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Found 15 results

  1. BSG and other forum users, I saw the moment when Klean suggested that you should add an injector to give the player "cold blooded" in the podcast late last year. Now you have implemented the concept at least to the data files of the game, thus it seems like you are actually considering it. While I dont think that it would ruin the game, I think it shouldnt make you completely invisible in the thermal, otherwise it stretches what is believable way too far and makes the injector too good of a counter. I suggest 3 different solutions for the problem: 1) As its known that the sight pictu
  2. King_Tubbs

    A few suggestions

    LBeen playing almost 2 years, I skipped most of this wipe and came back in a week or so ago, here are a few observations with fresh eyes. 1 why are clothes so expensive? And why is the requirements so high. It makes no sense for trousers and a top to cost 3 times more that class 4 body armour and require you to be so high rep to get. It should be cheap and common. Should be something a level 1 can get and afford 2 Low end quests. I got stuck in a position where every active quest was completed by level 7, so I only had ones completed by randomly finding the right items
  3. So everyone by now must know about Ragmans clothing store. Okay so basic clothing u start with only has 4 pockets, When u purchase clothing you should get more pocket space or just extra slots Like for jackets and pants or whatever would be better than just cosmetics Plus its lore friendly and super realistic Upvote this if you really want this added. Like we need this its been bugging me since we got the clothing...
  4. headwolf90

    LF Boots and trousers of PMC :D

    Hey escapers, this may be kinda difficult but im looking for the boots and trousers of my PMC in real life! I think they look very good and I would like to wear them as my light motorcycle outfit. I think the devs always use something to modell the Parts so there might be a chance someone knows the exact thing. Also im not looking for just a random camo pants. I would also like to have the kneepads like in the Picture. Thx alot! There is hope
  5. SpeistTacAR15

    Better for PVP

    So,there is just a little changing in game could make whole game feels better. I have always concerned one thing in PVP when i was in a team,How to regonize my team?There are many ways,Communicate with your teammates in Discord,Confirming Their Loot when entering a game,even handsuit. But,i have some questions in these ways.First,every pvp players always wear heavy suits(Level 5 suits like ...............)and same hemlts(Gsh ,American Ops,always these) and carry very big bags. Results in one thing,if you haven't trained skills that quickly remember and quickly regonize,you will
  6. DeadlyLobs

    PMC Clothing - Different Pockets

    I know that with .12 it we will be able to customize our PMCs I imagine if not immediately or later on down the line certain customizations will have to be unlocked over time or by item or trade. My suggestion is to have certain clothing allow for increased pocket slots or even different pocket slot configurations. Just think that would be cool to see.
  7. Kaution

    More Clothing/Gear?

    I was wondering if there would be any other clothing/gear for both Bears and Usecs?
  8. HarrybosGrandad

    wear knitcap and mask at the same time?

    i usually wear knitcaps to hide my big white glowing head, and i came across a mask, the black rag that you wrap around your nose and face, and it turns out you cant wear both of them at the same time, which would be really cool, so that you could hide your face abit better. it would be totally realistic thanks.
  9. Wonder if it's possible to add a separate clothing slot purely for masks? Since masks and hats are worn on the same slot at the moment the clothing options are somewhat limited. I'd really like to make my PMC look heaps operator by equipping a cap/beanie and lower mask at the same time or even wear a Kiver and a balaclava at the same time. I understand that there's more important parts of the game to work on at the moment but this would just be a nice feature to add to the game.
  10. I would like to know what this top is called as I am interested in creating a cheeki cosplay and I like how it looks. I assume the devs modelled it from a reference image. The dark navy blue long sleeve the scavs sometimes where. Thanks.
  11. Enchalada


    Will there be any apparel or other merchandise available with with or after the pre-order and release date? I have been interested in the merchandise in the Contract Wars store but it seems not to be available for the U.S. or a way to switch the language to English.
  12. nick2270

    Ussr/Soviet faction and clothing

    Please devs, Include some ww2 uniforms and hats and all the other cool things that come with it. There could be some sort of Soviet/red army faction that dresses up and is ordered up as ussr. Please. Thank you.
  13. nick2270

    Soviet/ussr clothing

    Please devs, Include some ww2 uniforms and hats and all the other cool things that come with it. There could be some sort of Soviet/red army faction that dresses up and is ordered up as ussr. Please. Thank you.
  14. Magor57

    Color clothing

    Hi, I saw the inventory screen with the Headset, Goggles, Helmet, Body armor, but that all seems just like "armor" and utility kind of gear. Will we have color clothing? Like in DayZ. Red hoodie, green shirt, black tshirt, blue pants, orange backpack and so and so? That would be awesome, you know, to be able to customize my character and also distinguish from others or perhaps green clothing like a camouflage
  15. Riflemen526

    EFT/CW Merchandise

    Sure would like to get some of this, but from the looks of it they're limited to Russia only.
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