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Found 7 results

  1. Buenos días, Compré el juego de la página oficial y conseguí registrarme sin problemas. Luego la propia página me permite descargar el launcher que también pude descargar sin problemas pero al comenzar la instalación me indica que no tengo espacio suficiente... Como se puede apreciar en las fotos hay espacio de sobra en el disco C de mi ordenador. Adjunto todas las imágenes del proceso de instalación. He probado a borrar y reinstalar el launcher, ha descargar esta instalación desde Rusia, cambiar la ruta de la instalación por otra, borrar incluso más espacio, todo sin éxito... ¿A alguien le ha pasado y sabe como arreglarlo? Gracias, Un saludo
  2. BryteLite

    Servers (A Dev's Perspective)

    Hello Tarkov Mods/Admins/Devs! Let me start off by saying I love your game. It's been a while since I've found a shooter that is entertaining from a concept standpoint. For the enjoyment I've had in this game, even just is beta, was dare I say worth the steep Edge of Darkness package price. Alongside much of the community, I have been pretty upset at the state of the servers. With that being said, I'm hoping I can point you in the direction of where the problem may be (if you haven't already figured it out and are just whittling away at the different sections and classes associated with maintaining a connection. The problem is definitely with services associated with your TCP connections. Why? Based on the system errors that are popping up, including some cloudflare javascript errors, I started to notice that all these problems started shortly after the reported purchase of servers. I'm not sure what updates to the back-end were made to accommodate the new servers on your server application, but it seems too coincidental. Hopefully you have your versions source controlled and are able to compare them to find the difference between them, but I would definitely double check to make sure the back-end update was applied to ALL associated TCP services and connections. I noticed you changed the way TCP connections are handled with lost connections too shortly after the new servers rolled out, that might also be a good point to look Again, this might seem basic and you might already be on this, but I figured I would give my two cents given the time being spent updating the back-end. I won't begin to speculate how complicated the back-end could be, but there is clearly a bug associated with TCP.
  3. doveth

    I need an adult.

    I've been having an unfortunate error with the downloading of the game and ive seen many mentions of similar errors popping up that have some "not enough storage" error but mine is a tad more different from those. Its the same window and error, just with a different reason provided (buttonmash.png is provided probably under the text). The error message pops up every 5-10 minutes and pauses the download until you click 'retry', which makes it impossible to download the game overnight and keep my extreme hype up. I have not played the game so I am not sure if this is some beta issues or just current server problems. However, from some fellow gamers I have heard that this game recently blew up on twitch and it had a very sudden influx of the gamer population. So far I have downloaded about 3gb of the game and had to click 'retry' at least 15-20 times. ive tried to google my problems away but I couldnt find this specific case, so i have put my cards on the table, shared my theory and problem and now i've come to a halt. I am in a bit of a pickle and I require the help of those willing to help and hoping that some other people with an identical problem can aquire the help from the ones blessed with knowldge of this rare occurence. Thank you for your time in advance.
  4. Schönen guten tag habe ein problem vor ca einer stunde kamm noch ein kleiner patch raus von 10 mb hat er geladen dann ist mein pc einfach neu gestartet nun soll ich das spiel neu downloaden ist das so üblich hier wenn da auf ein mal eine datei fehlt ? integritätsprüffehler no JSON content found path ". line 1, position 444830.
  5. MrGandalf123

    Problem z Betą

    Ostatnio wygrałem promo code na live. Wpisałem kod po czym dostałem na email wiadomość że mam dostęp do beta. Jednak na moim profilu nic mi nie pokazuje abym mógł pobrać grę a pod profilem piszę Pre order Nothing
  6. strikernik

    Клиент игры

    Уважаемые разработчики! Так как я не нашел по поиску, то создал тему с просьбой, организовать доступ на скачивание клиента заранее до старта альфы. 1-2 дня до альфы вполне достаточно. Прошу прощения, если тема/вопрос были обсуждены ранее.
  7. MARKHENRY1994

    We may need a client

    I am a chinese and i love play games like dayz,arma so on,but the big problem is the language in game most are english.not every chinese game player is good at english,and china has been the biggest game market gradually,so if you can creat the chinese language for china players,your sell must be better. many chinese guys who give this game orders or not hope this game could make some change. this is a good game,we want it be better,thk.
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