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Found 14 results

  1. Let's be honest, the game has serious problems, bugs that affect both the gameplay and the outcome of the games. My suggestion is, stop adding content and focus on fixing serious game bugs like: -The sound is completely broken. -Bullets that fire but that in practice do not exist and other problems derived from the inventory. -Servers performance (Synchronization, latency spikes, fps) I know that there are many things to value (economy, market, player progression, maps, weapons ...) But the reality is that while the outcome of the games is conditioned by the problems of the game, all that data collected is useless and unreal, because when everything works as it should, those data will change completely. Once the game has 0 serious bugs, then it begins to add content and balance changes in an orderly way, so that if new bugs appear they are easily located. Thank you very much I leave you an example video of something that should never happen. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/665627098
  2. RockMorty

    Welcome to Atlas!

    Welcome to Atlas Gaming! We're just some relaxed Tarkov players who are looking to host some really cool Tarkov events and create Tarkov content. We're a fairly new discord, but we're really striving to host some awesome Tarkov tournaments, giveaways, challenges, trivia, and many other activities! We want to help experienced and new Tarkov players alike find a fun and engaging community to hangout in and grow as players. So don't hesitate to hit that join button below and hop in a voice channel! To get full access to the discord, make sure you read the rules carefully and hit the react to acknowledge that you read them. -- What we offer: -- - Friendly and hardcore environments- - Exclusive member Tournaments - - Frequent community events where your suggestions are implemented - - Bitchin' Bot Integration - - Dedicated Administration - - Exclusive Streamer Content - - Noob friendly Environment - https://discord.gg/pKp2njt
  3. williamLC

    EoD pre-order problem

    I purchased EFT standard edition recently then purchased the edge of darkness upgrade and haven't received any of the upgrade benfits. I've reset my profile and still haven't received anything.
  4. therealgmat

    My experience as a content creator

    I'm a small creator online. I have a podcast, I make videos, I stream content and more importantly I work close with developers to maximize my income via content. I make my money through commission based videos and podcast/stream sponsorship. Not enough to quit my job but enough to work less and create more. There's the back story. Because of this I attack many different games and due to my workload and my time to actually game, the majority of these commissioned games I will play once, make a video, and NEVER re visit. NOT TARKOV. I cannot stop playing this game, I am skipping sleep to play this game. I cannot get enough. With less time to actually game nowadays it takes a lot to get me to make time. I've made a video on Tarkov and plan to make many MANY more. Great job devs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ARvX72lXggE&t=17s
  5. andresto


    Hi, I'm a web developer looking forward to create tools around EFT content. On a recent Q/A there was a response from Nikita that they have planned to provide an API for the community to build tools around the content of EFT. Is there an estimated time for this? It would come after the official release of the game? Not trying to rush anything, just wondering if there's an ETA because I'm really interested in the topic. Thanks in advance.
  6. Shyvannie92

    Knee/Leg Protection + Some guns

    Hello Everyone My name is Anna i recently started playing tarkov, and I love it. The game got me submerged always. Great job guys! So after a few weeks playing I came here for a few suggestions. Here I go: GUNS: BEAR: None, they already have a bunch ( No clue about new ones, Maybe the old dragunov , Even if the new model is already on ) USEC: M240B: Updated version of the M240 that includes a longer rail for more accessories and a barrel 3 cm longer than the previous one. Barrett M82A3: High precision semi-automatic caliber rifle, this has the longest barrel among the Barrett. Also ! i just think that we have a way to much as body armor but nothing for the legs, I know that if we want to be 1/2 fairplay we should make the game afordable for skilled people and also for experimented one, Would be unfair to have a full man armor since the matchup don't count the armor you have on so,m a guy with a pistol have 0 chance to stand against someone full armored. So i was thinking about Semi protectos for legs, more likely armor in the side legs, Like... : And then: Maybe add some lowtier armor for Scavs or Lvl 1 shop for pacekeeper : Tell me what u guys think about it... Probably already suggested but i don't know.. jaja Cheeky Breeky ! ♥
  7. Liebe Spielergemeinde, eine reihe von neuen AK modellen, wurde für den kommenden Patch bestätigt. Hierbei handelt es sich um AK 74M, 101, 102, 103, 104 und 105.
  8. Hallo Escaper, gerade auf Facebook gefunden - 4 Screenshots von Content des nächsten Patches! Viel Spaß damit :-)
  9. Pladn

    Hatchling commits suicide

    Hey guys! Just started making EFT videos. This is my second one. looking for some feedback as well. Link to video
  10. I'm wondering if there'll be another map sort of like Factory, something entirely indoors, and I wonder if there's anything that'd be like a Nuclear Power Plant. There are things you can see that clearly look like they're the cooling towers to some sort of power plant, and we know that we have meds that are meant to treat radiation, as well as radiation equipment like the Geiger Counter in the game. This leads me to believe that hopefully there would be some sort of thing like 'Factory' but instead of some manufacturing plant, it'd be a nuclear power plant. I don't know if this is just sort of a tease but I'm not sure why else you'd have 'radiation' in the game, so if there is to be one, there's no map (currently) for it, and makes me wonder if it'd be something exclusive to the open world mode, if we'd see this cooling tower closer and the facilities beside it.
  11. warmonger3452

    Adding more end-game weapons

    i think we should definitely add more weapons into the game, especially bigger ones for better end-game playability like higher caliber, and more expensive battle rifles, i have a large selection of guns that you guys could choose, what you would want to see the most out of the whole shaboodle, or add a weapon of your own.(the second segment of my poll that show assault rifles, and battle rifles can be accessed through my account.
  12. warmonger3452

    Adding more end-game weapons(continued)

    this is a continuation of my first poll about more weapons.( find it in my profile)
  13. Minotaurus

    Quastions About the game

    I have a Cpoupels of Quastins The employ myself you become points for killing? yes ? so what for point we become and pro lvl we are going up we become 1or 2 or more pointf for the Skills? AND have the skills lvls so we can better and better withe the Controll or its One point and than its Finish? AND can you show me the EOD Safe Container? AND when you bring out the Game on Steam become i than a Key for Steam to activate the Game on Steam EOD too? ( When i have buy on 30.06.16 its money day AND in the gamplay you nedd a lot of bullets too kill one so i worried i little about that. AND will you @ a server thats we can play the Factory z.b 5gg5 or something? I mean this game its not a surrvival game (you must not eat or Drunk thats you not Die) but a Ego Multi ego shooter neither (I think it there is a shortage of ammunition, for longer battles and maps too big) What exactly do you want? What is the sense of the game? The content. What is the order of the game? This game looks GREAT as a Ego Shooter!! BUT I do not understand what the content of the game is. : GOOGLE TRANSLATER: (my english its BAD) I understand that I should 'get out of a city,,', by force of arms. This I find on the map scattered, along with upgrades. My enemies are other players. But what if there are not enough players? I mean that's dan just running around right? In the Alpha not many will be players or the EOD versions. And whom I dan escape as the trailer shown, I get a few points and make the same again? And again and again and again. I know it's only Alpha. But I would really be interested in your future-plans with the game very much. Buy I will. I'm often put money on game, which I do not play even 30 hours if woh I paid 80 euros for it. This is not to say that the game is bad, it did so not even played. I find that it is a VERY VERY promising game. So I'm very interested. Thx
  14. KREION

    Keep community in the loop.

    First let me congratulate you for the great job on Escape from Tarkov from what we saw and read up until now, it really looks like a gem of a game. It really shows that you have a very talented team and that you work with passion and love an EFT. So now for my suggestion. As i understand EFT is an independent project and is funded primarily by the Devs, thus it doesn't have a separate promotion team and budget like all those big boys that keep giving garbage instead of games to us. I also follow VERY closely the development of Star Citizen, the biggest crowdfunded game in history and recently one of the top 10 budget games. And i know that a great game doesn't need a specialized team and millions in order to promote it, as long as the community is involved and kept in the loop with info and content to work with. I know that the game is kept under wraps until the Beta starts but it would be very beneficial for the game if the team had a plan to release periodically new pics, clips, info, plans for the future and whatever content would be ok to be known before official release. And use social media outside Russia more often. That's it, keep up the good work!
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