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Found 4 results

  1. The Main Idea: FIR items are no longer allowed in Secure Containers (While in stash you can put FIR items into the container ex. a stack of FIR 7.62 BP) With this idea Hatchet runners would finally become extinct, and those bringing in extremely low gear kits purely to grab something good and stuff it into their prison wallet would be less encouraged to be so low gear. All types of players, rats, Chads, Hunters, etc.. would all profit from this change. The rats can still crawl around and loot, but now they have a risk to take if they want more loot, Chads would have to slow down as they would have huge risks to take if they find something good, and Chad Hunters actually have a reason to check player bags. The general reason why this game preforms so well is because of the adrenaline you get when you pull something amazing off or when you find something really good. Like for example, say you find a red keycard, your entire way to extract, your heart should be in your throat, as at any point you could die, and you don't get to keep that card if you die, as you cant put it into your gamma. Or when you hit dorms marked and find a doc case, someone else should have a chance to take it off of you. Overall Pro's: -Surviving raids will be much more important -Overall pace of wipe should slightly slow down (less NonFIR gpus for bitcoin farm) -Valuable items skyrocket is emotional value but market value stays the same (may even be worth less as FIR will be more common as you cant stuff it into the container) -NO MORE HACTET RUNNERS!!!! as they no longer get anything -People will risk gear to make a profit, as you would need to defend the loot you grabbed -All maps will indirectly have a much higher value aka. Shoreline for stims and ledxs, but you don't need the keys anymore, you can try your luck getting them off players. Customs for cases, you don't need marked key anymore, as you can kill someone else in dorms and check their bag Cons: -Doc cases may need to be slightly revamped as you would no longer be able to put intel of other similar items into them (May need no change as it is still a better version than a keytool (more space and can carry cash)) -Sicc case could need revamp (no longer can put dogtags into the case but could still act as a better doc case (again even more space and can still carry cash) I Cant currently think of anymore Cons, but if anyone can please comment on this thread
  2. TheCamcorder

    Missing Scav box bug

    Hey so I logged in about an hour ago did a quick scav run and extracted perfectly fine. When trying to put my items away I noticed that the scav junkbox I have had in a mechanism backpack for about a week now has totally disappeared, along with the 5/6 mil worth of loot collected in it from the start of the wipe. It was not anywhere else in my stash or on my PMC, and it wasn't accidentally sold on the flea from a barter trade as I have barter trades off by default. I attempted to drag wires into the backpack slot it would have been in, in case it just wasn't showing up in that instance, but i got an error about moving items shortly after attempting this that reset me back to the "escaped" endgame screen. Trying again resulted in the same error, so i stashed the rest of the items that I could and checked my stash after and it still wasn't there. I restarted the game and still no luck. I know you are aware of the issue and are attempting fixes now, I would just like to know if it is possible to get the scav box back with its items, or if you would be able to provide some kind of compensation? It's just very disappointing to know that multiple weeks worth of loot and money could all just be down the drain. Thanks for reading and I hope you are able to find a fix soon :)
  3. lllPug

    How to FIX every PROBLEME?

    Eroktic made a good point with his video "Escape from Tarkov - How to FIX every PROBLEM? Container Efficiency GUIDE 0.8.6" so I'll just share it here hoping people do it as well, and mabye one day we'll make Tarkov great again мы рассчитываем на вас, Никита
  4. BlackBloodWolf

    secure contaner

    hey i wanted to know if the gamma/alpha contaners need to be insured i have been doing it but i don't want to wast money
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