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Found 7 results

  1. Daalzebul

    feature suggestion

    ok before i get bashed into oblivion keep an open mind. turn the offline mode into it's own co-op (groups up to 4) side of the game. where you extract with loot and do task, level increase, hide out and skills. (note NONE of this stuff transfers over to online mode that needs to stay the same hardcore experience) a few reasons to encourage it. 1. slight sales boost (always some people that are just fans of co-op pve games) just boost the amount of scavs in the offline mode. 2. current offline mode isn't very rewarding, I know it's mainly for learning and testing. but it hurts player retention. 3. It would be easer to transition newer players from the co-op mode to the true challenging experience of online mode. 4. Reduce how much time spent doing google and YouTube video research on this game instead of playing it. (which turns some new players off that don't have the time comment) I am sure some others can think of more pro's for this, and may have been mentioned before. just a thought Thank's
  2. I think it would benefit new and old players by adding an offline raid mode that can be played with your friends. Obviously it would work the same way as the solo offline raids by resetting everything you brought into and acquired during the raid but give an opportunity for new players to understand the maps together with their friends. Better players can practice with this game mode to strengthen their teamwork coms and call outs.
  3. Hello, I understand you don't want to hinder the entire point of "Escape from Tarkov" and what it stands for / is. However, I do believe you should implement a "Limited Co-op Experience" what I mean by this is, players and their friends (People on friendslist, people they can trust to avoid toxic behavior) I think the way it should be done, should be how Scav runs work (That being on a timer). That you may do a simulation or something of the sort to be able to get used to certain guns, different situations and true teamwork communication. Helping players get better with call outs, guns they particularly are good at in prep for a real mission with high stakes. I believe it should be on a timer of 3 times a day, on a 1 hour cooldown and absolutely nothing carry over. (Like Offline Mode) I understand Scav runs are practically all of that, stepping into the arena to practice with your friends on a low stakes format and I dont want the game to be hurt by people who only want to play Co-op because that isnt the point. However, when I first started I wish I could have experienced the game with my squad and get used to how the game is played, where hot spot locations are, probable loot, where the exits are ect. Without needing to have anything else but the game up. Just a very minor thing, which is why it probably isnt being looked at, I know people want it. But lets be honest people.. there is a difference between being a baby and wanting a PvE mode where you can get loot, skill level ups, ect without worrying about other players... that would brutally affect everything about Tarkov and Tarkov is not that type of game and wanting a simple mode where you can practice with a friend or two by your side to get used to locals , exits and learn the mechanics with a squad you play in to get ready for the real gameplay. Limit it so it doesnt hurt what Tarkov stands by, but give something to help new players a chance. PS: Especially with how much they are advancing the AI in the game like recently, Im amazed to see what else they plan to do. Id love to be man hunted by enemy AI while also worrying about other players.
  4. I've been trying for awhile now to find others to play this great game with. I've have nearly no luck at all. No local friends, steam friends that I played csgo or friends specially like BR game types are willing to play this game. They all seem to believe the game is too hardcore for them or the future of the game isn't sure enough for them being a $45 game that isn't finished. The idea of losing everything if they die worries them, even tho I assure them that isn't even that big of a deal. This game is just the most recent of this trend I am about to explain. Every time a friend finds a game they think they enjoy, they will approach me saying "hey buy this game I need someone to play it with", and I usually tend to go along and buy said game. This happens a lot, cause the games I end up buying we will usually only ever play once.....ever. It's a waste on my part. Not because I might not like the game myself, but they lose interest in the game very quickly. Recently I started turning these people down to buy games they wanna play, well because I want someone I know and get along with to play this game (EFT), but they tell me no, so I started saying no as well. This so far hasn't gone well with the friends of mine. Will admit I'm not very good at this game, I don't know most of the maps and I never really get to do the quest. I haven't been able to put that much time into the game as I would like to, cause been spending time with my friends on games we all commonly enjoy or games that they wanna play. But I always have the urge to play this and it saddens me to not have anyone. But recently I've had more free time due to, well most of my friends are mad at me now cause I'm play games I wanna play more. But still wanting to raid with others, which was strongly fueled buy a factory hatch run that ended with someone trusting me, getting me a rifle and the both of us clearing everything out. Possibly one of the best times I've ever had playing this game. Now we're at the real meat of this post. The person I managed to raid with, I don't know who they are, and I'll probably never end up meeting them again even if they wanted to raid with me again. How am I supposed to communicate to them to add me or whatever? What if they never look at these forums? That's my issue. You run into someone you work with extremely well with even no words ever spoken, and never work with them again. That single raid led me into trying to group with randoms......which ended with me never wanting to ever again. Time and time again to be killed over and over by these groups right at spawn. Clans and group of friends preying on others like that for easy loot.
  5. Hi all, Are you sick of the solo runs and looking for a squad? Tired of getting one tapped and then having nothing to show for your efforts........ .....I'm form Task Force Bravo, we are looking to grow our Escape From Tarkov wing of our gaming community. And help everyone enjoy the game the way it should be played..... in a squad Are you 16+ & speak English. We have players from all over the world - UK / EU to the USA to Australia........... and everywhere in between. We are looking to recruit - from new to Tarcov, to Vets looking to join a squad to bring back some of that sweet loot. We have a wide range of play types with multiple Team speak channels for different run types and player counts. Everything from run an gun, to Mil sim. We can help you complete tasks and make some money along the way, so do not worry if you are brand new to the game, we welcome all levels of skill. If you are interested in joining, go to our TS channel - ts.taskforcebravo.net and one of the community leaders will get you set up and in a squad. Come join the community - Loudnoizez
  6. Hi! I'm new to tarkov and i am looking for someone to play with. My friend bought me this game but we live in timezones with differ 8 hours appart wich means we barely got time to play with eachother unfortunantley. I'm kinda new to the game but i know the basics and how everything works etc. I've done succesful raids and i'm able to kill scavs and players. I'm 18 years old from Sweden incase anyone wants to know, i speak swedish and english without difficulty and i prefer that the ones i play with don't have language barrier between us. I prefer playing with people same age or older! Feel free to join my discord https://discord.gg/em8ePQV my name is "Birren" in the channel so u know what to look for. I'll also through in my steam aswell http://steamcommunity.com/id/lukasdolk/
  7. Cajun

    Looking for friends!

    Hi ppl! Experienced gamer just startung out with tarkov. I got the alpha access today and I'm looking for ppl to team up with on discord or teamspeak whatever. If your are interested send me a friend's request! Cajun is my char name, I'll assume that's what will work in the friends search. See you around! Cajun
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