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Found 8 results

  1. So I accidently preordered the standart version twice... now my question is, can i refund one of them or gift it to a friend ?
  2. Using Unity Machine Learning Agents

    Has there been a discussing internally to BSG about using Unity's recently announced Machine Learning Agents? Here's the announcement: There appear to also be other options for machine learning, like Accord.NET , or UnityNeat. Having worked around machine learning development at a previous employer, I believe any of those options if implemented, could be powerful tools in the development of the game, as part of features or implemented to aid in game optimization. (I wish I could pose this is Russian if be easier for some devs to answer, maybe someone could help me?)
  3. Error Codes

    Hi Freunde, Bitte postet unter diesen Beitrag wenn ihr einen der folgenden Error Codes bekommt (natürlich auch die Situation kurz beschreiben) Denkt bitte daran keine Romane zu schreiben, wenns geht Stichpunktartig zusammenfassen. Auch bitte kein 'ich glaube ich hatte mal' sondern aktuelle Fehler. Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe! ------------------------- Error Codes: Kernel Errors 1000 - Unknown error while executing scripts Authorization 204 - Specified invalid backend version 205 - The client is not authorized 206 - Wrong email or password 208 - Logging in from this country is prohibited for your account 209 - Authorization code sent to email. You must enter the code 210 - No purchased game 211 - Wrong authorization code entered 229 - Profile is banned 230 - The account is locked. Maximum number of authorization attempts reached 231 - Wrong taxonomy version 232 - Wrong major version 233 - You do not have access to this server Common game commands 200 - Unknown error 201 - The client is not authorized or the profile is not selected 207 - Invalid parameter passed (sent to different commands) 224 - Maximum number of profiles created 225 - This profile name is already taken 226 - This profile name is not valid 227 - An error occurred while sending the command queue. Invalid command name in the queue 228 - Error sending the command queue. Invalid data inside the command 299 - Unable to perform this action. Profile in the match Launcher 300 - No version for update 301 - The version is deprecated 302 - Invalid parameter passed Trade 500 - Unknown error 501 - Unknown error 503 - Goods not transferred or not found by ID 504 - Invalid type parameter 505 - A trader does not have enough money to buy 506 - The player does not have enough money to buy 507 - The player does not have enough space in the cache for placing the goods received as a result of the deal 508 - The trader does not purchase this type of goods 509 - No money or goods for exchange for this good 510 - A script error occurred during the operation 511 - The merchant buys only the repaired goods 512 - Merchant is not working now MatchMaker 600 - Unknown error 601 - Invalid parameter passed 602 - Session lost. Re-login required 603 - This profile already in matching 604 - Server not registered 605 - No stocks available 606 - Invalid location ID 607 - Invalid Server ID 608 - Server ID already registered 609 - Server IP: PORT already registered 610 - Connection from this IP denied Group Matching 620 - Player alredy in group 622 - Bad invite 623 - Bad group id 624 - Group not created 625 - Group is full 626 - Bad user id 627 - Bad game version 628 - Bad location Quests 700 - Unknown error 703 - Quests with this id not found 704 - Quest is not available for you 705 - There is no place for awards in the cache 706 - Unable to complete the quest. The quest must be in the status of "running" 707 - Unable to complete quest. All conditions for completion are not met 708 - Fatal error when creating backend counters in profile 710 - It's impossible to fail the quest. Not fulfilled at least one condition for failure 711 - It's impossible to fail the quest. The quest must be in the status of "running" E-mail 900 - Unknown error 903 - Invalid chat id passed 904 - Invalid id of profile 905 - Invalid type parameter passed 906 - Invalid text parameter passed 907 - Invalid parameter Name passed 908 - An error occurred in the data being attached. More information is indicated inside the error 909 - The user added you to the ignore list Friend list 921 - Invalid profile id passed 923 - Invalid id request to add to friends 924 - Invalid profile of a friend Repair of objects 1200 - Unknown error 1201 - Wrong items are transferred. More information is indicated inside the error 1202 - An invalid user object was submitted. More information is indicated inside the error 1203 - No money to repair 1204 - Trader does not repair items Insurance 1300 - Unknown error 1301 - Invalid merchant id passed 1302 - Wrong items returned
  4. How AI vision could be improved

    This is a suggestion to the programmers mainly: I've been programming for roughly 10 years now and have written code for a couple games with also countless of personal projects, some with well developed AI. On top of this, I absolutely love Escape From Tarkov, but, I hate seeing posts of how AI is so unnatural and with having seen it myself I want to suggest some things that could improve the AI to those programming them. So here is my opinion on how they could be improved: First off the AI even when you're in pretty good concealment, will almost instantly recognise you most of the time. A way that I solved this when I was programming AI was to on top of ray tracing to every limb, sphere cast to the limb as well with multiple sizes that determine how well the AI can see the limbs. As an example: The detection value (0-1 let's say) would plus 0.1f * limbValue every second for each limb that a successful 1m diameter sphere cast is made, however, if it failed then half the sphere casts diameter and detection value per limb and try recast. Do this over and over again with a max of 4 loops per limb and then multiply the value that would be added with the offset to the AI's direction of look with ' Mathf.Clamp01(Vector3.Dot( eyeDirection , ( limbPosition - eyePosition ).normalized)) '. This will make the AI less terminator like as it would have to look at the limb longer to recognise it if it is behind moderate cover but recognise it almost instantly when it is all in the open. Along with this, the detection value would make the behaviour change as well, after 0.2f the AI may go to focus on what it 'saw' leading the eyeDirection to look at the limb making the detection a lot faster and visually cueing the players that the AI may be onto them. Secondly with this, I've come to notice that AI doesn't really care much about their own lives. To improve on this I suggest that AI should have a sort of 'scared' meter (let's say 0-1 again). This meter would have a minimum value based on the pain and damage to their bodies given. So say they have reached 20% of max pain and their bodies are 30% damaged, their scare amount would have a min value of half of each added together (20/2 + 30/2 = 25%). On top of this, each bullet that hits will spike the value by 0.3f or near miss will spike the value by 0.1f, this would then be deducted by 0.05f every second. Now what this value would determine is the AI's fight or flight reflexes which would be randomised per AI (taking into consideration of their gear as well so if they have an AK-74 they will be more likely to fight). Now if the scare value surpasses the fightFlight value, the AI will run for their lives and leading up to it they would have increasingly worse accuracy so that if you shoot them off guard, they will 'poo themselves' and won't be able to shoot that well only suppressing pretty much. I'm not too sure if this would be helpful to the devs or not considering the language barrier and their current code that might hinder this as well, but I thought I'd leave my some what experienced knowledge here which could help the programming of the AI.
  5. Purchaseing as a gift

    I have been playing for about a week now and really enjoy the game. I decided to purchase the game as a gift for a friend. I bought the standard edition through the purchase as gift button. A while after I received two emails from Battle star titled "Closed Beta test" and "Pre-order Escape from Tarkov". They look just like I emails I got when I bought the game for my self a week ago. I did not receive any code that I could give to my friend nor did was I able to enter my friends email or account to send it to him. Can someone assist me?
  6. Am I missing something or is it a streamer specific code that they are activating, ie: Lirik, that gives them a full inventory of Rubles, Backpacks, Ammo, etc.? Something was said on Lirik's stream about an updated version of the client? He might have been just talking out of his you know what though. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Love your game!! Lirik talking about the code @ 47:55 in the video
  7. Am I missing something or is it a streamer specific code that they are activating, ie: Lirik, that gives them a full inventory of Rubles, Backpacks, Ammo, etc.? Something was said on Lirik's stream about an updated version of the client? He might have been just talking out of his you know what though. Any help is appreciated. Thanks Love your game!! Lirik talking about the code @ 47:55 in the video
  8. Modding questions

    So I was wondering if EFT was going to give us a modding platform? Such as a way for us to mod textures, guns, or even add new content into the game. Kinda like how Insurgency allows Texture / sound mods. just wondering - chris