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  1. Here's a short thought exercise put as a questionnaire! Can answer out-loud or treat these as rhetorical. Enjoy! ------------------ If CSGO players discovered a way to plant the bomb without being near one of the plant sites, would that be good or bad for the gamemode? Good ( ) Bad ( ) If Portal players discovered a way to bypass puzzles and simply walk into the "end level" elevators, would that be good or bad for the gamemode? Good ( ) Bad ( ) If the cast of the movie The Raid: Redemption found out they could simply jump out of the side-windows to the building they were trapped in and safely "escape" the predicament (let's say a random magical giant bird caught them and carried them home), would that be good or bad for the intent and plot of the movie? Good ( ) Bad ( ) -------------------- Similar to the above questions, in my view, the secure-container-meta debate is not about the loot or what weapon a player chooses to take in. In my view, that's all fair game and players can approach it however they want. Instead, it's in how the secure-container-meta allows players to skirt around the central dilemma the Raid gameplay mode is meant to offer to the player: Getting in is easy. It's getting out alive that's the hard part. -------------------- The fact of the matter is that BSG is well aware they did not foresee the monkey wrench that secure containers would throw into EFT's gameplay loop (ie jump out of the side-windows). Hopefully they're well on their way to implementing some changes we can test in the next wipe. I'm confident that, together as a community, through trial-and-error and open discourse, we can come up with solutions and approaches that make the game deeper and more rewarding for everyone. Whatever things we try, I'm sure we can all agree... The quicker we can get the cast of The Raid: Redemption to quit jumping out of the windows and actually fight or sneak through the building, the quicker we'll have one helluva great movie on our hands
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