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Found 3 results

  1. With 0.12 came a lot of changes, both good and bad. Lets start with the biggest addition, The Hideout. The Hideout and Healing The Hideout in general is a great addition but certainly need some tweaking, the biggest issue obviously is the after raid healing. Its clear that it serves both as way to make tarkov more hardcore and as a money sink. Instead of tweaking the healing rates and therefor disrupting the vision of Tarkov do i think that adding a third option for people that dont have the time to grind up all the stations at the early stages. What i have in Mind is a Service from the Therapist that allows you to heal your current PMC in exchange of money, the price would dynamicly adjust with the amount of health that is missing and the special injuries such as broken bones. The service should obviously be cheaper then using traditional medkits but not too cheap, i feel like using the service should save you about 25%-15% cost wise compared to the use of medkits using this service would also not grant the player with any healing exp. The Idea comes from doctors in the Fallout Series. Future Hideout Modules It goes without saying that while the Hideout is a solid addition it currenlty only services as a basic tool to the playerbase and as a passive buffer of stats. Players should be able to Build a Drop Box after level 2 of the Intelligence Center the Idea behind the Drop box is for players to be able to send items directly to other players who also have a drop box. The Person sending the Item would have to pay a fee based on the items worth, these items would also not lose the Found in raid status, The Idea behind the Concept is to reduce the amount of hatchet runners that only do the runs for Barter items. We need a 3D Printer Module that should be unlockable after Generator Lv 3 and Intelligence Center lvl 3. The 3D printer would allow players to craft rare loot such as Keys, To craft such items the player needs the Blueprint of the Item he wants to craft and Raw Materials that has different levels. Depending on the materials the player used would the key end up as a permanent item or as a key that could only be used a limited amount of times. The Blueprints would have infinite uses and could only be found on scavs, scavs would also only drop the blueprints for the maps you killed them on. That way people could have an alternative to finding keys instead of running all the static spawns. A Repair Table that is only purchasable after reaching Mechanic lvl 3 and Ragman lvl 3 would be a great addition to the game, the Repair table would allow the player to repair the armor and weapons themself for the cost of materials that they could find on the raids, the player would also be able to level up a repair skill that reduces the amount of max durability the item loses when repaired. Hideout Cosmetics as a Trophie System One last thing the Hideout needs is customisation to which i have an idea that would offer the playerbase long term goals to keep them playing. A good base to start customisation for the Hideout would be a Trophie service that Fence would offer. These Trophies would function as "Tasks" but only be viewable on his service and track all of your progress from the start of the Wipe. Trohies would function as a Long time end game cosmetic goal for the players to hunt after. Trophies would also not give any exp or money after accomplishing them. After the Completion does a Trophie spawn in your Hideout. For example, after 50 successful extractions after killing Shturman will the Player unlock his Jacket and SVD somewhere inside the Hideout. Yes 1 Trophy does not look like much, but after collecting 10 or 20 Trophies it will. Trophies would also offer the opertunity for devs give creative or agonizing objectives without pissing of the community since there is absolutly nothing to gain other then the sense of pride and accomplishment. A Bounty System While im done with the Hideout i would like to adress the issue that Tarkov is currently not offering a repeteable gameplay loop after the quests have been accomplished. The Trophies i mentioned should only be one long term goal of multiple options. What Tarkov needs are Repeatable Objectives to hunt after. The Aim behind such a system is to offer additional funds for struggling players and a potential gateway systems for the introduction of events later down the line without wasting to many rescources on the development side. What i am Talking about is a Bounty system that Jeager has as a Service, these Bountys would be bount to your PMC. If the Bountys end up to be a great addition to the game could they also be copy and pasted to Skier with Bountys attached to your Scav. Bountys would function as an easy Daily task, multiple medium weekly task and a hard montly task. These Tasks should offer exp and money based of the difficulty but from time to time give out special rewards such as certain items or xp towards skills. Its also worth mentioning that BSG could create certain tasks to collect specific data which the devs could make use of. While such a system would at first take a lot of rescources to set up the payoff when it comes to player retention would be big time. The Current Scav spawn changes Scavs can currently spawn early raid. Im certain that this doesnt seem like much but this small change rebalances the game in a big way. Im fairly certain that this change hast been made to reduce the amount hatchet runners. This might seem good at the first sight but other things have to be adjusted to avoid shaking up the meta to much. The biggest issue that most people are missing are the Spawns and Extracts of the Scavs. Interchange is the best example to show the big effects the spawn time change had. it takes about 2-3 minutes for the pmc to spawn on the border of the map and run to the loot building and depending on what they are looking for will it take about 2 more minutes, and then comes the time connected to checking all the spawns of the items you are looking for while also dealing with Scavs and players. Meanwhile the scavs spawn already inside the mall dont have to deal with scaves and have at least 5 minutes to get what they want. On top of that has the map enough flanking options for the scav to just avoid the early hot spots and go for an early extract due to them having all exits avalable. Interchange has been hit the hardest, while costum has had the least impact, i advice the rebalance the spawns and exits for scavs to adjust the new early run gameplay. The Big Talk about Secure Containers The Community sure had a lot of discussions about secure containers and sadly most of it has been not very constructive, to many overreactions and discussion that miss the point, but thats not what i want to pointlessly rant about now. I have put a lot of time into thinking about the topic and would like to point out the most important points before giving my own suggestions. Casuals need a Insurance that allows them to make profits when they cant afford any gear. There are also Hatchet runners that only run Hatchets for Quests and not High tier loot. Geared players cant affort quick high tier spawns since the risk arent worth the rewards. There are hatchet runners that have more then enough money and just abuse the secure containers as high tier loot runs. Geared players frequently end up in half empty lobbys since all hatchet runners already left Here are the changes i noticed BSG made to adress the different problems. Weapons spawns have been increased Weapons spawn always with Ammo inside Scavs can now spawn early game as well Hatchet runners are pretty much a One hit kill if they dont heal themself after every match. Most Containers no longer fit into Secure containers Weapons and Rigs no longer fit into Containers Now to my suggestion: Turning the Current Container into a One way Container isnt fundamentally a bad idea. But ends up punishing the poor and rewarding the rich while trying to fix the exploiters The Solution isnt to just make the containers one way but to offer alternative containers that individually fix the different reasons why people hatchet run in the first place. Lets go over the 3 New Containers that i want to intrdoduce to you: 1.The Stash Container 2.The Essential Container 3.The Task Container The Stash Container is the biggest game changer of the new ones, its Inspired by the New trader Jaeger. You cant put it into you backpack, vest or other containers, the Stash Container also cant be taken from your dead body. The Stash Container is 2x4 possibly allowing you to even stash a small rifle away but not large enough for wests and backpacks. You can Put stuff into your Container during the raid and empty it after but if someone kills you during the raid they can look into your container and take out the loot in it. The big thing about this container is that you can run up to one of jeagers Stashes, and get a new option if you have it equiped, this option will allow you to stash your container for the rest of the raid which renders out in your inventory for the rest of the raid for you. Stashing the Container should take up to 30 seconds and if not interrupted will save the item permanently for you. The Essential Container, doesnt allow you to put anything inside during the raid but you can put things inside before the raid. It also allows you to interact with anything inside the Container without having to take the item out. If you happen to die during the raid no one can loot it and the stuff inside stays safe. This will be only Container that allows Items such as med kit, toolkits, small containers and so on. This container is also very small, 2x2 should be more then enough. Limiting the size will balance out geared players compared to casuals, if the Stashers have to make compromises then so should the Geared players. The Task Container is for Quest runners, All Task items you can pick up are now physical items which function like any other items. No one can Loot the Items Inside the Task Container upon your Death and you wont lose the Items Inside. The Container can be filled in and out of raid but only accepts the Special Items and Quest items and Quest Keys, but no Keytoll or any other Case. It is 3x3 large so it allows you to complete multiple quests at the same time. The Task Container also reduces the players speed to some % so he cant rush to the objectives or possibly exploit the quest keys. The big deal with this container is that it requires you to have the Pistol slot taken up. You yourself are also not able to remove the pistol in raid. Others however can loot it upon your death. If you end up with Missing in action or left the Action the items you picked up during the raid will be removed. I Know... its a lot of stuff but i so far couldnt figure out another way that does fixes all of the points i adressed at the start. A Stasher has to have map knowledge for the stashes, can lose his item if caught and is unable to secure his keys so only geared people can get the juicy stuff. Since he also no longer has to leave the raid to stash good things he might as well try looking for more gear and possibly find a gun, with his gear fear reduced he will be more likely to go into more fights. The Geared is able to secure only specific items, he can get a sicc case inside but that only leaves him with 2 more slots, so not much backup ammo or medicine, he is the only one able to get to the juicy stuff but he cant safe it. a Quest player no longer has to do 100 hatchet runs until he gets lucky enough to get to the objective resulting in less frustration for casuals and therefor less hatcher runners but is forced to be armed until he actually gets to the item or has placed the item. Which results in more fights. The Only exploit i can think of is when you hatchet run with 2 people, one with the stash and one with the keys but even in that case does the loot have to be stashed first and you can only stash one stash case per round. English isnt my native language and i will edit mistakes i made after posting this.
  2. Nothing fancy here, just a series of ideas I think would improve the game. 1) Helmets I know this has been a big one lately, videos of helmets eating entire magazines worth of rifle rounds and especially when combined with visors turn players into bullet sponges. It doesn't seem particular popular, nor is it realistic. Only a very few select high end helmets are even rated to stop rifle rounds, and no visor I know of that can do rifles at all. And most wouldn't take dozens of hits to 'eat through' them. After a few shots they'd be seriously deformed or destroyed. I think a general solution here would be to reduce the level of protection provided by helmets by one level across the board. Level 3 goes to level 2 protection and so on, and some are moved around to reflect their real world effectiveness, like the Altyn being moved down to only level 2 protection. On top of that, probably even bigger, is that their durability should be dramatically reduced. Lots of helmets, especially when combined with visors, will have well over 60 durability. I think that even helmets like the Altyn and FAST with visors should only have at max something like 25 durability so that it will take far less hits and reflect it's real world performance more. Also, an idea would also be to have a distinction between soft armor and hard plate armor for some ammo types, such as slugs. Slugs could do a lot of blunt damage for someone wearing soft armor, but nowhere near as much deformation and damage for someone with a steel rifle plate for example. 2) Medical and Health- Healing over Time Right now, people have their meds tied to their hotkeys so that they can heal on the move and during fights for added advantage. Several patches ago, you could also instantly reload magazines and do it very quickly, and even during combat until they introduced reloading. I know they're going to come out with medical animations, but in the mean time as a place holder, I think it would be better to have something similar with meds that was done with ammo. Have meds only be able to be applied while in menu, and give them a timer so that they'll 'reload' your health the same way loose ammo 'reloads' your magazine. It'll stop people from regenerating like wolverine, add a nice amount of realism, as well as requring more thinking about how to approach a fight and what to do post fight since you'd have to find some place quiet and out of the way to try to patch yourself up instead of doing it on the run. And this would go for fixing certain debuffs as well. Painkillers should take time before you feel their effects as they work into your system. Bandaging should take longer to apply. On top of this, I also like the idea that you shouldn't be able to recover to max health. Only a certain fraction of health can be regained by meds when your shot, it shouldn't heal you all the way back to 100%. Only being able to regain 50% or 25% of health lost I think would better reflect the impact of trauma on the body and the lasting consequences from fire fights, meaning you'd need to think more before engaging, and the same with broken/blacked legs. Painkillers or splints would only be able to partially restore mobility, but not completely like you're on a brand new pair of legs. Only like 30% of mobility restored. Enough to stand on, but you're not running or jumping on a leg that's more buckshot than meat. 3)All key racks should have chance to spawn all but the most rare of keys (factory, kiba, ect) , might help break up the monotony of the set spawn locations by giving them a chance to spawn in key racks. 4) Locked safes should give out better loot than unlocked safes instead of just being regular safes. Same with the registers. And locked rooms, Kiba store, ect. If you need to go get a key, or two keys in Kiba's case, it seems like because it has the extra security around it, and limited access, it should have more behind it than just readily open rooms in the Resort, Interchange, or in the Logger's camp. Kiba is pointless if you can just hit Resort with no keys and get more out of it, or hit one of the dorms in customs. But I think that if anything loot generally should be buffed and spread out so that it isn't so concentrated to centralized locations. 5) And last just to finish this out, but I think that items should across the board should be as realistically priced as possible, and also that how much is up for bartering either should be generally reduced, or simply maxed out traders will allow you to buy any item for just currency. Once you've got the maximum amount of loyalty level, I think they know you're good for the money so it doesn't make sense to have them continue to need bartering for you. As I said, just thoughts lately about the game at this point in time.
  3. Foxracing

    Weapon Ideas and Additions

    Lets test this out my American friends. As we all can see there are quite a few different guns in the game that are common in places within the Russian territory. Think of the SKS and how many civilians use the gun. Id like to bring into attention a multitude of different caliber equipment and the possibility of modifications on these (i.e. packing your own rounds, or controlling your weapons recoil and drop patterns). The united states is home to some of the best created equipment known today, and the multitude of weapon mods and calibers we have is phenomenal. Be creative, and be precise. To get a forum like this noted we need to do our homework!
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