an opportunity for more contracts to be created. Let's say that one clan puts up a contract that asks for a certain clan to be harassed in-game through means of constantly killing their players/clan members or constantly taking their loot. So many things could happen as a result of this! So to summarise! Bounties - A player or clan puts up a bounty on another player or clan's 'head'. Whoever then kills them, receives the reward! Contracts - You (player or clan leader) realise that you repeatedly need a certain service, so you put up a contract which is like a job for someone to be payed to do. (e.g. you pay someone to replenish your ammo each week. Thank you for reading this far, I hope you like my idea! P.S. If you already played Contract Wars, you might have completed a different form of contracts, which I think would be quite odd for a player to find in a warzone. These contracts usually involved completing a given amount of (e.g.) double kills, or longshots or headshots...
  23. So I was thinking that since we have a personal stash, why not have a clan stash, where you could contribute items, weapons and so on. Then maybe if you had ranks within each clan, then only the highest ranking players within clan could 'borrow' other high ranked clan member's equipment. I would love to see this. So basically you could use your clan as a way of sharing equipment with friends and other clan members. Furthermore, I was thinking about how trading ('currently') works, and I thought that maybe if a clan wanted to buy certain weapons and equipment for their clan members to benefit from, that maybe you can only buy certain equipment and weapons if you are a clan leader. This way, you will have to be a part of a clan to benefit from the most OP weapons / equipment. Or maybe 'that clan' has to have good history with a trader before the trader starts selling the most valued equipment / weapons to them. Also, you could have traders that only sell to clans, and they could sell other things like skills, or a +1 grenade to every clan member each day or week or month (price depends on population of clan.) Or you could set up deals where each clan member gets given a free gun or ammo allocation each month because the clan leader has used everyone's donated currency to buy that contract from a trader. You could also buy every clan member equipment or weapon insurance (again, this would be available from clan specific traders) so that their high valued stuff is insured against losses due to character death. In the previous game from this universe; Contract Wars, there was a clan percentage contribution 'slider', that you, as a clan member could set so that you donate e.g. 40% of your earnings from each match to your clan's balance. From there, the clan leader could buy skills for all clan members to benefit from. Here is a picture of how that worked that I found on the web.
  24. Hey, Are you looking for a team or do you and a friend want to get a bigger group to play with in EFT Alpha and other games? Over at Devastation Online we are a group of 20 gamers from age 18-50, from all over the world (US, Canada, Sweden, Russia, Brazil, New Zeeland, Germany). We mainly focus on games with a harder and mature learning curve. Add DEV.Nox to steam for more info. 18 years of age or above is required to be able to join and play with us. If this post belongs to another thread pls point me in the right direction.
  25. Looking for people

    Hey guys. I know alot of posts are out there of people wanting to join up and im sure alot are falling on deaf ears. If youre looking to play and have your own TS or chat message me. Looking to get some poeple together to play with. Dont wanna be left behind and wondering pvp solo do you?? Message me !