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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys, before starting, thanks to the developers for answering the topics and for the great work they are doing, I really appreciate that, thx guys. Now, I wonder if you have plans to implement / improve the controls, more specifically the Special Action Modifiers to separate controls. I mean having a particular key that triggers a single action, instead of having to use two keys, or being able to switch between these two modes, "Single key action" or the Special Action Modifiers. Examples: (My Special Action Modifiers Key is X) Press "H" to switch between LED, IR Laser, IR searchlight or turn it off. Instead of the current: Press "X" + "T" to switch between LED, IR Laser and IR searchlight. Or Press "O" to change the sight reticle Instead of Press "X" + "Mouse Button" to change the sight reticle Or switch between sights (Telescopic and the 45° backup sight) That last one affects me a lot, because I use the "Hold to Aim" setting, so it's a circus on my screen. Well, that's what I had to say, what do you think guys?. Thank you for reading.
  2. (Realized I posted this in the wrong section so I deleted it and reposted it here.) Right when I load into the game my character moves on its own between forward and left and also aims straight up. When I try to take control I can cancel the movement but still can't take full control of my character. Is this an in-game bug and if not what can it possibly be?
  3. Control problems ?

    Hello, I would like to know, if you plan to add control modification in settings, because i use ctrl to crouch, and then i use alt for something else, so i can't modify reticles in sights or switch sights... Or maybe you already know this issue, and solved the problem, so you can tell me how can i do ? Thanks best regards,
  4. Aim stabilization

    I would like to suggest a little more in depth aim stabilization in the game. When you stabilize your weapon, you don't hold your breath, you concentrate a little more to control your aim by stabilizing your muscle. I think that stabilizing your weapon should drain the energy of the soldier (the more effort you put into stabilizing your weapon, the less energy you will have at the end of the raid) instead of the stamina (not direcly). When you use energy, you become less and less effective. You become distracted, you have a kind of tunnel vision (fixating a wall for no reason), your vision becomes blurry when you stop moving (happens to me when I'm really tired) and you have less stamina. So, my suggestion is: -Don't drain stamina when stabilizing the weapon, use energy instead. -Implement fatigue effects (prevent people to carelessly hold their breath for 20 minutes while camping in a corner). -Maybe add a skill for weapon stabilization (concentration: lower the energy degration when stabilizing a weapon and fewer fatigue effects). Thanks you for your time. Best regards.
  5. Hallo EFT Fans, ich habe ein Steurungs Erkennungs Problem, meine Maus wird als Joystick erkannt. Alle Joysticks deaktiviert und immer noch das gleiche Problem. Der Char dreht sich die ganze Zeit, als wäre der Joystick nicht kalibriert. Kann es an den 3DConnexion Treiber liegen ?