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Found 20 results

  1. The original setup for managing walking pace used to be a single tap to 'caps-lock' would either set walking pace to slowest or fastest, depending on what was currently set. A few patches ago this got changed and now a single tap only brings the walking pace meter up on the hud and requires a second tap of 'walk' button to change the pace. I cant find a way to revert to initial setting in control config. This doesn't make any sense to require a double-tap of the button to take effect. All other function require a single tap, as they should. Please either evert to original settin
  2. I have been dealing with this issue for a couple weeks now and am wondering if anyone else is too. When I start the game, I notice that all my customized settings are always reverted back to the games default setup. I have to keep inputting my custom graphics, sound, and controls in every time I play the game. It is becoming very frustrating since I had no problems with this when I first got the game in early January 2018. Yes I hit 'SAVE' every time I exit the settings. Once I do change the controls to how I play, they stay the whole time I have EFT open on my pc. Alt-Tab'ing does not re
  3. MrPeebles

    Unresponsive controls

    Hi there! I don't know if this has been sugested or not, but I'm going to say it anyway. The movement controls, specially the concerning the crouch and prone positions should be fixed ASAP, I have died many times due to not being able to get up from crouch or prone position (and before people suggest I was in a tight space, I wasen't, I was actually in an open space). Even if I press shift (run), it does nothing many times, I have to spam crouch key a lot until the character actually responds, which in all cases ends up with me getting shot because the "enemy" had all the time
  4. Hey everyone! I've got a SteelSeries Rival 600 mouse which has multiple extra buttons on it. What I like to do is use two mouse buttons for grenades, which means I don't have buttons 4 and 5 bound to anything, so I go into the options and change 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0 so I can move them over to also cover 4 and 5 so I don't have to try to reach my hand all the way over to the other side of the keyboard to use my splints and other heals with their respective hotkeys. I also changed 1 to my primary, 2 to the gun that's on my sling, and 3 to my sidearm because I play too much CS, Rainbow, Pubg, well,
  5. Mogyesz

    Alt + Click not working

    Hey! I just wanted to put my dogtags from the dogtag case to the stash instead of inventory, but alt + click is not working, any fix?
  6. Hi devs and all, in key mapping section I had the pleasure to set this immersive game keys, but then I saw that "slots do create a counter intuitive effect". As I do like to draw weapon with scroll of wheel (won't explain) I start from 1 as I use also another key on mouse to pull out my backpak item\rifle ... So I thought that allowing to call differently that would be of help as I could call "slot 1 or item 1 what I have on 1 etc.. so the game automatically would help me to remember what to click .. this is like boon from the sky especially in early stages of learning the game and "s
  7. The mousewheel could be used for both so you can consume/apply items like painkillers and pineapple juice and stims in you container or backpack more effective, All the things that the PMC consumes i suggest.. I saw people use their meds from the safecontainer by rightklick and pressing use. That second is maybe critical if you bleed from many holes or have to be aware of your surrounding instead of looking at the inventory for 8 secounds cause it blurs the world behind like after getting peppersprayed. Inspecting is a one time thing you do but it is really annoying in the middle of urban war
  8. I will call this the Prone/Discard bug. While taking screenshots in offline mode I discovered it's possible to fully lock yourself out of all your controls with these steps: - 1 Primary / Pistol + Melee equipped - Equip melee weapon - Go prone - Open inventory - Discard melee weapon - Discard primary / pistol => Full Control Lockout From the controls I have tested, following are disabled: W, A, S, D, Q, E, X, O, All Mouse Movement. You are unable to move again without relogging. The inventory still works at any time during the testing. The game's menu can be
  9. kristof55pl

    Check ammo doesnt work

    Hey guys just a quick one I can't find a solution online for it the Alt+T combination used to work fine for me but for the last few weeks it's not working whilst loading into the game sometimes the screen with advanced controls come up and on there for me it pops up with Alt and blank I don't know how this happened but resetting to defaults in controls didn't fix it for me does anybody know how I can fix? It's quite hard being in a fight not knowing the approximate amount of ammo in my mags
  10. Dear devs, I'd like to suggest to give players the ability to assign their own key bindings for ALL game functions. Currently, there are some editable key binding, but not for everything. 1. MODIFIED ACTIONS If you have mapped Lean Left (Q) and Lean Right (E), the only way to alternate lean (step aside) is to use ALT Q and ALT E, which is quite cumbersome in a quick combat situation. The LEAN itself is quite useless since the character nearly leans at all, so I'd like to setup the alternate lean (step aside) function to Q and E and have the regular lean as ALT Q and ALT E, but th
  11. I'd like to know if it will be possible to remap the Alt+ controls. Currently (QWERTY example) the A,D is for sidestep and Q,E is for lean. However with Alt, the behaviour is reversed, Alt+A, Alt+D makes lean progressively and Alt+Q, Alt+E does sidestep, I'd be happy to able to reverse that. Also the "shoot over" (Alt+W) is pretty annoying as I often check mag or switch sight while walking (e.g. with Elcan Spectr) but the Alt+W is kind of disruptive so I must release that key first. Thanks,
  12. Deckerz

    Scope Zoom

    Anyone know the bind to toggle the scope zoom? i.e. switch between 12x and 3x? thanks
  13. alexmontoanelli

    Joystik - Pedal

    When you have other devices on your computer, like pedals and sterring wheels, the game use they as primary devices, making you out of control of your characther when deployed on map. Mouse and Keyboard should be the first choise, ever. I´have to disconect these devices always after start the game. Incountless times that i have lost all my itens
  14. JoschiGrey

    Fully customisable key mapping

    First of all I suspect this was already suggested, but a quick use of the search function had no results and I pretty sure this is already on the To-Do List. Anyway I just wan't to raise awareness of this and would like to know, if I'm the only one who is bothered by this. In the controls I can't modify a huge amount of controls like "switching to a rear mounted scope" and I can't assign controls like "Ctr+R" to do ... Especially I would like to see a way to disable sprinting after pressing w two times, this killed me quite often and I never use this function.
  15. Hello EFT, Well done on progress, I brought the game last April 2016. Tried a few times. Then left it on the shelf. Now it is playable for me, and the sounds and controls are great. I am enjoying the environments and offline experience and the online. Some thoughts/requests: Offline - Please do not remove the offline experience in the future, sometimes I want the solo experience against bots. - Can we have offline characters profiles also? I really enjoy the solo play experience. Online - A coop PVE, would be appreciated for us newbies. - Arm bands
  16. Klosteinmann

    Link to a control guide video?

    Hi I just got done with my first game as SCAF. And I'm still pretty newby to the controls and instead of looking them up in-game i wanted to know if someone could link me to a good guidance video on general controls inside of EfT.
  17. RabidWeasel95

    how to use bravo sight

    hi everyone, i just got a bravo sight in a raid with another sight on top of it, I don't know how to use the sight at all because the key binding labels are a bit outdated, I want to know how to zoom in and out, change from top sight to bottom sight, and anything else i need to know, I will greatly appreciate any help i can get
  18. RabidWeasel95

    Blind fire

    I don’t know what keys make me do the blind fire thing, can somebody please tell me
  19. Hello Everyone, I just wanted to help the community out and give you these guides, these guides are the best ones on my channel, I have fully modding guides and more, I was told to post on the general posting forum so sorry if this is not the right place for it All The Controls and Tips:
  20. Morpho

    Keyboard Controls

    Hello developers, Is there any way we could get a layout of the keyboard controls? I ask so we can get a feel for them before the game comes out and make any modifications or maybe assign some keys to the mouse. Thank you for all responses in advance.
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