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Found 14 results

  1. Quexacatl

    Improvement of motion options

    The possibility to roll to each side when prone should be added. It would add so many more options e.g. for an ambush. Also would it help to enhance the probability of survival in defensive situations. If you get shot at in the open, you could lay down and do a quick roll away from your last seen position. This kind of evasive manouver is basic military training and in my opinion the game deserves that. I also miss the possibility to climb through some windows that could surely fit me. It would add much more immersion and strategic depth to the game. Other than that I think Tarkov is
  2. BonesMallony

    Less conventional combat ideas

    Im a bit of a DIY inthusiest and have thought of a few ideas and items such as craftable weaponry, armor as well as a few changes to the melee system. Giving hatchetlings a slight edge. 1. The ability to throw your melee weapon: I think as a last ditch effort or a way from hatchetlings to have somewhat of a close range damage option. Items like the camping axe, antique axe, Katt axe and maybe the knives could be thrown a short distance to do a notable amount of damage. Maybe inflicting a momentary heavy flinch from the impact or contusion like effect if bounced off someones helmet
  3. Hey Team, I've been playing for awhile now and had a suggestion when it comes to combat. Personally, I feel as if the current state of gunfights is unrealistic & seems like a typical meta style of gameplay. When players hit each other and do not die, it feels as if two stone pillars are exchanging fire. I feel as if knockback from bullet damage to at least unsteady aim or throw you of target would be realistic. There are tons of times where I or the other combatant are exchanging fire and it is just a battle of armor and shot placement. Right now it feels as if Center mass sho
  4. My least favourite part about combat is when I'm having a gunfight across the street and I struggle to tell if my shots are hitting someone. It takes so many shots to kill and when you do hit there's barely any visual/audio confirmation. Bloodsplats rarely come out thanks to armour and the characters don't react very much, making it super hard to tell when hits are landing besides when you're using a scope or when you're at point blank range. I think making bloodsplats bigger, hit noises louder or having character models visibly jerk more when they get shot would make the combat a lot mo
  5. War_Born

    Combat=FPS Drop

    First, allow me to state that I like Escape From Tarkov. The games detail to weapon mechanics is outstanding and I really cannot find another game that can hold a candle to it. You have effectively ruined every other shooter game for me Tarkov and I am sure that that is true for many of us (that are still around). The problem I keep having over and over again is that when I enter combat with other players, I will, most times, get dropped frames between 1 and 2 seconds. Now as we know, a fire fight in this game can be over in a second if someone is even a semi-competent player, but it is hard t
  6. LibertyLamb

    Scavs are too perfect (in some ways)

    I want to suggest that AI scav mechanics should be adjusted such that scavs behave more like players in firefights. I have been mildly frustrated lately because I have lost a good amount of gear to scavs. Tarkov is a game where one bullet can kill you. With that in mind, I think that some of the ways that scavs act make them the equivalent of "perfect" players. Most notable to me are the following: Scavs seem to (as I have heard said) "lock on" to targets. It feels like if a scav sees your toes, they black out your legs with a shotgun. Scavs seem to be 100% confident; they are
  7. Ryukenstein

    Combat Suggestion

    I was noticing that there are still some problems with smooth combat, im pretty much a fast and aggressive playstyle player, and i can say i really like this game, in many many ways. i can't wait to its actual release. So going straight, i have noticed that i cannot fast aim while i sprint, i have to completely stop sprinting and then right click to aim, which is something pretty slow in my opinion, and thats why i mention that i am a fast playstyle player, i like to sprint fast aim, rush etc. and i belive there are many other like me so... i was wondering if you guys can take my suggestion
  8. pimba224

    chest damage and slugs

    i know that in this game armor isnt the most common thing , but that doesnt explain why rifle calibers arent 1 shoot kill to the chest, i am okay that you can survive 1 9mm to the chest, but i think this not the case, or scavs guns deal less dmg , because i was playing and one time a scav put 2 pmm bullets to my chest and i survived and killed him , but i felt bad ( irl you dont survive 2 direct hits with 9mm to the chest) and other time a scav shoot me with an aks at close range and my chest even after the direct impact had 29hp left i know that in this game armor isnt the most
  9. chickenburger89


    Every time I get into a game I get killed by someone who has better loot than me (i.e. fully auto silenced ARs). How on earth am I supposed to compete with that? I am usually pretty good about being situationally aware, but that can only go so far when the other players are simply more experienced and have better gear. How am I supposed to improve at the game and get better stuff when I am constantly getting killed within two minutes of spawning in by someone with no life who plays this game nonstop every single time? Honestly, a simple balancing change in the matchmaking would go a long
  10. KentuckyFriedSpy

    Possible combat gameplay changes

    Escape from Tarkov has fun but sometimes very fustrating, sluggish and clunky combat, here are some things I personally think would benefit the combat experiences of many of the players of EFT (at least from what I can tell looking through some of the forum posts). Criticism is welcomed in this post as I would like to see more of what the player base thinks! 1) Lower the weapon sway with turning whilst aiming down the sights. I feel as if the weapon sway is much to intense even for a game based on hardcore realism, it almost looks like the operator is limp wristing the gun let
  11. Hey there people, have any of you noticed that being shot in the legs is a huge combat flaw? The scenario is that I'm fully geared, I have a good helmet and body armour but only taking a couple of shots to the legs kills me. I'm still yet to test it properly (on other players) but I'm just wondering if any of you have had this experience as well. Please share your stories, Zak
  12. EliteJarod

    Aiming strategy

    I was curious if people aim for legs more or center mass. My default is to aim center mass unless I come up on someone who’s still or unaware then I try for headshot. i have noticed most of my deaths are legs, so that’s why I ask, do people default to legs to skip any armored protection? i might need to do some tests but it seems like that’s the ticket if you can’t get a headshot in a gunfight where you’re both shooting at one another.
  13. Hello Dev Team, I recently bought the game and have some suggestion to improve the gameplay: -Melee system: In a game like tarkov, I don't really see the point to have a cs-like melee system. I think the localized body parts damage should stay but I think a system of special actions would be more fitting to the game. First, it would be nice to be able to charge an ennemy and attack, not needing to stop sprinting to stab the guy with the gun in front of you. Also, it would be nice to have special actions as sneak elimination, enableing a special animation of you cutting your opponents throa
  14. LordTyrellz

    Melee Weapons

    I think that we should have something to go to when our bullets have run out of ammo,Maybe a knife taped to the front of our weapon? Or used in place of secondary? I think this would be nice, finding a baseball bat and a pack of nails and making it into a sturdy weapon. Or fire hatchets, Hammers? Maybe even different varieties of knives similar to Counter Strike? For Example: M9 Bayonet, or Karambit? When you first spawn in i think that if this were to be added it would add to the challenge of attempting to be a ninja and take out a guy without alarming a nearby group? Maybe even sne
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