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Found 4 results

  1. Hey Could someone please share info on the color grading applied in the Cognac filter? Or maybe even share a LUT-texture to use in Unity? Why? I'm heavily red-green color blind which makes playing the game a bit more difficult than it needs to be I've tried the colorblindness filters in PostFX but they distort the colors too much. My issue is mostly seeing the red stuff in all of the green (yes red = camo to my eyes) and one day realized that the Cognac colorgrading helps me a lot more than the cb-filters. I guess it adds a redish tint amplifying the reds? I would love to use the same or similar LUT in my hobby projects in Unity.
  2. Well i started playing, still am happy to play but i hit a well know wall. This has to due with me being colorblind (Only seeing black white and grey). I ant see anything when entering buildings and when playing woods or factory i cant seem to play cuz i walked 10 mins against a wall not knowing and got killed by scavs. I really hope that theres a option comming for colorblind people like me (Gamma changable) and im not asking to make it OP and give visabilty to max like not needing the use of NVG and flash light but make it so i can see a bit more. because right as of now i stopped cuz i cant see nothing(Not even a chest or what needs to be there cuz i still didnt figure out where i whas stuck on) So please help me and enable something like that cuz as of now i cant play normal and im bounded to Customes wich is to hard for a what newer player like me. So i hope i told enough of my suggestion/problem.
  3. milosv

    Black color for tan items

    Hi, i suppose i am making this topic needlessly in a way, because i feel it will be added at some point , although i hope its sooner rather than later. My problem is with the RSASS and the new helmet being tan only. Main reason why i have a problem with this , and i am not alone in saying this - we are in summer forest of Russia, not a damn desert. So many times i've killed 15 year olds with new helmets and tan m4s that i just feel bad at this point because they don't realize how important camouflage is. Will black/dark green versions of every item be added at some point? I wanted to ask for an option to re-color the items ourselves at some point in the future, but then i realized i would see people running with pink AKs, bringing bad memories of CSGO, and that is a big no for me. Thank you, i can't get enough of this game.
  4. Magor57

    Color clothing

    Hi, I saw the inventory screen with the Headset, Goggles, Helmet, Body armor, but that all seems just like "armor" and utility kind of gear. Will we have color clothing? Like in DayZ. Red hoodie, green shirt, black tshirt, blue pants, orange backpack and so and so? That would be awesome, you know, to be able to customize my character and also distinguish from others or perhaps green clothing like a camouflage
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