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Found 6 results

  1. Hello dear community, I've been playing the Escape from Tarkov Text RPG since the beginning of their journey at the English side (Game-1). You can find my player there as Jules, part of the United Survivor group. So, you can say I'm a more or less experienced player. Some time ago I came with the idea that the game would need a common spot, along with the game forum activities, where players could find all the information they need (like guides, tutorials, lore) and also make them contact with other players and newcomers in terms of creating a sense of community. A place where anyone interested could chat, question and have fun. Well, I've created the first Unofficial Escape from Tarkov Text RPG Discord community for that same purpose and I will wait there for whom is interested. And of course, don't be afraid to help, you are more than welcomed to do that. A big Tarkov story is waiting for you there in the game. Imbibe yourself in the lore and meet new unknown characters. Try to get out of the city in one pice and fulfil your destiny... https://discord.gg/RfRUGXm
  2. RileyCompany9

    Riley Company

    Are you looking for a more in-depth Clan?A place where gamers take a serious approach Well Riley Company is a place for you.We have been a clan for over a year had many members come and go and we learn from a lot of mistakes.Now we are a small but very active discord/ clan that have 5 to 7 member squads that play together and compete against other Squads in friendly but serious competition.We also have another discord for more casual players where nothing is required of you.If your in the military or ex-military you will respect and enjoy our Squad themed based rank.Guys i hope to see you in our discord and personally get to do raids with you ..... https://discord.gg/rgPQzXS this is our community https://discord.gg/EnxWAD9 for the more serious Squad players ...........Maximus Starr
  3. Ripper1983NoXx

    geilste community

    hallo community erstmal will ich sagen das die Tarkov community die geilste ist! danke an die ganzen infos und hilfe. ich spiele zeit ca 4 wochen Tarkov mit der standard edition und muss sagen das das game sooo mega geil ist. die liebe was die entwickler in das game gesteckt haben spürt man bei jeden ingame meter den man läuft. würde gern die Edge of Darkness Limited Edition besitzen. allein nur wegen dem stash. mit der standard edition hat man so gut wie kein platz. wenn man alle quest items sammelt ist er so gut wie voll. würde mir ja die Edge of Darkness sofort kaufen wenn ich das geld hätte. da ich aber vor 3 monaten schwer erkrankt bin muss ich leider auf jeden cent achten. ich weiß das für viele die ü- 100 euro kein geld ist aber für mich leider schon. frage an die community. gibt es die möglichkeit eines gewinnspiel/verlosung von der Egde of Darkness Edition? ich denk mal das es auch noch andere tarkov spieler gibt die die chance gerne hätte und nutzen würden. wie gesagt ist nur eine frage! würde mich über eure meinung dazu freuen. mfg
  4. LyonsDenn

    Discord Community New

    USEC Discord New Team up! #2018NoUSECsDie Its our job to be a non toxic community https://discord.gg/JzrqRmE
  5. We have about 70 EFT players in our discord. we are just a group of guys who like playing together and having a good time. everyone is welcome even if you just bought the game. we held each other do quests and have fun its very chill. pm me for discord if interested.
  6. Hey guys Im trying to create an escape from tarkov community where you can come and play with anyone .Im trying to do this through my stream and trying to get my stream out there ! https://www.twitch.tv/survivallsam
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