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Found 6 results

  1. Amani9

    PMC Voice line presets

    There are so many different voice lines for so many situations, I feel like having to double tap y and looking for the correct voice line for the correct situation can be tedious and dangerous in raid. Having a quick preset button like Y+1, Y+2 to change presets. It also helps a lot with people trying to make friends with another PMC without becoming fully letting their guard down by going into the speech menu.
  2. First i would like to say, that even though i rage as hard and as often as ever, most of the changes you have made are to the benefit of the game long term. I was never the guy that would rather sit on flee market gauging random people for every ruble, than go geared into raids and get in fights and get poo to sell like someone that prefers to play the game (learn how to play and get better by playing), rather than worry about how many millions i am sitting on. In my opinion the "found in raid" change helps to eliminate the flee market as a crutch, and shifts focus to the main meat of the game
  3. I've been trying for awhile now to find others to play this great game with. I've have nearly no luck at all. No local friends, steam friends that I played csgo or friends specially like BR game types are willing to play this game. They all seem to believe the game is too hardcore for them or the future of the game isn't sure enough for them being a $45 game that isn't finished. The idea of losing everything if they die worries them, even tho I assure them that isn't even that big of a deal. This game is just the most recent of this trend I am about to explain. Every time a friend finds a
  4. Dreamziy

    ** Pure Adrenaline Recruiting **

    Hello Survivors! Pure Adrenaline is now recruiting new members, and would love for people to join, and gain a friendly community! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: 1.) Microphone needed 2.) 10 hours or more played. 3.) Communication, call outs, and teamwork RULES: 1.) No loot greedy people, unless the guy that does not want the gear. 2.) No baiting te
  5. I feel that we should have to have a headset or radio (or any other item that allows for communication) equipped on our character in order to create or join groups and play with teammates. In real life you would not be able to work with teammates and squad-mates successfully without a means of communication. -IRL, there would not be a high quality voice channel like Discord or Teamspeak - there would be no communicating over the internet in the heat of battle and people would actually struggle to communicate effectively. They would however use actual radios and headsets! Pros: -
  6. a system were you hear the crackle of the headset like in the game SQUAD
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