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Found 7 results

  1. My goal here is to discuss, "What if the tried and true two-part manner of representing recoil is actually wrong, and has spoiled us after all this time? What if the efforts EFT is making in regard to recoil are actually more appropriate, but that after all this years of playing FPS's we're just simply not used to it?" Interested in looking into this further? Then come on in, let's get to it! ----- Traditionally, FPS's have relied upon two mechanics to represent aiming and recoil. The first we'll look at, is what I'm going to call the "bloom" or "dispersion" area. This can be visualized as a shape that widens and contracts over time, representing where the player's bullet might land for any given shot. Each "click" of the mouse generally widens the shape (or, for automatics, the longer the mouse is held down). This "bloom rate" is balanced against the shape's rate of contraction. The more the user waits between each click of his mouse, the more time to circle has to "shrink back down" to it's initial size. The balancing act that goes on here can be imagined as a sort of "user input race". How quickly the shape vs how quickly it returns to normal can help give the "feeling" of more or less recoil control. Notice too how, in the illustrations above, playing with different "shapes" can help give the sense that weapons may buck or kick in different directions, with different patterns, or signatures. The second mechanic often used is what I'll refer to as cursor displacement. This is the game moving the player's mouse position. This effect is also used primarily as a means to simulate the weapon violently "jerking" upward after breaking the shot. Games move the player's mouse upward and possibly slightly to one side or another and then, either leave the mouse at this new position or add a slight "drift" back downward to represent a sort of "cushion" effect. In each of these cases, though, it is important to note that the cursor position is directly influenced. Here's an illustration: Combining these two mechanics together, then, results in something similar to this: Note how the cursor's position is moved away from its original location and that the weapon's intended point of impact tracks the cursor position throughout. Now, Escape From Tarkov caught on to something very interesting here. And that is, the role of the user's cursor position. In traditional FPS games, the user's cursor position is used as a point of feedback as to where the weapon is currently pointed (as we discussed above). But is this the only way of interpreting it? What if we take a step back and instead view the cursor as representing the player's point of aim and allow the weapon to act independently? Something wholly different begins to emerge! For example, in real life, if I draw down on a target with my pistol, every time I break a shot, I'm trying to hit the same area. But, due to a multitude of factors we'll simply refer to here as "recoil", whether or not I'm able to accurately place those rounds on target is a different matter. Generally, the faster I shoot, the closer I start to approach the boundary of my capabilities. Shoot too quickly, and the gun will simply start to "get ahead of me", so to speak. As I get better at shooting, this threshold can be pushed further and further, allowing me to retain control at various rates of fire. It's important to distinguish here that during rapid fire, my intended target does not jerk ever-upward. The firearm is what is moving, not my "focus" or intent. In the same way, EFT seems to interpret the user's cursor position to represent where the user wants his avatar to aim, not necessarily where the weapon's muzzle is currently pointing. Just as in my real life example above, the player's character is always TRYING to hit a certain target, and the weapon then, kind of takes on a life of its own. To accomplish this, EFT introduces a third element of recoil control that I'll refer to here as the "weapon aim point". Now, we have three dynamics in play, rather than the usual two: 1) Bloom 2) Cursor position 3) Weapon aim point. How might that look? Note how the user's cursor position remains stable, and how the bloom spreads in relation to the weapon's aim point, which itself moves off target, then resetles close to the user's cursor position. In this way, EFT's recoil "patterns" (for lack of a better word) are more akin to a spray of water from a wale's blow hole. The water shoots up, spreads out, then falls back downward. The "patterns" are not static and inline with the cursor, but "float" relative the weapon's dynamic point of aim. In my opinion, this is brilliant and is a much more nuanced and accurate way to represent what goes on and what it feels like to shoot an automatic weapon. This leaves the developers a wider range of ways to represent both how different weapons feel and to also the different levels of skill in managing recoil. A tighter bloom shape may represent the user controlling the weapon better (think of trying to stabilize a rattling jackhammer). How far the weapon aim point shifts away from the user's cursor position may relate to how stable the shooter's platform is in relation to the weapon's kick. The rate at which the weapon's aim point returns to the user's cursor position is also important here. For example, a common complaint of EFT's current implementation is that semi auto fire is discouraged. One way BSG might approach this is to return the cursor position on a nonlinear scale that coincides with the weapon's automatic rate of fire. Break one shot, WHAM the muzzle jerks offline then begins to resettle. The start of the weapon's muzzle coming back down could be quite fast, but then it could taper off and slow down as it nears the cursor's position. This way, if a shooter rips of two single shots in rapid succession, unless he "times it" to his skill level, each successive jerk offline of the muzzle will only further add to the distance between the weapon's aim point and his intended target. Just as in real life. The main point here being that, perhaps a weapon should respond more or less consistently to the rate of fire, not necessarily to the fire mode. This way, if a weapon fires at 900 rpm, and the avatar's skill level is currently near, say 750-800 rpm, he should be able to single fire at 700 rpm and OVERALL be more accurate than full auto. I say "OVERALL" because again, just as he will quickly "get used to" a stream of fully automatic fire, he will also quickly "get used to" a stream of rapid semi automatic fire. The main differences being perhaps the magnitude and rate of muzzle aim change, as well as the size of the "bloom" shapes. Thoughts? Improvements? Thanks for reading, interested in hearing your feedback! ----- Post-script: In real life, if I'm taking multiple shots in rapid succession, I don't necessarily "fully re-aim" before each and every shot. There's no time for that. Instead, I trust in my training and focus on firing "within my cadence". The moment the front sight seems to be drifting back on target, BOOM, I take another shot, trusting that the literal act of breaking an intentional shot will "do the rest" and bring it on target. Once these underlying mechanics are mastered, I explore instinctive shooting at close to the same rate of fire, but that's a wholly separate topic. Case and point: Watch a shooter take multiple shots at a moving target in real life that's outside of, say, 30 meters. Very rarely will his shot times even come CLOSE to what we're used to see in a first person shooter. It's not BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM BLAM!! It's BLAM *slight pause* BLAM *slight pause* BLAM! This is what I mean when I say we've possibly been "spoiled" over all these years by having accurate fire be overly controlled by nothing more than a few small mouse movements. In real life, it's much more difficult to place accurate shots. And in this way, I feel EFT is on the right path (again, not yet fully arrived, but in my book, definitely getting there).
  2. OwO PLEASE NOTE OvO *This is my attempt at a camping guide but I'll also cover some "advanced" controls to help you get the most out of your camping experience. *This guide is intended for players who are new to the gunfights and PvP and might feel like they prefer to sit and wait. *I'm breaking this guide up into: Introduction, The Knitty Gritty, Getting Started, Advanced Controls and Finishing Route *Feel free to contribute with any tips or corrections and if you want, skip the intro right to the knitty gritty. _____ *** INTRODUCTION *** I'm a camper. I love to camp. Camp and take advantage of loud clumsy people. I love to sit with my headphones all the way up and just wait with the cheapest gear I can find and wait. It's worked a few times, I'd say it's worth it to me though I'm sure if you're any decent at PvP at /all/ you would wanna be much more aggressive and maybe just skim over this guide. In fact, I'm camping right now in game while writing this. It's okay, background noise is still active..... _____ *** THE KNITTY GRITTY *** MAP: Interchange Interchange has lots of obscure hiding places and bodies tend to pile up in random hallways towards the end of the match, plus not as populated as other maps TIME: any time during the night, not too long after midnight. Most players tend to ignore night matches in comparison to the day versions. Which leaves you with more scavs to fight and less scav players. WEAPON: Choose one and stick with it, don't take more than one weapon with you. A.)TOZ-106 shotgun B.) 9×18mm Makarov These weapons are cheap and powerful at short distance, take which you prefer but keep in mind that if you die with pistol, the other player will usually pick it up. Buying the MC 20-01 TOZ stock from Mechanic will lock your TOZ to be a four slot item instead of two with it being folded. This will increase your chances of the gun not being picked up by an over encumbered player. SUGGESTED GEAR: 2 Pineapple Juice <-required 1-2 extra mags<-not so much OPTIONAL GEAR: Scav vest Sling Healing Items 1 RGD-5 grenade _____ *** GETTING STARTED *** It doesn't matter where you start out on the map, the first thing you want to do is sprint to the most obscure and hidden place you can inside the mall or parking garage. Choose a place with only one entrance and make sure it's somewhere no one should ever go for any reason *Bonus Points if you find a place a grenades throw away from a lootable object* **BONUS BONUS points if you fill that lootable object with garbage to increase the time it takes for them to search it** ***ADVANCED CONTROLS*** Lurking and creeping are important but you need to know when to peek and how to do it properly. ~***ALL THESE SCREENSHOTS WERE TAKEN FROM THE SAME SITTING POSITION***~ In this screenshot I've found my place. It's nothing special, on purpose. Now we need as much vision as we can get without exposing ourselves. We're gonna be here for A LONG TIME so get comfy with your sightings. Hold Left Alt and then while holding either A or D I can manually adjust my characters lean by fractions, for a good view on the entrance. Now that I've gotten my lean game on, time to check my shimmy. Hold Alt again and press Q or E, this will make your character shuffle to one side for as long as you hold Q or E, letting you get an extended view for popshots or throwing grenades. Make sure you're happy with all three angles: natural sitting, precision leaning with ALT+A or ALT+D and shimmying with ALT+Q or ALT+E If there's anything directly in front of that you can't quite see when you're crouching, hold C and scroll with your mouse wheel up and down to adjust your standing height. *GREAT JOB* You now have your home for the next 45ish minutes, we'll be sitting here with nothing but our paranoid thoughts and our pineapple juice until about 9 minutes left until match end. Remember: if you go too EARLY you will run into other people leaving with loot (which is fine, they just spent all that time and effort farming for you, how nice of them) If you go too LATE you won't make it out in time : ^) ***FINISHING ROUTE*** Okay, you got 8 minutes left on the clock. You've probably heard gunshots and people run by but that's okay as long as you didn't take any unnecessary risks and you didn't make a sound. Here's a map of Interchange, I'll throw up my favorite places to visit... you have to be quick though, no dilly dallying! Choose stores as you go, just know you need to be out in the parking lot with at least 3 minutes if you wanna make it! Pick an exit and go just make sure you have time, don't get greedy now. Loot any player corpses you see on the way but be careful of AI scavs, don't take your time, pick up what you know sells and move. Check each locked door as you run by Emercom and Kiba, sometimes they're open. As long as you are in the parking lot with 3 minutes you are fine. ----- PROS: Cheap, At end of map no one will be there to contest your scavenging and if you ARE any decent at PvP you can almost always have the drop on someone. CONS: RNG based if other players have unlocked all the shops or looted all the good stuff, you need patience and timing. ----- I hope you gained anything from this guide, If you know of anything to add, maybe experienced tips or tricks to Interchange or specific routes, shops, hiding places, lemme know! Have a nice day and thank you for reading. Ꮚ˘ ꈊ ˘ Ꮚ
  3. Hallo EFT Fans, ich habe ein Steurungs Erkennungs Problem, meine Maus wird als Joystick erkannt. Alle Joysticks deaktiviert und immer noch das gleiche Problem. Der Char dreht sich die ganze Zeit, als wäre der Joystick nicht kalibriert. Kann es an den 3DConnexion Treiber liegen ?
  4. Hi guys, before starting, thanks to the developers for answering the topics and for the great work they are doing, I really appreciate that, thx guys. Now, I wonder if you have plans to implement / improve the controls, more specifically the Special Action Modifiers to separate controls. I mean having a particular key that triggers a single action, instead of having to use two keys, or being able to switch between these two modes, "Single key action" or the Special Action Modifiers. Examples: (My Special Action Modifiers Key is X) Press "H" to switch between LED, IR Laser, IR searchlight or turn it off. Instead of the current: Press "X" + "T" to switch between LED, IR Laser and IR searchlight. Or Press "O" to change the sight reticle Instead of Press "X" + "Mouse Button" to change the sight reticle Or switch between sights (Telescopic and the 45° backup sight) That last one affects me a lot, because I use the "Hold to Aim" setting, so it's a circus on my screen. Well, that's what I had to say, what do you think guys?. Thank you for reading.
  5. (Realized I posted this in the wrong section so I deleted it and reposted it here.) Right when I load into the game my character moves on its own between forward and left and also aims straight up. When I try to take control I can cancel the movement but still can't take full control of my character. Is this an in-game bug and if not what can it possibly be?
  6. j0qx

    Control problems ?

    Hello, I would like to know, if you plan to add control modification in settings, because i use ctrl to crouch, and then i use alt for something else, so i can't modify reticles in sights or switch sights... Or maybe you already know this issue, and solved the problem, so you can tell me how can i do ? Thanks best regards,
  7. p4miki

    Aim stabilization

    I would like to suggest a little more in depth aim stabilization in the game. When you stabilize your weapon, you don't hold your breath, you concentrate a little more to control your aim by stabilizing your muscle. I think that stabilizing your weapon should drain the energy of the soldier (the more effort you put into stabilizing your weapon, the less energy you will have at the end of the raid) instead of the stamina (not direcly). When you use energy, you become less and less effective. You become distracted, you have a kind of tunnel vision (fixating a wall for no reason), your vision becomes blurry when you stop moving (happens to me when I'm really tired) and you have less stamina. So, my suggestion is: -Don't drain stamina when stabilizing the weapon, use energy instead. -Implement fatigue effects (prevent people to carelessly hold their breath for 20 minutes while camping in a corner). -Maybe add a skill for weapon stabilization (concentration: lower the energy degration when stabilizing a weapon and fewer fatigue effects). Thanks you for your time. Best regards.
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