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Found 7 results

  1. So this one i filmed during an airsoft match we had. I searched on google earth our island and found the best spot to look like the woods map. Some came dressed as scavs and some including me as PMC's. The gear i used: AirframeTan helmet,half mask coyote,a TTV looking armored rig,m4a1 with the prism red dot sight. Not much pvp to see really,just wanted to do a short representation of the Woods map Let me know if you've done something similar!!! Maybe share it with us.
  2. metro0318

    Cosplay Killa and dance Rasputin!

    Today, I'm cosplayed Killa and Dance Rasputin (Just dance ver) Full version : twitter : https://twitter.com/metro0318?s=09 It was 6th retake, so my stamina is overrun XD Just ignore little mistake and I hope you enjoy it
  3. Rilla_kim

    BEAR main loadout

    Orange tips on airsoft shits are for legal ownership
  4. Albertjacka

    Mon loadout EFT BEAR

    Hey la bleusaille voici mon cosplay de escape :la première image es mon inspiration principal la deuxième et la 3eme vous êtes pas con c'est mon loadout la 4 -ème c'est ma réplique mon AK 102 avec poignée j'attend encore le red dot eotech qui va passer a la peinture… Et la5 -ème c'est ce PUTAIN DE SMERSH DE M**** euh pardon je m'explique pour ceux qui ne savent pas (comme moi avant de le recevoir) le SMERSH es comme un brelage russe livré en kit peu onéreux pour ce que c'est au final vous avez en gros : ceinture support pour accrocher les poches sangles 2 poches pour rentrer 4 chargeur d'AK ch
  5. Hi, so ATM I'm planning a Killa cosplay for the upcoming PAX Australia convention and as someone who's not that good at arts and crafts Ive opted to buy a third party cosplay replica of killas helmet for my overall costume, now I believe the best place to get one is that greyshop.ru website but the helmet isn't in stock and it's quite expensive, I was hoping someone knew a different website selling a replica for a lot cheaper, I have found one on cosplayclass.com for about $93USD but I haven't been Able to find any decent reviews of the site, so I don't know if they're legitimate or not.
  6. We have very talented individuals in this community and we love showing them off when you share it with us. The following is a VIP extraction theme of Escape from Tarkov Cosplay done by the group "Uprzejmi Ludzie" - Polish ASG group. The amazing photography was by Okiem Pryzmatu . With this cosplay, we came up with the idea to make a contest. Your task is to build a story using the following 20 photos or do a whole new cosplay of your own theme around Escape from Tarkov. The rules and guidelines are as followed: Must use at least 10 of the pictures below. You can add ot
  7. Olá Operadores Temos membros muito talentosos na nossa comunidade e adoramos exibir este talento quando compartilhado conosco. Abaixo o Cosplay de uma extração VIP de Escape from Tarkov feito pelo grupo "Uprzejmi Ludzie" - grupo polonês ASG. A fotografia incrível foi de Okiem Pryzmatu. Com este cosplay, surgiu a ideia de fazermos um concurso. Sua tarefa é construir uma história usando as seguintes 20 fotos ou fazer um novo Cosplay com seu próprio tema sobre o Escape from Tarkov. As regras e diretrizes são as seguintes: Deve usar pelo menos 10 das imagens fornecidas
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