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Found 8 results

  1. Meity

    Server Verbingungs Probleme

    Moin Jungs, Ich hab Tarkov für ca 7 Monate liegen lassen aufgrund ständiger DC während Raids. So jetzt starte ich das Game nach der Zeit erneut und was passiert wenn ich alleine in einen Raid gehe lade ich normal rein sobald ich Spawn aber bin ich Disconnectet wohl da ich nix aufnehmen , nix rauswerfen , Spieler auf der stelle laufen etc... Spiele ich in einer Gruppe mit Freunden Spawn Ich normal zu 75% und kann Normal Spielen. Dieses Problem hatte ich nicht immer es kamm seit einen Update des Spiels vor ca 1 Jahr. So das merkwürdige ist auch das, wenn ich disconnecte meine Freunde mich in Raid noch sehen wo ich Lang laufe etc ich sie aber nicht? Also Irgendwie müssen meine Daten ja zum Server gelangen aber nicht andersrum. Meine Internet Verbindung hab ich Überprüfen lassen Trace Routing etc. und austausch des Endgeräts hier liegen keine bekannten Probleme vor. Für eine Lösung wäre Ich dankbar oder ein Vorschlag zu Behebung!. Denn lust auf das Spiel habe ich aber es raub so jeden Spaß und jede Motivation.
  2. I admittedly have a very bad internet connection but on good days with fair weather (it is a wireless connection, not from modem to PC, but from modem to service) I can play a raid or two without having more than one disconnect. Unfortunately I love this game so much but I cannot play more than that when the game constantly sends me to the main menu when I experience even a milisecond of lost packets. I understand the instance kind of demands that you resynchronize with the game world, but why do I have to go through this painful and teeth gritting process of going out to the main menu, clicking a couple times to ensure that I actually want to go back into the raid or abandon (who would? I probably haven't even seen action yet at this point), then waiting for that loading screen to finish just to witness my character fall over dead because in the 30 seconds it takes to get back into the raid a player or scav has had enough time to run up on me without me having even a momentary chance to check my surroundings? I know this kind of gripe is a bit conceited but honestly I just want this game to accept that I have somewhat bad internet and let me resync immediately instead of essentially killing me by disconnecting. Just this afternoon I got booted in the middle of a PvP battle in the dorms when suddenly I lose connection, die, and lose all the gear that I had in a fight I was certainly winning. Please I just wish that someone with crap internet like myself will get some attention from the Devs in order to improve the experience for people like me with unfortunately terrible internet connections.
  3. dustankorte13


    Hello, I have a hardware firewall in my house. I do work that needs my connection to be secured. Currently when connecting to a lobby it waits a little bit and gives me a failed to connect to server error. If I open all inbound ports to my firewall from the internet then it works fine. I need a list of port numbers and protocols that I need to open so I can play the game but still have my firewall active. Thanks in advance, Dustan
  4. Recently I had an issue where my computer completely locked up while I was in a raid on Shoreline. Because of this I needed to force restart my computer mid raid. When I came back just a few minutes later I was killed while I was trying to reconnect because my character was still in the raid. Is this an intentional game mechanic or is this a bug? If so is a fix in the works?
  5. ReRee

    Lost connection to server

    I lost connection to the server but my internet was completely fine? When I tried to reconnect my character was naked and all my gear and loot was gone. I don't think that this is fair considering it wasnt a connection error on my end.
  6. So, i finally decide to kit up and go int oshoreline. This is the FIRST time i bring my REALLY nice gun....the first time... i get server connection lost....gggrreeeaattt. Thanks Tarkov....
  7. DannyBoy86

    server connection lost

    uwielbiam ta gre, i zdaje sobie sprawe ze to jest beta, ale wkurza mnie strasznie kiedy nie moge wejsc na mape bo mi wyskakuje server connection lost w trakcie ladowania mapy, i nie daje sie nic z tym zrobic, juz mam tak ktorys raz, i nic nie pomaga, mialem sprzet, i juz go nie bede mial, bo nie wejde na mape i go strace przez to ze niby wyszedlem z gry, i zauwazylem ze czat ogolny wtedy tez nie dziala, tak jakbym nie mogl sie polaczyc z serverami, a w koncu launcher mi dziala, i profil sie laduje, i moje rzeczy, i log out robie i sie loguje normalnie, a tu SERVER CONNECTION LOST !!!
  8. graboNiki


    Hallo habe ein frage wer hat problem mit dem server ich habe so ein problem wenn ich mich einlooge sucht er gleich nach andere spieler lässt mich nicht mal zu die händler
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