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Found 7 results

  1. JacksonBarret

    Ask the Escapers - Cover Art

    This comic follows 5 PMC's in their mission to escape the Norvinsk region.Once enemies now allies they focus on their friendship and team tactics to escape meeting friendly PMC's on the way or even groups. What to expect in this comic and what kind of a comic is it? This is a ask blog comic,which means that you will get to ask each character a series of questions. There will also be random encounters with streamers and of course they will participate in questioning as well. So far we have TweakGG Ghost Freak And of course,Vertias There will be of course more to come,but let's just get ready for chapter one. See you there Operators.
  2. JacksonBarret

    Jackson Barret Ref Sheet/Character Card WIP

  3. JacksonBarret

    Jackson Barret WIP

    This is Jackson Barret the USEC sniper. Just a WIP i've done dunno when all four characters will be fully done,but hope you like it so far.
  4. JacksonBarret

    USEC Design

    This is Zack Barret,USEC Operator specialized in technology and in mechanics. This is the first WIP of him but he will be mostly without his face mask.
  5. JacksonBarret

    B.E.A.R Design WIP

    This is Nikolai Gregoriovich,as you can see this is WIP sketch. Nikolai is a B.E.A.R Operator specialized in Demolition. Of course he's bound to be changed because he won't have the belts around his neck since he won't be using an LMG but a modded AK-74M. Hope you guys like it,if you do you can support me or ask me anything either on the forums or DA:https://www.deviantart.com/jackson-barret
  6. JacksonBarret

    EFT Fan Comic "Ask The Escapers"

    So my best friend and I are working on a EFT comic called "Ask The Escapers". It will be a Ask Blog type of comic where you will be in ability to ask the characters questions about anything,that being the current situation in Tarkov,what they were before they became operators or private stuff,which ever comes to mind first. The Story follows four characters once enemies now allies. Nikolai Gregoriovich B.E.A.R demolition expert armed with his AK 74,the blue eyed and blue haired operator made friends with three USEC's. Mike McMillan USEC Assault,all armor little fire power,using a standard M4A1 Carabine with not much modifications he is the one in the tan uniform [will be changed in the first episode] Zachary/Zach Barret USEC Operator,primary is his custom SOPMOD M4A1 and his trusty 1911,Icy blue eyes and black hair Jackson Barret USEC Sniper,high caliber and extremely accurate L115A3 is his sniper of choice,his secondary would be a modified M4A1 to fit his needs,and pistol would be a P226R moded aswell,meele being a fulcrum bayonet. The reason i gave little info about the characters is so you could ask them stuff you want to know your self,this is just a teaser art. There are TWO ways to ask the questions. 1.Being over EFT,private message me and send a question to a certain character,who you're asking and what you're asking,your name and question will be of course displayed. 2.Over DA or Deviant Art Comments,works similar way,just comment on the latest art and your question or anything you want to tell them will be displayed and of course answered.Hope you guys like it. If you want to ask on DA go to this link. DA:https://www.deviantart.com/asktheescapers
  7. Stokviz

    Comic contest winners

    I was wondering when the when or where the winners of the comic contest will be announced, they should have been announced yesterday.
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