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Found 4 results

  1. ChalinTai

    Story mode

    There should be story mode unconnected to raid series and Skif’s story, and the game is lacking in-depth cqc system. I and surely part of the community will be expecting those two systems with new animation and cutscenes in my humble opinion. Love the work you guys manage to do and keep up the good work...
  2. Zolty47

    Close quarter combat, SMGS

    Hi developers and community, I want to suggest a realistic feature that improves smgs in cqc and in the same time nerfs Assault rifles in the same area. 1. Doorframes and guns collide like in real life -> side stepping through doors not possible, either hold the gun down or collide. Like this. Humans can solve this. 2. Standard behavior in this situation should turn the gun down automatically, turning gun back up slow enough to make it a disadvantage. In settings possible to use extended behaviour, gun collition with enviornment instead of auto avoid, since level 15 is reached, set as standard behaviour. ASSAULTRIFLES << SMGS IN CQC Example with Assault rifle type length 3. SMGS like MP5K, MP-9, P90, KEIDR etc are in these narrow spots far more wieldy, so they are short enough for sidestepping. Extra idea: objects like bottles, glasses, cups etc. can be thrown to create a distraction ( noise ).
  3. Arth0u

    .300 AAC Blackout

    300 Blackout or 7.62×35mm is a new caliber developed by the Advanced Armament Corporation. The bullet was designed to have similar ballistic properties to the soviet 7.62×39mm but designed to fire in regular AR magazines. Here's some ideas for it's characteristics: Less velocity than 5.56 or 7.62 (subsonic optional) Less range than 5.56 (around 150 meters) Far more quiet than 5.56 when suppressed. More effective in close range than 5.56. More expensive than 5.56. Barrels on the m4a1 could be modded to fire the bullet.
  4. So, in this thread I'd like to ask two questions and hopefully get them both answered. First up- In the gameplay reveal trailer, we saw a USEC operator getting shanked by a BEAR operator, which means melee combat is confirmed. Cool. However, does this mean that we'll also see hand to hand combat or advanced fighting techniques like using someone as a human shield? Like for example, you're fighting 2v2 against an opposing fireteam, and you manage to sneak up behind one of them and grab them while you dispatch the other guy with your sidearm. Would such a mechanic have a place in a game like EFT? I know that most games that have hand to hand techniques are single player games like Splinter Cell and Hitman, however it's also in Metal Gear Online and I think it works rather well and is quite rewarding for players who know their poo. The other thing I'd like to ask about is taking hostages. In ARMA, for example, it's not uncommon for a group of players to single out an enemy, handcuff them, and bring him back to their FOB while they use his radio to contact his allies and demand a ransom. I know that EFT is probably gonna feature far more lonewolf players than ARMA, since ARMA is really more of a teamwork based game while EFT is more shoot and loot, but I think that such a feature would be rather cool because it incentivizes playing in a fireteam instead of lonewolfing it.
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