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Found 9 results

  1. Bashtati

    Scav clothes

    Make it so we can aquire scav clothing through quests.
  2. TheSzeckler

    Ghillie Suits

    Can we have Ghillie suits 👀 ? Ghillie suits should be a default clothe category you can buy from Ragman's Services OR buying it at Traders, once equipped it should cover your whole body / equipment, except the weapon/melee weapon. Nothing should clip through from under the gillie suit.
  3. Now that a lot of clothing options are on the table and more to come I figured I could throw some additional idea that someone hopefully takes into consideration. I for one think that BEARs have enough of old school classic items and could instead use more casual or modern tactical clothing, while USECs could use some extra traditional PMC-like clothing and a couple of extra cammies since they are after all a multi-national organization. Some ideas are listed below in screenshots: Possible option for USEC faction such as casual shirts and cargo pants 5.11 for USECs with some cargo pants (like previous picture of BLACKWATER PMCs) Neutral color BDUs Extra camo options for USEC (such as Flecktarn as it is widely available commercially for anyone) ATACS FG for BEAR (seeing a lot of Russian SOF rocking that camo) Compression shirt for BEAR faction (could have a BEAR faction logo front or back of it) SURPAT camo Obviously if anyone disagrees/agrees/wants to add any ideas feel free to. Cheers.
  4. Skullfuxer707

    Official and Unofficial Merchandise

    Hello I'm writing this to mostly bring awareness to my discovery of what I believe to be unofficial merchandise, and the possibility of trademark logo infringement. I am a huge fan of EFT, a strong supporter of what the game is currently, and also what it is to become. So much that I've wanted to have a shirt or jacket with EFT representation on it. I'm sure that there are other merchandise vendors exploiting the popularity this game is amassing, and profiting from it besides the vendor I discovered. Which brings me more to what my questions are, and what my forum topic is about. What are the EFT crew's feelings about this? Will there be official EFT merchandise in the future? The website where I've found said merchandise will not be mentioned to prevent the promotion of possible trademark infringed articles of clothing. Thank You
  5. A great idea (in my opinion) would be that trousers could be also able to change and loot. More clothes would be great, and different cammos and ghillies. For example, A black uniform set or a Ghillie suit. A desert map would also be fantastic with desert cammo.
  6. It would be nice to see other caps in the game other than the superman one. Not asking you to go make heaps of other hats like boonies, snap backs and stuff like that. Just like make a few reskins of the superman cap that are plain colours like green, brown, black, tan etc. Or even better make a USEC cap and a BEAR cap that can only be worn by those factions. It'd be cool to make my PMC look like how they did in Contract Wars and the trailers.
  7. I would just like to ask if anyone knows which is the combat shirt worn by the members of the usec in the game but specifically ,with this I mean 1-to the name of the camouflage 2-the model of the combat t-shirt 3-manufacturer of the combat shirt I will appreciate any response
  8. viperthavaper

    game idea character customization

    i have a idea for outfits in the game, customizable tops,hands/gloves,legs,boots,head such as balaclavas or hats (none which offer armor) and you keep your clothes even after you die. (NOT backpacks tacvests or helmets or armor)(i know their will be custimization but it not clear weather you lose clothes and balaclavas after you die) when the group/clan system is implemented it would be great cause your group could always be matching. i just dont want all new players to look alike with what they wear. everyone would truly look different. scavs new pmc's and all it would be truly unique
  9. Magor57

    Color clothing

    Hi, I saw the inventory screen with the Headset, Goggles, Helmet, Body armor, but that all seems just like "armor" and utility kind of gear. Will we have color clothing? Like in DayZ. Red hoodie, green shirt, black tshirt, blue pants, orange backpack and so and so? That would be awesome, you know, to be able to customize my character and also distinguish from others or perhaps green clothing like a camouflage
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