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Found 1 result

  1. Sam_

    Weapon Collections

    Hey guys, I began collecting combloc weapons in November and so far have amassed a collection of SKS' and a Tokarev. The SKS is my favorite rifle by far, so I'm collecting as many variants as possible, even ones with small nuances that make them different than others, even if not much, such as my Liskie refurb 1953 Tula SKS. I would love to get an AK, but unfortunately, I live in the Peoples Republic of Maryland (USA) so I'm unable to. I can however get a PAP m85/ak pistol and turn it into an SBR, so I'll be doing that eventually; but right now the SKS has a tight hold on me and my interest. I'm enveloped in it's history and just everything about it! So, without further adieu, here is my collection of combloc weapons: It mostly consists of SKS' and one pistol thus far - from top to bottom: Sino-Soviet Paratrooper (w/long barrel lug), Yugo M59/66A1 (that's a grenade launcher at the end ), Russian 1953 Tula Liskie refurb, Albanian SKS (notice the longer handguard, and different style bolt carrier handle), and Chinese Type 56 (I finally got an original wood handguard on it; it came with the black polymer one pictured). Then to the left in the middle is my Romanian Tokarev TTC. I still have much collecting to do! I plan on getting some Chinese variants next, the ones that were designed to accept AK magazines, SKS-D, SKS-M, SKS-S, sporter, etc.. Also want to get a Romanian, NVA, North Korean, East German, etc.. (out of these 4 the Romanian will be the least expensive and easiest to find) So there's what I got so far; I want to see everyone elses! Show me your collections and what you're proud of, I love combloc/cold war era weapons. I live in the USA, and don't have an AR and don't plan on getting one any time soon either Maybe someday, but I am too enamored with the beautiful designs of Russians at the moment. Wood & steel, baby! Show me whatcha got guys!
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