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Found 23 results

  1. Tarkov: Avenge the Fallen (ล้างแค้นผู้ล่วงลับ) การแข่งขัน/ประกวดทำวีดีโอซึ่งประกอบไปด้วยภารกิจสามส่วน ท่ามกลางความขัดแย้งที่อยู่ในเขตเศรษฐกิจพิเศษภายในภูมิภาคนอร์วิสก มีสหายหลายท่านได้ล่วงลับไป ไม่ว่าจะเป็นการประจัญบานกันระหว่าง Scav หรือทหารรบซึ่งดูเหมือนจะไม่มีวันจบสิ้น คุณและสหาย PMC ของคุณก็เป็นส่วนหนึ่งในความขัดแย้งอันยาวนานนี้ด้วยเช่นกันด้วยความหวังที่จะหลบหนีออกจากทาร์คอฟ ในขณะเดียวกันผลข้างเคียงที่ร้ายแรงของความขัดแย้งนี้ก็ไม่ใช่แค่เป็นการเห็นประชาชนทั่วไปนั้นโดนยิงและถูกฆ่าอย่างไม่มีเหตุผล แต่คือการที่จะต้องเห็นสหายร่วมรบนั้นล่วงลับไปต่อหน้าต่อตา และเหมือนกับตัวล
  2. Tarkov: Avenge the Fallen Ένας διαγωνισμός βίντεο που αποτελείται από τρία μέρη Στη μακροχρόνια σύγκρουση που συνεχίζεται στην ειδική οικονομική ζώνη του Νόρβινσκ (Norvinsk). Πολλοί σύντροφοι έχουν πέσει. Οι αδυσώπητες εμπλοκές μεταξύ τοπικών "σαρωτών" (Scavengers), στρατιωτών και αγνώστων φαίνεται να μην τελειώνουν ποτέ. Εσείς και οι συνάδελφοί PMC σας είστε μέρος αυτών, στη μακροχρόνια προσπάθειά σας να ξεφύγετε επιτέλους από το Tarkov. Μια ατυχής παρενέργεια είναι ότι παρακολουθείτε τους συντρόφους σας να πέφτουν στη μάχη. Όχι μόνο οι αθώοι παρευρισκόμενοι, οι πολίτες ή
  3. October days in Norvinsk means frosty cold autumn mornings and yellow, red and brown leaves fluttering like butterflies in strong cool northern winds. Tarkov in the distance rises with its skyscraper pillars. Terragroup is not dormant, beneath it all the conflict still boils with hot steam as PMCs breathe heavily, trying to find a way to get out of the hostile city. We want YOU to write a horror story for this setting! The stage is set, you bring the actors, the dark spooktober atmosphere and the narrative. This competition is divided into two parts - the first one is t
  4. Endrit

    "Horror video" wedstrijd

    Beste vrienden! De BSG crew lanceert een nieuwe videowedstrijd genaamd "Horror video". Om deel te nemen, moet je een video maken rond het thema Horror (niet meer dan 10 minuten lang). Verschillende attributen (gespannen sfeer, angstaanjagende soundtrack, etc.) van horrorfilms zijn welkom. Upload de video naar YouTube (publieke toegang). Belangrijk: in de titel van de video moet worden geschreven "Escape from Tarkov" Horror video ". Wedstrijdvoorwaarden: - Eén auteur - één werk. - Een video moet speciaal voor de wedstrijd worden gemaakt, eerder gemaakte video's worden niet
  5. andresto

    Concurso "Video de terror"

    ¡Queridos amigos! Estamos lanzando un nuevo concurso: "Video de terror". Para participar, necesitas crear un video con elementos de Terror que no supere los 10 minutos. Diferentes atributos (atmósfera tensa, banda sonora tétrica, etc) de películas de terror son bienvenidos. Sube tu video a Youtube (visibilidad pública). Importante: El título del video debe contener escrito "Escape from Tarkov Horror video". Términos y condiciones del concurso: Un trabajo por autor. El video debe ser creado especialmente para el concurso, videos creados previo al anuncio del concurs
  6. روزهای پاییزی اکتبر در Norvinsk همراه خود صبح های سرد و برگهای زرد، قرمز و قهوه ای که در باد خنک شمالی مانند پروانه میرقصند را به ارمقان میاورد. Tarkov در دوردست با آسمان خراش های خود به آسمان سر کشیده است. Terragroup ساکت نیست، در زیر تمام این سکوت و سکون، جنگ مانند خون در رگ PMC هایی که سعی در فرار از این شهر بی رحم را دارند، میجوشد. ما از شما میخواهیم که یک داستان ترسناک برای فضایی که توصیف شد بنویسید. صحنه آماده است، شما هنرپیشه ها، اتموسفر وحم انگیز اکتبر و داستان را خلق کنید. مسابقه دو مرحله دارد - مرحله ی مقدماتی برای تشخیص صلاحیت: از هر منطقه یک داستان انتخاب می
  7. ZioEnzo

    Spooktober in Tarkov

    Le giornate di ottobre a Norvinsk significano gelide e fredde mattinate autunnali con foglie gialle, rosse e marroni che svolazzano come farfalle nei forti venti freschi del nord. In lontananza si erge Tarkov con i suoi maestosi grattacieli. In tutto ciò, “Terragroup” non è dormiente, sotto la città, il conflitto è ancora attivo, mentre i PMC, respirando a pieni polmoni, cercano di trovare un modo per uscire dalla città ostile. Vogliamo che VOI scriviate una storia dell'orrore con questo scenario! Il palcoscenico è pronto, dovete portare gli attori, l'oscura atmosfera spettrale e l
  8. ZioEnzo

    Contest "Training with Sherpa"

    Stiamo iniziando un nuovo concorso "Training with Sherpa". Come saprete, abbiamo degli Sherpa (guida del gioco). Ogni giorno stanno insegnando ai nuovi giocatori che richiedono aiuto, come progredire nel mondo di Tarkov. Per partecipare dovrete creare un video che includa lo Sherpa e il nuovo giocatore (lo Sherpa non deve essere uno Sherpa verificato). Il video deve durare meno di 15 minuti. Vi consigliamo di mostrare uno dei seguenti stili di insegnamento nel vostro video: - Lo Sherpa insegna a giocare come Scav. - Lo Sherpa insegna a giocare in
  9. We have very talented individuals in this community and we love showing them off when you share it with us. The following is a VIP extraction theme of Escape from Tarkov Cosplay done by the group "Uprzejmi Ludzie" - Polish ASG group. The amazing photography was by Okiem Pryzmatu . With this cosplay, we came up with the idea to make a contest. Your task is to build a story using the following 20 photos or do a whole new cosplay of your own theme around Escape from Tarkov. The rules and guidelines are as followed: Must use at least 10 of the pictures below. You can add ot
  10. Greetings Escapers, Some of you may know me as the lead Game Master for the english side of the Forum RPG. My fellow GMs and I have been discussing ways to reward creativity and incentivize people to check out the Forum RPG. We love seeing the liberties players take when designing characters and building settings in the RPG. We would ultimately like more people to get in and flex their creative muscles in the RPG. To that end we came together and decided to create a little contest for the users. Forum RPG Create A Character Contest: 1st Place - Standard Edition, Beta Key, Forum RPG S
  11. Olá Operadores Temos membros muito talentosos na nossa comunidade e adoramos exibir este talento quando compartilhado conosco. Abaixo o Cosplay de uma extração VIP de Escape from Tarkov feito pelo grupo "Uprzejmi Ludzie" - grupo polonês ASG. A fotografia incrível foi de Okiem Pryzmatu. Com este cosplay, surgiu a ideia de fazermos um concurso. Sua tarefa é construir uma história usando as seguintes 20 fotos ou fazer um novo Cosplay com seu próprio tema sobre o Escape from Tarkov. As regras e diretrizes são as seguintes: Deve usar pelo menos 10 das imagens fornecidas
  12. I just had this idea of a little friendly contest, Take a succesful scav run on factory which you realized you couldn't exit because the bloody gate 3 wasn't an exfil for you and the other gates where closed. Here's my little participation, feel free to beat this up !
  13. TheColdVein

    Teamwork Film CONTEST!

    Hello, Escapers! With BLACK FRIDAY being over, we would like to give you another opportunity to get a pre-order for you or a friend. Escape From Tarkov is designed for team play, so having friends to play (and test) with makes it fun, so we want to see this mechanic at work. We would like to hold a contest, where the focus is on teamwork and the best communication. This would be callouts, leadership, and the best precision of movement. You can choose any map you want, any gear you want.* You can edit 1-2 raids (same map) together, but keep the time to no more than 10 mins. You can u
  14. Stokviz

    Comic contest winners

    I was wondering when the when or where the winners of the comic contest will be announced, they should have been announced yesterday.
  15. Sup Escapers! Time for another key giveaway contest boi! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What do I need to do Twerks? It's pretty simple really... just submit your creative, funny, and awesome pics of you are your clan (or group) puttin' in work. It can be a firefight with PMC, Scavs or both. You can even take a pic as Scavs too! **Also, you have to rep me! (Olloch, I will beat you!) You can pose, or take flicks in mid action, just have fun doing it! USING PHOTOSHOP
  16. Miisfiit

    7 day trial beta key giveaway

    After winning a 7 day beta key last week day 1ne gaming are giving it away to one lucky person! *GIVEAWAY* Day 1ne Gaming are giving away a 7 day Escape from Tarkov trial Beta code. To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do are the following steps 1. Like Day 1ne Gaming page 2. Share this post 3. Comment why you should be the lucky winner. Winner will be announced midday sunday GOOD LUCK https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=353812335032529&substory_index=0&id=339417736471989
  17. Hello Escapers, It was mentioned to me that there weren't any English speaking giveaways up yet. I hear you all loud and clear. This is an English speaking giveaway that anyone can enter! But how? One RANDOM liker-poster will win a 7 day trial key for himself or a friend. To enter simply do two things: 1. Like this post. (This giveaway is win the day aka get more rep than Blackb1rd.) 2. Post your favorite cat picture in this thread. Once you've done the two above things you're entered! This giveaway will close on Friday 9/1 at 0000 New York time. Please remember to adhere
  18. Bonjour , Toi qui n' a pas encore le goût du sang dans la bouche, dis moi pourquoi tu mérites cette clef ? Pourquoi veux tu tester Escape From Tarkov ? Les deux qui me paraîtrons les plus motivés gagneront leur clef. Voila , à vos plumes. Le concours est ouvert à tout le monde, cependant laissez la place aux nouveaux serait fair play de la part des anciens. Bonne chance a tous
  19. Ciao Escapers! In onore della fine del GamesCom 2017, vorremmo celebrare questa meravigliosa occasione per scoprire per le prossime funzioni di gioco, distribuiremo chiavi di prova Beta di 7 giorni a tutti i dipendenti, moderatori ed emissari al fine di distribuirle attraverso concorsi e giveaways. Tieni d'occhio i in luoghi come i forum, youtube, reddit, twitch e gli altri social, in quanto i nostri Emissari utilizzeranno questi luoghi per effettuare i loro concorsi e per distribuire queste chiavi. Sapete cosa comporta ricevere una chiave di prova da 7 giorni ? Sono simi
  20. Hello Escapers, welcome to my first CONTEST! Prize: Alpha Keys I will pick TWO winners, and each will receive 1 key, and will be featured in a video, along with some honorable mentions, on my YouTube Channel. How To Win: Get some cosplay action going on, and dress up as B.E.A.R., USEC, or a Scav! Rules: Nothing profane, or pornographic please. This time we're going to do some Cosplay, and see who can pull off the best Tarkov fashion. You can choose from B.E.A.R., USEC, Scav, or even Prapor, The Nurse, or Pusher! Be creative, take photos, or video, and use whatever you can to
  21. Hello guys! I'm glad to announce little contest: i would like you to make some projects where you will include two main subjects: EFT and upcoming Christmass. The way how you will do it is up to you, it could be: picture, video, animation, song (in polish or english language), narrative (also in polish or english language), or whatever you figure out. Now best part, awards! I will choose two best projects and give to authors access to apha test! Rules: Paste your projects here, in this topic, Contest ends: 27.11.201
  22. ~~ ANYONE IS ELIGIBLE FOR THIS CONTEST, EVEN IF YOU ARE ALREADY PART OF THE ALPHA - TRY AND GAIN A KEY FOR A FRIEND~~ PS - If you are part of alpha, please refrain from using any in-game content, if you're found to have used in-game content you will have broken NDA, Post will be removed and given to devs to handle. Hello All! I am creating this post as another contest I will be running to give away an Alpha Access key. Please note, this key is only active for the duration of the Closed Alpha and will expire when closed alpha ends. The rules are simple yet again, but this
  23. Hello Everyone! Please note this contest is only available to anyone who does not already have access to Escape from Tarkov Alpha Access. DISCLAIMER - Refrain from any trolling, post your piece but try to keep the back and forth chatter to a minimum; breaking the rule will be a disqualification, please keep the posts clean for review. Contest Rules: Just tell a story, maybe it was one you had encountered in DayZ that made your heart race, or a story you've thought up in your head dreaming of what you'll do once you wonder around in Tarkov. Pretty simple contest, a lot of my best moments
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