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Found 2 results

  1. Nothing fancy here, just a series of ideas I think would improve the game. 1) Helmets I know this has been a big one lately, videos of helmets eating entire magazines worth of rifle rounds and especially when combined with visors turn players into bullet sponges. It doesn't seem particular popular, nor is it realistic. Only a very few select high end helmets are even rated to stop rifle rounds, and no visor I know of that can do rifles at all. And most wouldn't take dozens of hits to 'eat through' them. After a few shots they'd be seriously deformed or destroyed. I think a general solution here would be to reduce the level of protection provided by helmets by one level across the board. Level 3 goes to level 2 protection and so on, and some are moved around to reflect their real world effectiveness, like the Altyn being moved down to only level 2 protection. On top of that, probably even bigger, is that their durability should be dramatically reduced. Lots of helmets, especially when combined with visors, will have well over 60 durability. I think that even helmets like the Altyn and FAST with visors should only have at max something like 25 durability so that it will take far less hits and reflect it's real world performance more. Also, an idea would also be to have a distinction between soft armor and hard plate armor for some ammo types, such as slugs. Slugs could do a lot of blunt damage for someone wearing soft armor, but nowhere near as much deformation and damage for someone with a steel rifle plate for example. 2) Medical and Health- Healing over Time Right now, people have their meds tied to their hotkeys so that they can heal on the move and during fights for added advantage. Several patches ago, you could also instantly reload magazines and do it very quickly, and even during combat until they introduced reloading. I know they're going to come out with medical animations, but in the mean time as a place holder, I think it would be better to have something similar with meds that was done with ammo. Have meds only be able to be applied while in menu, and give them a timer so that they'll 'reload' your health the same way loose ammo 'reloads' your magazine. It'll stop people from regenerating like wolverine, add a nice amount of realism, as well as requring more thinking about how to approach a fight and what to do post fight since you'd have to find some place quiet and out of the way to try to patch yourself up instead of doing it on the run. And this would go for fixing certain debuffs as well. Painkillers should take time before you feel their effects as they work into your system. Bandaging should take longer to apply. On top of this, I also like the idea that you shouldn't be able to recover to max health. Only a certain fraction of health can be regained by meds when your shot, it shouldn't heal you all the way back to 100%. Only being able to regain 50% or 25% of health lost I think would better reflect the impact of trauma on the body and the lasting consequences from fire fights, meaning you'd need to think more before engaging, and the same with broken/blacked legs. Painkillers or splints would only be able to partially restore mobility, but not completely like you're on a brand new pair of legs. Only like 30% of mobility restored. Enough to stand on, but you're not running or jumping on a leg that's more buckshot than meat. 3)All key racks should have chance to spawn all but the most rare of keys (factory, kiba, ect) , might help break up the monotony of the set spawn locations by giving them a chance to spawn in key racks. 4) Locked safes should give out better loot than unlocked safes instead of just being regular safes. Same with the registers. And locked rooms, Kiba store, ect. If you need to go get a key, or two keys in Kiba's case, it seems like because it has the extra security around it, and limited access, it should have more behind it than just readily open rooms in the Resort, Interchange, or in the Logger's camp. Kiba is pointless if you can just hit Resort with no keys and get more out of it, or hit one of the dorms in customs. But I think that if anything loot generally should be buffed and spread out so that it isn't so concentrated to centralized locations. 5) And last just to finish this out, but I think that items should across the board should be as realistically priced as possible, and also that how much is up for bartering either should be generally reduced, or simply maxed out traders will allow you to buy any item for just currency. Once you've got the maximum amount of loyalty level, I think they know you're good for the money so it doesn't make sense to have them continue to need bartering for you. As I said, just thoughts lately about the game at this point in time.
  2. Foxracing

    Weapon Ideas and Additions

    Lets test this out my American friends. As we all can see there are quite a few different guns in the game that are common in places within the Russian territory. Think of the SKS and how many civilians use the gun. Id like to bring into attention a multitude of different caliber equipment and the possibility of modifications on these (i.e. packing your own rounds, or controlling your weapons recoil and drop patterns). The united states is home to some of the best created equipment known today, and the multitude of weapon mods and calibers we have is phenomenal. Be creative, and be precise. To get a forum like this noted we need to do our homework!
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