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  1. Hello there! I had an idea for coop gameplay after having watched some of Pestily's dual kappa speedrun, so I thought if something I wanted to share. Could not find anything like it suggested. What if you could play coop with the same progression? Here is my idea behind it. You create your character and your friend(s) does that too. You then make sure you are the same level on your characters. You can then join forces together as a semi-permanent decision. You and your friends then get the same hideout, the same stash and you can coop on the same quests. To name an example, you get the pocket watch mission from our beloved trader Prapor. your squad mates cover you as you collect the pocket watch. Your friends don't pick up the pocket watch, you all extract and complete the quest because you had picked it up and turned it in. Prapor likes you enough later on so he gives you access to his level 2 trade shop. This affects everyone in the "squad", and the only thing that each player has individually is his character's skills. The idea behind this is to give a new twist to playing together in a squad, where as the players in said squad or task force or whatever to call it shares everything. They can all go to the same hideout and drink vodka all day long, they can multi-manage the hideout, they can coordinate what each person loots in raids and, and they share the same quests along with completing them at the same time. This idea obviously has up sides and down sides, so I also thought of a few ways to balance it out. As mentioned before you would only be able to join task forces if your characters are the same character level. It then progresses you two together. Say for example you left the taskforce, you would then be set back to the level you were before you joined, and would be required to reach the higher level to be able to join a taskforce. Perhaps along with a 2 weeks cooldown until you could join a taskforce again. It does make it a bit easier quest wise, but playing this together you would really have to work on your economy because say for example 4 of you joined a task force together, you are cooperating with the same tasks, so while they might complete slightly quicker depending on how your team plays, you still get the same quest reward, and since the 4 of you are sharing the same hideout and the same stash, you are also sharing the same economy from that, so if all of you go into factory and die trying to complete an infamous quest from Prapor that shall not be named, you suddenly took a big hit to your economy because you just lost 4 gear sets. There should also be a limit on 1 pmc raid and 1 player scav raid active at a time per taskforce, this is to avoid one squad mate going for 1 quest on woods while the other jumps on customs. I thought of this as a balancing idea so people can't just join together and power level like crazy. But instead join together and plays together, however can still play a scav run if you die and your mates didn't. Let me know what you think, if you have anything constructive to add to this. And hey a little side thing for this.. Think we can be able to press f1 for the mumble commands and stuff in the hideout? I find joy in yelling angrily at the target I am shooting at, at the shooting range, and I would really like to have a circle with 3 of my friends in the hideout shouting "Dicky Needles" at each other profusely. Thanks.
  2. Tehrrok

    Looking for Duo partner, EU, 18+

    I played the game since launch and took a long break due to work and family matters. Started playing again about a week ago and am looking for some player to play with consistently. About me, 23 years old, ex-military, working as a police man. Looking for duo partner for relaxed raids but serious when needed. Communication is everything. Message me on discord if you are interrested Discord: Tohjou | David #3567
  3. I've come to notice I ain't the only one who wants Singleplayer or COOP support! I'm sick of the servers, tired of cheaters. I would honestly think twice about buying Tarkov if I only had the game expierence I had now. Seriouslly. SCAV's are hard enough as it is. My survival rating was as low as 8% outa 70 games played. I don't need to be reminded how much I suck at video games or that PC games are full of hacks, I can't trust RANDOM's for the life of me. Let's be real here. There is cheaters, hackers, pro gamers & modders & casual gamers. The casual gamers are gonna mod this game & make it SP COOP support if you don't do it first. Infact, the community has already been working on it, like 20k users are playing EFT either alone or with friends. I highly suggest you "Battlestate games" re-think the PvE position of this game or you will lose your customers. Big facts! I'm actually super excited of the idea to play Singleplayer or coop with friends, I hoenstly could care less about these broken hacked servers. Fix your game & servers & give casual players there SP or Coopertive expierence! lol 70$ CAD on this base game and half the time I can't even play it. This isn't gonna be something you can just shutdown. Modders mod, and thats PC Gaming! Anywayz, that's my two sense, really upto the dev's to actually capitalize on the COOP PvE casual player market... Best of luck on the battlefield!
  4. Buenas a todos, Mi primo y yo nos hemos comprado este juego ayer, jugue una partida de prueba para comprobar los controles etc... la primera partida fue perfecta me mataron y me saltó al lobby. El problema es que al jugar con mi primo y meternos en grupo me tira antes de entrar en partida, no solo eso tambien me desconecta de discord. Probamos a jugar sin discord y me tira tambien junto antes de entrar en partida, a algunos mas le pasa?? Luego probé a entrar yo solo en partida y entré sin problemas a la primera, aunque cuando llegue al punto de extracción según giraba la camara se me ponia la pantalla en negro y a al rato me cerró la aplicacion
  5. HumanDub

    Bonjour à tous!

    Bonjour à tous! Je m'appelle Human Dub. Après un certain temps d'absence sur le jeux, je souhaite reprendre, et pourquoi pas jouer avec des gens! 😃 Je suis débutant, mais je souhaite progresser sur le jeux. Voilà sinon je ne sait pas trop quoi dire.
  6. Accidentally bumped the escape key and left my low level friend stranded & killed on customs. Escape key shouldn't even activate the leave game button in my opinion... especially when you are teaming with someone an "are you sure you want to leave" prompt is very essential
  7. Venom1231

    Offline Co-op When?

    I'm just wondering for the offline co-op. i'm just asking when it will come out? Like next wipe or in 2 wipes? Thank you
  8. please just enable to play PVE mode with friends. i guess this won't break game balance. because you can't bring back anything and it won't affect any skill.
  9. I never thought I'd see a Scav and USEC extract together. GG random stranger. Interchange - 01/12/19 - 19:30 GMT.
  10. butterbutt

    could a co-op Scav Hunt mode exist?

    **I'm not an active community member beyond playing the game, sorry if this is similar to posts that have already been brought up** I like to do offline mode every now and then as a sort of "Scav Hunt" warm-up, and after playing a bunch of co-op on the new Insurgency game I couldn't help but think it would be really cool if Tarkov had a similar mode. It wouldn't have to be objective based like other games with "Terrorist Hunt" modes because Tarkov's gameplay and AI would fit perfectly in a separate co-op PVE system. As for loot and rewards in this mode, rather than letting people build up powerful weapons and keys, their focus would be on getting as many Scav kills as possible. This way players could be rewarded with a decent amount of roubles per-kill instead (after successful extract of course). If a player dies, they wouldn't lose anything they entered with, but they'd lose most if not all of the cash they would've received had they extracted. Or it could be entirely offline with no rewards! lol. Whatever works. I do think the idea has merit to it. Plus, if it ends up being successful, it could be built upon later over time. Maybe something like Scav bosses or optional tasks similar to quest objectives? Lots of possibilities!
  11. MacThresh

    Do you do this too?

    Hi, this is not a post bragging about me being a whiteknight or something. It's just to share experience doing this and maybe make you reconsider some of your encounters. In this game, especially when in latepatch with a wipe coming, I like to cooperate a lot. So when I see (in time, not always the case as you know) what look like a low leveled player, I try to help them in the best possible way. I dont shoot hatchlings too but that's more debatable and not the main subject of this topic, I'm talking about lightly geared dudes (SKS/MBSS/PACA is what I call lightly for example). Hell, I even hide stuff of sub lvl 20 people, even a fully decked M4+Alpha rig etc for example. More precise example, shoreline resort, 25min in, I cleaned the whole place from scavs, decked dudes and rooms. I hear SKS shots from the bus parking near west wing. I run to the roof, and notice two low geared (SKS/No Helmet, AVS) little guys fighting scavs. I think one of them died or ran to extract because I encountered only one when he approached west wing hole in the wall entrance. I start spamming "Cease Fire!" "Follow me" and such, I think there is a 5/10 rate of people answering and willing to cooperate/get free loot, when they are not, it's often fully geared people just wanting to kill players, or maybe other thinking it's a bait (RIP). So, he answers, saying "Okay!" "I'm Hurt" etc. Staying safe, I drop an IFAK from the roof but he doesnt see it. So I run downstairs, starts flashing light and yelling to cease fire. He comply. I'm not sure what level he was but probably sub 20 since it's late game (no wipe since a long time) and he's not geared a lot. I start dropping things valuable but that are clogging my stash : morphines, IFAKs, rare mods, and a Bitcoin. Heart warming, he starts giggling and rotating his head around, yay, satisfaction! Then I drag him into the resort and lead him to diverse hidden loot from other players that I killed (Alpha Rig, FastMT, and a GEN4 that I dropped myself). I felt bad about the guy I killed because he was level 19 and I hid his stuff for a reason. But the guy I was helping seemed to need it more, and the M4 of the dead lvl19 dude stayed in the resort. Trying to please everyone, you know. So here it is, just a story about working together and helping newcomers. I have tons of story like this, honestly I can't count how many people I helped to get gear or just to survive the raid. I like it more than wiping a whole squad actually. I try to do it with player scavs, but for some reason success rate drop to 1/10 so I stopped trying with them. I swear guys, if you're not doing this, try it sometimes. I'm not talking about extreme stuff like hiding gear of low level instead of grabbing it or feeling bad everytime you destroy a player scav or a low level player that let you no choice. I'm just talking about using voice command more when it's safe, and trying to cooperate with lightly geared ppl, making them profit from your experience, your keys and your kills. I promise you that it is a very satisfying practice, and even if there is no way to know who you helped or add them, you helped someone once, sometimes a lot (like this SKS guy who got out with fastMT GEN4 BTC etc) sometimes less, but you helped. Yeah, wiping a squad of lvl 40s is satisfying, but try this! Newcomers will see this game differently, hardcore, unforgivable, but with a good community of OGs who help others. Try it. Feel free to share your experiences here, or debate on how/why/whynot doing what I do.
  12. I love how intense EFT gets in certain situations, but sometimes I just want to equip basically everything I want, walk around tarkov and gun some Scavs down just for fun. I think PvE mode should stay as it is forever, since it's not only a great way to "test" how weapons and attachments behave, but also a "casual" mode where you can take a break from EFT's usually stressful atmosphere without having to switch to another game. Keeping loot you get in PvE/Offline mode should not be a thing imo, since it'd ruin the game's economy and make PvP stupidly pointless. Why would you get into a PvP lobby to get loot when you can farm it offline? It'd turn PvP into a pointless battle of fully-geared players who would not even loot their enemies after they kill them. I AM NOT ASKING FOR THIS. However, since people would not be able to exploit this aspect of the game in any way, I think it would be nice if we could bring our squad into PvE mode with us. No loot, no item trading (quitting or making it to extraction just resets your inventory). It'd be a nice way to show your buddy how stuff works, give him a tour around the map... Or, again, just mess around and kill some scavs on your way to extraction, for funzies.
  13. salut a tous et toutes ,je débute sur escape ,ayant enfin craké ,mais je me disais que ce serais sympa de jouer avec quelquun pour apprendre a gérer le jeu et pour évoluer ensemble ,je suis pas prise de tête et jaimerais bien approfondir ce jeu ,bisous
  14. Seth01Plays

    PVE Online??

    Hello All I have spent hours into this game with no success of extracting due to players taking me out, as well as not being able to survive at all. I think and as many other forums have been posed is a PVE Coop online Experience, Many players would agree that this would suit this game very well. This is due to People, wanting to just play with friends, People hate being destroyed by high level players and never given a chance, ,nor even the fact of having to play by them selves isn't much fun. I spent a chunk of my cash and I want it to be worth it. P.S PVE Coop could be added with separate inventories for each mode (PVE Coop, PVP), As players have spoken
  15. ayvan007


    I think will be a good idea to include coop missions in thist game . I would have more fun in that way, game ist realy cool but ist missing Missions or Campaign.

    Trader Quest

    This might have already been covered, however I could not find it. Can Trader Quest, Task, be completed with a friend, will both of us get credit upon extraction or just one of us. Say you have to kill 25 SCAVs, and your partner kills one does it count towards your completion or his and or groups.
  17. KFAL

    Looking for Clan/ Players

    Hey all Been playing the game for a while now normally on my own or with one my friend. Enjoying it alot. Looking to find more people to play with and team up with, get more loot and complete more of the tasks. I use and have access to most voice communication, discord, ts, mumble whatever. On most days of the week so available to play often KFAL
  18. Hello, I am searching for someone to play this game with again. I have just gotten recently back into the game but its kind of boring alone so it would be if to find someone who would want to go around and just do some Raid's and PVP. About me: I am 19 years old and I am from Germany but I can speak Fluently English, German and Polish. If you are intrested in playing with me just let me know, PM Me on the forum or add me Skype: darksiderz11 Discord: Dark47Killer#0931 Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198129752861/ In-Game Name: dark47killer
  19. EraZerUnleashed

    Coop Partner gesucht!

    Hallo Leute! Ich suche einen Coop Partner mit dem Ich zusammen Tarkov durchstreifen kann. Ich bin kein Pro aber auch kein Noob, ich möchte einfach nur fun haben mit jemandem^^
  20. Shmickel

    Loading with Teamate

    So I was playing with a friend using voice chat and every time we started a map there is always those 2 same questions we go through: Where the hell are you and what do you look like? On a map like Custom or Wood the location is usually close to each other or even right next to each other ; but in Factory as PMC or SCAV it is a Nightmare because we always spawn far from each other with usually people between us. I'm pretty sure people already wrote about spawn closer but would it be possible to add when the map is loading to see us and all team player around our PMC so you can at least recognize what he /she would at least look like. Could be as much as having them in the background doing the same pose our PMC does to an Heroes of the Storm kind of layout. Thank you.
  21. Hello all. i just installed the game and it hoenstly seems intensly confusing. itd be awesome to have a person or two to squad up with and learn how everything works with.
  22. SmurfMarine

    Newbie "A" team

    Hi there ! I'm looking to start sort of a strike team in Escape from Tarkov for new or down on thier luck players. I'm not a very well organized person so if someone has a better idea on how to run things pls let me know. Any player willing to play is welcome as long as they follow simple rules like NOT killing thier teammates for the loot or otherwise ruining the game for them. The way I think it would be best is if all the people in this "team" simply followed each other on the forum and used the forum as a way of communication for finding support in Tarkov (includig the global chat in the game). I'd like the main purpose of this groupe to be helping out bad or new players in any way possible (sharing gear, helping them get gear, helping in navigating the map) to encrease thier enjoyment, so don't be scared to ask for help of any of your potential teammates. If you're interested pls add me to your friends and message me or leave a comment under this post. (yes I'm aware that there are and will be means of helping players but this is a very specific way of doing it) PS: If you're a EFT veteran and you're willing to help pls do because we'll need everyone to achieve succes (just like in Soviet Russia)
  23. Hello! I am looking for friends to play with. Please leave your Steam, Discord Info. And i will get contact with you.
  24. PattyPN

    Need Friends

    Hey. am a new player. Got the game xmas. Am not that decent am level 7 but am starting to get good with extractions. I wanna see if anybody out there willing to join up with me. I got my discord server but if your willing to do this post here and we can sort something out. From Norway.
  25. Im been trynna get my friends on to play this game but their lazy asses never get on and solo running can only be so enjoyable for so long, so if anyone is willing to group up and play add me on DS: https://discord.gg/WTquceT or Steam Id: AlphaFox or use http://steamcommunity.com/id/Alpha2552Fox/edit I play on the East side of the US, American specific mates but if you speak English at all I'll enjoy your cooperation! I look forward to anyone who is willing to play!
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