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Found 13 results

  1. Hutch-

    Big Brain Idea

    I would love to see the addition of a working compass item in the game. Perhaps one that would act similar to a knife/hatchet. To clarify, if you were to acquire one, and put it in the dedicated slot in the inventory, your pmc would not lose this item when KIA. There are infinite possibilities to how this could be incorporated or obtained.
  2. CmbatWmbat

    Reserve map

    Hi, I would like to suggest turning around the map of reserve that is shown on many sites, as the north is not at the top but actually at the bottom. If you go to the radar station, you can see the shoreline resort buildings and its northern building. Therefore the radar station must be in the South of the map however it is shown at the top which led to some confusion between me and mates because we often use cardinal directions for call outs. ^^ Thank you.
  3. fix iron sights also you mind adding a buyable compass so I can tell where the enemy is instead of telling them they are next to a tree when I'm on a map where there is a sh*t tone of trees just saying thanks devs
  4. Hello guys, I've bought Escape from Tarkov on Saturday and gave it over 10 hours during the weekend. I have to say - gosh, this game is really good. I like slow-paced tactical shooters so Tarkov is my cup of tea. When I want to be good in some game I make the study before. So I relatively know Customs map now, have a rough idea where extraction points are when I'm connected into the raid, found some maps with em marked online. But here is my biggest complaint! This should be a realistic shooter, right? But when you buy the map from a trader and you go to the raid you probably know where you are irl (mark the fcking spawn point on the map). Well, OK I've said to myself, I can orient myself thanks to some landmarks... and whoa, realistic game and there is no compass? What the hell? Anyways, keep up good work devs.
  5. presets: i dont mind creating my own gun and loadout but it would be great if I could save my gun and loadout and later in game, next raid or so, I would just need to press my preset and get the same loadout I had. If I have the parts/gear it would be taken from my inventory, if not, it would be automaticly bought from the traders. If the traders didnt had an item in stock just a pop up saying that this loadout is impossible/unavaiable. meds: as you use a car or a salewa you use his contents, like bandage or splints or whatever, however in real life we can restock them without having to have 2 semi used medic kits so my suggestion is that you allow the players to refill a near full medic kit with near empty one, like it is a magazine. compass: it would work as a wearable equipment with is own slot (or not, people carry them in their pockets). it would work as a normal compass, no hud help or anything and, just like in arma 3, it would take a fraction of a second to stabilize. bitcoins: as we, players, can get computer parts i would like to get access to a special trader that "rents" a room where I can leave my computer mining bitcoins. Example: i get a cpu, a cpu cooler, a ram and a gpu (no need on cd driver) and for a "low fee" i could mine bitcoins, lets say like, 5h of rent room for mining values 12k roubles and every hour you have a 1% chance of getting a bitcoin sun dehydration; just to make the game a little more realistic i would enjoy/like to see a system where the player dehydrates faster in the sun than during the night time or rain. rain: speaking of rain i think it would be a little more realistic if the player gets heavier if he spends a lot of time in the rain. I mean, an hatchet would not feel the diference but a guy with a cap, silk face cover, backpack and an vest would feel the extra weight. just another tip not related with rain: if I have a food canister and I eat it i still get the weight of the food in me, the only weight I lost is the container weight Arm stripe: I've died a lot for my friends either because they suck or because i suck (this is more plausible) because we cannot keep track of all the gear that they are using so it would be great if we could identify ourselfs with a flag or an emblem or even a color stripe on our arm, just a tiny help so friendly fire decreases. Grenades: it would be awesome that we could cook grenades and trow them rolling in case we need a close explosion (like in a corner). But with this would come risks, like in real life, the fuse time varies, and sometimes, not blaming the chinese that made it, the fuse is soooo short that the soldier losses his hand (if not more) Battery: just to be a little overrealistic what if the rds, retro iluminated optics and night/thermal vision needed a battery change ever so often? you already have the D battery in game, it would be just a connection between those 2 items Dog tags: since dog tags are now tradeable for helmets and other gears (0.8.5) it would be nice if they could be bought and sell from/to Fence. Just a final thought: I think that it would be fun to have in the gun details (description) the name of the original owner because i think that a lot of players, me included, would like to keep a gun from someone and know who made it in the first place. Imagine this: you kill, idk, lets say lalalala and get his gun, 3 raids later you have his gun and get him again. A mensage could pop up on his screen saying that he was humiliated twice in a row by the same guy in a teasing way Soooo, this are my thoughts, i hope someone reads this and if so let me know in the comments below what do you think about these PS: im sorry for the english, its not my native language and google translate would not give me more that 1000 letters ahah
  6. FengerSan

    Suggestion: Add compass?

    Adding some stuff like compass which can tell us where is north & west can be very useful, It can also help squad communicate. maybe it can be equipped on left hand. So you can use it by pressing a button. It will be cool. ps:as an asian player .my english is suck. sorry for bad grammar.


    Here you can see a paracord compass in EFT Hope they can add this next patch ;)
  8. shoej31


    it would be nice if there were a compass added as part of the HUD. also i think the map should be based on how much of the terrain you have covered cumulatively as your pmc, not just you buy one and then lose it if you die.
  9. I have never "used" that clock, but everytime i play with mates, i have problems with the right direction. I would love if i could switch the look with something like that.
  10. Mycoxaphlopin

    A cumpass in the watch

    A simple addition to the game would be a compass in the watch that you wear or a watch upgrade that has a compass would be very useful in this game. Or even being able to find a compass and hot bar it would be nice. I think one in the watch would be great. Thanks for your time
  11. Tabatchnick

    Compass on the HUD

    I would love to see/have a compass someplace on the HUD. Even if I have to buy it and carry it in an inventory slot.
  12. Yargar

    Binoculars and compass

    I think that be great after implementation compass and binoculars to game. Its great stuff to woods, and shoreline. Mayby players could remember maps, but that items could give a few realistic fellings to game.
  13. hectormattam


    When are we getting a compass? It be really helpfull, especially for us, Arma players.
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