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Found 7 results

  1. NyashMyash

    Выбор CPU для EFT

    При выборе новенького CPU на полочках интернет магазинов, и ввиду наличия широчайшего выбора, при абсолютно разных характеристиках и ценах, нарисовался немного не очевидный, но не маловажный вопрос. Интересует, сколько ядер\потоков поддерживается игрой и реальные требования пресетов графики для частоты CPU. Ведь не секрет, что указанные в требованиях, по крайней мере на данный момент, не соответствуют реальности абсолютно. для диванных экспертов: можно купить за одни и те же деньги грубо говоря 3 вида CPU. i7 4 ядра 8 потоков с не большой частотой может стоить столько же, сколько i5 4 ядра с 4 потоками, и амдешный монстр с 8 и более ядрами, заточенный под вообще не пойми что.
  2. ImmaBirdMF

    Just Another Low FPS Question

    Hello guys just wanted to ask about my rig and the fps its getting. I pretty much did all the solutions multi monitor/scaling dpi/high or realtime affinity thingy. But still getting 35-40ish FPS on Shoreline and I'm not counting scoping... its like 15-20 fps.(I know it creates 2 seperate images of the direction im looking) Woods and Customs are pretty much butter smooth not even counting Factory. I also forgot to mention i get low usage of cpu and gpu at the same time its like %40ish for both. I'm all on ears for any suggestions with tinkering the options and things like that. I'm not really in the upgrade your rig again meta i7 980X OC'd to 3.8ish GHz 24 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 RAM ZOTAC GTX 1070 AMP EXTREME not OC'd
  3. L33TCH

    CPU Vergleich

    Moin zusammen, mich würde persönlich interessieren, ob man in diesem Spiel mit mehr als 4 Kern CPU's profitiert in den FPS Zahlen. Gerade die Generation i7 8700K oder sogar i9-7900X ! Hat hier Jemand diese CPU's oder ähnliche 6-8 Kern und kann FPS Zahlen nennen? Ich mit meinen RIG ( siehe unten ) habe immer so je nachdem alles auf HOCH bei 50 -120 FPS.
  4. Anthonyl59

    Low fps with 1080ti AMD R5 1600

    Just a quick question.. we have a few PC's at home,, My sons rig is an Intel I5-7500 with an AMD RX 580, 16Gb Ram and an SSD. My rig is an AMD Ryzen 5 1600 with an Nvidia GTX 1080ti, 16Gb Ram and SSD. Tarkov runs at 2560 x 1080 on his machine at around 150fps at Customs while my machine on same settings at 2560 x 1440 runs at around 50 - 60 fps. (Have also tried running my screen at the same res as his but the fps barely changes. So my question is,, is this game better suited towards Intel based machines or AMD graphics cards?
  5. Multinefo

    I need some help

    I have a I7 3770 and xfx radeon r9 280x and 16gb ram. I need to upgrade my computer. I need a new motherboard. So its either motherboard and GPU or motherboard and CPU. Just need help to find out what i should priority. Thx in advance I want to run customs and shoreline more ''smooth'' than i do now. Its all choppy
  6. So apparently game locks itself to use only 50%of gpu and uses only one core of the cpu which might cause low fps. So I don't know man how to fix this rather than buying the most expensive hardware or wait for devs to fix it. Anyways it's going to take time. See u on tarkov
  7. I've noticed a large memory leak. When I launch, the game uses about 3,000mb of VRAM, but after only a few minutes, it's using 5,000mb, and after 40 minutes, I run out of memory and my pc black screens and crashes. I think part of that problem is the fact I have a multi-core gpu (8x) The issue being I have 128GB of VRAM, but the game can only use one core (16gb). Pls help.