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Found 18 results

  1. So I finally convinced a friend of mine to use what little he has to get this game, from the start he had to change dns (changed to google's) just to be able to use the launcher and download the game. After that it all seemed fine, offline raid no problems, stash, menus, etc. When we tried to go into a raid however he disconnected after loading fully ( in the transition just before he sees his character) with a "server connection lost" error message. Same kept happening while trying to rejoin. He then spent over 3 hours attempting to fix it, VPNs, manual server changes, reinstalling the game AND battle eye, changing DNS settings, firewall permissions, you name it, he tried. Just now I logged in using my account on his computer however and surprise surprise, no issues whatsoever. Using no VPN and normal DNS too.. so what gives? I was gonna try and help him with services in the background, settings and so on but now I'm at a loss for what to do as it clearly has nothing to do with his internet or computer. It seems logging in with my account didn't change any settings either so not even that could have done it Any help would be godly right now. I'm having him fill a support ticket but honestly we don't have much hope for battlestate's support from what I see around here. He could barely afford the game so this just really sucks Small detail, if he does go into scav he does load in completely (seeing his gun) for a second before getting a black screen and the error again. Reason why I decided to try the account change just to rule it out. Really didn't expect it to work though so I don't know what to do now
  2. Hello, I am experiencing an error when trying to connect to any game. When attempting to connect, I make it past loading the map, and then when the matchmaking transitions to "Connecting to Server (time, usually 1:17 or 1:18), the game will disconnect me from matchmaking and give me a "Server Connection Lost" error. Afterwards, I can rejoin the game or "Leave". When attempting to rejoin the game, the same error will occur regardless of how long the game has been going on for. I am able to play offline games. I was able to join 2 games on Monday. Otherwise, the issue has persisted every other game. I have attempted the following fixes to fix this problem, none of them seem to work: Selecting certain servers instead of Auto on the launcher Joining different maps Joining as Player/Scav Joining Solo/With a group Joining at different times of day Any suggestions or fixes?
  3. Buenas a todos, Mi primo y yo nos hemos comprado este juego ayer, jugue una partida de prueba para comprobar los controles etc... la primera partida fue perfecta me mataron y me saltó al lobby. El problema es que al jugar con mi primo y meternos en grupo me tira antes de entrar en partida, no solo eso tambien me desconecta de discord. Probamos a jugar sin discord y me tira tambien junto antes de entrar en partida, a algunos mas le pasa?? Luego probé a entrar yo solo en partida y entré sin problemas a la primera, aunque cuando llegue al punto de extracción según giraba la camara se me ponia la pantalla en negro y a al rato me cerró la aplicacion
  4. I have no problem playing the game the same early day. I got this 240-260 pings in my game after I finish my dinner. And I tried at least 5 times to reconnect/ reboot router/ reboot pc and nothing works. My discord and network are no issue at all. Someone got this problem before and may I seek for some help from here?
  5. dustankorte13


    Hello, I have a hardware firewall in my house. I do work that needs my connection to be secured. Currently when connecting to a lobby it waits a little bit and gives me a failed to connect to server error. If I open all inbound ports to my firewall from the internet then it works fine. I need a list of port numbers and protocols that I need to open so I can play the game but still have my firewall active. Thanks in advance, Dustan
  6. azullaris

    What Problem can it be?

    So for the last couple of months something bizarre is happening while me and my friends try to play together. Everytime we decide to play together the game can: Crash, one of us receives "Connection error", Stutters and when loading the game it takes forever. And the strangest thing in all of this, is that it only happens when we try to play together. We live in the same city, we play in the same server, and our pcs are almost the same the only difference being that mine has 16GB of ram while theirs is 8GB. We tried everything so we could play together but ends up doing the same poo all over again, we tought that it was the connection but our friend most affected by this issues has the best internet of all our group. So i wish that somebody knows what could be the problem, cause its really sad having 3 friends that play the game, but we cant group up. PS: We are a group of 2USECS and 1 BEAR, also we tried playing in pairs but it dindt worked, it was the same as playing with 3.
  7. MrImpossibleDie

    "server connection lost"

    Genre en faite je ne peux pas lancer de raid en ligne ( PMC ou Scav) sauf en hors-ligne là tout va bien, j'ai même accès au hideout et au flea market... Mais lorsque je lance un raid en ligne j'ai l'erreur " Server connection Lost" et je n'arrive pas à régler le problème, j'ai tout essayer : - Redémarrer le pc - Reinstaller le jeu - Desactiver anti-virus et firewall - Tester avec un VPN - Tester sur un autre pc - Reinstaller Windows de A a Z ... J'ai même demander à un ami d'essayer mon compte chez lui mais impossible de jouer aussi...
  8. People who have repeated "server connection lost" symptoms only on pmc I bought a game and never played a PMC I tried to connect to another computer, but the same I think it's an account issue... Anyone having a different opinion??
  9. Help me flesh this out, I think this could be a good thing for the game. Please read the whole concept as I know after reading the initial description it would seem OP if you don't read down to the balancing aspect. So I just thought of this after losing a 0 - Hero run on my SCAV to the Back End Kraken (yes lets make that a thing) Lets be honest every online game is going to have connection issues. Sometimes its the servers, sometimes its peoples internet, etc. The worst thing that can happen in this game is spending 30 minutes working hard to earn a reward, succeeding, and having it stripped away by the interwebs or the Kraken. The only flaw I see in the current system of SCAV retrieval is once you leave that screen anything not looted gets discarded. This leaves it VERY prone to failure, as if something causes that screen to get bugged/disconnected/missed that's it. Loots gone. Therefore.... Instead of going to a SCAV equipment screen at the end of the RAID all items should be sent to a "SCAVENGER CRATE" Section. Think of it just like Prapors insurance window. Items can be retrieved not added. I'm not sure where the button to access it would go. Maybe at the bottom of Character Inventory? I don't think adding another button to the menu is the way to go, but what do y'all think. CAVEAT!! - You CANNOT go on another SCAV run until the crate is TOTALLY empty. (if you want to add a timer to it then that's fine too) 1.) Since the loot is pulled off the SCAV at the same time it normally is, it won't interfere with the current system of the SCAV re-tooling himself for the next RAID after you exit his stats window. 2.) This is the way PMC loot already works, so the framework is there. If it had been my PMC I probably would have kept the items. Its not dependent on a screen. 3.) The current dilemma of 'I have to make space in my main stash for SCAV loot' is still there. You are only allowing players to deal with that dilemma at the time of their choosing. This will make it more digestible for new players, without giving them anything extra. Again they can't do another SCAV run without clearing it. If they try a message pops up"Your SCAV Crate still has items. Please empty it before proceeding". 4.) Regarding the idea that it would become "Extra Storage". Remember its the same amount of items the SCAV had at the end of the match. No more, no less. All you're doing is removing the "decide now" element. This isn't about storage anyway. Its about protecting players experience from disconnecting. What's more impactful? The challenge of loot managing your 0-Hero run, or losing a full 0-hero loot set because of a SCAV having issues during loot transfer and losing ALL of it? 5.) At the end of the day the Goal is to protect the experience of the player. If that SCAV made it to the exit and the server recorded that, they should get their loot. This goes a long way to ensuring that, and creating some protection. 6.) Lore wise it can be explained as the scavenger sending his loot back to the hideout before re-tooling for the next RAID. Anyhow, thanks for hanging in with me through all of that. I posted a similar suggest on the battlegate forums under suggestions.
  10. share your worst DC stories!
  11. Tasiorsky

    lost conection a vpn

    Cześć, mój problem polega na tym ze gdy wchodzę do gry za każdym razem dostaje server conection lost aczkolwiek gdy odpalę vpn (pobrałem jakiś darmowy) to gra się odpala no ale pingi 200 nie za bardzo mnie interesują, do tego limit 500 mb … macie jakiś pomysł ? mogę o tym napisac do mojego dostawcy internetu ? nie wiem co mam zrobić kupiłem gre dzisiaj a nawet nie mogę zagrać ...
  12. Meity

    Server Verbingungs Probleme

    Moin Jungs, Ich hab Tarkov für ca 7 Monate liegen lassen aufgrund ständiger DC während Raids. So jetzt starte ich das Game nach der Zeit erneut und was passiert wenn ich alleine in einen Raid gehe lade ich normal rein sobald ich Spawn aber bin ich Disconnectet wohl da ich nix aufnehmen , nix rauswerfen , Spieler auf der stelle laufen etc... Spiele ich in einer Gruppe mit Freunden Spawn Ich normal zu 75% und kann Normal Spielen. Dieses Problem hatte ich nicht immer es kamm seit einen Update des Spiels vor ca 1 Jahr. So das merkwürdige ist auch das, wenn ich disconnecte meine Freunde mich in Raid noch sehen wo ich Lang laufe etc ich sie aber nicht? Also Irgendwie müssen meine Daten ja zum Server gelangen aber nicht andersrum. Meine Internet Verbindung hab ich Überprüfen lassen Trace Routing etc. und austausch des Endgeräts hier liegen keine bekannten Probleme vor. Für eine Lösung wäre Ich dankbar oder ein Vorschlag zu Behebung!. Denn lust auf das Spiel habe ich aber es raub so jeden Spaß und jede Motivation.
  13. I admittedly have a very bad internet connection but on good days with fair weather (it is a wireless connection, not from modem to PC, but from modem to service) I can play a raid or two without having more than one disconnect. Unfortunately I love this game so much but I cannot play more than that when the game constantly sends me to the main menu when I experience even a milisecond of lost packets. I understand the instance kind of demands that you resynchronize with the game world, but why do I have to go through this painful and teeth gritting process of going out to the main menu, clicking a couple times to ensure that I actually want to go back into the raid or abandon (who would? I probably haven't even seen action yet at this point), then waiting for that loading screen to finish just to witness my character fall over dead because in the 30 seconds it takes to get back into the raid a player or scav has had enough time to run up on me without me having even a momentary chance to check my surroundings? I know this kind of gripe is a bit conceited but honestly I just want this game to accept that I have somewhat bad internet and let me resync immediately instead of essentially killing me by disconnecting. Just this afternoon I got booted in the middle of a PvP battle in the dorms when suddenly I lose connection, die, and lose all the gear that I had in a fight I was certainly winning. Please I just wish that someone with crap internet like myself will get some attention from the Devs in order to improve the experience for people like me with unfortunately terrible internet connections.
  14. Recently I had an issue where my computer completely locked up while I was in a raid on Shoreline. Because of this I needed to force restart my computer mid raid. When I came back just a few minutes later I was killed while I was trying to reconnect because my character was still in the raid. Is this an intentional game mechanic or is this a bug? If so is a fix in the works?
  15. rancherson

    Lost connection to server

    I lost connection to the server but my internet was completely fine? When I tried to reconnect my character was naked and all my gear and loot was gone. I don't think that this is fair considering it wasnt a connection error on my end.
  16. So, i finally decide to kit up and go int oshoreline. This is the FIRST time i bring my REALLY nice gun....the first time... i get server connection lost....gggrreeeaattt. Thanks Tarkov....
  17. DannyBoy86

    server connection lost

    uwielbiam ta gre, i zdaje sobie sprawe ze to jest beta, ale wkurza mnie strasznie kiedy nie moge wejsc na mape bo mi wyskakuje server connection lost w trakcie ladowania mapy, i nie daje sie nic z tym zrobic, juz mam tak ktorys raz, i nic nie pomaga, mialem sprzet, i juz go nie bede mial, bo nie wejde na mape i go strace przez to ze niby wyszedlem z gry, i zauwazylem ze czat ogolny wtedy tez nie dziala, tak jakbym nie mogl sie polaczyc z serverami, a w koncu launcher mi dziala, i profil sie laduje, i moje rzeczy, i log out robie i sie loguje normalnie, a tu SERVER CONNECTION LOST !!!
  18. graboNiki


    Hallo habe ein frage wer hat problem mit dem server ich habe so ein problem wenn ich mich einlooge sucht er gleich nach andere spieler lässt mich nicht mal zu die händler
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